tagBDSMRevealing Starla

Revealing Starla


I woke up curled next to my Sir amidst a mountain of pillows. He was smiling at me.

"You look sweet when you're asleep, but you sleep like the dead. I couldn't wake you up the first couple times I tried." I could hear the smile in his voice as he got up.

"So.....guess what we're going to do tonight?" he said in a singsong tone.

My sleep addled mind latched onto his quesion and my eyebrows perked up. "Hm?"

"You thought last night was good?" he asked.

"Yes Sir" I said, smiling.

"I am so proud of you that I plan to show you off tonight after dinner...at the Dungeon."

I whimpered. I'd never been to The Dungeon before.

"What's the matter? Shy?" he teased.

"I've never been there before. What if I look stupid or do something wrong?" I started to worry.

He sat back down on the bed and took my face in his hands. "Kitten, you've never looked stupid and if anybody says so, I'll have strict words with them."

"What if I do something wrong? Don't they have rules?" I pouted.

"I trust you won't do anything wrong. Remember the first few times we played together? You didn't have a problem following orders with me and I believe you won't now."

"Ok." I said. He hugged me, then took one of my hands and slapped my wrist lightly a few times. "You really need to stop talking down to yourself."

I smiled and giggled a little. "Ok, I'll work on that again, Sir."

"Let's make sure you do. On all fours, foot of the bed." he ordered. I got to my hands and knees and scooted to the foot of the bed as he walked around to it.

He massaged my ass, then proceeded to spank me, alternating sides until my hindside felt like it was on fire, then he moved a little lower to my wet pussy, massaging my clit until he ordered me to cum for him again. I did, clenching the sheets tightly and panting. He caressed my back and my ass.

"Are we going to remember to speak positively about yourself?" he asked.

"Yes Sir. I'll remember." I said quietly.

"Good girl".

He walked to the dark bag he kept beside one of the bundles of rope and he pulled out something slinky and black, then tossed it on the bed.

"Start getting ready about 5." He kissed me hard, one hand wrapping in my hair.

The slinky black thing turned out to be a form fitting gown that went down to my knees, but had a side slit that nearly reached my hip. As I walked around the bedroom in it, it showed flashes of the rose tattoo on my thigh and there was no way I could have worn panties with it. It tied around my neck, leaving my back bare. Somehow it didn't surprise me that Sir would have picked something so enticing, yet classy enough to be seen in public. He chose me, so of course he has excellent taste, I thought with a big grin. I decided on the 3" stiletto heels with ankle straps to compliment it.

We headed out about 6. The dress clung to my body in all the right places, leaving nothing to the imagination. I wore my hair down, applied light makeup and used sandalwood oil on my pulse points. It smelled earthy, sweet and musky at the same time.

Sir sported black slacks, his black button-up long sleeved shirt and a new leather vest that fit him well across his shoulders. He'd pulled his hair into a ponytail and I couldn't resist playing with it all the way down to the carport since he also carried the toybag. When we got downstairs, Sir chucked the toybag into the back, spun me around and pinned me against his truck, my breasts crushed up against his chest. He spoke in a low tone.

"Kitten, I love your affection, but you need to stop playing now. We're going out and you need to behave yourself or you're going to be punished where everyone can see you."

I squeaked out a "Yes Sir".

He pinched my nipples, making them stick out through the fabric, then he leaned in and kissed me again. I opened the door and got in. He buckled the seatbelt and pulled it tightly across my lap with a smile. "Can't be too careful, Kitten".

We arrived at one of my favorite places, L'Forno. It wasn't well known, but it was elegant and the menu was to die for. The crowds were light, so it was easy to get a booth towards the back. Sir sat closely to me, playing with my exposed leg, running his nails down it and raising goosebumps.

"What is Miss Kitty in the mood for?" he asked with a grin.

I thought, I'm in the mood for another long and rough fucking, but I didn't say it aloud. Instead I answered "I'm in a mood for rare beef." I smiled.

"Yeah, me too. All deep pink and juicy..." he trailed off and licked his lips. The double entendre wasn't lost on me. I giggled.

He let me order the wine, explaining that "It's probably the last time you'll be in control tonight", which ratcheted up my nervousness a bit. I picked a Syrah that complimented the steaks beautifully.

As we ate, Sir would periodically trace his nails up my leg, inside my thigh. I was so turned on it was easy to find that my pussy was slick as though oil had been rubbed into it. Each time he touched me it made it difficult to eat, but it helped the wine go down a little too easily.

We finished and left the place with me on his elbow like a trophy date. At the truck before I got in, Sir looked around to ensure we were alone, then ordered me to stand by the door, facing him, with my fingers intertwined on top of my head. My breathing picked up, then he suddenly undid the tie holding the front of my dress up, spilling my breasts out. I gasped and dropped my hands to cover myself, but Sir grabbed my wrists and growled at me. "I said hands on top of your head and interlace your fingers."

He put my hands back up, then squeezed a breast hard enough to make me start to cringe. I whimpered and stopped fighting. I left my hands up as he slapped my breasts, not hard, but enough to make me whimper again.

"Leave them there". he growled, then took out a small package. It was a pair of pasties, in heart shaped black leather. He put them on over my nipples as I swallowed and tried to breathe deeply. He finished, then caressed my breasts lovingly.

"Those look about as lovely as I expected them to." He tied my dress back up and bade me get into the truck. I climbed in, still feeling somewhat ashamed of myself for such a juvenile reaction.

"Kitten, I'm not mad at you for covering yourself. I'm a little perturbed that you didn't obey me, that's why I swatted you." he stated.

"I'm sorry." I felt bad. I never liked having people mad at me and with Sir it felt magnified.

Sir reached over and took my hand as he drove, kissing my knuckles. "I still love you, dearest"

"I love you too." I said with a small smile.

We drove until the streetlights were few and far between, then he parked the truck in a parking lot where several other cars were.

He turned and looked at me. Reaching a hand out and grabbing the back of my neck, he turned my head to look at him and spoke again in a low tone. "I expect nothing short of your best behavior. Are you going to do your best?"

I swallowed. "Yes Sir."

"Alright then." He let go, then got out and came around to my side. He opened the door and let me out, nudging me back to lean on the truck. He pulled out a new collar from his pocket. It was beautiful black velvet laid over a wide leather strap with a black lace trim on the bottom and a large hanging ring on the front.

"That's gorgeous" I breathed as I fingered the lace and velvet. The craftsmanship was delicate, yet sturdy.

"This will be yours tonight if you do me proud" he smiled as he said it.

I squeaked. "But what am I gonna wear tonight, then?" I asked.

"This one." He got the toybag out and pulled out the first collar he used on me, a well-worn leather number with a smaller ring in front. It was comfortable, but he buckled it a little more snug than usual. I could still slide a finger under it, but it took a little more effort than in the past.

We went up to the door together, him in front and me hanging slightly behind him. The doorman looked him over as Sir gave him our play names as Sir D and Starla. He checked the list, then let us in to the red carpeted foyer. There was a dim chandelier, a large desk and two red chairs. Sir bade me sit down as he signed us in officially and got a pass.

He cleared his throat. "Starla? Come with me."

I followed Sir through the door to what looked

like a club. There was a dance floor and DJ, a hanging cage with a go-go girl dancing in it, smaller alcoves with equipment and lots of people in various stages of undress.

In one corner there was a sub and her Dom doing wax play and in another corner lit from behind wih red running lights was a wall-sized spiderweb constructed entirely of chains. A domme was working over her very buff male sub with a cane as prespiration made his skin shine. There were also some rooms that had more people drifting in and out of them. I swallowed nervously, took Sir's hand and cleaved to his arm shyly.

"Nervous, Kitten?" he said with a smile. I nodded, eyes wide.

"Let's get some refreshments, shall we?" he said. "Yes please." I replied.

I had a 7up and he had some orange juice. We sat at the bar for a while, absorbing the energy in the atmosphere while Sir teased me gently about my nervousness and fielded questions from the curious onlookers on my "availability". He turned each wannabe "Dom" away and made sure none stood too close to me. I was there with my Sir that night and he and I both knew it.

He took a little tour with me in tow and he decided on a slightly darkened room with a hanging spreader bar. There was a large mirror covering one wall, making the room look bigger than it actually was. Sir told me to give him my wrists, then he buckled leather cuffs on them, then hooked them to the bar above my head. He put a blindfold on me, then kissed me hard and possessively until I felt my knees give.

He backed off suddenly, letting me lurch. The bar was the only thing holding me up.

I heard background noise, then some rustling. My skirt was lifted up and tucked into what passed for the belt.

There was a pause and then THWACK! I gasped, then another THWACK! One hard hit on each buttcheek. I gasped a few times, then Sir caressed my rapidly warming skin.

"Ready?" he murmured in my ear quietly. I nodded, unable to speak.

THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! Sir went to town with a heavy flogger on my hindside, eliciting gasps after every hit. I moaned quietly.

"Do you not appreciate my efforts, Kitten?" Sir suddenly asked pointedly.

It took an effort to pierce the haze gathering in my head, but I answered "I do, Sir."

"Then why be so quiet? Unless you want me to think I'm not doing a good enough job."


The last hit was harder and landed perfectly under my buttocks. I writhed and let out an audible gasp.

"Oh yes, and these other folks watching you appreciate it too." Sir said, matter-of-factly.

I stiffened. I didn't think about having an audience. I knew with all the people walking around that it was possible, but I hadn't given it much thought.

Sir must have seen my body language, because he continued. "You didn't know? There's people here who love to watch a beautiful submissive get worked over." THWACK!

I moaned. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! I nearly cried out, my knees giving out again. He continued with the flogger for a while, my skin going hot and red.

Sir paused and reached a hand around to feel my slit. I was sopping wet. I felt him turn me around then he braced my hip against his, then proceeded to spank me with his free hand while fingering my clit.

I started to shudder, gasping loudly as I neared the edge, then Sir undid the ties holding my dress up and let it drop to my hips. My breasts were suddenly exposed, pasties only covering the very tips. I heard a few gasps and I bit my lip as I realized there were more than a few people watching.

Sir continued his assault on my pussy. I started gasping audibly and trembling. Sir moved around behind me, putting one hand firmly on my belly and massaging my clit more rapidly. I could feel his erection pressing into my tailbone and I ground against it.

"Cum for me. Good girls always cum when they're told. Now CUM!!" he said the last with a growl.

My orgasm ripped through me and I stiffened

against him. Sir suddenly bit me hard where my neck meets my shoulder and I loudly cried out, bucking and trembling against him.

Sir massaged my clit until my orgasm had passed, then gently moved his hand away. He retied my dress up, then unfastened my wrists. I nearly fell and Sir lowered me to the ground, hugging me tightly. I felt a slight tickle on my neck where he bit me and when I wiped it, my fingers came away with a tiny smear of blood.

"Did I do that?" Sir asked innocently, then sucked my fingers clean. He licked my neck until the bleeding stopped. It had been so long since he'd bitten me that I forgot his canines were on the sharp end.

My mind was in a fog and I couldn't stand. Sir picked me up and sat me in a cushioned armchair with a bottle of cold water while he gathered the toys up and thanked the people who complimented us. I caught snippets here and there: "....couldn't believe her reaction.....was nothing short of stunning....."

He knelt in front of me. "Are we back down to earth now, Starla?" He caressed my face and neck affectionately, smiling.

"I...think so...Sir" It took effort to put sentences together. It felt like syrup was running through my veins, slowing my reactions. I felt loopy, but so relaxed.

"You were such a good girl." he continued, caressing my shoulders, my arms and my back. I leaned into him and almost didn't notice him taking the beat-up leather collar off me.

"What---" I started. My question died in my throat as he pulled out the velvet and lace collar, pulled my head into his shoulder, then buckled it around my neck.

"You are my submissive, but you are also my good girl....and my love." He smiled. "I know you've been wanting to be all that for a while now and I'm so proud of you." He hugged me.

I melted into him....his strength.....his presence....his vitality....

I could have sworn I was walking on air when we left the Dungeon with my arm clasped in his elbow.

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