"Don't you think you've had enough?"

Katy's hand froze over the platter of sausage rolls as Mark's voice cut through her like a knife. Immediately there was a sudden noticeable lull in nearby conversation and several people turned to stare in morbid fascination. Her cheeks flushed deep red and her vision blurred with angry tears.

Mark glared at her with contempt. "You don't need to eat for two," he hissed with a pointed look at her swollen belly.

With her eyes cast downwards, she realised to her shame that he was right of course. She looked like an elephant these days and feeling hungry was no excuse for eating like a pig. It wasn't Mark's fault that he didn't find her pregnancy attractive. She could hardly blame him -- her lovely slim figure had vanished months ago.

"Gotta use the bathroom," she mumbled as people began to lose interest in their little spat and turned away again. Mark rolled his eyes and looked at her with thinly veiled disgust. She knew he found it intensely irritating that she needed to pee all the time, but she really couldn't help it.

Katy tried not to notice the sympathetic glances thrown her way as she threaded her way through the other guests. She felt utterly humiliated and she wished fervently she hadn't come to this horrible party. Even the family photos mocked her with their happy smiling faces as she slowly climbed the stairs towards the first floor of the vast house.

Once inside the upstairs guest bathroom, she locked the door and sat with some relief on the toilet. Christ, I can't even see my feet anymore. Looking down, all she could see were her massive tits and a swollen belly.

Before she had fallen pregnant, she had never imagined her body could change in such a catastrophic way. She had always been slim with average sized breasts for her frame. Almost overnight her boobs had ballooned into gigantic melons and her belly had expanded at an equally alarming rate. She sometimes felt like she was carrying an alien in there and that her body belonged to some other woman.

As soon as she began to put weight on, Mark had lost all interest in her sexually. He hated her new and expanded breasts; he thought they looked grotesque. Consequently, they hadn't had sex of any description for months now.

Katy had been forced to resort to self gratification in order to keep a lid on her libido. Since the morning sickness had worn off, she had been climbing the walls with frustration. It was just typical that Mark wasn't interested when she was. He was too busy working all hours to feel like sex, or so he told her every time the subject arose. Katy did wonder how come he switched off his phone every time he was 'working late', but it didn't pay to examine that little anomaly too much.

Katy washed her hands and stared miserably at her reflection in the mirror. As time went on, she was beginning to think that maybe she would be better off alone. It wasn't as if Mark was all that interested in the baby. He hadn't even bothered coming to any of her antenatal appointments.

If it weren't for the fact they were staying with his parents tonight, she would have found her jacket and called for a taxi. Right now, all she wanted to do was go and lie down somewhere. Her feet hurt and her back ached.

With a sigh, she unlocked the bathroom door and walked slowly back down the stairs. Hopefully the party wouldn't drag on too long; if it did, she would just curl up in a corner somewhere and fall asleep. Somehow she doubted anyone would notice.

* * *

The house creaked with unfamiliar sounds and Katy struggled to find a comfortable spot on the fold-up bed. The thin mattress was lumpy and no matter which way she turned, she simply couldn't settle enough to fall asleep.

From the other end of the room, Mark was snoring loudly. He had taken the single bed, insisting that since he was driving them home the following day, he needed a good nights sleep. Katy hadn't bothered to argue the point that she was the pregnant one and really SHE should be in the proper bed; she had known it would be a waste of breath.

Katy gave up all pretence of sleep. She pushed her body into an upright position, kicked off the thin cover, and carefully stood. Despite the late hour, she decided to go downstairs and make herself a cup of tea. Maybe then she would be able to relax enough to actually get some sleep.

It was chilly in the bedroom but she was still uncomfortably warm and her thin cotton slip stuck to her body like a second skin. The fabric moulded her breasts and she could see the dark aureoles of her nipples through it. She looked down hesitantly and wondered if she should put a dressing gown on as her slip revealed more than it concealed, then she mentally shrugged and decided not to bother -- it wasn't as if anyone else was likely to be wandering around the house at 4:00 am.

Mark rolled over in his sleep as Katy gingerly opened the door of their room, but he didn't stir. She carefully closed the door again and padded along the landing, before heading downstairs through the silent house. The family's spaniel was asleep in his bed in the kitchen when she walked in. He opened one eye and half heartedly wagged his tail a few times, before deciding it was way too early to be up and about. Within seconds, he was soon gently snoring again.

There was enough light streaming in through the french windows for Katy to see without turning the fluorescent strip light on. Flicking the kettle on, she stood staring out into the garden as the water slowly heated up. She could make out the shape of a hedgehog snuffling around in amongst the shrubs and she was so busy watching it, she didn't hear somebody walk into the kitchen behind her.

"Making a tea?" said a voice.

Katy jumped and spun round in shock. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you," she apologised as the kettle finished boiling and switched itself off.

Mark's step brother, Jack, smiled at her in the semi darkness and she suddenly felt horribly exposed in her short and rather revealing slip.

"I couldn't sleep either," he said blearily rubbing his eyes as he wandered over to one of the cupboards and removed two mugs. "Mark still snores like a freight train I note."

Katy giggled despite her embarrassment. "He always snores when he's been drinking," she said.

"And he's always nasty when he's had a drink," Jack said with an edge to his voice as he popped a teabag in each mug.

Katy's smile faded. He was right of course, but she couldn't admit that. Mark was still her fiancé despite his many shortcomings. Instead she shrugged and ignored Jack's critical comment.

"Milk and sugar?" he asked.

"Yes please," Katie replied. She waddled across to the window seat and placed a cushion behind her back. Now that the initial shock of Jack's appearance was wearing off, she had relaxed again.

She had known Jack for as long as she had known Mark. Mark's mother had married Jack's father when the boys were in their early teens. Most of the time they got along okay, but Katy knew that Jack had been the victim of Mark's temper many times when they were younger.

Now that they were adults, Mark kept his distance. Although he had never admitted it, Katy suspected that he was afraid Jack would get the better of him if he bullied him the way he had when they were kids. Since Jack was now bigger than Mark, he was probably right.

"You shouldn't take any notice of what Mark says," Jack commented lightly as he sat down on the seat beside her.

"What do you mean?" Katy asked blankly.

"I mean that there's nothing wrong with the way you look...being pregnant and all," Jack said gently.

Katy blushed deeply. "Mark thinks I look fat and horrible," she admitted in a tiny voice. It made her feel ashamed just to hear the words spoken out loud

"Don't take any notice of him!" Jack said firmly. "He's hardly Mr Fit these days."

Katy giggled despite her misguided sense of loyalty. Jack was right. She couldn't recall the last time Mark had gone to the gym. With all the time he spent at the office, he had piled on weight and was looking decidedly chunky.

Jack, on the other hand, was looking decidedly hot. His close proximity to Katy made her acutely aware that he was only wearing a pair of cotton shorts and his smooth chest was bare. The muscles were sharply delineated in the pale light shining in through the windows and Katy could hardly tear her eyes away.

"Mark might be my step brother, but sometimes he's a total prick," Jack growled as she tried to focus on something more neutral. "I've heard the way he talks to you -- I wouldn't talk to any woman that way, least of all the woman I was supposed to be in love with."

Katy thought about that as she sipped her tea. When the last time Mark had told her he loved her? She honestly couldn't remember. Hot, unhappy tears slid down her cheeks before she could prevent them. Of course Mark never told her he loved her -- why would he -- she was fat and unlovable.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed, wiping her eyes with her hand, "I'm a hormonal mess these days."

"Hey," Jack said gently, "I'm the one who should be apologising. I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's not you," Katy sniffed, "it's just...everything!" The barrier that was holding her emotions in check, crumbled, and she was completely unable to stop the fresh tide of tears that fell like rain into her mug.

Jack immediately put his own tea down and pulled her into his arms before she could protest. Her huge belly meant that he couldn't get too close, but it still felt damned good to have a man holding her. Mark hadn't touched her for so long, she was starved of affection.

Eventually the tears subsided a little and she sat back, her cheeks blotchy and her eyes red and swollen. Despite her embarrassment at falling to pieces in front of Jack, she felt calmer now. The outpouring of emotion had been cathartic in a strange way.

"Your tea will be cold now," she commented ruefully.

Jack stroked her hair. "Doesn't matter about my tea," he smiled. "Are you ok?"

"I think so," Katy said. She could still feel his arm around her waist, protective and strong. It felt good and she began to think about how little she was wearing. Her breast was pressing against his body and the close proximity of his semi naked body was sending her libido into sudden orbit. Part of her wondered how it would feel if...

Then she stopped. It was wrong to be thinking such thoughts about Jack.

"I ought to get back to bed," she said awkwardly. "It's late..."

Jack looked at her, his hand reaching to cup her chin. "He doesn't deserve you, Katy," he said.

Katy stared at him in surprise. His brown eyes were dark and implacable as his hand dropped lower until it rested lightly on her shoulder. The skin beneath his fingers prickled with heat and Katy willed her body not to react any further. But it was hopeless. She had gone for so long without sex, this unexpected physical contact was like an oasis in the desert and her parched body was gasping for more.

"I'm not special," she said eventually, struggling to control her breathing. She knew in her heart that Jack was only being nice. Jack was family and that's what families were supposed to do -- support each other. "But thank you for making me feel a little better," she added as she fought to clear the swirling morass of sexual anticipation from her head and made an effort to move.

"You ARE special," Jack said firmly as he held her arm, effectively preventing her from standing. "Just because Mark is too much of a moron to see that, it doesn't mean that I don't."

Katy smiled sadly. "Honestly, you don't have to be nice to me -- it's ok, really."

Jack swore under his breath and Katy's eyes widened in surprise. Before she had time to fully digest what was happening, Jack kissed her firmly, his hand sliding through her hair to pull her head closer.

For a second she froze with shock. This couldn't be real -- surely she was dreaming and any moment she would wake up. But no, it was real. Jack's lips gently explored hers and his tongue probed for access to the hidden depths of her mouth. She shivered as desire shot through her body and a helpless moan broke free when their lips parted.

Katy didn't know what to think as they stared at each other in the pale moonlight. She could feel the heat from Jack's body searing her skin where they touched and every fibre of her being wanted him to continue what he had started, but he seemed uncertain now that the boundaries of their relationship had been irrevocably crossed.

He pulled back and raked his hand through his dark hair. "Shit," he said softly. "I really didn't mean for that to happen."

"Doesn't matter," Katy mumbled. "I know you're just feeling sorry for me -- I can't imagine any man would want me looking like this." Tears seeped from the corners of her eyes and she wished she had stayed in bed. Now even Jack despised her.

"You really don't see it, do you?" Jack marvelled as he stared at her strangely.

"See what?" Katy was baffled. What was he getting at?

"See how bloody sexy you are right now!"

"How can I be sexy when my belly is huge and my tits look like cantaloupe melons," she asked in astonishment. "Frankly I feel about as alluring as a brick these days. It's hardly surprising that Mark hasn't touched me in months."

"Katy," Jack said intently, "you've never looked as beautiful as you do now. Since you became pregnant, you've positively glowed." He leaned closer and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the sincerity in his chocolate brown eyes. "I always thought you were gorgeous, but now you're even more so. Why Mark can't see that is completely beyond me."

"Do you really think that?" she asked hesitantly. In all these years, she hadn't realised that Jack had any feelings for her beyond friendship. His startling confession had her reeling with shock and...pleasure.

"Yes, I DO think that," he said with a slow smile. "I love the way your body has changed."

His gaze slid down to her breasts and Katy shivered.

"Are you cold?" he asked with concern.

"No..." she said shakily, and his eyes darkened as he smiled again.

"Sure?" he asked again. He was looking down at her breasts and she realised that her distended nipples were noticeably hard and pressing against the thin cotton of her slip. Immediately she blushed. The way she was reacting to Jack was shameful -- he had barely touched her and she was still more aroused than she had even been in her life.

Katy tried to speak, but the words got stuck in her throat. The delicious anticipation of being touched was almost more than she could bear and all she could do was continue staring at him, breathing heavily, as the sexual tension between them grew ever stronger.

With one arm still loosely draped around her waist, Jack shifted closer again and brushed his fingertip across her lips. She thought he would kiss her for a second time, but instead his hand swept lower, stroking the delicate skin of her throat and tracing a line along the swell of her heaving breasts.

The cotton was stretched taut across her swollen tits and as his fingers crept closer to her nipples, she bit back a desperate moan of desire. Since becoming pregnant, her breasts were incredibly sensitive; even the slightest touch across her blue veined flesh sent little darts of pleasure straight to her clit. Now that she was being caressed in a sexual way, she felt copious amounts of moisture welling up inside her trembling body as she squirmed helplessly on the cushion.

"Your breasts are beautiful," Jack told her in a reverent voice as he traced a circle around one dark nipple.

Katy wanted him so badly now, she felt like screaming. A quick glance down told her he was as turned on as she. There was a definite bulge in the front of his shorts, but she didn't have the confidence to actually touch him, despite the fact she ached to explore his delicious body.

The first brief touch of his fingers across her nipple made her gasp at the sensation. Her eyes fluttered closed as the pleasure almost overwhelmed her with its intensity. She felt him pinch the taut bud and roll it around between his fingers and thumb. As arousal continued to flood her body, she felt the straps of her slip being tugged down and she abruptly opened her eyes in shock.

"Jack..." she gasped, suddenly conscious that the consequences of their actions were more far reaching than mere sex.

"Shhh," he whispered as he stroked the milky white flesh revealed to his avid gaze. "I won't hurt you," he promised gently.

Katy couldn't have moved even if she had wanted to. Her body was crying out for this and despite the many reasons why she should stop Jack, she knew she didn't really want to.

Instead she watched, mesmerised, as he slowly tugged her slip down until her aching nipples were revealed. When he dropped his head and latched his mouth on to one swollen teat, she cried out harshly and clutched his head desperately with both hands.

His lips tugged and sucked as his free hand gently squeezed her other breast. Katy was in heaven and almost on the verge of orgasm from his mouth alone. Her thighs trembled and she felt certain there had to be a huge wet patch beneath her bottom from all the juices that were seeping from her aching body.

She cried out with disappointment when he removed his lips from her breast, but her pain was instantly soothed when he transferred his attention to its twin. Her head fell back against the edge of the seat and she closed her eyes, lost in ecstasy as Jack gave her what she had been denied for too long.

As the first spasms of pleasure fluttered through her body, she marvelled that it could take so little to make her come. When she felt his teeth graze her sensitive nipple, she erupted into orgasm. Jack instantly moved to lock his mouth onto hers and smother the joyful howls of pleasure before the rest of the house heard them.

The ripples of bliss slowly subsided into tiny aftershocks. Katy opened her eyes and stared at Jack in disbelief. She couldn't quite believe what had just happened, but he was smiling at her smugly as her brain tried to process the fact he had just given her the best orgasm of her life.

"I...I..." she muttered incoherently, but he pressed a finger to her lips and shook his head.

"Don't think...just feel," he said softly. "You deserve this."

Without saying another word, he removed his arm from around her waist and dropped to a kneeling position on the floor between her legs. Katy gazed down at him as he slowly eased her legs apart before smiling up at her.

She tried not to feel embarrassed as he pushed her slip up her thighs until it bunched around her hips. Already her body was readying itself for more pleasure and she knew she had to be positively dripping by now; she could feel the moisture seeping out between her bottom cheeks.

Jack slipped a finger between the folds of her pussy and she gasped as he pushed inside her. When he added a second finger, then a third, she began to writhe around on the seat, suddenly uncaring of how she must look to him. Because of her huge belly, she couldn't see his face, but she could certainly feel everything he was doing. God it felt good.

The first touch of his tongue on her sensitive flesh made her jump. He began to lap at her pussy -- deliberately avoiding the area she most wanted him to touch and teasing her mercilessly. It was an excruciating torment as he drove her towards another orgasm with skill and patience. As she hovered on the edge once again, she reached down and squeezed her own nipples, hard. That, combined with the gentle sucking of her clit, was enough to topple her over into oblivion for the second time.

She cried out helplessly, too lost in the moment to care whether anyone heard. As her climax washed over her, she floated serenely on a tremendous high, barely noticing when Jack moved to sit beside her until he slipped his arm around her trembling body.

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