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Scott looked around the room. The New Year's Eve party clamored raucously with laughter and conversation. So far, the party appeared successful. To stay off the dangerous streets on this night each year, the neighborhood held their own party, which rotated every year to a different home. This year, Scott and Claire Dillon hosted the event.

He strolled into the kitchen to congratulate Claire. Her careful preparations and attention to detail had insured the success of the party. They had been married for seven years, seven wonderful years to Scott's mind, and with their cute, very loveable three-year-old daughter - staying with the grandparents, that night - they had created a loving family. Scott couldn't imagine being happier.

Successful with his own business, Scott had started building custom homes while in college studying architecture. He entered the business first as a designer, and then as a superintendent, and during his fourth year in architecture, he designed and constructed a house on his own on speculation. It sold quickly, and he started another, then another, and soon his business eclipsed the time he needed to finish his education. A late-night discussion with Claire - they had been married a year at the time - provided the direction for the rest of his career. He quit school and never looked back. He was already doing what he loved and wanted to do, and his efforts provided all the income he and his family needed. He wasn't rich, but he made an above average living - well above average.

Inside the kitchen, Claire stood looking perplexed and beautiful. Of course, she always looked beautiful. He had known from the first moment he saw her she was the woman for him. He met her while attending college after a stint in the military. She had finished college the year before and was teaching school. He had courted her because of her beauty but married her for her other qualities. She was a loving and giving woman, sexy and smart and full of joy. To Scott, she looked like a ravishing runway model, tall and slim with perky breasts and a small waist. Her hips were a touch wide for modeling, but great for bearing children, and he loved her firm derriere. She wore her dark hair long, and her green eyes never failed to dazzle him.

"What's the problem?" he asked while giving her a hug. He loved touching her, and whenever he could he reached for her if only to brush his hand on hers - or his lips. He loved her deeply and felt only pity for some men he knew who sought out women other than their wives for pleasure.

"We're running low on white wine," she said.

"I'll pop down to the liquor store and buy some more."

"Would you? If possible buy some already chilled. About four bottles should do it."

He gave her a quick kiss. "No problem."

When Scott returned, the driveway was blocked by another car. Groaning with irritation, he drove to the rear of his property so he wouldn't need to move his car until morning. He gathered the bags containing the wine he'd purchased and climbed from the car, pushing the door closed with his hip. It didn't close completely and barely made a sound. He set the bags down to open the gate, which swung wide silently. He had oiled the hinges the day before. Strolling through the gate, he elected to leave it open, too lazy to set the bags down again, but then he felt guilty. He returned and closed the gate. Manhandling the bags again, he moved across the lawn toward the side entrance of the house and suddenly noticed movement through the foliage, and then soft sounds - sounds of passion. He smiled. A couple of partygoers were making out in the gazebo, he assumed, and debated whether to continue around the foliage and interrupt them. He decided to peek around the bushes first. If they weren't too involved, he'd move by them without comment and pretend he had not seen them.

The woman was sitting astraddle the man's lap. They presented a side view, but in the dark Scott couldn't see their faces. They appeared dressed, but he was still indecisive, so he stopped and continued to watch until he could determine whether to move forward or not. The woman threw her head back and groaned softly.

She groans like Claire, Scott thought and smiled remembering how much he loved his wife's groans of pleasure. Peering through the leaves, he watched the woman rotate her hips. She's fucking him, he deduced. Studying the pair carefully, Scott noticed the man had his hands up under her skirt grasping her butt cheeks as he humped up at her. The tableau started to brighten as the moon crept out from behind a cloud.


Scott's heart started to race. He abruptly felt completely empty as if all the blood had suddenly been drained from his body. His knees wobbled. Setting the bags to the grass before he dropped them, he tried to suck in oxygen silently as he peered through the foliage.

Josh! His neighbor and friend, Josh Whitten, was fucking his wife!

He felt numb. He tried to think but was so befuddled he could do nothing except gaze at his wife as she moved, pulling his friend's cock in and out of her cunt. He couldn't see where they joined. Claire's skirt covered them. She bent and mashed her mouth to her lover, and her hips sped up. Josh helped her using his large hands to lift and pull her down over him again.

Claire groaned softly and threw her head back. Scott watched as she shuddered through an orgasm, emitting sharp but still quiet sounds of pleasure. Josh grunted and pulled her tightly to him and his body jerked as he ejaculated.

Ejaculated inside my wife, Scott thought. He's coming inside her!

Claire collapsed on Josh's chest, and they cuddled briefly. They didn't speak, or kiss, merely held each other.

"I need to get back to the party, Josh," Claire said. "Scott should be back by now. I don't want him to come looking for me."

She pushed herself up off his lap, and Josh's erection bobbed in the dark, the moonlight reflecting off the bulbous head, shiny with his juices and hers. Scott noted he was large, an inch or two longer than him, he guessed, but not as thick. Claire reached to the deck of the gazebo and picked up her panties. Josh watched as she pulled them up over her gorgeous legs and let her skirt settle back around her hips.

"Meet me one day this week," Josh said.

"No. I don't want an affair, Josh." She strolled away without looking back.

Josh leaned his head back and sighed. With an evil smile, he pulled his pants up - they were down around his thighs - and fastened his belt. Scott's so-called friend lumbered to his feet and followed Claire inside, walking with a cocky spring to his steps.

In a matter of a few minutes, Scott Dillon's happy life had crashed down around him. Confused, not only because his wife had fucked another man but also because he suddenly realized he was erect, as hard as he had ever been. He sank to the grass and leaned against a tree. If anyone had told him Claire had been unfaithful or even capable of being unfaithful, he would have called the person a liar. His mouth opened and he sucked in the cold night air. His hands trembled, and his erection pushed painfully at front of his pants. The moon moved behind another cloud, and the black night surrounded him like a fog. He closed his eyes, and a tear rolled from one corner and slid silently down his cheek.

Was this the first time? Or had there been other times? Other men? Scott knew she had been a bit wild before he met her. She had admitted as much over the years, but he didn't consider her capable of the betrayal he had just witnessed. Why? Why had she betrayed him? Didn't he give her all the sex she needed? Did she need more than he offered? He couldn't remember refusing her, but then she rarely initiated their lovemaking. Perhaps she no longer loved him. She couldn't love him, not if she could fuck another man. Could she?

What should he do? Should he confront her? If he confronted her, would she deny or admit her infidelity? And other infidelities? With the loss of his naiveté, he realized if she could sneak out to the gazebo for a quick fuck with Josh, a man she didn't want to have an affair with, that surely there had been other times, other men.

And what did he want? Did he want a divorce? Did Claire? Too many questions, questions with no answers, especially with the state of his confused and stunned mind. He wiped the tear from his cheek. For the moment, he decided to ignore what he had seen. He needed answers to many questions before he could outline a course of action.

His erection had wilted, so he pushed himself to his feet and picked up the bags of wine. As he walked through the side entrance to the house, Claire turned toward him, and her eyes widened. Was she wondering if he had seen her with Josh? Now would be the time to confront her, he knew, now when she wondered if he knew her secret, but he wasn't prepared for a confrontation - not yet. He wanted some answers first.

"Someone blocked the driveway," Scott said calmly and placed the wine on the counter. "Two chilled and two warm, the best I could do."

Looking relieved, she smiled. "Put the warm ones in the freezer for a while, and open the cold ones." She handed him a corkscrew.

He watched her rinse wine glasses as he extracted the corks. Had she washed Josh's semen from her pussy, or was it running down her legs? He groaned inwardly and felt the beginnings of another erection. He wanted to test her, wanted to run his hand up under her skirt and cup her mound. Would it be wet? Or had she washed away the evidence and put on clean, dry panties? She was accustomed to his touches, so he wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her.

"Happy New Year," he whispered and turned her to him and kissed her again. She melted against him during the embrace, but when he started to fondle her from the rear, she pushed him away.

"Later, lover," she said lustfully and flashed a sultry smile. "Take the wine and fill the glasses for our guests drinking white wine."

It was after 2:00 AM before all the guests departed, finally leaving them alone, and Claire busied herself dashing here and there picking up the clutter. Scott had watched her carefully since his return from the liquor store. She had not taken a trip to their bedroom, although she had visited the guest bath. If she had not cleaned herself and changed panties before his return, which was likely because of the timing, her pussy would be crusted with Josh's dried semen. When she bent to pick up some plates on the coffee table, he slid his hand up her leg and cupped her cunt. No panties!

"Sexy," he said. "When did you take off your panties?"

She straightened and blushed. "A while back. I waited too long...ah, damn, I'm embarrassed. I wet my panties just a little."

He fondled her until she skipped away.

"Later, help me pick up."

When she walked into the kitchen, Scott moved to the guest bath. He found her panties under a towel in the linen closet. They smelled like sex. Like semen! He put them back where he had found them.

An hour later, husband and wife lay side by side in their bed.

"I think everyone had a good time," Claire said.

"Some more than others," Scott added. Like Josh, for instance. Claire, too, to be fair.

Claire chuckled. "True. Nancy drank more than she should. I watched her and Bill go into the guest bath together." She squirmed, signaling her pleasure as he caressed her smooth skin. "That's when I had my...ah, problem. They were in there for quite a while?"

Nancy was Josh's wife. "Why didn't you use our bathroom?"

"It was occupied, too."

"Did Josh see them?"

"No, I don't think so."

"What about Bill's wife?"

"Helen was busy with Pete."

"A licentious bunch." He chuckled, a subterfuge. He wondered if he would ever be able to honestly laugh again. "What about you, Claire? Do you ever get the urge for another man?"

Silence. Finally, she said, "Not really."

Why did she hesitate? Had she considered a different answer?

"What does 'not really' mean?" He reached and cupped her breast, tweaking her nipple. "Your answer was somewhere between yes and no. I suspect the honest answer would have been yes. Am I correct?" He leaned and ran his raspy tongue over the nipple, and then pinched it again.

"Yes, sort of. I've fantasized. Haven't you? Fantasized about being with another woman, I mean?"

An honest answer wouldn't get him the answers he wanted, so he lied. "Yes."

"Anyone in particular?" she asked and then groaned with pleasure when his fingers cupped her mound and started to explore between her swollen pussy lips.

"Not really," he said, giving her some of her own medicine. "I have fantasized about you with another man, though." Another lie. "You told me you were a bit wild before we married, and I wondered...ah, if only one sex partner for seven plus years had become commonplace for you, if you wanted some variety like you had before we married, wanted the excitement of someone new, someone who could surprise and excite you more than me."

"Oh, honey, no. I love you - only you. Besides, you always excite me, like now, for example. I love the way you touch me, what you're doing to me right now."

Three hours ago, he would have believed her. Now images flashed like a sideshow in his mind. Click! Claire's grimace when she climaxed around Josh's hard-on. Click! The bulbous head of Josh's long cock, bobbing and shining in the moonlight when she moved off him. Click! Semen encrusted panties hidden in the guest bath. Scenes of betrayal!

The images and the feel of his wife's swollen, wet pussy lips had caused his cock to lengthen again. His balls ached, he realized. Unfulfilled arousal? He wondered yet again why he had become aroused when he watched Claire fucking his so-called friend. He had felt disgustingly betrayed. The scene had kicked all the air from his lungs, but still he had become excited. Why?

He rolled to his side and lifted her left leg so he could enter her. The position allowed them to talk while they fucked, a position they had used often, especially if the hour was late because it also didn't require much exertion from either of them to achieve a climax. He slipped his erection inside her. It moved into her easily. Was some of Josh's come still there paving the way? Sloppy seconds, his mind screamed, and his cock throbbed.

"Tell me about one of your fantasies," he said. "Put it in context of our party tonight." Did his request make her think of Josh?

"Hmm. Let's see. You left to buy more wine. I was in the kitchen and Harrison came in. I had danced with him earlier, and as we danced, he became erect. I could feel his hard-on long and hard against me. He danced me into a corner, and while gazing into my eyes, lowered his hands and slid them up under my skirt. This was after I had removed my panties. His eyes widened when he discovered my bare butt, and the feel of my satiny skin inflamed him. He groaned and reached for my pussy from behind, sliding a large finger over my cunt lips, suddenly plunging his middle finger deeply inside me."

He groaned. She giggled.

She had been putting him on, he knew, and wondered if any of what she said had happened, but with Josh, not Harrison. Claire didn't like Harrison. She considered him conceited, much too full of himself. He decided to push her, to see if she would take 'Harrison' to the gazebo.

"What happened in the kitchen?"

"The kitchen?"

"Yes, you started your 'fantasy' in the kitchen."

"Oh, yes, I did, didn't I? Hmm, well right after you walked out the door, he walked right up to me and wrapped his arms around me." She moaned as her husband thrust into her and quickly flashed his fingers over her clitoris. "You're making me very hot, Scott."

"Good. He took you into his arms, and - what?"

"Kissed me, a passionate kiss that took my breath away."


"I want you, he told me, with a husky voice filled with passion, and his hands moved back under my skirt."

"What did you do?"

"I rubbed my hand over his long cock on top of his pants. It was throbbing, and I realized I wanted him, too."

Scott groaned and stopped moving inside her to control his orgasmic urge. "Don't stop. Keep talking."

"You were gone to the liquor store. An opportunity existed. I took his hand and pulled him outside through the side door. We kissed again in the dark, and his hands became more aggressive." She groaned and pushed at his hand. "Stop touching me, Scott, or I'll come."

An opportunity? Had she utilized this opportunity and many other opportunities to be unfaithful? He pulled his wet fingers off her cunt and wiped them on his thigh. They were sticky. Glancing at her, he noticed her eyes were closed. Was some of the stickiness on his fingers semen, Josh's semen? He quickly brought the hand to his nose. Yes! He could detect the sour odor of old semen. He gasped and sucked in air as her betrayal knocked the wind out of him yet again. Betrayal and arousal. A strange, unfathomable dichotomy. His arousal from the event still confused him.

"Go on," he said.

"He took control at that point and pulled me to the gazebo. He sat on a chair without arms and undid his pants, pushing them down on his thighs. His cock bounced in the moonlight, a long hard cock with a large, angry crown. I took it into my hands and stroked it. I wanted it inside me. It was so long, and I wanted it to plunge into me, to fill me."

She gasped, from reliving the event or from Scott's fingers and cock at her cunt. Scott couldn't decide. "What happened then?"

"I straddled him and wiped the swollen crown through my wet pussy. God, I was excited. My cunt was drooling by then, and I settled the head of his cock at the entrance to my vagina and slowly sank down around him, savoring the feel of a strange cock in my cunt."

Scott couldn't stop his climax. He tried but he swelled up inside her and his come spurted, splashing at the back of her cunt, joining Josh's semen. He groaned and imagined his sperm swimming bravely, competing with Josh's, as they searched diligently for an ovum.

His fingers had returned to her clitoris, and he aggressively rubbed the nubbin as he continued to jerk with orgasmic spasms. Claire cried out as her orgasm overwhelmed her. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" she panted as she ratcheted her hips, milking all the semen from his cock, milking his cock like she had milked Josh's a few hours before.

When they recovered slightly, Scott said, "It's a good thing I didn't arrive back home ten minutes earlier, or I would have caught you?"

Her body stiffened, and he realized she had connected his return to the time she had been back in the kitchen after fucking Josh. Of course, she couldn't be certain he knew, but it was possible, and he wanted the possibility to ferment in her mind. He wanted her confused and concerned - like him.

"What do you mean?" she asked tremulously.

"Your fantasy took place in the gazebo while I was at the liquor store. Remember, I had to park behind the house. If I had arrived before your fantasy finished, I would have seen you with Harrison in the gazebo as I walked to the side door."

Silence. He had not let her off the hook and decided to set it. "My fantasy would have me arriving before you finished. I would have watched you fuck him, watched while peering through the foliage, not knowing at first it was you fucking another man until the moon moved from behind a cloud and brightened the scene."

More silence. "The fantasy doesn't work for me, though," Scott added to soften the innuendo. "You don't even like Harrison. Now if your fantasy had been about...hmm, say Josh, or someone you admire, it would have been more believable. Regardless, I enjoyed the fantasy." The hook was set. Would she fight it, deny everything, or cave in and confess?

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