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Author's note:

This story really isn't at all about the "other man" so don't expect much detail on him. As per usual, there is no sex, it's about a relationship.



It was mid morning on a Friday and I was already looking forward to leaving the office. Not that inside sales is boring, mind you. Ok, it is, but it couldn't quite compete with golf....or sex for that matter. In fact, if I had my way, life would revolve around those couple of pastimes. Well, so much for fantasyland. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.


I'm Scott Evans. I guess I'm just your average guy, if a little on the short side. I'm 5'6" and weigh about 170. With 36 waistline, I don't have a body that make the ladies melt, but I like to think they wouldn't run away scared, either. I'm 48 years old and have mostly dark hair with the requisite sprinkling of gray. My eyes are probably my best physical attribute. They are blue, but I do have the occasional friend or family member that considers them to be gray.

My wife is Lisa and we've been married 18 years. Lisa is 44 years old and is still very attractive to me. She was/is one of those ladies that a lot of men will notice, but not necessarily every man. For me she falls into the "there's just something about her" category. You know what I mean. She is 5'7" and, though she refuses to tell me, I'm pretty sure she weighs about 145. I guess she is not considered thin, but as I said, she is still attractive to me. I LOVE watching her hips sway when she walks. She also has great legs. I consider myself something of an expert on ladies' legs after a number of years of careful, if not strictly scientific, research. I assume her hair is still mostly a light brunette, though I haven't seen the actual color in 3-4 years. She insists her colorist uses the same color as her natural color, so I guess I believe her.

Lisa and I met when I first moved to town and decided to look at an apartment in a complex she managed at the time. She was attractive enough to catch my eye, but not initially so much that I was tongue tied or anything. I guess that turned out to be in my favor because her personality very quickly started to make up for whatever little was necessary to give her a "wow" factor and I was able to be relatively smooth. I admit it was a little easier since we had built-in business to discuss that allowed us to get acquainted with no pressure.

She was very friendly, as I knew she had to be to prospective new tenants, but I assume she wasn't required to ask me to join her for coffee after I signed the lease, which she did. Again, she could have simply been being friendly, but I allowed myself to think maybe she had some interest. It happened to be late afternoon as we wrapped up the paperwork, so she knocked off about 15 minutes early and we went to continue talking and drink a latte.

By the way...in case you're wondering, I truly DID like the apartment and thought the monthly rent was competitive as well.

We had a great discussion. I learned that Lisa had worked in retail for a few years after graduating from high school, but decided after a couple years that she wanted to better herself, so she started going to school again and eventually graduated with a BA in Marketing. She still didn't know what she wanted for a career at that time, but thought that Marketing would give her a better chance in most kinds of businesses, to pursue a lot of different career options.

She definitely wanted to get out of retail, at a minimum. She enjoyed the work and the interaction with customers, but hated the number of weekend and evening hours she had to work.

Though it had never been a consideration, she noticed an ad on Monster for a leasing agent/property manager at a large apartment complex and was intrigued. She thought it would be a more "professional" position and still give her the chance to interact with customers, but also give her more normal hours. She had been there about 18 months when we met and was really enjoying it.

I gave her my story. I had graduated from a small private college in the Midwest at the age of 22 with a Business Administration degree. Much like her, I didn't know enough about what I wanted to do for a career while I was still in school to focus on the things that would have allowed me to make myself more competitive. As a result, I bounced from one "entry level" job to another for a few years before I finally figured out a couple of things about myself.

First, I didn't enjoy being responsible for the performance of other people. I learned that through a couple of junior supervisory positions such as night parking manager of a hotel in the city where I lived at the time. Second, though I enjoyed the competitiveness of sales, the fact that I had to consciously make myself think about smiling, even when I was in a good mood, made it more of a challenge for me to develop a quick rapport when meeting people in person for the first time. Obviously, that makes things tough in outside sales.

It was through a fair amount of self analysis and exploring a few "less than ideal" career paths that I finally figured out that inside sales works very well for me. I was still able to enjoy the competitive aspect of sales in general and got to capitalize on a good speaking voice. I wasn't, however, hindered by those aspects of myself that would make working in outside sales more of a challenge.

It was interesting. I found myself smiling very easily around Lisa...and without having to think about it. When it finally occurred to me to look at my watch, I found that we had been there for hours!

"Lisa, I'll be glad to stay and keep talking as long as you're interested, but I want to be sensitive to your schedule as well. Should we call it an evening? I assume it goes without saying that we'll get together again very soon, right?"

I've always heard that ladies appreciate confidence, so I figured what the heck?

"Pretty sure of yourself there, aren't you, Scott?" she said with a laugh. "Ok, give me a call at the office when you're almost done moving your stuff into your apartment and maybe I'll bring the pizza and beer over, ok? I don't think we're quite to the stage of me helping you move, just yet!"

I laughed and told her that it was a deal. I walked her out to her car and wondered about a kiss. In the end, I opted to attempt to not create any chance of awkwardness by being very proactive about not kissing....or maybe I should say trying to kiss her. As I opened her door, I said, "I hope you'll just be satisfied with the captivating conversation this evening. So many women view me as just a body and it really does get tiresome after a while!"

That was a great move, as it turns out, because it got a very hearty laugh out of her as she got into the car. I found out later that she really appreciated my effort to make that moment as easy as it could have been.

I decided, for once in my life, to just allow things to play out. I was interested in seeing Lisa again and hoped she was in me, but I didn't allow her to consume my thoughts, and certainly not my schedule as I was new in town and starting a new job.

I threw myself into learning all about my company's products and about those of our competitors. We were an industrial supply company, so there was a LOT of products, but none of them required much of an effort on my part. All our products were really more of a commodity. Our real "product", from a sales perspective, was our service.

Specifically, we managed inventory levels on behalf of our customers in such a way that we could maximize either their level of inventory or their order quantities, depending on whether they derived greater value from a little better price or from the savings of keeping inventory levels as low as possible without risking running out of important items.

I guess I was lucky enough to be one of the few to come to the realization of what our real competitive advantage was because I became our company's top producer after about 18 months or so. However enough about work, I'm sure you care more about how things progressed with Lisa.

As I alluded before, I was "Mr. Cool" with Lisa. I found a legitimate excuse to drop by the office a couple of days later and told her how much I enjoyed our discussion and would welcome the chance to do it again, but didn't make an attempt to set up anything specific. I wanted to make sure SHE was interested.

A week or so later, she dropped by my place just before leaving work on a Sunday afternoon (Saturday and Sunday were two of her busy days, so she had Monday and Tuesday off) to make sure I knew about the complex's mixer at the pool the following weekend. Since she could easily have called and the entire complex was plastered with flyers promoting the mixer, I figured I could take that as a sign she was interested in getting together again.

Thus started our relationship, which, in many ways was a textbook example of how they say a couple should begin a romance. Though we were both clearly interested in one another on a romantic level, we took things slow. To be honest, the "teasing", if I may call it that was kind of fun. We would see one another once every couple of weeks or so. I was definitely very excited to see her again the next time and like to think she felt the same way. We would also talk on the phone once or twice a week in addition. Most of the time we spent together was very casual. Both of us were what might be called "home bodies", though I hate that term! We would enjoy sitting together and watching one of our favorite reality TV shows every bit as much as many would enjoy going out for a nice dinner and dancing. She seemed to "get" my dry and sarcastic sense of humor, which was a bonus.

As I mentioned before, we also had a great time not getting physical for quite some time in the beginning. Now let's not get carried away. I would never want to go back to that, but at that time and for a while, it was cool, and I always thought kind of defined us as a couple to some extent. We had sort of a game of one-up-man ship on comments in the vein of the one I described earlier involving me just being a body about which I was so proud.

Gradually, our time together became more and more frequent until we were spending several evenings and/or lunches a week together. The fun we had in not getting physical even though the chemistry definitely seemed to be there started to feel almost awkward. I guess we had gone along in that manner for so long, that neither of us knew how to break the cycle.

That all ended one day when we had taken Lisa's dog, Sophie, to the dog park. No one was sure what breed Sophie was, but the ever popular term "lab mix" was bandied about quite often when the subject was discussed. We were on our way back to the car from the fenced play area and I guess I must have stepped on a loose rock or something and fell. Of course, being me, I made it look as silly as could possibly have been done.

Lisa started laughing hysterically and Sophie came over and started licking my face...or in dog lover's parlance, giving me kisses. "That must be the first kiss you've had in months!" Lisa exclaimed as she laughed so hard she nearly came to tears.

"Well, if I can't get it from you, I guess I may as well get it from Sophie."

As soon as that comment was out of my mouth, I panicked. It just came out without me thinking and there were a number of ways that Lisa could choose to react to it. I was obviously hoping for a light hearted banter type of response.

I was definitely very surprised by what she did. She dropped to her knees and then straddled me. She may have made a comment about not knowing that I had been waiting for her, but I'm not sure. Regardless, she immediately covered my mouth with hers and proceeded to give me what was the hottest kiss I'd ever had in my life.

Remember when you were young and it seemed like a whisper in your ear would immediately make you explode in your pants? That's kind of what it felt like after such a long time of physical denial...if that's the word since it was self induced and enforced. Her tongue was aggressive, urgent, and gentle all at the same time.

Remember, I was already well past the age where a simple kiss was erotic for me, but my cock was immediately straining in my pants and Lisa was clearly aware of that since she was grinding into it. It was obvious that we had to get out of there quickly since this was going to progress quickly and go well beyond what we could do in a public place without getting arrested. So we got up and took it to her place where we couldn't keep our lips off one another.

Pick your cliché about fireworks, chemistry, or whatever. The time we spent together the remainder of that afternoon, evening, and night exceeded anything I could adequately describe. As I'm sure is rather obvious, our move into a physical relationship was the catalyst that propelled us to being husband and wife in every way other than legally.

We were seldom apart unless one of us was working or I was golfing. I even tried to get her to golf with me, at least part of the time, but she was having none of it, citing that as my "cave" time. I was incredibly happy and she indicated that she was as well.

Though I had no particular need to get married, I couldn't imagine ever wanting anyone else, so a few months later, I "popped the question" at the same time as the protagonist was doing so in the currently airing version of The Bachelor. Not very romantic, you might think, but it was very romantic for us simply because it was very.....well.....us. Lisa laughed until she cried. Or maybe it was the other way around, but as soon as she could catch a breath, she said, "Not that you don't already know, but I guess I owe you an official YES!" Of course that made me very happy.

As it seems marriages tend to go, ours was very fun and exciting initially and eventually settled into what I would describe as more pleasant and comfortable. Lisa and I enjoyed many of the same things, but also had our individual interests. Sure we thought about kids, but just never felt it was the right time. Initially, we were just enjoying one another too much to add to the mix. Thereafter, I guess it was simply a matter of inertia. We continued to have what I would term a "realistically vibrant" sex life. We went through the typical (I assume) progression of 2+ times a day to 2-4 times a week to several times a week.

That was fine with me. I was now 46, and my libido wasn't what it used to be. I still very much enjoyed our intimate time together, but didn't need it constantly like I used to and think Lisa felt the same way. We experimented with a variety of positions, role playing, dirty talk, etc, early on as well. It was a lot of fun to experiment, but we found that the more basic positions and activities were as enjoyable for us as those that might be regarded as more wild or exciting.

I guess it was probably about 2 years ago that Lisa begin to change somewhat. It was so gradual and subtle, that I didn't even notice it at the time. She was less interested in sex and seldom dressed in a manner that would invite my attention around the house. That was pretty normal after a number of years of marriage, right?

Interestingly, at the same time, she dressed even nicer for work. She almost always wore sexy heels and, while she used to wear skirts only on occasion, she wore them pretty much all the time now. I asked her about it and she said that her role required a sharper image. By this time, she had been promoted to regional manager of her property management company and was regarded quite highly within her organization.

As I had mentioned previously, Lisa had become less and less interested in our sexual relationship and I found that, even though my libido was fairly diminished in recent years, I still wanted more than I was getting. I had taken to reading Literotica stories in the last several months in order to keep myself sexually satisfied. At that time, I was reading the "spank" stories where the sex was very graphically described and any cheating that may happen was found to be exciting by any and all concerned.

One day, I was reading a story and just getting ready to take care of business (which I only did at times where Lisa had a late meeting or entertained business contact over dinner), when something hit me about the story I was reading. It was told from the lady's point of view. The protagonist's name was Linda. She was from a town just a few hours' drive from us. She had been married to her husband, Steve, for two years less than we had been.

Linda was the CEO of a property management company and Steve was a sales support representative for an industrial supply company. Linda was 5'9" and weighed 130 with gorgeous dark hair and blue eyes. Steve was 5'5" and weighed 190 with graying and thinning hair. You see where this is going, right?

The gist of the story was that Steve had a small cock and didn't satisfy Linda. You may correctly surmise, by the way, that by this time, even aside from the striking similarities between us and the couple in the story, my average little Scott had wilted and no longer had any interest in anything except the secure and warm packaging in my white briefs. You see, neither he nor I derive any excitement from a man being belittled in Literotica stories. But that's just us.

Anyway.....Linda in all her generosity loved Steve despite his poor endowment. Since it turned Steve on, however, she graciously consented to pick up other men with big cocks and bring them home to fuck on their bed when Steve was out working or fishing. Steve knew this was happening, but it was never discussed.

Now...call me paranoid, if you like, but there were too many things in this story that were too much like us. I don't know if Lisa read Literotica and didn't really care. I don't know if she wrote this story or one of her boyfriends wrote it (assuming, of course, this was really us about whom I was reading).

I decided to call in sick to work and take the requisite trip to Radio Shack to buy all the voice activated recording devices and movement activated cameras. I thought those things were just literary conveniences, but it turns out they really do have them...at least for the purposes of my story. It turns out we don't have a lot of places to hide those kinds of things, but eventually I found enough spots to put the microphones and cameras that I felt like I had most of the critical areas covered.

As you may have guessed, it was tough to try to act normal around Lisa for the next few days, but I made the effort. I'd really feel stupid if my suspicions were incorrect. Even if they were, however, recent events were enough to convince me that Lisa and I needed to have a frank discussion about the physical aspect of our relationship. Maybe I had been assuming too much. We certainly communicated very openly and honestly about everything else and I figured she would let me know if she weren't happy with how things were going in the bedroom. Now that I think about it, I guess I hadn't necessarily been happy about things and hadn't raised the issue with her.


Now....back to where we started the story. I was looking forward to heading out of the office at 3:00 this afternoon to go "fishing" (read: Friday skins game). This was my first real chance to find out if I was simply paranoid or if the similarities in the aforementioned story were, in fact, more than a coincidence. Finally, 3:00 came and I was out the door in a flash. Needless to say, it was a "handicap maintenance day" for me. I shot a 97....not a good round for a 13 handicap, but who could blame me. I wasn't exactly thinking about golf.

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