tagLoving WivesReunion in Hawaii Ch. 02

Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 02


I had been in Hawaii with Aimee for three days now and the sex had been as incredible as the first time we had slid between the sheets. Now it was always considered to me making love to her that first time, but after the actual slow and torturous "first time," we had just plainly fucked. There had been love involved but lust had been the deciding factor. These days were like that, we would begin by making love every chance we had when the girls were asleep at night or taking a nap during the day. But each time it had turned into a raw, sweaty sexfest until neither of us could keep our eyes open any longer.

On Saturday, my wife had arranged for a babysitter who was a good friend and also without my knowledge had procured her friend's house for the later part of the evening. She wouldn't let me see her once she had gone into the bathroom to get ready to leave and I must admit the excitement was driving me crazy. A night out alone with my wife was just what I needed to relax from the tensions of work I had left behind. We had already eaten a light diner and she told me we were going to a club nearby and would just take a cab back. I dressed in a pair of black silk boxers, navy blue khakis and a burgundy shirt with a matching tie. I looked in the mirror, running my hand over my freshly shaven bald head and around my smooth cheeks checking for any possible missed stubble. Finally I went to run my fingers over my trimmed goatee that Aimee had always seemed to adore, happy with the way I looked I went out to play with the girls who were watching a movie.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang and I let Adrianne in, she was immediately attacked by the girls who seemed to adore her. About five minutes later Aimee finally emerged from the bathroom looking sexier than I could remember in all of our time together. This isn't an easy task mind you, my wife is truly beautiful inside and out every single day. As I drank in her beauty and looked her up and down Aimee crooked a finger beckoning me as she went into our bedroom.

Once inside the door she told me to sit down. Doing so I watched as she slowly lifted her mid-thigh skirt, already showing off her knee high stockings which she knew would drive me crazy. I looked on feeling my cock growing hard already as she stepped closer and lifted the skirt higher, as the skirt began to reach the tops of her thighs she pushed me back and knelt over me showing me the tiniest of thongs, which she pulled aside to reveal her pussy which was already glistening from her juices. I leaned forward as much as I could and slid my tongue up and down tasting her. Just as quickly she pulled away and stood up smoothing her skirt back down.

"There'll be plenty of time for that later Chad," she whispered into my ear as I sat up.

"I hope so honey, I'm already prepared to throw you onto the bed right now and ravage you."

"Keep that big hard cock down for a while lover," she whispered with a twinkle in her eye, "I promise it will be worth the wait later."

Bidding the girls goodnight Aimee and I stepped out into the warm Hawaiian night air and headed towards the club she wanted to go to. As soon as we gained entry she got a couple of drinks for us and began sucking hers down. I knew this meant I was in for a wild night as long as she didn't get to the point where she would be sick because of drinking too much or too fast. As a good reggae beat came on Aimee drug me by the hand out to the dance floor. Her ass was immediately pressing back against me as she bent forward and wiggled, teasing me while dancing seductively. She reached back and put my hand on the back of her thigh and moved it up and down as she stood back upright. I knew that we wouldn't be lingering at the club tonight because she had only had two drinks and already had a good buzz and was horny as could be. We danced a few more faster beat songs and then a slow one came on. Aimee turned around putting her arms around my neck as my hands went down to the flare of her hips and came to rest on her ass. I pulled her close and began to kiss her, slowly little light kisses until she opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against my lips. She leaned her head against my chest and I could feel her breath on my neck as she whispered that she was ready to go very soon.

A few more slow dances and she was reaching down stroking me on the dark dance floor, oblivious to all those around us. "Take me out to a cab Chad, I need to feel you inside me."

As Aimee slipped into the cab she made sure to spread her legs enough to give me a quick peak at the treasure between them. She was teasing me and knew just how much I wanted to take her right there but I would wait. At least for a little while. As the cab driver took off Aimee slipped her hand into mine and pulled my hand between her legs, looking into my eyes she gave a wink as my fingers touched the soft lips of her pussy. Then she did something I never would have expected. She dropped her head down into my lap and tugged down the zipper, looking up she fluttered her eyelashes at me as her tongue slipped through the opening on my boxers and came into contact with my cockhead.

"I can't wait to get to Adrianne's," she whispered as she sat back up, her hand still stroking me through the boxers and then she cooed, "fuck it, I don't care if the cab guy sees I want to taste you right now."

Her head dropped back into my lap as she worked my cock out of my boxers and began to hum softly while her lips encased my shaft. She bobbed for all she was worth, swirling her tongue the whole time while I managed to keep my hand under her skirt and slipped my fingers up inside her. As I hit the sweet spot inside her wet pussy she moaned and sucked with more intensity. Just as I knew I was going to blast my load we arrived at Adrianne's apartment. I quickly handed the driver money and rushed behind Aimee trying to get inside.

Once there as the door closed Aimee put her hands around my neck and told me to be prepared for a wild night of sex. "All those things you always want to do to me that I'm shy about, I want you to do them tonight Chad."

I knew what she meant and I let her lead me into the living room and felt her push me back into a large cushiony chair. Smiling wickedly she lay herself over my lap and lifted up her skirt. "Chad, what do you do to bad girls when go to some strangers house to get fucked?" she asked.

I raised my hand and swatted her ass hard, feeling my erection harden even more with each swat. "I think they need to be spanked you dirty little slut, using some one else's house for fucking is never a good idea, what if you were to get caught?"

"Mmm, just the idea of being caught right now turns me on, my husband," she replied with a wink as she looked over her shoulder.

I gave her ass a few more good hard swats and then ran my hand soothingly over the warm rosy cheeks. I let a finger slip between her asscheeks and ran circles around the tight little asshole I found there. Pushing my fingers lower I slipped them inside her snatch working them in and out as her hand moved between our bodies to unzip my pants and free my erection.

"Sir," she had never called me this before and it gave my cock a new rush of blood, making my erection nearly painful, "I want to be yours tonight in any way you want to use me, treat me like your own sweet little fucktoy and talk dirty to me."

I didn't know if it was the alcohol talking or Aimee letting her inner naughtiness find its way out for a raw glimpse but either way I planned on taking full advantage of it. I stood up and dropped my pants as she knelt on the floor. Her eyes watching me with passion as I disrobed.

"Aimee, you hot little slut, take off your clothes but leave the knee highs on and the heels," I commanded.

As quickly as she could, Aimee shed her clothes as told and knelt back down. Her hands moved up towards my cock and I pushed them away. "Use only your mouth on me tonight until I say otherwise, your hands are to be rubbing your own body. Do it Aimee, rub your nipples hard and then your clit as you put me in your mouth. I'm going to fuck that pretty mouth of yours tonight."

Aimee's mouth opened and she looked up at me with a slutty little smile, "I will do my best to please you sir," she whispered as her tongue darted out and ran up and down my shaft.

She then began to suck up and down the underneath side of my cock, tugging the flesh with her teeth gently yet erotically painful as well. After a few moments she slid her lips up around the tip of my cock and lapped and teased the slit with her tongue. Normally she made faces at the taste of the precum there but tonight she was not only licking all the precum away but probing for more. Her mouth soon began sliding up and down over my shaft as I held her hair back out of the way. I looked down to find her fingers twisting her nipples and rubbing them as her other hand rubbed her clit. I could already smell her arousal and I wanted to be inside her so much my cock was aching.

I quickly began pushing deeper into her mouth trying to get her to suck all of me in, she did gag a few times but managed to keep going until her lips were pressed against my balls. She held me there with her mouth running her tongue over the base of my shaft and sucking hard. I felt three wet fingers on my balls and looked down to see that she had slid her fingers from inside her pussy and was now rubbing my nuts with her hand.

I couldn't hold back any longer and I told her through a moan that I was going to cum, she reached around and grabbed my ass and began bobbing up and down with speed and determination I had only witnessed once before in our time together. As I began to cum she swallowed a bit and then pulled away stroking my cock and letting the cum hit her cheeks, neck and tits.

Keeping a hold on my cock she stood up and bent over the couch spreading her legs and pulling me towards her. "Fuck me sir, thrust your big cock up inside me, I need to feel it now," she begged.

Pushing in I felt the silken wet insides of my beautiful wife wrap themselves around my cock as she milked me with the walls of her snatch. Aimee then reached back and took one of my hands in hers and pushed it between her tight asscheeks. She began to rub our fingers over her asshole, letting me know just what she wanted. Her hand left mine as I began to circle the little opening with my finger and she took my other hand in hers and looked over her shoulder, "I want you to spank me tonight," she cooed.

I began to swat her perfect ass hard as I rammed inside her. I could tell by her whimpers she was close and I already was dripping with sweat. As I pushed as deep as possible I slipped a finger into her little ass. I began wiggling it as I swatted her ass and worked my cock in and out of her as fast as possible. I knew I was about to cum again when I felt her tight little pussy begin to squeeze my cock as she came herself.

Lurching forward I felt my cock about to explode and I pulled from within her and pressed my cock against her ass as I began to cum. Aimee spun around and took me back into her mouth and swallowed every shot as they came.

A few minutes later as we lay together near the couch Aimee, looked up at me with a content smile, "I only have one more wish and I'm still horny honey," she began, "I want you to lick me and then fuck me any way you want one more time....anywhere you want."

Smiling I knew what she wanted, a bit shocked but happy about her outlook change on the subject of anal sex. "Let's go get in the shower and see if we can soap you up and make it easier babydoll," I told her.

But that's a whole different story. Stay tuned for more.

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