tagIncest/TabooRevelations in the Sand

Revelations in the Sand


I was sitting in the kitchen making my way through a bowl of cereal while mom stood at the sink cleaning up the breakfast dishes from where everyone else had already eaten. I enjoyed sleeping in way more than anyone else in my family and summer vacation let me get away with it. It was probably closer to lunchtime than breakfast really, but I liked my cereal. Right around the time I was almost finished Chris and Amy, my older brother and sister, came in dressed like they were going to the beach.

"Where you going?" I asked them.

"The beach," Chris said, exactly as I suspected.

"Cool, can I come?"

They exchanged a glance and I knew them well enough to see they didn't really want me along. I felt a little hurt even if it was the sort of thing I should have been used to. Being twins and a couple years older than me they had always been closer to each other than me. Now that they were both off to university I didn't even get to see them that much and I tried to spend time with them when I could. Maybe I was being too clingy or something.

"That's okay, I'll find something else to do," I said without giving them a chance to speak, trying not to sound upset.

Unfortunately mom was still right there and she wasn't about to let it drop that easily.

"Oh go on, take your little sister with you. She's not going to hurt anything," she said.

"Moooom," I protested, both at her getting involved and referring to me as their little sister. I was the baby of the family and everything, but at eighteen I was getting a bit tired of having it pointed out.

Another shared look between my siblings, more silent communication.

"You can come if you want Jess," Amy said. "Better hurry up though."

There was still a tension in the decision and it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I put on my swimsuit under a loose t-shirt and shorts and joined them at the car.

"You guys don't have to take me, you can just drop me off somewhere," I said from the back seat as we drove. "I didn't mean to get in the way."

"You aren't in the way," Chris said, somewhat surprisingly since he seemed to be more against me coming than Amy. "We don't mind you coming with us, it's just...."

"We're not going to a regular beach," Amy finished for him.

"What do you mean, like no sand or something?" I asked, not having any idea what they were talking about.

"No no, I mean it's... I guess 'clothing optional' is what they call it."

I sat in stunned silence for a moment, unable to fully process that thought.

"So it's really up to you if you still want to come or not," I heard Amy through my daze. "We understand if it's not your thing."

No, it wasn't my thing. I'd never even really thought about going to a nude beach. Since when was it Chris and Amy's thing though?

"You guys have gone before?" I asked.

"Yeah, a couple times," Amy said. "Honestly it's pretty fun, even if it seems weird going with us."

As far as I could tell from his body language Chris might have been as uncomfortable with me being there as I was about the whole idea. He obviously didn't have a problem going with Amy though, once again their closeness was shoved in my face and was probably responsible for my surge of defiance.

"I guess I'll still go," I said.

What was the worst that could happen right?

It was a longer drive than I was expecting, or seemed that way at least. My sense of time was not taking priority in my head. There were some people already there when we arrived but not exactly the usual crowd I would have expected at a beach on a sunny day like it was. The somewhat secluded location might have helped with that and I wondered how my older siblings had come across it.

I followed a couple steps behind Amy and Chris, trying not to look around too much as they made their way up the beach where it turned out to be less and less populated. Contrary to what I had expected, not everyone had completely shed their clothes. Some of the women just went topless and plenty of people would have fit in just fine at a normal beach. I felt a certain amount of relief that at least I wasn't the only one hesitant about the idea of being naked around strangers.

We finally stopped when we got past a couple low sand dunes that blocked off the area we had just been from view. Whether the privacy was for my benefit or not I didn't know, but I appreciated it anyway.

"So what do you think? Jess... hey."

Amy waved her hand in front of my face and I realized I had been obsessing on my thoughts again.

"Think about what, this place? I dunno, it's not really what I was expecting in some ways."

She smiled and pulled her shirt over her head, undressing right in front of me even as Chris did the same.

"You can leave your suit on if you want, some people do," Amy said as if reading my mind. "We aren't going to though."

I wasn't sure where to look and settled for awkwardly staring out at the horizon until they had both undressed. Without waiting for me, possibly so as not to press the issue, they headed out into the water leaving me still standing indecisively in the sand.

I could have just followed along, it was simple enough in theory, but I held reservations about that course of action. If it was only Amy and me it wouldn't have been a big deal, or not to quite the same extent anyway. Mostly I was nervous about the reaction I would get from Chris. If only I could have known what he was thinking it would have made things so much easier on me.

When all else fails, let chance decide. It wasn't the best decision making process I admit, but it had worked for me at times in the past. If Amy went fully underwater first, I would keep my swimsuit on. If Chris was first then....

It was biased toward the safe side, I couldn't help myself from that. I knew Chris was more likely to shrug off the cold of the water before Amy and save me from my bet with myself. I remembered all the times at the beach when we were younger he would already be swimming around while Any and I were still girlishly working our way in.

Then my hopes were dashed as the two of them exchanged unheard words and Chris grabbed Amy around the waist. I watched helplessly as he threw her into the deeper water, making her shriek loud enough that I actually could hear her this time. So much for luck.

Since no one was actually around watching me the undressing process wasn't that bad. I even found myself developing a sort of nervous excitement about stripping in a semi-public location, like I was getting away with something bad and could be caught at any moment.

The fact was I really could be caught and I glanced up the beach to make sure there was still no one else in sight. I could just stay where I was for a while and get used to the sensation of being so vulnerable while I was still in easy range of my clothes and towel. Or I could stop being such a wuss and just go join my siblings in the water. They certainly hadn't shown any hesitation and maybe I should take a cue from that. After all, rationally speaking, any taboos regarding nudity were purely artificial even if they had become so ingrained in our society that most people never questioned them.

With a deep breath I took a tentative step forward, then another. Somewhere in the back of my mind I guess I expected an invisible force to stop me somehow or make me come to my senses, but nothing of the sort occurred. Before long my feet hit the very edge of the water line and I was at the point where turning back would save me any embarrassment. Amy had turned toward me and appeared to be swimming slowly in my direction while calling out something to Chris.

I continued forward more boldly than I felt, seeking what little protection the deeper water held for me. Soon I was within easy talking distance of my brother and sister.

"So you did it after all," Amy said. "Guess you win Chris."

"Wait, did you guys bet on me?" I asked disbelievingly.

"Yeah, sorry." She at least looked genuinely apologetic, if not overly so. "If it makes you feel any better I wasn't really betting against you, I just wanted to make things interesting. Should have known better than that. Anyway, I owe you later Chris."

Amy dove backward away from us, leaving Chris and me floating awkwardly together.

"So you thought I would do it huh," I said.

"You can be... very determined when you want to be."

My chest was only just barely beneath the surface of the water as I crouched slightly, still fairly visible. In other circumstances I might have found it funny how my brother's gaze kept flicking around my partly concealed breasts and then away to some imaginary object behind my shoulder. Maybe that was the sort of thing that would go away once we got comfortable with each other.

"It's a little weird for you having me here isn't it?" I said.

"It's not... okay it is a little," he admitted. "But it's just because, well, you're my baby sister you know? I'm not used to thinking about you differently from that."

Meaning that he was seeing me as something other than his sister. In spite of myself I had a hard time keeping a smile off my face. It may have been a subtle, buried compliment but combined with his difficulty keeping his eyes of my boobs he had to be feeling a certain attraction to me. As much as it did nothing to help our mutual awkwardness, getting a reaction out of my own brother was wonderful for my self-esteem.

"Geez, are you two still talking?" Amy said, having circled around and swam up behind me. "You can do that anywhere, let's have some fun while we're here."

She pushed me playfully to the side and as I moved my leg to regain my balance it was blocked by hers. Getting tripped while mostly submerged in water was not a big deal, I could have simply swam away if I wanted. Instead my old instincts kicked in and I allowed myself to sink beneath the surface down to the sand. After giving my eyes a few seconds to adjust I located my sister and grabbed her ankles as I stood up.

I don't think she was expecting retaliation so quickly because she went down easily, her upper body forced underwater as I held her feet up in the air. Back when we were younger I rarely got one up on either of my siblings since I was too much smaller than them and just couldn't compete strength-wise.

After a moment I let go and quickly backed away. Amy came up sputtering but with a wide grin on her face.

"You little sneak," she accused me.

"You started it," I shot back.

Amy chased me as I tried to swim away, but I had started giggling which slowed me down enough that she caught up to me quickly. She held me while Chris came over and mercilessly tickled the bottom of one of my feet which they both knew was my weak spot. Even as I thrashed around in an attempt to escape I understood just how little it had taken for the mood to change. I didn't have to worry about what they thought, they were still my brother and sister and it would take more than a lack of clothes to get in the way of that.

Alliances changed quickly as they tended to in such situations. As soon as she wasn't watching, Chris picked up Amy and lifted her halfway out of the water before throwing her back in few feet away. Then me and my sister turned on him and the both of us dragged him underwater, something of a challenge since he could almost hold out against both of us together.

With all the messing around there was a fair amount of contact between the three of us. I found I didn't really mind the accidental touching all that much even when it was clearly in inappropriate areas. Mostly I think I was just caught up in the moment and enjoying myself too much to be bothered.

A couple times I felt my brother's dick poke me and it seemed to be at least semi-hard. I couldn't really blame him being naked around two girls like he was, even if we were his sisters. Besides, I had to admit I was enjoying myself on more than a strictly platonic level as well. I wondered if Amy felt the same way I did but couldn't very well just ask her.

Eventually we decided to take a break and headed back to shore together. Chris still had a noticeable half erection going on and once out of the water it became easily visible to me. Somehow the sight made me feel embarrassed all over again and I tried to look straight ahead until I could get to my towel and lay down.

The sun felt good on my skin as it both dried me and warmed me up. I tended to go a bit numb while swimming in cold water and only felt the effects when I got out.

I expected my siblings to lay out like me at least for long enough to dry off, but instead Amy knelt down beside Chris. At first I couldn't tell what she was up to and I had to sit up to get a better look.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"He won our bet remember? I'm paying up," Amy said.

She didn't really answer my question but I could see well enough anyway, I really only asked out of a sense of disbelief. Amy had her hand on Chris's cock and was slowly stroking it, giving our brother a handjob right in front of me.

"That's the kind of thing you guys bet on? Is that why-"

"Amy, we don't have to do this right now," Chris interrupted. "Not if, you know, if it's going to be a problem."

"Is it going to be a problem?" Amy said, looking directly at me.

"I... I don't know." I shrugged helplessly. "I wasn't expecting this."

"Of course you weren't, but it's time you knew," Amy said.

"We didn't want to leave you in the dark so long," Chris said. "But how do you tell anyone, especially you, about some of the things we do? It's not easy."

"And what kind of things do you do?" I asked, trying to keep my voice level.

They looked at each other briefly before back to me.

"Whatever we want basically," Amy said. "The thing is, we know we can trust each other and that we're always there when the other needs us. It could be the same for you to if you want."

"There's no pressure though, it's your decision," Chris added.

I pulled my knees up to my chest as I sat there thinking, curling into a protective ball. So many half-remembered events from the past made more sense in light of this revelation. Times when I thought they just didn't want me around, there was actually a bigger reason than simply that I was an annoying little sister. The question now was how was I supposed to feel about it?

Amy continued jerking Chris off, returning her focus to him as I silently weighed my options. He certainly seemed to be enjoying it, his eyes had closed and he was breathing heavier. Without even thinking about it I knew I didn't want to get between them or try and stop what they were doing. They were happy with their lives and with each other. It was only a matter of deciding whether I wanted to be a part of it or not.

As much as I tried to concentrate, my eyes were drawn to the movements beside me. The motion of my sister's hand was hypnotic and I soon gave in and just watched it go up and down on our brother's cock.

I almost jumped when the first spurt of cum shot out of Chris's dick, I had been so entranced that I forgot what the whole point of the handjob was. Most of the cum landed on his stomach but some also partly covered Amy's hand while she continued to stroke him until he was completely finished. Without even pausing to think about it my sister licked at the back of her hand, cleaning herself off as casually as if she'd dripped while eating ice cream.

"Well that was fun," Amy said, standing up to stretch. "But I'm getting hungry now."

"You want me to go pick up some food?" Chris asked.

"Nah, I got it. Are the car keys in your pocket?"

Amy got dressed, more or less, as Chris rifled through his clothes for the keys. She bent down to grab them while giving him a quick kiss, then turned around and kissed me too.

"Be back soon," she called over her shoulder as she headed toward the car.

"Why'd she do that?" I mused, not really meaning for it to be a question.

"It's a way of showing affection," Chris answered anyway.

"I know that smartass, but... oh never mind. You've still got stuff all over you by the way."

"So I do," he acknowledged.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Amy's towel, using it to gently wipe my brother's semen off his body.

"Swear to god, you'd be helpless on your own," I said.

"That's what sisters are for."

"Among other things," I muttered, perhaps more maliciously than I meant to.

I balled up the towel and chucked it to the side. Amy probably wouldn't appreciate my use of it, but I wasn't very well going to use mine.

"I'm glad you came with us today," Chris said.

"Yeah, I think I am too. Even if I'm still confused as hell what to think about everything."

"Whatever you decide, we'll be okay with it."


I scooted closer to him on my towel and lay down with my head on his shoulder. He looked a little confused but didn't say anything and simply slid his arm around from between us to hold me.

"Always liked being close to you two," I said. "I just don't know if I'm ready for more than that."

"That's fine. As long as you're happy."

I didn't know about happy, but I was feeling quite content at least. Lying out in the sun curled up with my brother, I could only imagine what it would feel like if Amy was there too. I had already taken a big step being naked around them and so far it was working out pretty well. Could I ever do the things they did though? Taking our relationships to a sexual level was still kind of a scary thought.

Chris started idly playing with my hair as we lay together, stroking it and curling it around his finger. It felt nice, I always liked when someone did that but there weren't many people I was that comfortable with.

I don't know how much time passed but it must have been around twenty minutes at least when I heard Amy returning. I raised my head a little to make sure it was her coming and not someone else just walking down the beach, then settled back down.

"Well you two look all cozy down there," she remarked. "Wish I had a camera."

"Don't even think about it," I growled.

While she stripped back out of her clothes I sat up and watched Chris pull food out of the bags she brought. It turned out to be packaged sandwiches, chips, and some bottles of juice. I guessed there must have been a convenience store relatively nearby.

"Aw, what did you guys do to my towel while I was gone?"

I had been waiting for Amy to discover her towel and tried to look innocent even though it was pretty obvious what had happened to it.

"You jerks. Well you're just going to have to share now," she said.

Mine and Chris's towels were already right next to each other and Amy sat down straddling them both at the far end, forming a sort of triangle with the three of us. Not much was said for several minutes as we ate, even I discovered I was actually quite hungry once I got started. It didn't take very long for the pile of food to be substantially reduced.

"You've got something on your boob there," Chris said.

I looked down to my chest before realizing he was talking to Amy.

"Shit, you're right. Frigging mayo or something," she said. "Think a piece of lettuce fell on it earlier. I'm gonna go wash up, back in a minute."

I flipped over onto my stomach as she returned to the water, stretching out to allow the sun to caress my skin as much as possible. It really was a better experience sunbathing naked, plus there wouldn't be any nasty tan-lines forming either.

Before long Amy was back but I stayed where I was, being far too comfortable to want to move. Her hand landed gently on my leg as she sat beside me, still damp from just being in the water. Her fingers traced their way across my flesh, circling the back of my knee. The occasional drop of water landed on me sending little shocks through my system.

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