tagMatureReunions Aren't All Bad Ch. 10

Reunions Aren't All Bad Ch. 10


When I woke Alice wasn't in bed with me and I sat up. Today was the day of her party, I just hoped that everything went smoothly. I was about to get out of bed when she came back into the bedroom, wrapped in just a dressing gown, and sat on the bed.

"Happy birthday Alice." I said as she sat down.

"Thanks Andy." She answered but I could sense something wasn't right.

"What's wrong babe?" I asked reaching for her.

"Nothing really it's just that I thought at fifty four I would be married, had kids and be settled."

"I know baby but hopefully you feel settled." I answered. "Why don't you get back in bed and have a lazy day while I'm at work."

"I might as well babe just wish you didn't have to work."

"So do I but things are going so well and I have some plans that we can talk about when I get home." I told her and headed to the bathroom.

As I showered I thought of what Alice had just said and, apart from the kids, I hoped that she would say yes and the marriage would follow quickly after. Once I had finished and dried I went back to the bedroom to get dressed, saw that Alice had curled up in bed and gone back to sleep, so I picked up my clothes quietly and went and dressed in the front room.

As quietly as I could I went out to my car and climbed inside. Looking back I did feel for Alice and decided that she needed cheering up before her surprise party, so took out my mobile phone, rang a florist and ordered two dozen red roses to be delivered as soon as possible. Then I hung up and drove to work.

Isabelle and Marie were already there and once we went inside I locked the door and took them both upstairs.

"Change of plan girls." I told them. "Instead of three we are closing at lunchtime."

"Why Andy is everything okay?" Isabelle asked.

"Yeah everything's fine I just want to spend some time with Alice before the party."

"Oh okay then." Marie said.

"You two are still coming aren't you?"

"Definitely." They both answered together.

"Okay then let's open up and take some money." I said.

Isabelle went off down stairs and unlocked the shop, took the mail off the postman and brought it back upstairs. I took it from her and looked through what had been delivered and, apart from the usual bills, there was one addressed to Alice that looked suspiciously like a birthday card. I wondered why somebody would be sending Alice post to the shop, unsure whether or not to open it, when my mobile rang.

"They are gorgeous baby thank you." Alice said before I even had the chance to say hello.

"Glad you like them Alice." I said. "And as it's your birthday I'm shutting at twelve to spend more time with you."

"You don't have to do that Andy." Alice said.

"I know I don't have to but I want to, so I'll see you at about twelve thirty."

"Okay Andy I'll see you then and Andy." She said.

"Yes Alice what is it."

"I love you so much."

"Love you to baby, see you soon."

Once I had hung up the phone I went back to the suspicious card and, not wanting any nasty surprises, I went out the back and opened it. It was a birthday card, signed with just a question mark, but it was what was in the card that shocked me. There was a picture of me and Alice from the night that we were in the shop like the ones I had received, but nothing else. I turned the picture over in my hand and saw that something was written on the back of it.


Quickly I tore the picture and card into the smallest pieces I could and threw them in the bin. I wished I knew who was sending these pictures and how they knew it was Alice's birthday, and vowed that I would get to the bottom of it eventually and whoever it was would be sorry.

When I went back into the shop I saw Ellie and Eva were in the shop, without the other four, talking to Marie.

"Hi you two glad you're back again." I said

The three of them turned around to me and smiled.

"Hi Andy." The twins said together.

"How can we help you today?" I asked.

"Well apparently there is this party we have been invited to tonight." Ellie said. "And we can't go unless we have some new clothes."

"Well take your time and have a good look." I said.

The two off them went off to look and Marie came over to me.

"Is everything okay Andy you looked worried?" She asked.

"Don't worry Marie everything is fine." I told her. "Why don't you get us a coffee?"

Marie went off to get the drinks, leaving me behind the counter, watching the twins looking through the dresses and lingerie. Eventually they walked over to till, their arms full, and placed what they had chosen on the counter. Ellie had selected a fifties style prom dress in purple satin with purple and black mesh overlay and a floral tapestry and spandex corset with matching g-string and stockings. Eva's choices were a black mid length gothic gown with flared net skirt and a bow on the back and a black, floral lace cut out body stocking and black thong.

Once they had paid I bagged everything up for them, throwing in a velvet band choker with red crystal bite marks and cascading blood droplets, also in crystal.

"Hope you enjoy the party later girls." I said as they started to make their way down the stairs.

"I'm sure it will be great Andy." Eva said. "And thanks."

Once they had gone I looked at the time, it was eleven thirty, and told the girls to start preparing for closing. As soon as everything was ready, and the last customer had left, the girls and me left the shop.

"See you both tonight." I said as they began to walk away.

"You will Andy have a good afternoon."

"And you pair see you."

I got in my car and headed off home, stopping at the venue for the party on the way to make sure everything was going according to plan, and then on to home and Alice.

Once I had parked up I opened the front door and went in.

"Hi Alice I am home."

"In here babe." She called from the bedroom.

I hung my coat up and headed into her and was stunned when I saw her. She was lying on the bed wearing just a black lace body with matching sleeves, hold up stockings and a pair of back stiletto shoes. The roses I had bought were in a vase, except for about half a dozen of them which she had laid on the bed either side of her.

"Hi Darling I've been waiting for you." She whispered seductively.

"You look fucking stunning." I said open mouthed.

"Well thank you, you aren't bad yourself." She said. "Now get your clothes off and give me a birthday to remember."

I didn't need to be told twice and was soon standing at the foot of the bed, naked, my hard cock proudly standing fully erect. I climbed onto the bed and slid up to Alice, kissing her as I went, before she reached down and took my cock in her hand. Slowly she began to stroke it as we kissed passionately. As she continued to wank me I ran my hand over her tits and began to play with her nipples through her underwear, causing them to stiffen and poke against the lace, before bending my head and flicking my tongue lightly over them. Alice gasped as my tongue touched her and stopped stroking me, instead lowering her head towards my cock.

Letting her tongue flick over the swollen purple head of my cock, licking the pre-cum that had oozed out, she opened her mouth and slowly let it enter her warm mouth before wrapping her wet lips around me. As she began to bob her head up and down, stroking my shaft as she did so, she began to use her free hand to massage my aching balls. I ran my fingers through her hair as she continued to suck and massage me, knowing that if she carried on to long I wouldn't be long until I came.

"That's so good Alice." I whispered, my breath coming in gasps.

I felt her hand continue to massage my balls but then one of her fingers started to stroke my perineum softly, something she had never done before, and I shivered slightly. She continued to stroke there as she sucked my cock before moving her hand again, and started to run her finger around my ass. I was getting closer and closer to cumming and Alice sensed it and began bobbing her head up and down even quicker. I held onto her head and felt the first twitching in my cock and as soon as I did, and without any warning, Alice inserted her finger straight into my ass and hit my prostate gland causing me to cum with a force like never before.

With every twitch I shot more and more cum into her mouth, Alice swallowing as fast as he could, until I was completely drained.

"Fuck Alice where did you learn to do that it was amazing." I gasped.

"Been looking things up today while you were at work." She answered. "Did you really like it?"

"Yes I did, it shocked me at first but then when you rammed your finger in I couldn't control myself."

"I've learnt a lot more as well." She said, with a wink. "But they can wait now lick my pussy."

I rolled her onto her back and ran my finger over her stomach before hooking it into the crotch of her underwear. Instead of undressing her I pulled the crotch to the side, lowered my head towards her sweet smelling pussy, and lightly flicked my tongue over her partially open lips. Alice reached down and gripped my head, before pulling it as hard into her as she could. I darted my tongue into her and began flicking over her swollen clit, causing her to buck wildly.

Alice moaned loudly as her first orgasm tore through her body and she wrapped her legs around the back of my head.

"Fuck me Andy please." Alice gasped once her orgasm had subsided and I lifted myself above her.

Holding myself at arms length I slowly began to lower my cock towards her pussy and, after nudging at her opening a couple of times, Alice wrapped her fingers around me and guided me into her. Slowly I began to fuck her, my movements being slow and deliberate, as Alice had another orgasm. I stopped and lifted her legs on to my shoulders, before starting to penetrate her harder and faster. My cock went deeper into her pussy, Alice screaming in ecstasy, with each thrust and I soon felt myself ready to cum again.

"I'm going to cum." I gasped breathlessly as I continued to fuck her pussy.

"So am I." She answered breathlessly. "Cum with me Andy NOW!"

And I did. My cock twitched a couple of times, spurting my white milky liquid deep into her, as Alice screamed and bucked as yet another orgasm came over her. Together we kept cumming until neither of us had anything left and we collapsed into each other's arms, the smell of sweat and sex filling the room.

After lying in entwined together by legs and arms Alice rolled me onto my back, climbed onto my semi hard cock and we began to make love again and we continued to do so for the next four hours, in a variety of positions. When we finally finished we were so shattered that our legs felt like jelly but, after telling her I had a surprise for her birthday, we staggered out of bed and into the shower before getting ourselves ready.

I didn't tell her about the party, instead telling her that we were going to a fancy restaurant, and she moaned that she didn't have anything good enough for a place like that.

"Yes you have." I told her and left the bedroom for a minute and going to where I kept my stock.

Looking quickly through the boxes I soon found something that she would look amazing in, and shock everyone who came to the party, and took it back to her. Once she had put it on she stood and stared at herself in the mirror, a single tear running down her cheek, then turned to face me.

"You are the best Andy." She said, almost crying.

"Good job you haven't done your make-up yet." I said wiping the tear away.

She agreed, sat at the dressing table and began to make herself up. By the time she was finished she looked stunningly beautiful, would easily have passed for someone half her age, and I led her out of the flat to the car.

While we were driving Alice continued to pester me about where we were going but I still refused to let her know, until we eventually pulled up outside the venue I had booked.

"Why are we stopping here?" Alice asked.

"Just need a quick word with someone." I lied. "Come on you might as well come in and have a drink while you wait for me."

Alice looked at me suspiciously but got out of the car and followed me in nonetheless. As we walked through the door I looked over to the bar man who nodded.

"You know where to go Andy." He said and taking Alice by the hand I headed to the back room.

As soon as we walked through the door, everybody began to sheer and applaud, and the DJ started the music.

"What's going on Andy?" Alice asked looking puzzled.

"Welcome to your birthday party." I said and wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"All this is for me?"

"The whole night is just for you babe." I told her.

Alice hugged me close to her and kissed me on the cheek as we began to walk through the crowd of people. As we walked arm in arm I saw Marie, Isabelle, the six women that kept coming into the shop and almost everyone else I had invited, and felt really happy for Alice. Throughout the night we danced, drank and ate until it was almost midnight. Everyone stayed, probably because they knew what was to come, and the night went really well.

As soon as midnight came I nodded at the DJ, who stopped the music and went to the front of the room with Alice.

"As everybody knows we are here to celebrate Alice's Birthday." I said. "And I would like to thank you all for coming."

"So would I." Alice added. "Even though Andy kept it a secret from me."

Everybody burst out laughing when she said that and I continued.

"And as you know this isn't the end of the night."

"Andy what is going on?" Alice asked quietly.

"You will see." I said. "Now if you can all make your way out to the front the cars are there to take you to the next part of Alice's surprise."

Everyone filed slowly out to the front, following me and Alice, to where six limousines were waiting. Alice turned and looked at me and was about to speak, when I ushered her into the front car, along with Marie and Isabelle. Once everyone was in the drivers pulled away slowly and after twenty minutes pulled up in front of a massive pair of wrought iron, gothic design gates.

"Andy what's happening?" Alice asked again.

I just looked at her and smiled before reaching into my pocket and taking out a small remote control..

"Just press open on here for me babe" I said handing the remote to her.

Alice did as I asked and, as the gates swung open, the procession of cars drove up the driveway to the front door of a huge, gothic mansion.

"What is this place?" Alice asked as we got out of the car and headed up the front steps to the door.

"Everything will be explained very soon trust me." I told her.

As we got to the front door it was opened from the inside and I led Alice, and everybody else, into the hallway. Once the door was shut I led Alice halfway up the ornate staircase and turned to face everybody.

"As everyone knows I have brought you all here for a reason." I said loudly so everyone could hear clearly. "Now if you all take a glass of champagne I shall explain to Alice why."

As soon as I mentioned the champagne half a dozen waitresses walked in carrying a tray full of glasses I waited until everyone had a glass, before taking the last two glasses for Alice and me then turned to Alice.

"As you know Alice you have made me the happiest I have ever been." I began." And this is one of the reasons I have done all this for you."

"What are the other reasons?" She asked.

"Well I brought you here because I own it and I wondered if you would do me the honour of moving in with me permanently."

"Are you joking?" She asked looking at me.

"No I'm not." I reassured her.

"Then yes I would love to live here with you." She said and threw her arms around me.

"I'm so glad you said that because there's one other thing I need to ask you."

I took her glass from her and put it down on the stairs, with mine, before turning to her and going down onto one day.

"Alice Irvine would you do me the honour of marrying me?" I asked holding her hand.

As I asked her I put my hand in my pocket, again, this time bringing out a small box and opening it. Inside the box there was a large diamond encrusted engagement ring and I waited for Alice to answer.

"Yes Andy I would love to." Alice answered, offering me her finger.

As everybody started to cheer I put the ring on her finger, stood up, and wrapped my arms tightly around her before turning back to the crowd of friends at the bottom of the stairs.

"And as everyone has been drinking you are all welcome to crash out here the night." I said. "If my new fiancée is agreeable of course."

"Yes of course I am on one condition." Alice said. "And that condition is that this party carries on right now."

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