Carrie heard the slam of a car door, outside her house. It startled her awake and she groaned, turning over in bed and looking out through the blinds. Parked in the driveway of her house, was a car that she recognized; it was Alison's car.

What was she doing there?

Alison, was Carrie's brothers girlfriend. They had been dating for a few years now and seemed to be a very good couple. In fact, they had even gotten engaged a few months earlier and would be getting married, that coming summer. Stretching, Carrie rolled out of bed and started out into the living room. She reached the front door, just as Alison knocked. "Hey," Carrie said, pulling the door open and coming face to face, with Alison.

The look on the girls face however, was very unexpected. Alison looked terrible! She had clearly been crying, her eyes were red and she had bags under them. "What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry to bother you, so early..."

"It's okay," Carrie said, stepping aside. "Come in!"

Alison stepped into the house and Carrie shut the door, turning to face her soon to be, sister-in-law. She knew something terrible, had clearly happened; but what?

"You look horrible; what's going on?"

"Your brother, is an asshole!"

Oh no, Carrie thought to herself.

"What did he do?"

"I caught him," Alison said, choking up and struggling to hold back her tears.

"I caught him...with that fucking slut, Heather! I knew he was fooling around, even though he said he wasn't."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me..."

Carrie was in shock. There had been no hints to her, that anything was going wrong between her brother and Alison. As far as she had known, everything was great. What was he thinking, sleeping with another girl like that? Corey was always talking about Alison, about how much he loved her and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life, with only her.

Maybe he had been lying...but why? Why not just break up with Alison, if he wasn't truly happy with her?

As for Heather...Carrie knew who Heather was.

Heather was one of Corey's co-workers, at the bank he worked at. Corey was a manager there and therefore, was one of her managers; he was fucking one of his employees?

Alison was hysterical at this point, and Carrie had to try and calm her down. They sat down together, on the couch and Carrie did her best to comfort the girl.

"How long has this been going on?"

"Not long," Alison admitted. "I guess, about a month now?"

"A month...jeeze, Allie...I'm so sorry..."

"It started with him, acting really weird. Like, he got very quiet and just stopped wanting to do anything at all, with me. No dates, hardly any quality time sex...and then, I noticed he was spending a lot more time on the phone. Working longer hours at the bank. So, I asked him outright about it and of course, he said there was nothing going on."

"Alison, I didn't know my brother was like that. I don't know why he would do this, I always thought he loved you."

Carrie stood up, pacing back and forth now. She was angry at her brother, infuriated actually. Alison meant a lot to Carrie, not just her brother. Alison was Carrie's best friend and they did everything together; they were almost like sisters. The thought that her own sibling, had inflicted this kind of emotional pain on her best friend, was a really aggravating thing to think about.

"I'm sorry, I bothered you really early in the morning," Alison apologized again.

"I didn't know who else, to turn to. I know this must be awkward for you. You and I are friends...but Corey is your brother."

"He is my brother," Carrie nodded. "And I'll always love him, no matter what. But this is really fucked up, and he truly is an asshole for doing this to you."

Carrie grabbed her cell phone now, opening the contacts list and calling her brothers phone.

"What are you doing?" Alison asked, concerned.

"Ripping someone, a new asshole!"

"Carrie, you don't have to-"

Alison was interrupted, when Carrie started yelling into the phone angrily. It was the voice mail but, that didn't stop her from leaving Corey a very long and very insulting message. She must have called her brother about a hundred different curse words, telling him she was going to shove her foot up his ass, the next time she saw him and that he did not deserve a girl, as beautiful and loving as Alison.

Then she hung up and sighed, in frustration.

"You really showed him," Alison teased.

Carrie scoffed, then laughed before turning to face her friend and shaking her head. "It had to be done. We may be twins, but I am the oldest and it's my job, to put him in his place!"

Alison couldn't help but laugh, as she fell back onto the couch and sighed. She wiped a few tears away and sat forward, burying her face in her hands for a moment. Carrie sat down next to her again and started rubbing the girls back, still feeling quite badly for the girl.

"What should I do?" Alison asked, looking up from the floor now. "I mean...if he

apologizes, you know? Do I take him back?"

That was a good question, Carrie realized. She didn't know if things would play out that way but, if her brother did realize how much he had screwed up and decided he wanted to beg Alison, to take him back...would Allie really do it?

"I can't tell you what to do," Carrie said, after mulling it over for a few moments.

"In the end, that's going to have to be your own choice. I can tell you, even though he is my brother, I don't think you should give him another chance. Cheating is a really fucked up thing to do. Especially, when you've been together almost three fucking years."

"It really is fucked up," Alison agreed.

Now the pain was gone. Alison balled her hands into fists and started shaking a little. She'd cried, until she had no more tears to cry and now she was pissed.

"I just wish, I could get know?"

"No killing sprees, now...he is my brother," Carrie joked.

"I wouldn't go that far," Alison chuckled. "I just wish there were SOMETHING I could do, to get under his skin. To get back at him, for doing something like this."

Both girls were quiet for a few moments, before Alison stood up and moved towards the window. She sighed, folding her arms over her chest and staring outside, trying to calm her mind. Carrie watched the other woman and found herself, gently biting her lower lip. In the sunlight, Alison was absolutely gorgeous. Carrie always thought very highly of her friend...but not just in the typical way, that a girl thinks of her best friend. No, this was different. Carrie was in love with Alison. Maybe that was partly why she felt so fucking pissed at her brother, for doing what he had done.

Seeing Alison so devastated, hurt a lot worst because of how Carrie felt for the other woman. She'd never told anyone. In fact, no one in the family even knew that Carrie was interested in girls; that had been a lifelong secret, so far.

At twenty six years old, Carrie's dating history was pretty limited. She'd known since she was very young, that she did not feel the way about boys, that other girls felt. Still, she had tried to hide that side of herself and she had dated, even slept with a few guys in the past...just not more than two or three. Those relationships, were also very short lived. As it was, it had been two and a half years, since the last relationship she had even been in.

Carrie had always been attracted, to Alison. They met before Alison even met Corey. It was Carrie, who foolishly introduced her friend, to her brother in the first place. She hadn't expected anything to happen between the two, when she introduced them but, that's exactly what had happened.

Before Carrie knew it, Corey and Alison were a couple and Carrie found herself burying her feelings even more. For the sake of Alison AND her brother. Now she really regretted allowing all of that to happen, knowing the asshole that her brother turned out to be.

Suddenly, she had an idea of how Alison could get back at Corey. Sure, it was going to piss her brother off quite a bit, and most likely put him against his own sister; maybe it was worth it, though. Alison should have been Carrie's in the first place, anyway.

She smiled to herself, standing from the couch and stepping up behind Alison, who was still standing at the window. Wrapping her arms around the other woman, Carrie rested her chin on Alison's shoulder and held her close.

"You deserve, so much better, than my brother..."

Alison smiled at first, then took note of where Carrie's hands seemed to be moving. Up from her tummy and towards her breasts, then her eyes went wide, as Carrie started gently fondling her breasts. She felt Carrie's hot breath on her neck and shivered, unable to move or speak a word.

"C-Carrie...what are you doing?"

"Shhh," was her only reply.

She moved one hand back down and slid it up, under Alison's tank top. Her hand moved along the smooth skin of Alison's stomach and over her bare breasts; she wasn't wearing a bra. Alison's breasts, were not very big, so she could sometimes get away without wearing one. Carrie felt the other girls nipples, harden at her touch and she gently rubbed and pinched them.

Then she started kissing Alison on the neck, earning a light groan from the woman and Carrie smiled to herself.

"I've always wanted you," she whispered softly, to Alison.

"Ever since we first met..."

Alison turned around suddenly, and now both girls were looking each other in the eyes.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Never had the guts," Carrie laughed. "No one really knows about this...about me being...this way..."

"You're afraid, of what people will think?"

There was a look of sympathy on Alison's face and for a moment, Carrie felt like maybe her friend was just trying to comfort her and not taking her moves seriously enough. Then, Alison leaned in and kissed the girl on the lips. It was the moment that Carrie had dreamed about, every night, for the last five years now. She was actually making out, with Alison!

Their tongues danced and Carrie felt herself becoming very wet, between her legs. The kiss broke and Alison smiled at her, gently stroking the girls cheek.

"You shouldn't be afraid," Alison whispered.

"I have my own secrets..."

Carrie was about to ask what that meant but, Alison cut her off, kissing her again...harder and more passionately this time.

Hands began to roam and soon, Alison was lifting Carrie up, right off of her feet. Alison was considerably taller than Carrie, probably around 5'11" while Carrie was only about 5'6" and weighed about 120 pounds. Alison also spent a lot of time at the gym and jogging, always keeping in good shape. So it was pretty easy, for her to sweep Carrie right up and make her way towards the girls bedroom. She laid Carrie down on the bed and stepped back, smiling at her the whole time, as she proceeded to remove the tank top. Her breasts now fully exposed, Alison climbed onto the mattress with Carrie and kissed her forehead. Her lips traveled to the girls neck, gently biting and sucking.

Carrie moaned and groaned, running her hands up and down Alison's smooth back. Then Carrie, was sucking on her tits, causing Alison to moan just as loud as she was moaning.

They rolled over, so that Alison was on her back now and Carrie hooked her thumbs over the elastic waist band of Alison's shorts and tugged at them. They slid down the woman's legs and then, the only thing left were Alison's panties. Carrie pulled them off next and that's when she realized, something was quite wrong.

It sprang free, standing straight up at full attention and god, was it fucking big...Alison had a dick!


"Sorry," Alison giggled. "I guess...I forgot to tell you that?"

" have a cock?"

"I was born a boy," Alison said slowly. "I've been living as a woman, since before you and I even met though."

Carrie was in shock but, she wasn't turned off at all. This was perhaps, the best thing that could have happened to a girl like Carrie. Here she had the most beautiful girl, that she had ever seen...complete with a very big cock, to fill her pussy up nice and good. Carrie reached out and wrapped her fingers around Alison's cock, slowly moving her hand up and down the length and biting her lower lip nervously.

"And my brother knows about this?"

"Of course; we've been together, for three years."

"Have you know..."

"Used it on Corey? A few times, yeah. It's not very often but, sometimes he's willing to reverse the roles...always very fun, when he does agree to it."

"It's so big," Carrie said softly. "Who would have guessed, my brother could handle a dick so big?"

Both girls started laughing at that, and Carrie pushed the thought of her brother doing anything sexual with Alison, out of her mind. With the shock wearing off now, Carrie decided it was time to get things moving. With a smile on her face, she briefly made eye contact with Alison...then moved down, until her face was mere inches from her friends throbbing member.

Carrie started out, by slowly licking and teasing Alison's cock, with her tongue. Alison moaned softly, as the tongue swirled around the head of her shaft, then up and down the length and Carrie started sucking on her balls for a moment.

"Wow," Alison moaned, watching her friend perform for her.

Carrie spent a good few moments, licking and sucking on Alison's balls. Alison parted her legs further and lifted them up a little, allowing Carrie to get at her perineum to. Then she started licking at the woman's asshole, moving back and forth between her hole and her perineum. Finally, she worked her way back to the balls, sucking on them for a few moments longer and then moving back up to the head of her shaft.

Moving forward just a little, Carrie wrapped her lips around just the head of the shaft and started sucking on it. Alison shivered, reaching up and fondling her breasts. She was panting and already breaking a sweat, as Carrie continued building up the tension.

Carrie looked up and watched, enjoying the look of bliss on her new lovers face and felt herself becoming even wetter at the sight. Liking what she saw, Carrie decided it was time to cut the teasing and really get things moving. Her lips slowly glided down the length of Alison's cock, swallowing the entire thing and gagging, as it reached the back of her throat.

Carrie had only sucked two dicks, in her life time. Jimmy White's, back in senior year of high school. And Nick Thompson, on her 21st birthday. She had done it for Jimmy a few times and was pretty bad at it, the first couple of attempts. They dated and fooled around for a few months though, and by the time they broke up, Carrie had actually gotten good at it. It felt weird of course, to be good at something that she wasn't really all that interested in. Doing it now though, with was a totally different experience.

It was actually much more comfortable and easy to enjoy, then it had been with any guy.

"You're really good at this," Alison whispered, as Carrie continued to deep throat her cock.

"I think you're even better, than your brother."

Carrie mentally laughed at that, but tried to focus on the task at hand. Alison reached down suddenly and started moving her hand, through the girls soft, brown hair. She forced Carrie's head further down, choking her for a moment and then sighed, as Carrie slowly pulled back and started teasing the head again.

"God, you are really mean, you know that?"

"Hmm, am I now?"

"Stop teasing me," Alison sighed.

Carrie giggled, then swallowed the girls cock whole once again. She started sucking harder and faster now, working Alison's cock with skill and determination; determined, to make her feel better than anyone had ever made her feel.

Alison could feel herself getting close now, the familiar pressure in her balls, as she braced herself for what was sure to be an intense orgasm. It was only egged on further, when Carrie slipped her index finger into Alison's tight ass and started rubbing her prostate. Alison gasped, her whole body tensing up and lifting her ass off of the mattress.

She thrust her hips forward, shoving Carrie's head all the way down and choking the girl.

"Fuck! I'm c-cumming! I'm cumming!"

Sure enough, Alison erupted like a volcano, at that very moment. Her cock twitched, throbbed and pulsed in Carrie's mouth, as spurt after spurt of cum, blew from the tip and shot down her throat. It flooded her mouth and Carrie swallowed it, every last drop and savored the taste.

She came back up, taking a deep breath of air and licking the tip clean, smiling innocently up at Alison.

"Fuck," Alison sighed, trying to catch her breath.

"It's been a few years, since I've done that...with anyone. Did I do a good job?" Carrie asked, feeling a bit worried.

"You did amazing," Alison replied. Carrie giggled, relieved to know she had done well.

The next thing she knew, Carrie was being flipped over onto her back; it was Alison's turn now.

Their lips pressed together, tongues dancing again, hands exploring and fondling. They sat up for just a moment, so that Carrie could slip out of the t-shirt she had been wearing. Then she laid back again and Alison started licking and sucking, on the girls breasts. She gently bit one of her nipples, causing Carrie to gasp and twitch, moaning as she wrapped her lips around it and started sucking. As she sucked one of her breasts, Alison used her fingers, to tease and pinch Carrie's other nipple. Then she moved downward, leaving a trail of soft kisses down Carrie's stomach and stopping, at the waist band of her pajama bottoms. She hadn't had time to get dressed that morning, since Alison had first arrived.

Carrie had been wearing her PJ's the whole time, that all of this had been going on.

Carrie lifted her ass off of the mattress, wiggling her way out of the bottoms, as Alison pulled them down and threw them aside. Alison kissed her inner thighs, teasing and rubbing her through her undergarments. Carrie's panties were soaked by the time that Alison pulled them down, revealing her glistening pussy and licking her lips.

"I've never done this before," Alison admitted.

"Seriously?" Carrie asked, surprised.

"I've only ever been with guys..."

Carrie smiled, somehow more aroused knowing, that she would be the first pussy that Alison had ever tasted; hopefully the only one, to.

Eager for the experience, Alison leaned in and licked at the girls wet pussy. She licked up and down the slit, slowly at first.

She stopped for a moment, just long enough to ask, "Am I doing good?"

"Mmm, no need to stop...keep going..."

Happy to oblige, Alison buried her face in Carrie's wet pussy and continued licking, more intensely now. She worked at the clit, licking, teasing and sucking on it, which seemed to get the exact reaction that she wanted. Carrie was panting and sweating now, moaning and writhing around underneath of Alison. Alison reached up with both hands, fondling the girls breasts, as she continued to eat her pussy. She took note of how good Carrie tasted; she was sweet and smelled good, to.

The mixed aroma of her natural scent and strawberry body wash, filled Alison's nose and she felt her cock hardening. She was throbbing at this point and she couldn't help, but to reach down, wrapping her fingers around her cock and stroking. Alison jerked herself off, while she shoved her tongue into Carrie's hole and started gently rubbing her clit.

Soon, she replaced her tongue with fingers, slipping two of them into Carrie's pussy and licking her clit, as she thrust her digits in and out. Carrie was moaning much louder now and her body was shaking, as she arched her back and gripped the sheets tightly.

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