tagIncest/TabooReunited Twins

Reunited Twins


"Ahhh...Elizabeth, how have you been?"

It was such a surprise to see my twin sister standing before me in the freezing rain. It had truly been too long. Elizabeth had been thrown out after Mom had found out that she had kissed me once. Not a sister to brother kiss, but a passionate lip lock between lovers. Seeing her here now on my doorstep was almost too good to be true. Her long seductive legs, hour glass figure, and stunning visage all screamed bombshell, but Elizabeth was one of the most down to earth people I have ever known.

"Not to bad bro, You gonna let me in or leave me out here to freeze," she said between the chattering of her teeth. My god she looked amazing.

"Sure come on in, Can I get ya something to drink?" I didn't need to ask. Ever since Liz was 14 she and I had been drinking beers like pros. " Yea coffee please I could use some now, How's my little sanguinarian brother doing these days?" Something else that she liked, my coffee. Though I don't know if it was so much the coffee or the rum that tended to find its way into the brewer from time to time.

" Hey your only older by like 30 seconds OK, and second aside from the paranoia and all the sunblock I'm great. I put out an album of songs six months ago. Tom, my manager is setting me up for a music video in a couple weeks. " I had been a amateur musician for years, but in the last year I had really put myself into my music and come up with stuff I though was worth releasing. Ever since then it all kinda played out, the recording contract, the album being released as a major release. Hell, it had even sold close to a million copies.

" Yea I heard one of your songs on the radio the other day in the star bucks. John I'm so proud of you. So still having problems with the whole blood thing? You know I never quite figured it out how come you have the problem when I'm your twin and I am fine."

" Who knows," shrugging my shoulders, " at least you are understanding about it Liz. Most people I try to tell just shudder and say its hocus pokus, or its from all the twilight hype." That was true, Liz had been there for me during that tribulating time in my life most sangs refer to as their awakening. Sneaking into my room every night, climbing into bed with me and just hugging. Until that kiss had ruined everything.

As I began brewing the coffee I began to marvel at my luck. My gorgeous sister , who may or may not still love me more then is common, is here after 6 years of absence. Being there for me in the hospital after my horrible ordeal had been angelic of her. I had needed someone to help me out and she had been there. Mom, on the other hand seemed as if she hadn't even had a son that was in the tragic car accident, the bitch. Now she had showed up in a time in my life where everything was financially sound, no girlfriend to take care of, nothing much of all other then my music career taking off.

"Hey you got a bathroom around here?" I looked over quickly remembering she was not only freezing but soaking wet. She was still shivering from the cold. Her auburn hair almost black and matted against her skull. The already pale skin was now as white as paper as she stood there looking helpless. Walking to her I grabbed a quilt I had draped over the couch and wrapped her in it. It would be a few minutes until the coffee was done, so I figured the least I could do was try to get her warm.

She looked up with her dazzling green eyes, eyes that longed for attention. A warm smile crossed her face, " I actually needed it for something else bro but thanks." She giggled. That familiar giggle I had known since childhood brought back great memories of a time that until now was long lost.

" Yea sis here I will take ya." I led her into the main room of my house. Well not actually a house more like a small mansion. I had the house built after my company had turned a quick and sizable profit. The two bedroom one bath house was more like my own personal haven. I stayed in the house whenever I wasn't out recording music or entertaining my need to see the world We crossed the main room and into the narrow hallway to my bedroom. " Its through there," I pointed to the southern wall where the only bath in the house was, adjoining with my room.

" Gee thanks, you mind if I borrow some clothes? I didn't come prepared to stay the night." She turned back to me, still clutching the blanket with white knuckles.

Geez what happened to her? Did she get dumped, or worse had she run into mom after all these years?

I walked over to the large chest, " Yea sis, they will probably not fit but your welcome to anything I have." I rummaged through the drawers until I found a green tee from high school and a pair of black boxers. Maybe the tee would fit her better then it did me. I was around her size in high school, now in my twenties my chest had gotten a little larger. I threw the clothes at her, watching her drop the quilt to catch them. Her clothes, a low cut blouse which revealed quite a large amount of her large size B breasts, and hip hugger jeans clung to her body. Her nipples poking from under the shirt, just begging to be sucked.

" Damn you! " She tried to to show an angry face but it was of no use. Liz could never hurt anyone, let alone her twin brother. " Get out of here would ya, or would ya like a free show? " Wondering if that was a sarcastic remark or an invitation I stood there drooling over her standing there in my bedroom.

" Do you mind if I have a bath? I feel the need to get all this filth off?" she turned and asked.

" No go ahead Liz. Your welcome to do what you want here. I'm gonna go check the coffee OK? "

Snapping to my senses I quickly left the room and made my way back into the kitchen. What the fuck was wrong with me? I had been staring there checking out my sister.

For christ's sake you've done it before and more.

Yea but we have both changed since then, gone on and lived separate lives. There is no need to repeat the past.

The coffee had finished so I took the pot and poured her a cup. I took the mug into my bedroom and knocked on the bathroom door, " Hey coffee's done. You want me to leave it here or give it to ya now?"

" You can bring it in, I'm dying for the famous John Morris special."

I took in a deep breath, my heart was jut about to beat out of my chest, and turned the knob. Liz had drawn a warm bath in my obnoxiously big tub, the steam rising off the water made for a very stunning site, as she had no bubbles to cover her body. " Well here ya go then, one John Morris special, coffee, sugar, and just a hint of rum for the young lady." I said while sitting the coffee down on the edge of the tub.

She took the mug and had a long hard sip. Her lips tugged at the mug as she pulled her head back and let out a slow moan. " Damn bro you know how to make damn good coffee." Putting the mug down she looked up at me and reached her hand out towards mine, " You want to join me? Your tubs big enough for an entire family!" Her eager eyes locked with mine, trying to force the decision into my mind.

" I would love to but you know how its difficult for me Liz. Last time we did something that we shouldn't have done. " Why did you just say that stupid take um off, comfort her.

" John I don't regret anything you know I love you always have, still do as a matter of fact. I don't care about what society thinks. When you find your soul mate your heart knows and right now mine is about to jump out of my chest and start doing back flips." She gave me that look. The look she had given me when we were little.

I jumped up and left the room. In my room I climbed on my bed and began to meditate. I had to clear my mind, it had always helped me make good decisions. I had just began to get everything straightened out in my head when she opened the door and came in. I tried not to notice her, keeping my eyes closed I concentrated on my energy and slowly began to bring it back down to a normal level.

" John?" She said, too nervous to approach me. " John, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." She let out a laugh, trying to subdue it as suddenly as she had began.

I couldn't do this, at least not now, so I opened my eyes. Ah ha, I was right the shirt did fit her better then me. She was so sexy, no stop don't think like that she's your fucking sister for crying out loud. I smiled and looked at her, " It's OK sis, its just well you know I haven't had a donor in quite awhile things are getting a little crazy up there," I pointed to my head.

" Do you need a pick-me-up? John you know I don't mind helping you out in that department." now she began closing the distance between us. I could smell the shampoo in her hair, roses, I didn't know I had any rose scented shampoo.

" You sure Liz? I wouldn't want to freak you out or anything. "

She sat down next to me on the bed and put a hand around my neck. " You couldn't freak me out if you tried."

" OK, but lets not do it in here." I took her hand and led her back into the bathroom. I had her sit on the toilet while I retrieved my kit from the drawer beneath the sink. " You do know this might hurt right? "

" Its not like we haven't done this before John, look its a need you can't help it, just take it." She pulled the shirt off. Oh my god her perfect breasts were just inches from my face. Full and perky with soft nipples perfectly shaped, almost as I remembered them from my younger years. As perfect as they were I was beginning to feel that oh so familiar feeling again. The need of a freak.

I took her arm as I had done in the past and swabbed it with peroxide. Cleaning the liquid away from her arm left it shiny and clean. I took my shot glass and had her heat the glass with a lighter. Once heated enough I made the incision. The blood began to flow slowly, I put the warm glass to her skin and watched the glass slowly start to fill.

She hadn't made much of a noise, not even moved when I had cut her. Now she let out a slow moan as the glass began to fill, a moan that made my cock twitch with anticipation. I looked from the glass to her, she looked breathtaking. If it weren't for the glass filling I would have taken her then and there but I returned to watching the glass. Once filled I took it and set it on the counter and put a rag to the incision to stop the bleeding.

I felt her shift her weight on the toilet seat and her leg met my rock hard dick. She let out a gasp and withdrew her foot but looked down at me at I gazed into her eyes. " John please, " I could see the need in her eyes. I took the glass from the floor and in one swig drank it all.

Cradling her in my arms I took her to my bedroom and layed her on the bed. I removed my shirt and was pleased when she started squirming and biting her lower lip. I climbed over her and pulled her face to mine. The kiss was slow and full of fire. I worked my way into her mouth, playing with her tongue as she tried to laugh. Slowly I pulled my boxers off her and marveled at her body. Smoothly shaven with a small patch of hair just above her pussy.

I kissed my way down her stomach, stopping at her bellybutton and circling it with my tongue before beginning my journey to her pussy. I parted her lips and noticed that she was very wet. " Looks like your all ready to go Liz," I said trying to hold back my amusement.

" Just shut up and do it please John, please. " she said and pushed my face back down to her pussy.

I blew across her pussy and watched her squirm with joy. I took my index finger and inserted it in her waiting pussy. Slowly working it back and forth I began to hear her moan. She arched her back as she rode out an orgasm. Her body began to shake but I didn't stop, taking her clit in my mouth I began sucking and circling it with my tongue. Moving my fingers faster and faster she didn't seem to mind.

A couple minutes had passed and she was still writhing on the bed. I stood up on my knees and removed my jeans. When she saw the size of my member her eyes went wide with shock. " Damn its bigger then last time," she sat up and gripped my rock hard dick and kissed the head. A small dribble of pre-cum followed her as she leaned back.

"Well last time you saw him it was 6 years ago sis," I teased and kissed her. Tasting the salty mixture on her lips was just too much. I came. My body rocked as I spewed my seed onto my sister.

She looked up with a pouting face, " No fair, we were just getting started. " I leaned forward kissing her again as I heard her inhale sharply.

I pulled away from her, " Relax sis, I will be ready in another ten minutes or so. In the meantime tell me what brought you here tonight?"

For the first time since I could remember Elizabeth started crying. Liz had always been tough, even when mom had thrown her out from crossing the boundaries of our relationship as brother and sister. She had never, that I had witnessed, cryed for so simple a reason.

" Oh John, can you just hold me. Just until morning then I will explain everything. Right now just hold me, please. " She struggled to say in between violent sobs.

We layed there for hours in each others embrace. Soon she drifted off to sleep and a look of peace came across her face. Whatever had happened to her I knew had to be something serious. I was left awake pondering what it could have been. I guess I would have to wait until morning.

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