tagLesbian SexReunited and It Feels So Good

Reunited and It Feels So Good


Reunited and It Feels So Good - Another Jamie and Andrea Tale

I walked away from my first girl on girl experience with a new perspective on my sexuality. Meeting Jamie was not only exciting, but I had finally satisfied my bi-curiosity.

Jamie was on my mind constantly, and admittedly, I masturbated a few times thinking about her. It had only been a few weeks since we met, but I found myself checking my phone every time it rang praying I'd see her number, and then early one morning, it was there!

"Hi. It's Jamie." She said.

I felt a tingle in my belly and my throat tighten. I knew she'd call, but when she did, it was like those feelings you get when you have a high school crush.

"Hey. I was thinking about you. How are you?" I replied.

"Great. Work sucks but that"s not why I called. I'm heading out for a meeting at that hotel in about an hour and was wondering if you'd like to meet me at lunch time?"

As soon as she said the words, I could feel myself getting excited. I squeezed my legs together and felt a familiar twitch. It was almost like a light switch. I heard her voice and I melted. I quickly checked my calendar. All clear.

"Sure. I can get away today. Where and what time?"

She gave me the details, and we hung up the phone. I immediately began to plan my day around what I knew would be a fun lunch hour. I dressed carefully and paid special attention to my bra and panty choice. For some reason, I wanted to impress her.

As I was dressing, I wondered just how adventurous she might be, so I went into my "toy" box and thought I'd bring some things to play with if she were up to it and the opportunity presented itself. I threw a few select items in a small bag and finished getting ready for work.

Just as I was about to leave my husband asked.

"Who was on the phone?"

"Remember Jamie? She wants to get together for lunch." I told him with a little smile.

"Oh yea. I remember Jamie." He smiled back thinking how great I fucked him the first time I met her.

"Enjoy and I'll see you later."

Twelve thirty couldn't come soon enough. I watched the clock obsessively. As I sat at my desk, I remembered her little pushed up nose, cute little smile and her long brown hair. I thought about how the curls at the bottom swept across her perky tits and how soft they felt in my hands. And, of course, that beautiful, smooth pussy.

By 10:30 I was crazy thinking about her. Things were quiet so I told my assistant I had to run out to my car and make a private call. I had no idea where I was headed, but quickly left and jumped in my car. I needed to be alone. It was a hot summer day, but my windows were tinted, and I turned on the A/C. I drove around to the back of the lot and pulled in under a tree.

My seats were finally beginning to feel cool under my bare legs. I pushed the seat back as far as it would go and lowered the back. I don't know what came over me, but with just enough room to spread my legs, I quickly started to rub myself. First outside my panties but as I touched myself I realized there was no going back.

I was crazed thinking about Jamie. I was oblivious to anything around me as I pulled the crotch aside and touched myself. Dipping my middle finger in the opening and then tickling my clit, it was seconds before I felt the explosion.

My heart pounding, I quickly collected myself and got back to my desk. A little redder in the face, all I could do was try and concentrate as I waited out the last hour.

It was finally time to leave and my heart raced as I drove to the hotel. I wasn't sure what to expect or how things would be between us but all I know is by the time I arrived and parked my car, I was at a sexually fevered pitch I can't explain.

I knocked at her door and when she answered I was immediately taken back to our last meeting. She was as adorable as I remembered and appeared even sexier to me than the last time.

Her look and smile told me everything.

"I missed you." She said.

I stepped toward her and put my arms around her waist and simply said "Me too."

I felt electrified as I brushed my lips across hers and then she leaned forward and kissed me hard. I opened my mouth to taste her. Her tongue was delicious, and we began kissing wildly. I grabbed her waist and pulled her toward me sensing I didn't have to be shy this time.

My hands explored her eagerly. She was fantastic. My desire for her was almost untamed, but I held back so I could savor each moment.

She reached for me and unbuttoned my blouse. My nipples were hard and I could feel them pressing against my bra. I unzipped and removed her dress. Then my skirt was on the floor. She stood before me in a black lace bra and boy-cut panties. The curve of her bottom poked out of her panties and I couldn't control my desire to touch her. I caressed her ripe apple ass and heard her moan deeply in her throat.

My hand then slipped down the front of her panties and she opened her legs slightly to let me feel her. I rubbed her gently with just my finger and then pulled her panties down and tossed them aside. I was kneeling in front of her and began to kiss her.

Her pussy was exactly as I remembered - trimmed and sweet. Her little lips holding her clit like petals. I pressed myself between her thighs and began to lick her slowly and feather-like at first and then more eagerly gently sucking her clit.

I continued to explore her and my tongue gently found its way inside her. Although I was still very much a novice, I was sure to give and take as her body rhythm spoke to me. It took moments before her hips began to grind and her breathing became shallow. I followed her lead licking more quickly but was sure not to overwhelm her pleasure.

As I sucked and licked her some more, she grabbed the back of my head telling me to enjoy her. She started rocking her ass faster and faster then held the back of my head pressing herself against my mouth. She burst, crying out, my face buried in her wetness.

She was breathing hard and after a moment, pulled me to her, and we began to kiss again. Jamie reached around and unhooked my bra.

"I love your tits." She said.

She pinched and rolled my nipple between her fingers and my pussy began to throb. I arched my back and she pinched a little harder.

"Get rid of your panties." She whispered.

I threw them on the floor and crawled up beside her. Jamie cupped my breast and then bent her head to suck my nipples. She tongued each of them and then took my areola into her mouth. I was soaking wet and knew I couldn't hold it together much longer.

She took her mouth from my tits and then slid down the bed looking into my eyes as she maneuvered south. I opened my legs and she pushed her middle finger inside me. As her finger slipped in, I felt my tunnel suck it in gently.

"Oh my God." I cried softly.

I lifted my hips to meet each in and out stroke. She pulled out her finger and giggled.

"Mmmm." She said as she sucked my wetness off "Delicious."

Then she bent her head between my legs. She took her tongue and tickled it near my ass then licked forward through my wet lips and up over my clit.

I knew her face was covered in my juices turning me on even more. I was losing control and wanted release. I began shaking my hips so my pussy danced on her tongue. Faster and faster matching my motion she licked me until I came uncontrollably grabbing onto the sheets.

We had no idea what time it was or if our lunch hour was over.

She checked her watch and said. "Wow. It's late." "Let's not wait for another meeting to see each other. How about lunch again next week?"

"Yes." I replied. "Tuesday. My treat."

"Andrea?" She said with a sly smile. "What's in the bag?"

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