tagErotic CouplingsReunited and It Feels SO Good

Reunited and It Feels SO Good


To fans of my other stories, this one is definitely a bit different. More romantic. Sweeter. But I think it's better. It's certainly more personal. I hope you like it!


She sat nervously at the bar nursing a beer and tugging at her too tight sweater dress. Another guy came up offering to get her a drink and she politely shook her head, "I'm waiting on someone. Thank you though."

Charlotte couldn't believe it had been over a year since she had seen her best friend in the whole world...if they were still best friends. She had known when they graduated this would probably happen, would definitely happen, but it still made her heart twang thinking of him. Sam, her best friend, shit her only friend pretty much since fourth grade. Sam with his book smarts and crooked smile and easy laugh...and gorgeous girlfriend according to his Facebook. Charlotte was glad he was doing so well at school and the internship seemed perfect for him, but she was a bit annoyed it had taken him over a year to come back home. And now, here he was during Christmas and she would have to share him with everyone in this godforsaken town, family, old friends, hell even his track coach wanted to see him. So, Charlotte was squeezed somewhere in the middle, to meet for drinks at a local bar.

She pushed her long, dark hair over her shoulder, finished her drink, and picked up her phone. He was late.

Sam stood outside the bar, pacing on his cell phone. Sarah was talking his fucking ear off. God, as if he didn't spend every waking minute with her in the city, couldn't she just let him enjoy this time with his family and friends. "Yeah babe, listen, I'm sorry about your day but I've really got to go. People are waiting on me and it's fucking cold outside... Yeah...No...Well maybe you can come next year. No, No, I DO miss you... I just...Fuck, I'm not trying to start a fight, I'm trying to get off the phone. Fine...Bye... yeah love you..."

He shoved the phone back in his pocket and stared in through the frosty glass window of the bar. He could see Charlotte at the bar, waiting. She was prettier than he remembered her. More...graceful? She had always been curvy, stacked they had called it in school, but now it was in a confident, purposeful way. She had kept her hair long, he had always loves her long waterfall of deep brunette. She had curled it and it danced just above her ass. Sam watched as a guy, a total bro, came up trying to hit on her. She smiled and declined. The guy looked pissed and Sam felt a pinch of 'pissed off' - that small town, ready to brawl any minute, boiling anger that he had worked hard through academia to suppress.

He turned and went through the door, into the dark, warm bar. A band was playing something fun and full of bass. The floor was crowded with people. Sam sidled up next to Charlotte, "Buy you a drink, pretty lady?"

She didn't even turn her head, "I'm waiting on someone. Thanks -" She finally looked, and her eyes lit up. "Sam!"

She jumped off her stool and threw her arms around him. "Oh my god! You look great!" She wasn't lying. His straw-colored hair was cut short and messy, something she was sure he paid quite a lot for. He had put on some weight, but it looked good on him. His navy button up and jacket were tight around his arms; he looked like a man. But...there it was...same nerdy glasses, same crooked smile. Sam.

He squeezed her tight. Looked her over and thanked his lucky stars Sarah wasn't here with them. She was far too jealous of a girl to endure a whole night with such a gorgeous girl. Sam realized it wasn't even that Charlotte had changed, he had just never looked at her like this before. Appreciating. The brightness of her blue eyes, the cinnamon sprinkle of freckles down her nose, the flair of her hips, and her smile... fuck he loved that smile.

"Grab us a booth and I'll get us a drink. What do you want?" She said, already down to business. "Moscow Mule" he called back over the crowd and disappeared.

He watched as she arched an eyebrow at his drink selection and then pushed through the crowd on the dance floor towards the back of the bar, more private, less noisy. A few minutes later he saw her coming towards him, drinks in hand, pushing through the crowd. One guy asked her to dance, smiling she thanked him but declined. Another guy, Sam was sure it was the same Bro that hit on her before he walked in, grabbed her around the waist and tried to force her into a dance, making her drink slop over her knuckles. Sam was about to intervene, but he saw her shove Bro in the chest with her elbow and say something to him that made his whole face fall. That was Char, sweet and sour. She could handle herself.

She made it to the table, setting down the drinks and licking the back of her hand. "Sorry it took so long. Some people around here can't handle the holiday merriment." She slid across from him in the two-person booth.

Now that it was just them and no distractions, conversation was harder. They tried to figure each other out again. She asked about school and his internship, he answered but she could tell he had answered this question so many times in the last few days that he didn't want to talk about it anymore. He asked about her school, a small community college, and she was proud to tell him she was excelling and had even thought of switching her major to nursing. She could tell he was surprised but pleased. She had never been the brain of the duo. They discussed their families, the town, the city, the weather.

Finally, Charlotte asked as nonchalantly as she could, "So... why didn't you bring your girlfriend. I was hoping to meet her. She looks...lovely."

Sam smiled tensely, "Ahh, well...Sarah had to finish some undergrad presentations and I wasn't sure if I was ready to bring her home just yet, you know?"

Arching an eyebrow, Charlotte nodded. He continued, "I just haven't been home and seen everyone in so long. I didn't want to immediately bring someone. You know my mom, she would immediate think we were engaged or getting there. Sarah's great but..." He finished his drink with a gulp. "I'm not sure..."

"Well, she very pretty and seems like a genius just like you! I'm sure you guys will... probably...you know, when it's right."

"Oh, she is smart! But she's also a bit boring. She's beautiful, but god, so insecure. She's also a wet blanket in bed." Sam glanced up sharply "Sorry, that was uh...too much" His ears flushed pink.

Charlotte looked at him across the table, then kicked him roughly under it.

"Fuck that! Don't sit there and act like we aren't...weren't best friends who talked about all that shit at one point. I was the person you told about when Angela Campbell gave you your first handjob backstage after the school play. And you were the only person I told about Craig not being able to get it in before he came."

Sam threw his head back and laughed, "Oh god, yes and then I had to look at him every track meet and act like I didn't know. Do you remember us going to the library and asking about the Kama Sutra and when Mrs. Bickle wanted to know 'why on earth!' we wanted that you told her it was for a project in Asian Studies?"

Charlotte giggled into her wine glass, "She still looks at me funny whenever I go to the library. Do you remember when you saved me out the back of the creeper's Jeep after prom and punched him in the face? We laughed about how it was just like Back to the Future, and I called you George McFly for weeks."

Sam laughed again, "I do remember later that same night, having to pretend to make out so the cops wouldn't do breath checks on us because we had drank a shit ton of rum."

Charlotte laughed and raised her wine glass, "Who's pretending? I still say that was the best kiss of my high school life." She downed her drink.

"Want something else?" Sam asked sliding out of the booth.

"Sure! Whatever you're drinking Professor." She winked at him and he made his way off to the bar. Charlotte heard a buzzing from the table. Sam had left his phone. She glanced at it. It was a text from Sarah. Normally, Charlotte would never have done such a thing but her own name stood out. The text preview said "Who TF is Charlotte?? Ur mom told me you weren't -" and the preview cut off. Damn, had Sam had to lie about where he was going? Charlotte didn't want to cause any trouble, but Sarah didn't know her. Before she got tempted to try and read the rest, Sam returned with a tray of six shots and sat them down.

"Oh wow, I didn't know you were trying to party for real!" Charlotte laughed. "Don't you have plans with other friends later?"

"Nah, I'm going to cancel. I haven't gotten to see my Best Friend in forever and we are making the most of tonight. You're not scared of some shots, are you? We used to do this all the time!"

"No! I'm down. Wanna race??"

"Sure, although I'm sure you'll lose. You never could drink fast."

"Hey! I'm just not a good swallower." They both looked up wide eyed at the accidental dirty joke and then burst out laughing like middle schoolers.

Wiping his eyes, Sam said, "Hang on let me cancel these plans then we can get to it." He picked up his phone and frowned, reading. He spent a few moments texting and then put his phone face down.


"Ready as I'll ever be. One...two... three...Drink!"

Sam and Charlotte pounded back shots but true to form Sam finished his third before Char could finish her second and he reached over and finished her third for her.

"Hey! No fair!" She leaned across the table to push his shoulders playfully, giving him an amazing view into her cleavage. He grabbed her hands up and kissed both of her knuckles, one hand still smelled faintly of wine.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry ok? I'm sorry you're a loser and can't keep up!" He laughed, feeling the alcohol flush into his blood.

"Whatever! Make it up to me? Let's dance! I love this band."

"Ah man, Char, you know I'm an awful dancer!"

"Fine stay here, I'm sure I can find someone else who will dance with me!" Charlotte slid out of the booth and stood a little unsteadily to her feet and went to walk past him.

His hand darted out and grabbed her wrist, "No, no, no, we can't have that. Fine, here I come."

Charlotte let him to the dance floor by the hand. It was darker and warmer here, surrounded by people on every side. The bass pounding from the ground up through their bodies. Sam took her by the waste and they started moving to the beat. Her ass fit pleasantly against him and she knew how to move. They danced, and Sam felt wonderfully buzzed and horny. Charlotte would put her arms up at certain parts in the song and he would reach around from her hips to her stomach pushing into her to match the beat. Then her arms would come down and he would move back to her small waist. Her hair smelled good, like vanilla. The song changed, still loud but a bit slower. She turned in his arms and put her hands on his shoulders as they began to sway. She said something, but he couldn't make it out over the singer. He gestured to his ears, miming deafness. She put her mouth to his ear and he felt her warm breath on his neck.

"See we should have just gone to prom together. Much less drama!" She yelled in his ear and leaned back laughing. He nodded goofily and pulled her close against him. Her arms wrapped around his waist and her head rested on his chest, he wrapped her up letting his hands rest on the top of her ass. It was intimate and peaceful in a way Sam had not felt in quite a long time. Too soon, the music picked back up and they were bouncing to the bass. Sam backed up, giving Charlotte some space, watching her body move. Dancing and laughing, her hair flowing around her like water.

A guy came up behind her and started dancing, more like thrusting against her. It was Bro again! Fuck this dude was persistent. Charlotte looked over her shoulder to ask him to move on. Bro shook his head and pulled her hips against him thrusting against her. He could see Char pushing against him, he knew she could handle herself but that age old small-town boy rage flared in him and he took the five steps towards them. Sam pulled her free and grabbed Bro up by his collar. "Can't you take a fucking hint, Asshole?" Sam growled into the dude's face. To Sam's credit he waited for the guy to throw a punch first, and when he did Sam unleashed a years' worth of pent up pissed off on the guy. It was all so fast, a blur. He had shirt fabric in his hands, then flesh on his knuckles then the guy was disappearing... No, Sam was disappearing, being pulled from the bar by a big bearded guy. Charlotte threw some cash at the bartender saying a hurried apology and followed him out. Before he knew it, he was stumbling out onto a cold, quiet sidewalk.

Charlotte burst through the door after them. "Sam, what in the actual fuck was that?" She grabbed his face to look at him. The pushy guy had busted his lip, but it was bad, just a smear of blood. "Jesus, I thought all that fighting shit was over!" She sighed looking around at the empty street. "Well, I guess you could't handle those shots as well as you thought huh?"

"Whatever Char! That guy was all over you. Stupid prick." He wiped his mouth and tried to stand erect and compose himself. She arched an eyebrow then shook her head.

"Thanks Sam but I can handle myself. I've always been able to handle myself. Well...I guess come back to my apartment and let's order some delivery. Sober your ass up." She took his warm hand and pulled him down the street. Even though it was only three blocks up to her apartment, it was freezing and she badly regretted not bringing a jacket. She shivered and wordlessly, Sam slid his jacket off and pulled it around her shoulders.

"Thanks," She grimaced up at him. "It's cold enough to freeze your nipples off."

"Can't have that now can we." He teased. "Sorry...sorry about that. I don't know what came over me. It's not me anymore."

"It's fine." She said tersely. "Here we are." Charlotte turned into a renovated three-story brick building. Sam followed her inside and up the stairs. His head was still fuzzy. Too much liquor, too fast. He watched her ass as they climbed each story, almost hypnotized. His eyes moved up, the stair, her heel, her calf, her thigh, her ass in that green dress, her hair dancing above like ribbons. Next step, same loop.

They stopped at her door and she pushed inside. God, she was glad she left the heater running. It was toasty inside and she pulled off his jacket handing it back.

"Do you want coffee? I have menus for delivery in the kitchen." She looked at him in the dim light of her apartment. Happy to have a few more quiet moments with him.

"Actually, can I use your restroom?" She nodded, and he followed her through the apartment watching her pick up assorted clothes and random girl stuff. It was clear she had not expected company. Her place was small but nice, cluttered and colorful and completely Char. It even smelled sweetly of her. She showed him the restroom, warned that the door didn't shut right and said she would be right back with menus. Sam went and tried to shut the door. She was right it didn't close, stupid old building. He looked around at her bathroom, counter covered in makeup and products and all sorts of feminine detritus. Her tub had candles in the corners. He's never known she liked baths. Sam shook his head drunkenly, refocusing on the mission at hand. Taking leak.

He was just finishing when he heard her call from the bathroom. "Do you want Chinese? Thai? Mexican? Pizza? Deli? There's a good Jamaican place if it's still open?" He walked out of the bathroom to her bed, large and brass, covered in menus and her standing in bare feet staring at all the options. He didn't know what it was, but there was something so sexy about a girl all dressed up who had just taken her heels off. It was such a simple but intimate detail of a publicly assembled persona. Only a man got to see his woman like that.

She turned to him, "What sounds yummy?"

He looked blankly at her. "Oh um... deli sounds good. Yeah?"

"Sure, but you have to call." She grabbed the menu up and handed it to him. "I like a number 4, please."

He sat on her bed and called their order in as she gathered the remaining menus and tossed them on her desk. She sat across from him on the bed as he talked to the man on the phone and tucked her icy feet under his thigh. He gave her a jolted look of shock. Men never understood the coldness of a woman's feet, Char laughed in her own head. Sam took his card from his wallet, paid the man and said thank you. Then placed his phone and wallet on her bedside table.

Charlotte looked at his stuff on her table and asked, "Planning on staying the night?"

"Sure, sleepover. Just like the old days before our parents stopped letting us." He grabbed her cold feet from under his leg and started rubbing them vigorously to warm them up. Charlotte wiggled away from him across the bed laughing.

"No! No! Oh, fuck that tickles!" She tried to push herself across the bed, but it was too late. He descended upon her feet tickling his way up until he was on top of her. He straddled her tickling her ribs and neck. She shrieked in laughter playfully fighting back. Hitting at him, until he grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms above her head and looked down at her, both out of breath, grinning.

Sam stared down at Charlotte. Her dark hair splayed all around her on the bed, her sweater dress pulled off one shoulder, that wide, silly smile on her face and her bright eyes looking at him. Before he could think his way out of it, he dipped his head and kissed her. A simple, slow kiss with all the passion of fifteen years. He kissed her thoroughly like it was his only chance. Then he pulled his face away to look at her, scared of her reaction. He could have just ruined a perfect friendship.

She twisted her wrists in his grasp. "Let me go." She said flatly. He did but stayed straddling her hips. She reached up and grabbed his shirt pulling him down to her. Now her turn to kiss him, and through that kiss she told him things she had never said. She ran her hands up his chest and neck and cradled that back of his head. She darted her tongue into his mouth and he greeted it with his own. She sucked his bottom lip in her mouth grazing it with her teeth before he winced at the swollen edge. "Oh shit, sorry! I forgot." He shushed her with kisses, hands moving from her waist to ribs, cupping her tits and feeling the hardness of her nipples. He reached under her and grabbing her ass, pulled her up as he sat back until she was in his lap. She wrapped her bare legs around his waist, ran her fingers through his messy hair and kissed him with a soft, sweet moan.

Their kissing was a negotiation of years, of suppressed, repressed, juvenile lust into something much more delicate and valuable. Intertwined and tangled, they kissed and moved together for what felt like years but what must have just been minutes because too soon there was a knock at the door. "Fuck..." Sam reluctantly pulled away. "Dinners here."

Charlotte smiled down at him like she was examining every detail. "I'll get it. Don't. Move. A muscle." She climbed out of his lap and sprinted to the living room door. Sam grinned watched her dash out like a little girl. Instinctively, he reached for his phone and his eyes widened at the missed calls and texts. Sarah. Fuck.

Charlotte smiled at the elderly delivery man as he pulled the food out of the bag and must have checked through it three times for accuracy before giving it to her. It felt like it was an eternity before the food was in her hands and she was tipping and thanking the man and shutting the door in his face. She dropped the food off in the kitchen. Plenty of time to eat later, all she wanted now was to be wrapped around Sam and hearing his that soft hitch in his breath when she touched him somewhere new. But when she walked in the room, her heart dropped. Sam was sitting hunched over on the side of the bed, clearly on the phone with -

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