Jeffrey Fawkes was having one of those days, the kind of day where it would have been better to roll over and go back to sleep rather then get up and go to work.

Work was not going well for Jeffrey, but neither was most of the rest of his life. He had been working for the company for 15 years, but his position was pretty much stagnant. Jeffrey was good at what he did, one of the best in a very technical field, but management rewarded salesmanship and Jeff wasn't interested in that, and, consequently, wasn't very good at it.

His marriage wasn't in good shape either. Most casual observers found it hard to believe that he had married Jennifer. Well, that's not true. What they couldn't believe was that she had married him. Sometimes Jeffrey had trouble believing it, too. Jen was at least two rungs higher on the social ladder than he was. She was used to the best -- fine home, expensive cars, diamonds and parties.

At the time they met, Jeff had just made a splash with his new designs and it probably looked to her as if the sky was the limit for him. But as time passed, Jeff's work, although very good, never quite lived up to her initial estimate.

In fact, Jennifer had gone farther in her company than Jeff did in his. She had risen to Vice President at her agency, while Jeffrey languished in the corporate middle. She was making nearly $50,000 dollars a year more than he was as well.

So today's humiliation was almost par for the course. His latest proposal was passed over in favor of that of his arch nemesis, Tony Scolari. Jeff could name four flaws in Scolari's proposal, but since he wasn't half the salesman as his adversary his proposal lost out to an inferior one. Another example of upper management's stupidity and incompetence.

As he drove home, he imagined what Jennifer's reaction to his latest failure would be. He could see her eyes rolling as she began her patent lecture on his shortcomings, how he should be more aggressive, how he should be a myriad other things that he clearly wasn't.

Jeffrey wished he could be all that his wife wanted him to be. He loved her dearly. It had been so hard to deal with her indifference over the past year. They hadn't made love for months. In the beginning, he made constant overtures to her. Brought her little presents and tried to create a romantic atmosphere. However, Jennifer always had some excuse -- she had brought work home, she was too tired from a long day, and the ever popular headache. Finally, Jeffrey simply gave up, hoping that she would turn around eventually, that he would do something wonderful so that he could win her affection back again.

Arriving at home Jeffrey tossed his briefcase on the chair by the table in the foyer, and made his way up the stairs to their bedroom. As he began loosening his tie, he looked into the mirror at himself. What went wrong with my life? he asked himself, before lowering his head.

After a few moments, Jeffrey raised his head, and in so doing, he noticed something on the bed behind him. Turning away from the mirror he saw what appeared to be a video cassette.

He took the few steps over to the bed and picked up the cassette. Taped to it was a hand-written note that simply said "Jeffrey, Play me." It was Jennifer's handwriting.

Jeffrey stood looking at the cassette for a long moment before walking over to the television set in the corner near the foot of the bed. Popping the cassette into the VCR and turning on the television, he sat on the edge of the bed.

After a brief flicker, Jennifer's face filled the screen. It was such a lovely face, and it reminded Jeff how long it had been since he had kissed those lips.

"Jeff," she said, "I won't beat around the bush. I've left you. I've taken my things and I've gone."

Panic struck Jeffrey and he bounded off the bed and ran quickly to Jennifer's walk-in closet. It was empty.

"Our marriage was a mistake," she continued, as he stood in the doorway to her closet. "I feel that I've given you every opportunity, but you've been a big disappointment to me. I may have loved you once, but I can no longer say that."

Jeff looked at the screen as he moved back to the bed in disbelief. Slumping back to his spot at the foot of the bed he sat there stunned as he watched his wife effectively end their marriage.

"I need excitement in my life and you no longer provide that, "she said matter-of-factly. "Its gotten to the point where I can't stand to be around you. Your feeble attempts at romance have been humorous at best and I find the thought of your hands on my body to be revolting."

Jeffrey was paralyzed, staring at the screen. Was this really happening. He knew that things weren't good, but had they deteriorated to this extent. As he looked at the beautiful face of his wife, he felt a deep pain in his gut. How could I not have seen this coming? Doesn't she know I'll try harder? How can she hate me so?

The camera began to pull back from Jennifer's face, showing her shoulders. How is she doing that? I didn't know our camera had a remote zoom.

But the camera continued to move back so that Jeffrey could see that his wife was topless, her firm breasts, breasts that he had not touched for months, exposed. He watched as she cupped her breasts and said, "See these breasts, you'll never touch them again. I know how much you loved them but the thought of your hands on them repulses me. I want confident hands on them. I have had confident hands on them, other men's hands."

The camera panned back further and Jeffrey saw that Jennifer was nude. He watched as she ran her hands over her body, along her sides, her long legs, moving toward her trimmed pussy.

Then the realization hit him. Jennifer wasn't controlling the camera. Someone else was! There was someone with her, filming her message to him. It was no longer a private humiliation. She was enjoying taunting him while someone else watched!

Jennifer slid onto the bed. Jeffrey turned to look behind him at the spot on the bed where his wife had been when the taping occurred. He looked back to the screen, heart broken, destroyed by what he was seeing but unable to turn away. He watched as Jennifer fondled herself. He watched as she spread her legs wide open and began massaging her pussy. He watched as she rubbed her swollen clit and slipped a finger into the wetness. It had been so long since he had kissed her there, so long since he tasted her when she came for him.

"See this pussy, Jeff? You will never have this pussy again. But others will, and others have. I have found good lovers. Strong confident lovers who can satisfy me."

Moving into the shot was a man, a man that Jeffrey had never seen before. A younger man with a muscular body. He slid onto the bed beside Jennifer and began kissing her breasts and fondling her pussy. The camera moved to get a better view.

Oh my God! She has more than one person with her! Jeffrey's heart sank further. He watched as a stranger molested his wife and she was enjoying it. No, she was obviously reveling in it. She was throwing it all back right into his face.

"See, Jeffrey? Watch how a real man takes care of me, and how I take care of him", she said as she looked directly into the camera.

Jennifer reached for the man's cock and began sucking it, stroking it with her hand as she did so. Her mouth moved expertly up and down on the big cock, her tongue darting out to lick his balls, and then move along the underbelly up to the head. This is what Jeffrey loved her to do to him, but she rarely did. She never really seemed to enjoy it with him, but she was clearly loving it with this man. His eyes riveted to the screen, Jeffrey watched as his beautiful wife sucked a stranger's cock. He watched as she looked into the camera with his hardness in her mouth. He watched as the man cried out as his cock spasmed, as he emptied his load into his wife's mouth. He watched as the love of his life let the cum ooze out of her mouth back onto the man's cock and then lapped it up again, swallowing it, and then licking his cock clean.

Jeffrey was crushed. She had hardly ever sucked his cock, and she had never let him cum in her mouth. Yet she did exactly that with this man, and seemed delighted to do so.

"Mmmm, Jeffrey, that was so good! I just love the taste of my lover's cum! You want to see more don't you, Jeffrey? I bet you're turned on by this, you pathetic little man!"

Frozen to his spot on the edge of the bed, Jeffrey watched in stunned silence, unable to turn the video off. Jennifer was right in a way. Although it hurt to see his wife doing things with another man that she didn't do with him, there was something erotic about it. It was unreal, sexy but unreal, what Jeff imagined an out-of-body experience would feel like.

The camera jostled a little, as if it were being handed off to someone else and a nude black man entered the picture. Oh my God! There's at least three people with her! Jeffrey's mind screamed to himself.

Jennifer turned her attention away from the man on the bed and to the young black man that joined them. The man's huge cock was already hard and Jennifer eagerly reached for it, taking its massive girth in her mouth. As she sucked this new man, the man on the bed began kissing her back and shoulders and reaching around to squeeze her tits and finger her pussy.

"Mmmmmm, so big!" Jennifer said as she turned to the camera once again. "Not a little pecker like yours, Jeff." And she laughed. "You know how you always wanted my ass, Jeffy? You know how I would never give it to you? Well, I've got news for you, hun. I like it in the ass --- with the right cock -- and you were never the right cock."

Turning on the bed, Jennifer pointed her ass right toward the camera. The black man began kissing her cheeks and fingering her asshole. "Mmmm," moaned his wife as she began playing with the first man's cock again.

The black man knelt on the bed behind her and pressed the head of his cock against Jenny's asshole. He spread her cheeks wide and pushed inside, sliding deep inside once the head initially breached her ass.

Watching his wife give this stranger what she had never given him, while sucking another man's cock, Jeffrey felt like his heart had been ripped from his chest. Yet he couldn't stop watching. He was mesmerized by the sight of his wife fucking and sucking these two strange men.

The black man held on to Jennifer's hips and began pumping harder. She was bucking back onto to him, making his huge cock disappear entirely into her.

The man on the bed said, "I want some of this, too" As he got up off the bed, the black man pulled out of Jennifer and then moved to the bed and lay down on his back. Jeffrey watched as his wife straddled the black man and used her hand to hold his cock as she slid down on it. She began rocking up and down on it, stopping only long enough for the other man to slide his cock into her ass. As both men pounded into her, Jennifer began moaning. The man behind her grabbed her hair and snapped her head back. She cried out in pleasure. Jennifer was loving it. Jeffrey could see that her nipples were erect and her body began to glisten with sweat.

The camera jostled again and then became steady a slightly lower angle. A third naked man came into view. He went to the bed and stood over the man on the bed. Jennifer spied his hard cock and began sucking it while she fucked the other two men.

Jeffrey watched as these three man took with his wife. He watched as her body convulsed with pleasure as she came. He watched as the man behind her groaned, his body tensing as he came inside her ass. He watched as the man on the bed pulled his cock out just in time to shoot a jet of hot cum all over her pussy. He watched as the man standing in front of her, pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it until his load splattered all over her face.

And Jeffrey watched as his wife turned to the camera, face covered with another man's cum and said, "I'm leaving you, Jeffrey, you're a loser, and this is my revenge for the years of unhappiness you've given me. Revenge. It feels so good"

Static filled the screen. The video was over.

Revenge? Had their marriage been so terrible that she felt compelled to do this? Had he so failed as a husband that she had to humiliate him like this?

As Jeffrey sat there silently, he reflected back on their marriage. His despair, at first total and complete, began to turn into sorrow. As he thought about how much he loved his wife and how she had betrayed him his sorrow began to turn to anger. And then to disgust.

Getting up from his spot on the bed, he turned to look at the spot where his wife had just fucked 3 strange men. His anger grew. Walking over to the VCR, he ejected the cassette and looked at it thoughtfully.

With a sense of purpose, Jeffrey walked down the hall from the bedroom, down the steps to the first floor and into his office. He took the digital video cassette and transferred its contents into his PC.

As he worked, his kept thinking of his betrayal. The images he saw on his monitor only served to focus his resolve.

When he was through, he went to his e-mail and calmly typed in the addresses: Jennifer's friends, her colleagues, her family, everyone that mattered to her. Attaching the edited version of the video to the e-mail, Jeffrey pushed SEND.

Revenge. Yes, Jennifer was right. It feels so good.

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