tagCelebrities & Fan FictionReunion Surprise Ch. 02

Reunion Surprise Ch. 02


I am drowning in a sea of sin gazing into his hazel green eyes. We could have made beautiful children together. Chances are they would have had green eyes.

"I have news for you", he says in a melancholy tone, "Jen left me about a month ago."

My heart falls to the pit of my stomach.

I stumble for the right words, "I am so sorry for you. Are you alright? What happened? It's not because of .."

I can't complete the sentence. I am afraid to hear the answer knowing that this could be partially my fault.

He is clearly having conflicting emotions as he says, "No babe it is not because of you. We were having difficulties. Too many arguments and not enough love to hold it together."

He continues with, "Quite honestly you are the only thought that has occupied my mind since the night she left."

A far away look comes over him as he goes on, "Actually I am lying right to your face! I haven't stopped having these visions of our time together flowing through my mind, the hot tub, the shower and my lord above, the bed room."

"I am actually writing a song that will be on the next Depeche Mode cd. You will know which one it is when you hear it. When it is completed I will send you your own copy, if that is okay?"

He is sort of rambling on with excitement, "I know that what we shared was so very special but, I couldn't bring myself to call you being your situation and the complications that this ensues."

So many things are flooding my mind. My Dave is available and wants me. What will this mean to my future? So many complications, I need to put these thoughts to the back of my mind.

"So where are you taking me?" I ask him with a coy little smile.

"Let me take you on a trip" he says with a sultry little laugh.

"So really, where are you taking me?" I manage through giddy laughter.

"I have a little place about 2 hours from my flat, where we can relax a little. We should be getting pretty close now." He speaks into my hair.

He is still holding me tightly in his arms, my head against his chest. He is gently stroking me everywhere. Caressing me, his warm hands exploring my body, he slides his hands down into the front of my jeans and pays specific attention to the man in the boat. Probing in and around the moistened folds with circular patterns ever so gently, the slightest touch that is driving me absolutely crazy.

Kissing me with an almost unperceivable brush on the lips, just close enough to feel him with out actual pressure. Dave knows exactly what to do to bring me to the edge of my sanity.

His whole hand in covered in my flowing juices but it is only one of his sexual fingers that is stoking my clit to bring me to climax. I am so close and he gives me that smile as he takes me over to the promised land, I am trying desperately not to moan out loud but it escapes my lips and he kisses me deeply absorbing the sounds. He slips his hand back out of my jeans.

"Mmmm, I want every drop of your honey pot.", He confides in me.

As we arrive at our destination I see that we are in a quite secluded mountainous area. In front of us as we draw closer I see a huge log cabin with a wrap around pouch. All natural tree style logs.

We make our way inside to a fabulous open style room with a great view of the lake. There are so many windows and the snow covering the landscape is just so perfect. There is a gorgeous field stone fireplace with sheep skin rugs on the floor in front of it and Dave sets to work at cranking up the fire. It is a bit chilly because no one has been here to keep it warm.

"Would you like a drink?" he asks.

I respond with, "Yes I would, what are you going to have?"

"I'll have a grey goose on the rocks.", he says.

I tell him, "I will do the same or maybe a dirty martini if you have the olives."

He mixes up my martini and pours his grey goose and meets me on the floor in front of the fire. It quickly spread warmth throughout the room. The vodka warming is my inside and Dave and his fire are warming me on the outside. I ask him about his Christmas and just as quickly as the words came out of my mouth, I am sorry that I asked.

A hollow look comes over him and he says, "I got to spend most of the day with my precious angel daughter but, it was a lonely holiday. I kept thinking about you and how I would have liked to been here with you as we are now."

He takes a deep breath as he says "My arms wound around you tightly like a reticulating python."

I can tell that it won't be long till his uncontrollable needs over take him once again.

Taking my tiny hand in his hand, we walk to the outside balcony over looking the lake. There is steaming hot tub waiting just for us. It is really cold out but we take off our clothes and sidle our way into the water.

I ask him, "How is the new album coming along?"

He tells me, "We are making great progress. We have been going back to some of the old instrumentation's, synthesizers. I believe that the fans are really going to love it."

He continued, "Most of the time it comes pretty easy for us but, then there are those nights that we don't pack it in until the wee hours of the morning because we just can't get it right."

We are both finishing up our beverages and he is sucking on an ice cube and kissing me slides it into my mouth. This simple thing, sparks a tingling in my aching pussy once again. We make out for such a long time. You could loose yourself in his desirable kissing and never find your way out.

Caressing every inch of me, he has reached that point where he can't contain himself any longer so, we remove ourselves from the hot tub and we dash back into the house. I lay dripping wet on the sheep skins in front of the roaring fire as his hands resume where they left off a moment ago.

If it is cold, I can't feel it as I am smothered with his molten hot lips and tongue. I am stoking his huge cock and I know that he is waiting for me to take care of him the way that only I can.

I inch my way down to take it, the entire length and girth of his penis into my mouth. With utmost care I bob my head up and down all the while licking and savoring every drop of pre-cum that is leaking out.

I love the taste of him, sweet and salty. I am touching his balls and the area just between his testis and his anus. He his moaning out loud very quietly but, he can not hold the passion inside.

I moisten my middle finger in my mouth and ever so slowly insert it into his ass as I search for his pleasure point.

He is gasping for air as I am very gently reaching and testing the waters and then I find what I am searching for, a walnut size gland just above where the his penis is and with just a few skillful strokes he lets out an exclamation of Holy Shit and excretes his load into my mouth.

His body is shaking with release, the trembling continues for about a minute and he draws me back to him.

Through raspy breaths he tells me, "I have always heard talk of this type of neotantra but I have never experienced it before."

I was so happy that I was able to bring him to a place where he had never been, a heightened sexual awareness that he will take with him always.

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