(Inspired by an old Leda video)

"Tell me," she commanded softly, her breath tickling his ear.

"Once we are engaged to be married, you will reveal your body to me, one stage at a time."

"And what price will you pay for that gift?"

"The strap," he answered.

"Delicious. Give me details," she whispered, stroking him slowly, sensuously.

"I will be naked..."

"I'll have a pretty, young assistant strip you."

"On my back on a high, padded bench..."

"Your hands will be tied beneath you."

"My legs fastened to straps overhead. Tied to the peak of an arching half circle of steel. My bottom protruding off the end of the bench, just enough to allow full access."


"You will be seated in a comfortable chair, elevated and near the head of the bench."

"What will I be wearing?"

"A black mini-skirt..."


"Your skin tight blue jeans."


"With a loose fitting white shirt, tied at the waist."

"Go on."

"You'll remove your right shoe and rub your silky foot over my face for me to kiss."

"I think I'll have you strapped a little first--a way for you to earn the right to kiss my foot."

"Then your left foot will join your right, rubbing against the sides of my head, my cheeks, my mouth."

"When I've had enough, I'll have you strapped again."

"Yes, and you will rise from your chair and walk slowly around me. Forcing me to follow my desires with loving gaze, as the kiss of the leather builds in intensity."

"And then?"

"Then, while the leather rests, you'll slowly remove your shirt."

"Do you want me to?"


"Knowing that a price will be exacted?"

"Oh, yes."

"I'll be wearing my sexiest black bra, but that sight will cost you. I'll have my assistant apply her strap with even greater zeal."

"I understand."

"While she works, I may take my rest. The crotch of my jeans pressed firmly against your mouth, my hands in your hair."


"Then what?"

"Your blue jeans are next."

"So soon?"

"Oh, please."

"It will cost you."

"I know," he moaned, as her long slender fingers continued to caress his naked body.

"My black lingerie comes with a pair of sexy French cut panties. The sight will be expensive."

"I know," he repeated.

"My assistant will have you in tears by this time."

"I know," he gasped. She removed her hand from his member, and gently squeezed his testicles to remind him to retain control. Her fully clothed body pressed fully against his naked side.

"And then?"

"And then comes your bra, giving me the first ever sight of your magnificent breasts."

"Oh, that will come at a terrible price."

"But worth every stroke."

"I may let you nurse as the supple, heavy strap burns its way repeatedly across your helpless bottom. Then I'll rest again, and you will taste my juices for the first time through my panties."


"Then my panties. I will be ready by then, and your lips and tongue will bring me to climax as you writhe and cry out under the strap."


"After you have satisfied me, I'll let you fuck me."

"Will you?"

"If I can return the favor."

"I'm not sure what..."

"You may fuck me, if I may then fuck you, silly. It seems a fair bargain, agreed?"

"I guess..."

"My assistant will fasten a double headed dildo in place. Your mouth will be filled with the short, thick, penis shape, while the other end will provide me pleasure. As you fuck me with it, my juices will run down onto your face. My engorged clit will rub firmly against your nose. I may have my assistant stroke you to the edge of release, if you actively work to give me pleasure. Or, it will be more of the strap. Either will please me."

"But you said..."

"I said a fuck for a fuck, darling," she whispered into his ear, returning her warm sensuous hand to his softened tool. "And once you have fucked me, I will don my strap-on and return the favor. Your ass is still virgin, isn't it?"

"Yes, but I..."

"But we can't allow that to continue, my pet. We must have you well and truly reamed to prepare you for our wedding night," she cooed. His penis once again strained for release despite his fear of what she described.

"My assistant will spread your legs wide for me, still affixed high overhead, but worked down and out along the sides of the steel arch. I'll have her lube you well while you worship my long, thick dick with your mouth. When I think you're ready, I'll take my place between your legs and slowly press myself home. The first time will be painful, sweetheart, losing your cherry always is, but I'll take you slowly and help you through it."

"I don't think I want..."

"But you will have no choice, my love. The man who will have my hand in marriage must be ready to accept my discipline and serve as lover in whatever way I choose. And what better way to demonstrate his commitment to me on the night of our betrothal?

"You'll suffer all this for me, won't you my darling?"

"Yes," he moaned as once again she moved her hand from his erection and squeezed his balls, pulling him back again from the very brink of release. He would not be allowed to go over that edge until the night of their wedding. She had told him that months ago, and convinced him repeatedly since then that it was true.

"But now you've gotten me all worked up with the description of your nasty desires," she said more sternly. "Climb over my lap so that I can paddle that naughty bottom. Your pain will bring me the release I need, and deflate that disrespectful penis of yours so that it can go back into its cage for another week."

End of Revelation

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