tagRomanceReunion in Hawaii

Reunion in Hawaii


Not having seen his wife for two months Chad was eager to get out of this plane and into the terminal to be reunited with Aimee. It had been a long two months and just prior to her leaving they had been so busy with their two young children and packing up that they hadn't even been able to fit in sex in those last two days.

Though he had been somewhat the player in his post high school days, he hadn't wandered at all during her absence. There had been a few tempting times but nothing that could lure him into the evils of infidelity. As he milled along with the rest of the passengers trying to get off the plane and to loved ones or rental cars on this island of paradise, he began to feel nervous anticipation and his cock was stirring inside his pants.

Once they made their way down the terminal and into the area waiting area he saw her. His beautiful wife standing there just as he had requested of her a few weeks before. Her long chestnut brown hair flowing around her shoulders, done up in the soft curls that excited him so much when she took the time to do it. A light cream colored blouse covered her large breasts just enough that he could see even from this distance the black bra beneath. Stepping through the crowd he saw she indeed had a short skirt on as well, one that he didn't recognize her having before. It was shorter than those that she normally wore but he would have to tell her it looked sexy as anything she had worn before.

As Chad neared her, she looked up her eyes sparkling and her smile as radiant as always. She mouthed the words, "I love you and I'm horny," to him as he got closer. Finally they were close enough to touch and he immediately dropped his carry on bag and wrapped his strong arms around her. He playfully dipped her back as they kissed and his tongue pressed against hers. His hand resting just at the small of her back, before reaching a little lower and giving a playful squeeze.

"Let's go home honey, oh yeah, hi," she whispered into his ear as they straightened up, her lips brushing his ear softly as she whispered to him.

Aimee took Chad's hand in hers and lead him down to baggage claim and after picking up the luggage went out to their car. Chad tossed his bags into the backseat and slid into the car. Before she could start the car though Aimee had turned to face him and pulled him towards her. Their lips met again and this time his hands were free to roam her body. She had anticipated this moment eagerly over the last few days with increasing intensity each time she had thought about it. His hands slipped into her low cut blouse and his fingers immediately found her already erect and sensitive nipples. Chad rubbed each one slowly before turning his attention back to the other. After a moment his other hand slipped up beneath her skirt to find no panties at all. He had been expecting a thong but was just as pleased by finding nothing but freshly shaved bare skin beneath the material.

Chad moaned as they kissed and pushed his fingers past the soft outer lips of her snatch that he knew so well. He slipped his finger up and down over her clit before sliding two deep up inside her and curling them. Slowly he pulled them away and as he did she gave a whimper as he pulled his lips away as well. Aimee had a different idea than the scenario he had laid out before her earlier on the phone yesterday. She reached down and stroked his cock through the material of his pants and pushed the elastic waistband down looking out the window to make sure no one was nearby. Then she dropped her head into his lap and took nearly all of his hard cock in one swoop. Her warm, wet lips wrapped around his cock was almost too much to bear after having no form of release in the last four weeks. The first month she had been gone he had masturbated furiously but with a month left to go he had stopped to wait for her touch instead. As Aimee's lips slid up and down over his rigid shaft her hand slid into his boxers and cupped his cum filled balls. She tugged them gently and rolled them in her palm as she pulled up and circled the tip of his cock with her tongue only before taking him deep into her mouth again.

Chad's hands had been idle, but now he reached beneath her blouse again and openly fondled her large breasts before turning the attention to the nipples. As she moaned in her own pleasure she pushed him past the point of no return. He yelped, "I'm going to cum."

As the first of his seed shot forth Aimee braced herself and began to swallow, she had always hated swallowing or even tasting his cum, but at this moment she could think of nothing she wanted to do more. Chad sat there amazed, shaking and drained as Aimee sat up and smiled at him. Then before speaking she did one more thing she hadn't done in years, she took his fingers which were still slick with her own juices and pulled them past her partially opened lips. She began to suck on them as she just had his cock and then pulling his fingers away she leaned in for a kiss. Finally after breaking this last kiss, she started the car and headed home.

"Adrienne has the girls this afternoon until seven or eight Chad," she said playfully, "so what do you want to do with the next two and a half hours after we get home?"

All Chad needed was a one word reply, "YOU!"

They both laughed and talked as they headed to their new home in Hawaii, this was only going to be a short visit but he figured this would be a memorable one. Twenty minutes later they were pulling up to their home and as soon as they were through the doorway Aimee took on the part of the aggressor. She pushed Chad against the wall and grinded her hips into him as she pushed his pants down and helped him step out of them. Then standing back up she lifted her skirt and turned around, slowly pushing her ass back against his cock as she reached back between her legs to guide him inside. "I can't wait to make it into the bedroom Chad, fuck me here first."

Chad looked down and pushed forward sliding slowly into the tight insides of his wife's beautifully shaved wet snatch. He couldn't immediately get all the way in and it took a few good strokes before he could slide every inch of his hard cock inside her. Once inside though he grabbed both hips and squeezed her ass, pulling her back into him as he thrust forward hard and fast. He reached around and found her clit as he fucked her roughly from behind, the way she had always loved it.

"Oh god, honey, I missed you so much," he grunted.

"Mmm, I missed you to and this big hard piece of cock you have inside me right now," she cooed back.

It didn't take long a minute or three maybe for the first of their mutual orgasms to hit. Once it did though they both filled the rooms with their moans and cries of passion. Aimee spun around as Chad began to cum and for the second time that day she began to swallow his load. She calmly stood up as he finished and pulled him by his hand towards the bedroom. She stopped in the bathroom to spit out the cum in her mouth, one bellyful was enough for her a day. Using some mouthwash quickly and stopping to relieve each of their bladders they headed off into the new bed she had purchased.

Aimee disrobed slowly as Chad watched from the bed, she was teasing him and wouldn't let him touch her again yet. His cock had regained it's erect state nearly the moment he had finished urinating and now was ready to go again.

Aimee slid onto the bed and laid down on her back opening her legs as she pulled him to her. Their kiss was so hot that should sparks have shot from between them it wouldn't have surprised either one. Chad's hands roamed her body slowly, he was able to take more of her in now and slowly without the urgency that had been there before. He kissed her neck and trailed his kisses down to her breasts. Each nipple jumped at the touch of the hoop in his tongue as the ring bumped and flicked over them. His hands were kneading the large orbs of pleasure and he continued to tease her, biting and sucking the nipples in the manner she loved so much.

Soon though he knew he had to taste her, wanted, needed just had to. Sliding down her body he began to lick up and down her well fucked pussy as his tongue danced along her clit he slid two fingers back inside the wet cavern of pleasure between her legs. Aimee moaned and shivered as Chad began to hit all those spots that dearly needed touching. Her legs spread wider and she reached over and began to stroke his swollen cock as he ate her like never before. His tongue was going crazy hitting her clit and then dancing up and down along side his fingers that were working in and out of her.

Aimee turned her head and pulled him by his shaft towards her face, she didn't mind pulling him into her mouth again, secretly she wanted nothing more at this exact moment than to feel his shaft pushing inside and stretching her lips again. After an intense orgasm, she pushed him away though and Chad knew what she wanted. He slid between her legs and pushed his cock inside her once more.

He felt bigger than she had remembered and fuller, not that his cock had ever been small but that perhaps his time without masturbating had caused this lovemaking today to fatten his cock a bit. Chad began to lavish her with kisses and as their fingers locked inside one another he held her down and slid in and out of her slowly, rotating his hips with each thrust, leaving no area inside untouched by his shaft.

Aimee finally managed to free her hands and ran them down his back dragging her nails as she did so, cupping his as and pulling him into her even deeper. "I love you Chad and oh god I love the way you fuck me."

They continued making love for the next hour until they decided to get up and take a shower together before their girls were brought home. After a quick dinner they sat down in the living room, cuddling, kissing, fondling, and just talking. Feeling so wonderful being next to each other than not many words were needed just loving looks and mentions of later that night after the girls went to bed.

Shortly after 7pm there came a knock at the door, as Aimee opened the door Chad slid down into hiding as he lay on the couch. Both his little ones knew he was there though, if by just seeing his bag in the foyer or sensing it somehow. They came bounding into the living room and as he peeked over the couch the younger of the two saw him and came running. "DADDNNN," she yelled in her little nearly two year old voice.

Tears welled up in Chad's eyes as Dani wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him and squeezed him so tight he thought she might never let go. The other one though, the three and a half year old stood back unsure, she watched and smiled shyly at him a bit unsteady as if seeing a ghost.

"Daddy's gone though," she whispered to Aimee.

Chad's tears streamed down as he finally disengaged himself from Dani, "Nana, honey," he said softly as he approached the female image of himself, "Daddy's not gone, he is here."

Nana, slowly looked up at her mother before running across the distance separating them and held on tight to her father. She had not understood why he wasn't with them and refused to talk to him on the phone shortly after they had gotten to Hawaii, two months prior. They figured it was just her way of coping with not having him there and now here she was being held tightly crying along with Chad as they reunited. Aimee had also had that same look at first, when their eyes had met in the airport but now all four of them were together again.

Chad held both girls as he sat on the couch and read them a story before bedtime. He tucked in Nana and assured her he would be there in the morning when she got up. She was a bit reluctant to close her eyes and go to sleep and called him back a few times for hugs and kisses and a short bout of tickling.

Danielle, or Dani as they call her fell deeply into sleep as Chad rocked her in her room that night, perhaps it took daddy's touch or the soothing heartbeat she had heard with her head against his chest. Aimee had stood outside the room watching as Chad had put both girls to bed and her love for him and need for him had just multiplied if that were possible tenfold. She had rarely seen her husband cry, usually over stupid sappy movies they had watched together but also when she had given birth and he had held both of his daughters for the first time. Just seeing this today though made her want to take him into bed again no matter how sore she was from their previous lovemaking.

As Chad slipped into the bedroom and closed the door behind him, Aimee patted the bed next to her and asked him to come over to talk for a minute. As he sat down she reached into his boxers and pulled on his quickly rising shaft, smiling up at him, "I see there isn't much change in this thing from before, he's always ready to go again."

"It's not him, honey, it's you," Chad whispered.

Aimee leaned up and kissed him letting the sheet fall away from her revealing her naked body. Chad wrapped his arms around her to her dismay, he always went right to playing with her breasts. She continued to stroke him as he rubbed her back and cupped the back of her head as they kissed. He slowly slid over on top of her and then just as quickly rolled onto his back pulling her into a sitting position of him.

Aimee stroked his shaft a few more times and the slid her open, inviting pussy lips over the head of his shaft and then dropped her hips down taking him in one movement. She moaned softly and leaned forward for another kiss as she rode up and down, back and forth on her husband.

"Chad, I love you," she whispered.

"Aimee, I always have and always will love you as well," he said, getting a cheesy smile at the end, "can I put it somewhere else tonight too?"

Shaking her head,"Not tonight, or at least not right now, I have bigger and better plans, remember that necklace you are always wanting to give me, I'm ready honey."

They both laughed and made love joking throughout, the kind of fun sex that you can really on have after years of being together and knowing the other person inside and out. An hour later and another shower and they curled up in bed, spooning her back and beautiful ass against his hot flesh.

"I missed this Chad," Aimee whispered as she held his hand curled under her head.

"And I missed you and the girls and just this as well babydoll, no go to sleep, I'm sure we'll be waking up again tonight for one more round. Oh and Aimee, I love you honey, apart we are two halves but together I fill your hole."

A soft chuckle from each and then they were drifting off into blissful post-orgasmic sleep. Content to be together once again.

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