tagGay MaleReunited - 44 Years Later: Power

Reunited - 44 Years Later: Power


This is the third installment in the Reunited - 44 Years Later. For the reader to fully understand the tale, it is recommended you read the first two parts. The writer reserves all copyrights to this and the previous submissions.

Reunited - 44 Years Later: Power of attorney

Part 1

Robert and Patrick did make love that Sunday night. They had made decisions that would affect the rest of their lives, committed to each other and committed to Robert's mother. Robert showed Patrick remodeling in his home in progress, confessed that the remodel was with Patrick in mind. They learned that their minds were in sync with thoughts of starting a business in the near by next state. Now, waking on Monday morning, it was time to see Robert's lawyer. This is where we begin the new installment of "Reunited - 44 Years Later."

Robert and I awoke rested and refreshed, we had consummated our love, we had cemented our relationship with our love fluids in bodily exchange. "Morning Robert, I am still in love with you," I exclaimed.

"Patrick, we have the rest of our lives together, lets wake every morning in love, and as often as possible with love."

"I'd like to say I'm up for that except you drained me dry last night. My arms are free for your embrace." I reached to gather Robert to me, we embraced feeling our bodies contact. I explored his back with my arms wrapped around him. I felt Robert grope my butt cheeks and I pulled at him reaching his ass. I toyed between his cheeks and touched his sphincter. By instinct, Robert squeezed against my finger but quickly released. "Robert, I enjoy exploring your body, you excite my vision of how sex should be."

"Be careful, Patrick, we have a lawyer appointment and you're making me think about everything else but legal matters." We disengaged regretfully. I got coffee started as Robert took care of bathroom chores. As he came out, coffee was ready, I had a cup for myself and handed one to my lover. I did my daily constitutional, came out to warm toast, butter, and jam.

The lawyer's office was several miles away across the metro and across the state line. We headed out with plenty of time to spare. I knew the address well and drove right to it. Pulling into the parking, I broke into a laugh that Robert clearly did not understand. "Why are you laughing," he asked almost miffed.

"The lawyer's name, Louis E. Daniel. How long have you know him?"

"I was referred to him because he understands gay issues and gay people are his primary clients."

"Robert, he was a year ahead of us in high school. And, be prepared, he and I were in boy scouts together, spent time together, and he once suggested we fuck. That didn't happen though. Lets go in and give him a surprise he'll probably freak about."

"For a formerly straight guy you sure know a lot of gay people," Robert observed.

"Shit happens," I said going into the office.

Seated at his desk was Louis, he looked up and said hello to Robert, then his jaw dropped. His reaction to seeing me walk in with Robert was priceless. I wished I had a camera to capture his expression.

"My fucking God, Patrick. What are you doing with Robert," Louis seemed to gasp rather than say.

"Nice seeing you again too Louis, been a long while. The look on your face is priceless." I reached out my hand to shake his. He was still stunned and shaking hands didn't register right away.

Finally the novelty wore off and we spent an hour or more catching up. Louis couldn't believe I was a university professor and overly surprised learning that I had doctor in front of my name. No conversation occurred about my connection to Robert, that would be yet another surprise.

Robert sat quietly as Louis and I caught up with our lives but he was getting uncomfortable. Both Louis and I noticed and I reached taking Robert's hand in mine. "One final thing before we begin Robert's business here. Robert and I are a couple. He was my first sex partner 44 years ago. We became lovers about a month ago. I'm in divorce proceedings and when it is final, I'll openly come out."

"Who is your lawyer, maybe I can help smooth it out and speed things up. Don't worry about fee, that'll gratis to you and Robert." Louis looked a Robert and saw Robert's emotion at doing work gratis. "Robert," Louis said, "I am doing a power of attorney for you, who do you appoint?"

Looking at me, Robert simply answered, "Patrick."

"Usually a power of attorney is a $100.00 fee. However, your fee will be having lunch with me at a place of my choice. It is the least I can do for you and Patrick."

"Louis, I think we're in for a long relationship because we also plan to start a business once I'm completely moved." Robert looked at me as he said that as I nodded my approval.

Once we completed the paperwork, I gave Louis my lawyer information. Louis said he would get info about my wife's lawyer from my lawyer. " ... and don't worry, I'm excessively discreet in these matters. Now for lunch, I'll drive."

Robert and I were dressed casual, as we pulled into the lot of Louis' selected treat, I was convinced they would throw Robert and I out; this place was formal, tux formal. Louis led us into the dining room and it seemed like Moses parting the Red Sea, our way was clear. The head waiter greeted Louis, "Mr. Daniel, your room is ready, will anyone else join you today?"

"No, only Robert and the professor," said Louis.

"Why the formal professor, Patrick is who I've always been." I was actually uncomfortable with the formality.

"It is hard for me to grasp that you have doctorate and are a professor. I enjoy giving you the respect."

"If that way you want it barrister." We all chuckled.

"Louis," Robert asked, "did the head waiter say your room is ready?"

"Yes, I have a room on indefinite reserve. If I have special guests, we come here. We are free to discuss anything, conduct business that might not be appropriate in an office or in public."

"Louis, one question I've always had," I asked, "why did you want to be mayor?"

"Someone told me I couldn't do it. You know how I am, tell me I can't and I'll prove you wrong."

Our lunch went smoothly and the conversation was light. As we concluded our meal with coffee and cake, Louis asked about our business and building purchase ideas. We explained that it is really too early for firm ideas. "We're only just starting the conversation," I told Louis. We finished coffee and desert then headed back to Louis' office.

Finally getting back to Louis' office, we noticed another car in the lot. "Before you two take off, there is someone I want you to meet, come in for a few." We followed Louis into his office where we meet a well dressed man introduced to us as Louis' partner. Gentlemen, this is my partner, not in law, but in life. Patrick, I'm pretty sure you knew I was gay but were being kind, saying nothing. We were in the same boat as you and Robert, he married, children, and discovering his gay side. Now you understand why I'm going to help you both get what you want. I'll be in touch guys."

As we said our good byes and while walking to the car, I couldn't help but take Robert in an embrace to say, "Good choice in lawyer. I hope we'll be together completely openly sooner."

"Robert, I hope you caught the drift of Louis' conversation. He does not do something for nothing. He was that way in high school and, like a zebra, his stripes are the same now as then. But you probably guessed that from your background."

"I'm glad you stepped away from sharing too much about business. I could see him trying to take over. Lets go check out that building more closely."

We met with Quig, toured the building in and out, inspected the roof, overall structure, plumbing and electrical taking many notes and pics to look at later. "Quig," Robert asked, "you've had this building on your books for over 18 months, why do you think is hasn't sold?"

Quig wasn't quick to answer, setting off alarm bells for both Robert and I. When he did finally answer, we sensed it was the truth. "The seller is older, in his 80's. He doesn't understand code requirements and thinks this is a million dollar property."

"Quig, we'll have to do some more research, go to city or county code enforcement with these notes and pics. Right now, this building isn't worth more than property value." I looked as Robert as he made that statement because I knew how much he liked it.

"Take your time, this place probably won't go any time soon." We all left heading our own ways.

As we headed back to the cabin, Robert was quiet; I left him alone in his thoughts as I drove. We got to the cabin, parked in the garage, and went in. "Robert, you were silent the whole drive, what's up?"

"That building, I like it, it has problems but... What do you think? Would code enforcement order it razed"

"We can research codes online, look at our notes, examine our pics. If the main structure is sound code enforcement may order the owner to make repairs. If repairs are too expensive, we have a bargaining chip."

We put together a simple dinner of salad greens and after dinner I got busy preparing for the next day's classes.

Part 2

"Robert, I have classes today, tomorrow, and Thursday, do you want to tag along? Won't be very exciting but it will get you free from the cabin and you can use the time making calls, arrangements, whatever you need to do to finish your move. You can even sit in on classes if you want."

"Can I just stay here? I want to do some writing and get some research done for business." Robert seemed comfortable with staying around the cabin. "I may go for a walk to harvest some wild herbs. The stash is getting low."

"That'll work, my classes aren't long today and I will be back around 3:00. I don't have to leave for a couple hours, we could, ah ..."

"Hmm, I'm interested in the, ah..., part. Get naked."

As I stripped, so did Robert. I sank to my knees as he stood before me. I deeply breathed in his scent, took his cock in my hands to draw him to my lips. The taste of his cock in my mouth was savory and sweet. He didn't spring to full hardness quickly allowing me to keep his full length in my mouth longer. I tongued his cock head, rolled my tongue along his length, use one hand to cup his balls while the other toyed between his butt cheeks. I toyed around his sphincter and the sensation forced his hips forward and lodged his cock as deeply as I could hold him.

"Give me your ass Patrick. I want to give you an orgasm before you go." I couldn't refuse that chance.

"I'll hold you sweet nectar in me until I come back then you can make another deposit."

I continued kneeling and leaned over the couch cushions. Robert knelt behind me and I quickly felt him push against my sphincter. As I relaxed to allow him enter, I heard his growl followed by a hard thrust that drove his sweet meat to the hilt. The thrust also drove me into the cushions, I gasped part in pain because we didn't use lube and part in the thrill of being topped so well.

"God damn, Robert! Fuck me." He withdrew almost all the way and drove home hard. He was making sure I would be sore. "You want to leave me sore and wanting don't you," I cried as he drove in again. This time I squeezed against him as tightly as I could. "You'll be sore and wanting too. Fuck me Robert, fast and hard."

"You'll remember this fucking. I am the only man getting your ass." Robert was working himself into me with demand and I wanted it.

I was feeling the pressure against my prostate knowing a p-spot O was soon to happen. I continued to squeeze his cock suddenly feeling my O hit me. I cupped my hand to catch the semen that was soon to flow from my cock. "Pound Robert, fuck me, I'm cumming." The rush of semen from the prostate milking filled the palm of my hand and I drank it deeply. Moaning, I pressed against Robert's invading cock to take as much as he could give me. "I'm still cumming, Robert, fuck me!" More semen was erupting from my cock and I tried to catch it all and lap it into my mouth.

Soon I felt Robert expand as he drove as deeply as he could, then came his contraction. I knew he was cumming hard into me. "Fuck! Patrick, fuck, I'm cumming." He continued to expand and contract several more times before he fell over me in a post coitus bliss.

I held my sphincter tight as Robert began shrinking in me. "I want to hold you cum in me, pull out slowly. I reached for tissues that I would wedge between my cheeks at my anal opening. The tissue will help stop an accidental flow which was sure to happen in the car or in class.

As Robert withdrew and I placed the tissues at my anus, I turned to face Robert and kiss the man of my dreams. "Just in case you're wondering, Robert, I do love you as a man and a lover. I'll be back for more in about 3 1/2 hours. You better have some left."

"I will but you better sponge off before you leave for class."

Class was the usual uneventful period. I did retain the tissues although there was some dampness; I added a few more to prevent staining in a place hard to explain. I called Robert as I was leaving class. He suggested picking up some salmon for dinner with some corn on the cob and tiny spring potatoes if they were available. "Sounds like you have plans for tonight and need plenty of nourishment. I have morning classes tomorrow."

Robert's voice on the phone was playful. "You'll be on time for class but you'll probably lack sleep. See you in a little while."

I pulled into the garage seeing Robert standing there. "How was class," he asked with a smile.

"It was miserable, I had to contain a small leak and hope it wouldn't stain," I laughed. Not to mention, there was a little soreness from an invasion of the anus snatcher." We shared a quick kiss as I reached for the dinner fixings. "I guess the average serving of salmon is about 8 ounces so I got a little better than a pound."

Robert told me he was going to cook tonight and as we got into the cabin, I noticed a large pile of washed wild herbs. "You were busy this afternoon. You must have explored deeper down the dike to find this much stuff. If you're going to cook, I'm going to clean up and clean out. Sounds like you have some ideas for tonight."

"I'm going to take some Levetra tonight and hope to keep you busy until class time tomorrow." The look on Robert's face was one I was quickly getting familiar with. The look said, 'you're about to get worn out and love it.'

As I was getting ready to hit the shower and anal douche, my phone rang, it was my daughter Terri. "Hi cute little Terri!" Terri was calling about school and usual stuff but Robert had never been around when she called. "I have classes tomorrow and Thursday. What about Friday, no classes then and you don't either." Terri wanted to see me since she could, anytime, without concern of upsetting her mother. She agreed to Friday. "Terri, there will be someone here for you to meet when you come." She asked who, "Terri, it is my new lover." She was quick to ask what her name was and I simply answered, "Her name is Robert, someone I've known for 58 years." She was silent for a bit then asked the obvious. "Terri, yes, we are lovers complete and thorough and I want you to know that he makes me feel wonderful and I want you to be a part of my new life. I'm just keeping it quiet until the divorce is final." "See you about 2:30 then. Love you little Terri."

"You are going to let your daughter meet me? Are you sure about that?"

"No concern, we tell each other everything. She knows how unhappy I was and she'll accept that I've chosen a gay love. And, she'll accept you. She's cool about weed, we used to get high together."

"You know I have to leave Sunday morning. I was hoping for some wild sex before I leave."

"Would you like me to fly out with you? I'd like to experience the SF scene at least once."

"Are you shitting me, hell yeah, but what about school."

"Surprise, already have my ticket and got substitutes for the rest of the term. I'm yours after classes this week. Oh, yeah, I've done some math, with my military retirement and starting social security, I can retire with you and we can focus on business. If that's not proof of my desire for you then I'm fucked in all the wrong ways."

"What about power of attorney?" Robert had surprise written all over his face.

"Give it to Terri. She'll do it, plus it is specific power of attorney so she can't do anything you don't want her to. She protects my interests very carefully, she'll protect ours. Now I have some cleaning to do and you have some cooking to do."

"Patrick, I love you."

I took three deep cleansing enemas before showering and douched some more in the shower. I didn't think clothes were necessary tonight and coming out of the shower, I saw Robert didn't think clothes were necessary either.

He handed me Levetra and he popped one as well, then lit up what must have been a three paper joint. I knew where tonight was headed. He had placed towels and lube on the table, lit some scented candles, and prepared a great dinner.

"You will really come with me? Terri will really do the power of attorney? You'll really retire with me? You'll really live with me? You'll really do business with me?" Now it was Robert acting silly like a teen girl.

"Will you stop with the silly questions. I want some love tonight not questions. Please love me tonight." I stepped to our window and presented myself. I opened the lube and anointed myself. Robert was stroking his cock as he approached me. "I liked this morning before class but I rather have a little preparation before the onslaught. Are you about to onslaught?"

My answer was forthcoming as I felt Robert love muscle hit the mark and slide deep with his first stroke. I grasped the window frame as he withdrew only to slam forward again. I wasn't sure who this mad man was but I was enjoying every mad stroke. I was begging for more with each of his thrusts. "Fuck me Robert!" I was screaming for it, demanding it. I still felt a little sore from earlier but didn't care. Robert was gripping my hips to pull me into him as he drove into me. His pace did not slow, we were coupled for many minutes even though time didn't move. The only movement was cock and hips. When Robert finally let out a scream, he came in a great flood of sperm and semen that added to the ease of his deep penetration. Then he leaned over me gasping for air but still stroking my ass.

"Thank you Patrick. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for not tossing away our friendship. Thank you for inviting me to your home. Thank you for making me feel alive and wanted. Thank you for giving yourself and your love." We were still joined with his manly muscle still pleasuring me.

"Robert my life is changed forever too. I owe you my love for giving me yours. You've taught me to feel emotions that were dead just a few weeks ago. As you make love to me, with me, I feel so alive. Stay where you are; fuck me again."

I squeezed my anal muscles around his invading tool. The grip was tight as he struggled to stroke me as deep as he could. I squeezed and released setting a pace that would mean long loving after his just passed orgasm. When I finally relaxed into him, I was ready for a third pounding. "Now Robert, again, fuck me hard and cum again."

His pace was slower and not as hard as he had spent much energy already. He was able to stroke at his full length. I knew he was sliding as much on sperm and semen as he was on lube. I was surprised that his motion was causing me to approach another p-spot O. The pressure to fight against him was growing as fast as he was driving into me. "Oh fuck Robert, I'm cumming. Holy fuck! Can you cum with me? I'm there, give me your cum too." We screamed together as his third load of the day, second tonight shot home into my bowels.

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