tagCelebrities & Fan FictionReunion Surprise Ch. 01

Reunion Surprise Ch. 01


It is a warm and pleasant day considering that it is December 30th. Everyone is just getting over the Christmas holiday and rushing about in preparation for New Years Eve. NYC is bursting with energy today!

I am making excellent progress from Canal Street to my destination of Di Palo Fine Foods on Mott Street. I am thoroughly enjoying watching the people walking around me and the palatable feeling of happiness that seemed to be filling the air.

I'm reveling in the sights and sounds, although I am from the Island I always felt comfortable here, like I was meant to be running around this particular neighborhood. After all, my Dad was born just 2 blocks from here. Oddly enough he was born in the same house that his grandmother died, on the same day, just hours apart. We are native New Yorkers.

I am reviewing my menu for the event and am mentally composing a list of the things that I need to get. As I approach the store an elderly gentleman opens the door for me with a courteous smile. I tell him, "thank you" and I walk through the door. The market is relatively crowded and I am trying to pick out all of the items I need. Provolone, prosciutto, pepperoni, roasted red peppers, soppressata, fresh mozzarella, and the best Italian bread that is made out side of Italy.

As I am waiting for service I feel the close proximity of someone to my rear. You know, when someone is invading your space without seeing. Sometimes you can just tell that someone is staring you down or just closer than is acceptable.

As the hair on my spine starts to prickle, I tense up ready to do what ever is necessary to protect myself.

Suddenly I pick up a familiar scent and about the same second I hear a very familiar voice, more of a whisper, saying "You have bound my heart with subtle chains, so much pleasure that it feels like pain."

I spin around so excitedly that I nearly push him over! It was my favorite lover, Dave.

I am practically jumping out of my skin as I say "Oh, I am so happy to see you! What are you doing here?"

He replies with a gleam in his beautiful green eyes, "I just stopped in to pick up a sandwich, but I have found something so much more delicious!"

It has been about 2 months since I spent the night of my dreams with the man of my dreams and not a moment since that day had I not thought about him and how amazing our time was together.

I never thought that I would ever see him again (except on the stage) and I was willing to accept that because of who he is and also because of our obligations.

In the middle of the store he grabs me about the waist and pulls me close and kisses me like we are the only two people in the room.

I was powerless against his passionate kiss, my knees buckle and he pulls me even closer and says "I have so missed your touch Ammy, will you be willing to spend some time with me?"

By this time we have drawn a crowd of observers, I felt like I was on the cover of time magazine after WWII. With that infamous kiss of the navy soldier and his girl, only I was more fortunate.

With bated breath, "Of course I can make time for you!" is my response.

We make a little small talk as I gather up the groceries on my list and some other items that I am adding as I go along. We are making our way though the store and he digs his right hand into my back pocket caressing my buttocks as we finish up our shopping.

All the while I am trying to concentrate on what it is that I am supposed to be doing with the biggest shit eating grin you have ever seen.

Oh My God! I don't think that I can even take the suspense. I just want to run out of the store with out the groceries and take him then and there!

Dave ever the gentleman, pays for my groceries as well as his own and we step back out onto the street.

His car and driver are waiting for him just down the block. We slip into the back seat of the car and cuddle close together.

He calls out to his friend behind the wheel, "Take us to hallowed ground."

Looking me over he says to me, "You've changed your hair, it suits you. I am so overjoyed! I can't believe that I have found you once again. I want you so badly. I am going to steal away with you and I'll make it worth while, I'll make your heart smile."

My heart is about to burst with the outpouring of love that he is showering on me. With that we are sliding down on the seats and he is devouring me with his kisses and groping and pawing at me with such sheer animal qualities that I haven't seen in him before but had always imagined were inside of him.

Furious storms of kisses, licking and biting my lips and down my neck tearing at my sweater to expose my breasts. He nuzzles in like a teething baby bear, and a starving one at that. Nipping and biting bringing me to a sensual place that I have never experienced before.

Passion is overflowing like a Tsunami that has finally reached the shores of abandon. I am nervous at the thought of his driver watching what is unfolding behind him but at the same time the excitement of the moment clearly takes over and I go with it and lose my self to his delivery of ecstasy. We are each reaching to be released from the confinement of our jeans.

He is wearing one of my favorite styles of button down fly's. He slips out of them and he practically tears mine off of me including the undergarments and with such agile maneuvers has me leaning over the back seat facing towards the retreating traffic as he enters me and hammers away all of his frustrations.

I love his growling climax, so primitive and so erotic. When we catch our breath we are laughing at how well we work together. We were built for one another. We pick up our jeans and put them back where they belong. We don't have to try to solve the puzzle, we lay down beside one another and bask in the afterglow.

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