tagLoving WivesRevelations Ch. 03

Revelations Ch. 03


Once again thanks to Alex for allowing me to continue his story, and many thanks to Harryr for his editing.


Victor Brown was gone, and Gary Owen was left to carry on; yet the reality was still the same. The man who'd destroyed all he could of his old life, the man who'd changed his name, the man who'd moved to a tropical paradise was still the same unhappy human being who'd been lied to and betrayed by the one person he'd loved more than other. Every single day; regardless of time and place, be it a seasonally frigid winter, hot and dry Texas summer, or now the forever balmy Grand Cayman the man once known as Victor Brown could never forget, he could never stop loving, he could never overcome his anger, and he could certainly never forgive. This left him a wretched tormented soul; so he drank by day and tended bar by night.

Poor Victor; his existence was one continuous horrible unending nightmare. Oh he could laugh and gaily go about pretending to be the carefree bachelor by day, but late at night, during those long... dark... silent morning hours he was still as miserable as he'd been in Houston. At each beautiful ocean sunrise he awakened, his body blanketed in sweat, eyes red and stained by countless tears, and his heart again savagely ravaged in a million pieces.

He was doomed to lie there, in the dark, alone, and unhappy; he was destined like Prometheus to be bound and be mercilessly ripped and torn to shreds each and every day. The dream was always the same. She'd be standing there in the corner of their first apartment; the ghost of the woman he'd married and loved for thirty years. She was there, arms outstretched, smiling demurely, lovingly, wearing the long white negligee she'd gotten for their wedding night.

The dream never changed; there they were, young, happy, bathed in the warm tender glow of their new love. Then, just as his beautiful brown haired wife reached out to embrace and kiss him, the other man, that fiendish Harry Wolman, stepped between. He'd yank his sweetheart away. He'd throw her to her knees at his feet. He'd masturbate till he ejaculated; his penis always abnormally large, larger by far than Victor's own, and from his outlandishly enormous prick, he'd spew his white sticky smelly semen all over his adoring wife's face. Then always, as the filthy goo covered his sweetheart's nose, lips, and eyes, her warm affectionate smile metamorphosed into a harsh and ugly sneer. She would laughingly mock, "At last, a real man, a real man's dick!"

Victor would awaken and burst into tears, 'Why? How could you? Vanessa how could you hate me so? How could you destroy our happy home? How could you so selfishly wipe out everything we had?'

Then the morning sun would burst through. The dark shadows would disperse. Victor would awaken. He'd wipe the sleep from his eyes. It was just a dream, just a repeat the same dream; the same identical dream over and over, every night, night after night.

He'd get up, shower, shave, slip on his khaki shorts, pull on a comfortable shirt, slide his feet into a pair of relaxed fit sandals, and pour himself another glass of his standard morning breakfast, a tall glass half filled with Jim Beam Bourbon or Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Thusly girded he'd step out to greet another perfect morning. If he was lucky his mind would be so clouded by alcohol that by midday all thought of the past and the inevitability of his next night's slumber would be pushed away.


Stepping back to Texas; the day Victor Brown left town.

Vanessa was worried. Victor was still upstairs. She told herself, 'I've got to keep a constant eye on everything he does. He's thrown away or sold nearly everything we've ever valued. I see what he's doing. He's planning his own suicide. Oh Victor; how can I make you understand? I'm sorry. I was wrong, I was stupid. You've got to forgive me. You've got to let me help you go on. I love you. You're my one and only true love.'

Wringing her hands she continued to browbeat herself,'I wished he'd just come downstairs and beat me. He could beat me every day for the rest of our lives. Tie me to the bed, fuck me night and day. Make me your slave. I'll do anything. I never dreamed I'd be caught. I never imagined you'd find out. I had no idea how hard it could be for you, for me. Please come downstairs. Victor I love you. You've got to forgive me! We can get through this if we stick together.'

Just then the phone rang, 'Should I answer it or should I let Victor answer it? I'll wait. He should answer. If I answer he might start thinking something...'

Upstairs Victor picked up the phone, "Carson? You're ready?" He set the phone on the bed and called downstairs to his soon to be ex-wife. Harshly he yells, "Vanessa!"

She called back upstairs, "Yes darling?"

"It's for you!"

Vanessa picked up the receiver. She heard Victor as he put the upstairs phone back on the hook, she speaks into the mouthpiece, "Yes, this is Vanessa Brown."

Over the line she hears a vaguely familiar voice, "Ms. Brown. This Is Ultimate Image Hair Salon and Stylists. A gentleman, a Mr. Victor Brown has scheduled a hair appointment, a massage, and a fitting for you for 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. Will you be able to make it?"

Vanessa is surprised and amazed, 'Has Victor scheduled a day at the beauty parlor for me? Is this the start of something? Has he reconsidered?' She replies over the phone, "Yes I'll be there. What time? You said 1:00 p.m."

The person over the phone responds, "You'll be busy most of the afternoon. Please try to get here by one o'clock."

Vanessa bursts with joy, 'Yes, Victor's reconsidered!' She puts down the phone and dashes upstairs. Victor is standing beside the bed. She runs to him and clasps him in her arms, "Oh Victor. I love you."

Victor makes no move, "You should leave right away. You'll be quite a while."

Without further comment Vanessa grabs her purse and a lightweight jacket. She leans back, grabs his face in her hands and kisses him, "Oh Victor I love you so much!" She flings herself down the stairs. Her husband has begun to reconsider. We're going to make it!

As Vanessa pulls down the drive in her beige BMW, Victor watches from an upstairs window. He laughs bitterly to himself, 'This gives me all afternoon to remove the pictures and the last of the memorabilia. I now have the time to get to my lawyer and carry out the last steps in my final demise.'

Vanessa drives to the beauty parlor. This is no ordinary beauty parlor; this is the Ultimate Image! They not only style hair, they do nails, skin tones, facials, and massages. They have a separate room, a full scale boutique with all sorts of clothing. She's sure when she's finished with the beauty treatment Victor will have provided several choices of wearing apparel. This had happened once before for their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Yes Victor is coming around! Who knows he might even forgive her? She cries out, "Oh thank you God, thank you for giving me back my life!"

All afternoon Vanessa is treated like a fairy princess. They do her hair, her nails, and her skin. She's given a full body massage, everything! She's whisked over to the boutique where she has the choice of several dresses. Her coordinator explains they have till six o'clock to get her ready. She's to be taken by limousine to Swayne's, the most expensive and most widely respected restaurant in all Houston. There she is to await the arrival of her date. Her date! Her husband!

At 5:45 she's fully prepared; she's attired in a $1,200.00 gold cocktail dress with all the ancillaries, new purse, new shoes, stockings, new gold watch, expensive new dinner ring, everything. Victor has outdone himself. She's the happiest she's been in years. They're starting over. Oh she'll be the best wife. She'll make it up to him. He'll see; every day she'll wash, no she'll kiss his feet! He'll learn to love her all over again!

Vanessa arrives right on time. She's escorted to a table near the center of the main dining room. The hostess says she's to await her date there. The hostess explains he'll be along shortly. Vanessa is so excited! She waits expectantly.

At 6:30 Vanessa asks her hostess if she's heard anything. The hostess tells her not to worry. At 7:00 Victor still hasn't arrived. By 8:00 Vanessa has become suspicious. All around her diners have come and gone; many have cast curious looks her way, perhaps they're wondering what she's supposed to be doing. She hasn't ordered. All she's had is water. At 9:00 she realizes the hostess who seated her has gone home. She asks one of the replacement waiters if they've heard anything. His response is a disquietingly oblique smile. He doesn't know what she's talking about.

At last at 10:00 someone arrives with a note. She opens and reads it, "Regrets, your date has been called away." That was it? There was no date. There was no last minute reconciliation. It's all been a cruel joke. Vanessa picks up her purse and goes to the lobby to summon a taxi to take her home. She cries all the way back to their house.

When she gets home the house is dark. She unlocks the front door, she steps inside and flicks on the living room light. The first thing she notices is the family portrait over the mantle; Victor's image has been cut away. Vanessa walks to the mantle and notices other pictures around the living room, there's the picture of the four of them when the children were small, only now Victor's portion is gone. It's the same with all the portraits and photos; her husband has exorcized himself from everything. She staggers to the sofa; she sits down and bursts into tears.

The trip to Ultimate Image and the date at Swayne's had all been a cruel subterfuge, a hoax to get her out of the house so he could carry out this last act of sabotage. Now she knows; he's gone. It's over. Her infidelity has destroyed her marriage, her life, everything. No not everything; there's the children, she still has her babies. Maybe with their help she...


Vanessa ponders her choices.

I didn't know what to do so I decided to wait. I couldn't conceive of Victor actually leaving. No my guess was he took off for the lake. We have a cabin up there. He loved the quiet of the lake. I'll wait; I know he'll be back. He might hate me now, but I know him; he'll be back. He loves me. He's a fixer, he'll find a way.


The Letter to the Children:

James and Karen knew something terrible was happening with their parents, but neither was prepared to investigate. James was busy at work. Karen wasn't the type; she'd wait, she knew her daddy. He was really angry, but her dad was the best, he'd get it together. No matter what mom had done, he'd find a way to fix it. He was always the one who took care of things.


James got the mail pouch first.

I brought this mail packet in, and saw it was addressed to me from dad. Since I had a big contract coming up I figured I'd look at the thing over the weekend. I put it up on the shelf.


Karen's letter came the next day.

I got home from shopping shortly after the mail arrived. I found a packet from daddy. I opened it immediately. I was sure this would explain everything, and I was sure daddy would have already started to take steps to fix things. I found the letter and the DVD. I opened packet and read the letter first.

Dear James and Karen;

I'd like to address you as my children, but I can't be sure if you're really mine. Ask your mother about that. Maybe you can do a DNA check? Sorry if that sounds cruel; maybe you should ask your mother. Honestly, your lack of interest in the pictures and DVDs may have been proof you already knew I wasn't your real father. I just don't know. By the time you get this I'll be gone. The man you knew as Victor Brown will be dead. Your mother killed him. You can ask her about it. I can't guarantee she'll tell you the truth about how this happened so I've enclosed a DVD of your mother and her 'special' friend that will explain things. Watch it; I'm sure you'll find it educational. I've included copies of some of your mother's emails too. I'm sorry I won't be there for you or for your children, but you'll always have your mother.

Victor Brown (deceased)

I was stunned! My daddy is dead? No! Not my daddy! Gone? Dead? I saw the sign off; it said deceased. That can't be. What's this about DNA? He's not my daddy? That's just crazy!

I took the DVD into the den where my husband and I had our entertainment center. I hurriedly scratched through the tape that sealed it shut; I opened the plastic case, turned on the television and DVR and popped in the video. I hit play and sat back. I thought; this had better be good.

I watched the video in utter disbelief. That couldn't be my mom, but it was, and the man, that was the man who'd been her boss. I'd never watched any pornography, not before, not ever, but I knew what this was. This was horrible. I don't know what was worse; that I was watching my mom do things I never imagined, that it was with a man who wasn't my daddy, or the horrible realization that it was my daddy who'd sent it to me.

At first I got mad at daddy for sending me this, but then I realized why. He was showing me what my mom had done to him, to us. Gosh, no wonder he said I might not be his daughter. Of course I was his daughter. Daddy must have forgotten we were all too much alike. Maybe no one had done any DNA tests, but one look and anyone could tell I was his child. I looked like him. I didn't look anything like that ugly old man my mom was with doing those awful things in that video.

That sure was my mother though. I felt nauseous. I needed to talk to James. I saw there were pictures too. I couldn't believe what I saw. The video was horrible! There was my mom, my mom! She was naked on her hands and knees, and she had that man's penis in her mouth. He was squirting his sperm all over her face, and she was smiling. I watched the tape, and I saw my mom take her fingers and wipe that man's sperm off her face and lick her fingers clean. I watched as she licked all that crud off his penis. That was my mom! She was giggling! My mom was giggling!

There was a second scene! My mother was on her hands and knees again. That man was pumping his penis in and out of her vagina just like she was some dog! I watched as her boobs swayed back and forth while he pumped in and out. She had a crazy look on her face. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying it or what. She just had this really crazy look.

A third scene came up! She was sitting on his lap. She didn't have any clothes on again! She was bouncing up and down on his thing. He was sucking on her boobs. That was my mother! Those were her boobs. He was sucking on my mom's boobs. Both my brother and I had been breast fed when we were babies. That old man, he must have been eighty years old, he was sucking on my mom's tits! How could she let him do that? How could she let dad see something like this? My daddy watched all this! My God! This was awful! If it was awful for me, then what must it have been like for my daddy? It must have been even more awful for him. Oh daddy! Oh my poor daddy!

There was another scene! That old man was kneeling and my mom was licking his rear end. She was licking all around his rectum. My mother was kissing and stuffing her tongue up that awful man's ass! My mom had poop marks on her face! He had this mean smirk on his face.

The video wasn't over, but I couldn't stand it. I couldn't stand another scene. I turned it off; I took it out of the machine and along with the pictures and the letter put everything back in the packet.

I checked the clock. My husband would be home soon. I could never let him see this. I couldn't imagine what kind of things he would think. He might think I was like that!

I couldn't cry. I think I wanted to but I couldn't. I had to call my dad. I got my cell phone and tapped in my parent's number. I waited, after three rings someone picked it up. It was mom.

Vanessa got the phone. I heard the house phone. Maybe it was Victor. I didn't wait for it to go to the answering machine, "Hello, Victor?"

"No mom, it's me. Where's daddy?"

"I don't know baby. I thought you might be him."

I was really furious, "I'm not your baby. Where's daddy?"

Vanessa replied, "I don't know. I'm worried. Are you all right?"

I told her, "I got a letter from daddy. He wants to do a DNA check on me and James. I know why too. I saw you in that video."

Vanessa was stunned, "You saw...a video?"

"No mother. I saw the video! I think you're horrible. You are nothing but a whore!"

"Karen, I'm your mother!"

"Not anymore! I never want to talk to you again," I hung up! I tapped in my brother's number.

Back at the Brown's Vanessa panicked! I held the receiver in my hands. I kept yelling into the phone, "Karen, Karen," finally I got a dial tone. Oh my god! Victor has sent the children a copy of the video. How could he? Now they'll see, they'll know. I sat down on the floor beside the bed. I needed to talk to my son James. I needed to see my children. I needed my husband. I thought to myself, 'Victor why did you do this?'

Karen tapped in her brother's cell phone number. It went to voice mail. Karen spoke into the receiver, "James have you opened daddy's packet? If you haven't; open it right away. Call me right back."

Later that evening James gave his sister a call. Not like his sister he'd watched the video all the way to the end. He saw spreader bars, bondage sequences, butt plugs, silly costumes, and worst of all he saw the gang bangs. The sight of his mother, herself a woman in late middle age, taking in that old man's enormous cock sickened him. His first reaction was outright condemnation. His mother was a fucking whore. Those feelings quickly subside as he thought about his father. He'd admired his father all his life; he always wanted to grow up and be just like him. His dad Victor was a man who never went off half-cocked. Dad always got all the facts first. This time James wasn't just pissed that his dad sent him and sister this travesty; he was even more pissed that his father hadn't looked more closely. Something just wasn't right, and he intended to find out.

James got his sister on the phone, "Hello Karen?"

"James, oh James, did you see that horrible video?"

"I did. Have you called mom?"

"I did, and I told her what I thought of her too."

James hesitated before he responded, "I wished you hadn't."

"What? James our mom's nothing but a whore, a filthy whore. She betrayed us, our family, and worst of all she betrayed our dad."

James had nothing to go on, but he wasn't quite ready to pass judgment, not yet. He gave his sister some advice, "Sis I want you to stay home. Don't call mom again until I go see her. OK?"

"If you say so."

"I do; now, try to forget what you saw. Put the thing away someplace. If dad calls get back to me right away."

"James dad said he was going to commit suicide."

"Karen go back and reread the letter. He said a lot of things, but he never mentioned suicide."

"You don't think..."

He cut her off, "I'm Sergeant Schultz. I know nothing."

Through the tears Karen tried to laugh, "OK I'll wait for a phone call from either you or daddy."

He answered, "Good girl."

Karen put down the receiver. Back when they were children and watched TV Land, Nickelodeon, and the Family Channel they'd seen the old reruns of some ancient TV show about a German prison camp. She remembered the original man who did the Family Feud had been in it, but mostly she remembered that whenever the German Sergeant said 'I know nothing' it meant he knew a lot. God she loved her brother. He was like daddy. If there was anything out of place he'd figure it out. She started to wrap up the nasty DVD. Yes, she had daddy, and she had her big brother too.

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