tagErotic CouplingsReunion in Hawaii Ch. 05

Reunion in Hawaii Ch. 05


This is an on going tale that I hope you enjoy. I would suggest going back and reading the different chapters if you haven't already. MV

Chad and Aimee had experienced many enjoyable evenings since he had been in Hawaii with her, but he was due to leave in a few days time and they were planning on going out one more evening. Aimee’s friend, Heather was going out with them, Chad thought this was a little strange since it would be their last outing together but also knew that his wife had a soft spot for helping others get out and have fun.

Aimee decided to wear a open low cut blouse that night with a strapless bra, her cleavage was pushed up spilling into view. Her skirt hung down right to her knees and she had on white knee high stockings beneath. Chad smiled as he dressed himself knowing that once he got Aimee home tonight he would leave those stockings on while he was fucking her. Just seeing her in them now made his cock twitch in his pants.

As they were putting the girls to bed, Adrianne and Heather both showed up at the same time. Letting the ladies in he let Adrianne know all the important things as letting her know where they’d be if she needed them for some reason. As he walked back out into the living room with her he saw Aimee and Heather coming towards him, hips sashaying the whole way as he stared at the two beauties.

“Let’s go sir,” Aimee teased him as she slipped her arm in his.

Heather fell into the other side and mimicked Aimee’s actions as they headed out the door. They decided rather than risk driving back later if they drank too much they would just hail a cab. Once inside the girls kept Chad in the middle and smiled as they talked, their bodies pressed against his and he could feel each pair of breasts against each arm. He was aware of every scent and touch right now and was still unclear how the night would turn out.

A few minutes later they arrived at the club, slipping inside Chad bought the first round of drinks before the girls could pull him out on the dance floor. They all drank quickly and then they indeed did manage to pull him out there. He wasn’t the best dancer, far from it, but he could move with the beats enough to not look like a total idiot. As he got another round and went to join them again he felt a bit more relaxed and started to loosen up and move to the music more gracefully.

The girls watched as he approached them, neither a big drinker and they were dancing together to keep the horny men on the floor away. As Chad slid back to them Heather stepped back and pulled him in between them. Heather looked across his shoulder and winked at Aimee who turned Chad around and pulled him against her as she began to rub her hands on his chest. Chad then felt something new, Heather’s lips against his ear, “Aimee and I might have a little surprise for you later big man,” she teased.

Aimee’s lips came to the other ear and whispered the same thing to him as she reached down between them and stroked his stirring cock. She quickly turned around and began to grind her as against his crotch as Heather pressed her firm tits against his back and her pussy against his tight, muscular ass. He knew that if they were just teasing him, he wouldn’t mind but this would be a huge leap for Aimee, another woman was the one fantasy he thought he’d never have with her. He also knew that he didn’t need it to be happy with her but if she was willing he was going to take full advantage of it.

Aimee straightened back up and spun Chad around as Heather began to grind her ass back against him lewdly, she wasn’t trying to hide her wanton desires at all. Aimee reached around Chad and grabbed Heather’s hips and pulled her back so her ass was tight against Chad’s cock. Leaning into Chad she nibbled his neck, “Chad, let’s go home now we’ve been here long enough.”

Hailing a cab the moment they were out the door and climbing in Heather gave the driver the address and then turned to face Chad and Aimee who were sharing a passionate, lust filled kiss. Heather then reached over and forced their kiss to be broken and leaning over Chad’s lap letting her breasts rub his crotch she kissed Aimee for the first time, their tongues just in view as the girls broke the kiss. Chad looked down and saw the two girls’ hands beginning to rub him in unison. They stroked him together leaving everything that might follow to his imagination.

Once they had arrived at Heather’s apartment the girls ran in as Chad paid the driver. As he entered the apartment he heard Aimee’s moans coming from within the depths of the domicile. He moved towards the sounds stripping his shirt off as he walked. Reaching the bedroom he looked in to see Heather’s ass in the air, void of all clothes as she had her head between Aimee’s legs. He walked in further and moved to the edge of the bed as he watched Aimee’s hands clutch the sheets as Heather’s pink tongue pushed into her wet slit. Her pussy was glistening from saliva and her juices as Heather licked and sucked at the lips and clit of his wife.

Dropping his clothes by the bed and standing naked over Aimee he opened her blouse the rest of the way and began to move her bra off, pulling the cups down first so that he could suck and nibble on her nipples. Aimee’s moans became more pronounced as she writhed in ecstacy on the bed. Aimee reached out and grabbed Chad’s stiff cock and began to stroke him and pull his staff towards her lips as Heather looked up and smiled at him. Chad swung his hips over Aimee’s face and leaned down to begin licking her snatch along with Heather. Their tongues dueled over Aimee’s clit and against one another’s as Aimee swallowed all of Chad’s cock down her throat.

Her lips locked tightly around his shaft and her tongue dancing on the head as she pulled back to catch her breath and cup his balls in her hand. She knew what he liked and was determined to give him more than he expected tonight. She sucked hard and bobbed her head as she tugged his balls and rolled them between her fingers. Aimee had been cumming in tiny orgasms since the first moment Heather’s tongue had found her opening. Now that she was feeling two tongues on her and her husband’s large hard cock in her mouth she was just as happy sexually as ever before.

Chad knew that he couldn’t pay as much attention to Heather as he would if he had been single, but he had planned to let Aimee direct the movements tonight to fulfill her own fantasy. He had already seen his, and experienced it the moment he had walked into the bedroom. He wouldn’t fuck Heather unless his wife directed it.

Aimee forced Chad away right before he came in her mouth and asked him to fuck her, “Chad, do it lover, slide that big pulsing cock deep inside me now.”

Chad slid over her as Heather moved away and slipped his cock into her well prepared pussy. Her hips began to buck immediately as she came hard feeling him inside her again. Heather slid between Aimee’s legs and began to rub Chad’s balls and lick them each time he pulled back out of Aimee just a little bit. She then slid around and began to suck on each of Aimee’s nipples getting them harder than before as she rubbed her own pussy. Sliding fingers inside and pulling them out rubbing the juices over Aimee’s nipples before latching on again in an oral assault.

Aimee moved her hands from Chad’s back and pulled Heather close for a kiss, she began to kiss her friend deeply, swirling their tongues together as Chad rammed his cock deep inside her. Aimee broke the kiss and then requested something Chad never thought he’d hear his wife say.

“Heather slide your pussy up her so I can taste you beautiful.”

Chad watched pausing, leaving his cock buried to the hilt as Heather opened her legs near Aimee’s face and as Aimee rolled to begin to lick she looked over to Chad, “Doggiestyle will work best now honey, fuck me from behind, spank me if you want as I eat Heather’s pussy.”

Chad let her flip over and then slid back inside her swatting her ass hard as Aimee, tentatively dropped her head into Heather’s lap and used her fingers on the girl’s pussy. She opened Heather up and thought it was now or never as she stuck her tongue out and began to lick the her friend slowly. As Chad fucked her harder and spanked her ass, Aimee felt compelled to drive her tongue deep up inside her. Using her fingers now she began to roll the girl’s nipples as she licked her pussy and sucked on her clit.

Chad was shaking fighting the urge to cum when Aimee reached between her legs and tugged his balls, “Cum for me Chad, pull out and shoot all over, wherever you want,” she said before dropping her head back between Heather’s legs.

Chad shoved his cock in harder and began to pound into Aimee as he held her hips and pulled her back into him. As he began to cum he pulled out and quickly moved around on the bed and moved over Heather’s head. Heather opening her eyes at the shifting movement opened her mouth as well and welcomed her first complete taste of Chad’s hard cock covered with Aimee’s juices into her mouth. She began to fondle his sack as she took him deep into her throat. Chad immediately began to cum now and Heather didn’t let a drop spill out of her mouth.

She began to cum as the first drops filled her mouth as Aimee’s tongue went wild over her clit. Chad quickly pulled out of her mouth and as Aimee moved up kissing her way up her friends body he slid back behind her before his cock could begin to deflate and slipped into her. He fucked her hard and fast knowing that she would be on the verge of cumming as he reached beneath her and stroked her clit.

Aimee began to moan and push her hips back against Chad wildly as she came again for the umpteenth time that night. Chad gave her one good spanked and began to cum again to his own disbelief. He pulled out and stroked his cock shooting his cum all over her and Heather’s pussies as they ground together. He knew this night was far from over but as he pulled away Aimee rolled off her friend.

“I think we could use a few drinks before round two Chad,” she said with a wink, “oh and next time you’ll be fucking Heather, so do hurry.”

Thanks for reading and watch for more chapters possible to come after Chad’s trip to Hawaii. Please remember to vote and send feedback. MV

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