tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge Ch. 01

Revenge Ch. 01


Barbara and Tom had been married since they were in their early 20s. But they had been lovers since the night she graduated from high school and Tom took her for the first time. In fact Tom made love to her and took her cherry the night of her prom in a beautiful hotel room over looking the lake in the western part of the state. They spent the weekend making love and enjoying each other’s bodies.

She was a virgin and looked spectacular with full breasts and an athletic body, which every guy in town wanted to fuck! But, Barbara loved Tom and he loved her so much he didn’t just want to just fuck her, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He asked her to marry him that weekend and she told him yes and from then on they spent almost hour of every day together. You could tell they loved each other just by looking at them.

She waited for him while he served in the US Navy and a local trade school. He finished school and they married. She was 20 and Tom was 21. Barbara looked like every bride should look on their wedding day, beautiful, so beautiful. Tom told her he would make her happy her entire life and he worked hard to keep that promise.

They now lived in a beautiful home in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Washington. They had 2 children, a boy and a girl. Tom worked and earned very good money as the supervisor of a very respected construction company. They had 3 nice cars and were members of the local country club.

She didn’t work and didn’t want to work until the children were older. She took care of the kids as they grown to beautiful teens. Her son was 17, tall and a very good athlete and had a 3.8 average in school. He had good-looking girls chasing him day and night.

Their daughter was just about to turn 14 in a few months and every bit as beautiful as her mother was. In fact, she even reminded Tom of Barb when she was a young teenager herself.

Their lives were good. Barb had everything she ever dreamed of and more. A husband who worshiped her and gave her all of his love all the time. Their sex life was almost as strong as it was that first weekend at the lake where they had made love until neither of them had anything left! They had drained each other completely and both knew they were in love. They still made love like that! She use to say her life was blessed and she was a living a dream.

Finally Barb asked Tom if he cared if she went back to work? He told her he didn’t care and that she should do what she wanted with her life as long as she was happy. If work were what she wanted, he would support her fully. Or, if she wanted to stay home, that was OK with him too. She applied for a few jobs worked them a few months and left, unhappy with the place or her supervisor or the people.

She decided to stay home awhile and maybe go back to school and Tom helped her with the paperwork to get into the local community college. She took 12 credits and worked hard as hell the first 2 year keeping her 4.0 average. She loved going to class even if she was one of the oldest women in every class. She felt she still looked good for a woman 15 years older than the kids, as she called them.

She had 2 days a week plus the weekend when she didn’t have to go to school. On those days and sometimes on Saturdays, she stayed in shape working out at the local gym. She worked as hard in the gym as she did in class and actually dropped about 7 pounds. She was looking great and Tom complemented her almost everyday on how trimmed and toned she had gotten.

She loved it, all the attention she got from Tom and the kids at school who were her friends. She was asked by some of the girls how she managed all the things she did? She just told them she worked hard at everything she did ever since she had her first kid. She laughed and told one of them she even worked hard at fucking her husband to have the kid. They laughed and kidded about it. She was having a great time now learning and working towards a teaching degree in science.

During the year it became a sort of habit of meeting the group of 3 girls she had made good friends in the cafeteria almost everyday between her classes. They talked and asked her opinion on great many things in their lives. She was like a mom away from home. They asked her things that they would and couldn’t ask their own mothers. She told them they could talk with her about anything. She enjoyed being a mom at home and at school.

There was one girl who really had her life really messed up. She was a junior who had an "A" average. But, now she was failing 2 of the 5 subjects she was taking. She also had a guy in her life who she told Barb treated her like shit. She told Barbara when they first met, he was wonderful. Lee would treat her like she was the only woman around and gave her things and treated her like a princess. He told her how beautiful she was all the time and actually was a very gentle guy. When she finally let Lee make love to her, he was a soft caring loving guy who made her his priority.

He would always make sure she was completely satisfied and most of the time she had multiple orgasm when he fucked her. Mary told Barb all about him and that now Lee had become very aggressive and treated her like she didn’t matter, more like a piece of meat a great deal of the time they were together. When they made love he fucked her hard, long and fast, bring her to a screaming orgasm but he was hurting her now! She wasn’t sure if she was climaxing from the pain or from his cock fucking her.

She told Barb he had a thick hard cock that stretched her pussy like hell and before they had finished the session he would shoot his load and then let her lay there with a load of cum all over her! He always liked to shoot one of his loads on her body before they had finished their sex session.

Things were not the same but she was talking with him and was hoping things would work out. Finally she told Barb the guy was black. Barb sat back and asked her why she decides to go with a black guy. She told Barb the guy actually seduced her with kind words and gentle kindness and made her laughed all the time. Plus she had heard most black guys were hung. He was almost begging her to go out with him. He was on her all the time asking and he even made her feel guilty about not wanting to go out because he was “black”.

Finally, she gave in and they went to the movies. He was kind, polite and made her laugh, she liked him. Lee was fun and nicely built and he had lots of women who liked him. But, he told her he like only her. Finally she broke down and went out with him again, to dinner this time. Then it was one date at a time, each time they went a little further sexually. He told her when you date a black guy you make love to him.

So, they continued dating until finally she was with him in his place and gave in to his charms. They made love and it was really nice and hot because he was the first black guy she ever been with. She had to admit the sex was good but she had been with bigger white guys. It was the color she was sure that made it feel so evil and hot! Her parents had no idea. After that day they started having sex all the time and if they didn’t, he would get pissed. She was also doing things she really didn’t want to do like sucking him off in public places and putting his hands on her when they were sure to be seen. He even fucked in his car on the school parking lot in the afternoon. And once they did it on the mall parking lot. She was sure people saw them and she was embarrassed. But now he wanted her to do things she wasn’t ready to do. He wanted to fuck her ass and for her to have sex with his friends, “the brothers” he called them. He wanted to share her. When she told him no he got mean and nasty. He even hit her a few times.

She told Barb that he told her: “Little white girls that fucked him would have to do what he and the “brothers” told them to do.”

Lee would tell her: “You’re not fucking little white guys any more you're now fucking men!”

She told Barb she use to love the guy now she was scared of him. She was scared of what he would do to her if she didn’t do what he wanted. Barb told her to get out of the relationship and if he gave her any trouble to call the police on him, especially if he hit her again.

Barb went home and told Tom all about this conversation and Tom told her to stay out of it. He told her he was worried about what the guy might do to her if he found out Barb was the person who told the girl to break off the relationship. Barb tried but the mother in her wouldn’t let her just leave Mary to face this alone.

One day she saw Mary in the school hallway and she stopped dead in her tracks. Mary’s face looked like she was in a car accident! Both her eyes were blacken and her lips fat and black & purple. Mary tried to get away before Barb stopped her, but she touched her arm and Mary stopped and started crying. When Barb asked her what happened, Mary broke down crying like a little girl. She told Barbara to come into the lady’s room with her because she didn’t want anyone to see her in the hall.

When they got there and closed the door, Mary lifted her blouse. "Oh my God!", Barb seemed to cry out.

Mary’s breasts were red and swollen with what looked like hand prints and whip marks over both of them! Mary told her that her bottom was worst, she couldn’t even sit down! Barb held her hand to her mouth when Mary showed her what she was talking about. Mary’s pussy was so red it looked like it was bleeding. Her thighs and hips had the same type marks as her breasts. She told Barb what happened. Here’s the story.

Mary and Lee the black guy she was going out with, decide to make up and he took her to the mountains. They drove up in her car and he was kind and gentle and made soft love to her all the way while she drove. It took about 2 hours to get to the home on the lake that he had rented for the entire weekend. He told her it would be just the two of them and he wanted to make up with her and show how sorry he was for treating her so bad. School pressure and social things were his reason as to why he was like he was over the past couple of months. They would be alone for 3 days to make love and really get to know each other. He told her he would make her feel like she had never felt before. He guaranteed he would make her cum until she screamed and he wouldn’t ask her to do anything she didn't want to do or wasn’t happy doing.

Mary looked at Barb and said: “He did just what he said, we fucked until I screamed and screamed and then I think I passed out. But it wasn’t from his lovemaking it was from being raped!"

Barb asked: Rape? Did you go to the police?”

Mary told her she was too scared to do that since she was warned what would happen. Mary continued with her story. They got there and made beautiful love to each other all afternoon. Lee was kind and gentle and so sexy as he gave her orgasm after orgasm with his mouth and cock. It was just the two of them with a fire burning and soft music playing. She said it was a day of beautiful love. She really felt that they had passed the problem they were having and he wasn’t nasty or hurt her in anyway. He was unbelievable and made her cum like she always hoped she would with him.

Mary went on to described how he fucked her on the bed and the table and the floor making her cum and cry out for him. Barb could feel her own body reacting to Mary's indepth description of their lovemaking!

Then Barb asked: “So what happened Mary? Why did he beat you so bad?” Mary rested against the edge of the sink and told the rest of her story.

The next morning Mary woke up and took a shower to remove all the cum he had pumped into and on her. She told Barb again that Lee always shot at least one load on her body. It really got him hot to cum on a white chick or any chick for that matter. Lee had told her that, and she usually got cum on her anyway from making out in different ways.

So as Mary was showering, he came into the shower with her and wanted her to suck his morning hard-on off. She didn’t like it, because he didn’t even smell very good from all the fucking they had done the night before. She told him to shower and he grabbed her and forced her to suck his dry cum off his cock. She knelt on the dirty shower floor and sucked his cock until he blew a huge load in her mouth and all over her face and tits. He stepped out of the shower and took a piss before leaving the bathroom.

She washed her body again and asked him if he would at least start breakfast? She told her he would because she was going to need all her energy today. She began to wonder what Lee had planned the two of them. Certainly they couldn’t fuck all damn day, could they? Maybe they would go down to the lake for a swim and she felt warm inside thinking about fucking him in the lake. She finished and got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body.

They sat together at the table drinking coffee and having donuts he got last night before they arrived! There was a hard knock on the door of the cabin. She asked him was he expecting anyone as he got up to answer the door. He smiled and told her: “Only the brothers baby. Only the brothers!"

She looked at him funny and when he opened the door, there were 4 black men standing there smiling and slapping hands in high fives and stuff. They walked in and started to smile when they say Mary in just a towel. The tallest one asked: “So you’re the bitch fucking Lee? Great. You look like you’re ready.”

Mary felt a chill run up the back of her neck and she stood. She said to them: “I think I’ll go put some clothes on Lee.”

She started to turn and 2 guys stepped in front of her. The smallest one said: “Na don’t do that baby. It won’t be as much fun if you put clothes on! Besides it will be a waste of time since you won’t be need then for the next few days."

She turned the other way and the really big guy stood in her way. She asked Lee: “Lee what’s going on?”

Lee smiled and told her: “I already told you baby! The brothers are here. I told them what a great piece of ass you are. I told them how you love my black cock and how you couldn’t get enough of it. They didn’t believe me when I told them you sucked and fucked me dry over these last few weeks. But you know? They just wouldn’t take my word for it Mary. They didn’t believe me. Didn’t believe I could get such a pretty little white bitch like you to fuck and suck me. So I asked them if they wanted some of it. They’re here to see for themselves and to get a taste of you and your white ass and tight pussy."

Mary was hearing the words but they weren’t sinking in. She looked at Lee and said: “You’re kidding? This is one of your sick jokes to try and scare me? Right? Well Lee it backfired I’m so gone from here and I won’t be coming back. We’re finished.”

They all laughed and the big guy who was standing next to her took her arm and pulled her to him. Mary tried to slap him as he yanked the towel of her body. She was now completely nude standing in front of 5 black guys, only one of which she knew. She was yelling now telling them that she would call the cops if they didn’t let her get dressed and leave. They laughed and then all of a sudden the big guy hit her with the back of his hand knocking her half way across the cabin.

As she lay on the floor he started towards her. One of the other guys stopped him and told him: "Wait big guy. Wait Bubba don’t beat her. We all want some of this white meat first. Don’t fuck her up yet.”

The big guy said: “Well then make her behave and not talk back. I don’t need no white fucking bitch talking back to me that’s for sure.”

Mary picked herself up and sat down on the edge of the bed. She was nude and her nose was bleeding. Lee threw her a towel and told her to keep her fucking mouth closed if she knew what was good for her. He sat next to her and tried to kiss her neck and she pulled away from him. He said: “You might as well enjoy this Mary because there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s going to happen whether you fight or not. If you’re good and nice to us we may be nice to you. But, if you fight us, we‘ll fuck you anyway and then fuck you up good baby. I promise you you’ll regret it.”

Mary began to shake and Barb held her as she cried and shook for a long time. Classes had already started but Barb stayed with Mary holding her as she continued the story.

The men told her to come over and undo their pants. They stood there and they made Mary knelt in front of each of them and remove their pants. As she pulled each one down they stepped out of them letting their black cocks swing in front of her.

First it was the big guy and as she lowered his pants his cock seemed to roll out towards her. Bubba was the biggest of the bunch and so was his cock! Lee said: "Suck it!”

Mary took it in her shaking hands and held it up to her mouth. She could smell his musk and it gagged her. Bubba grabbed her head and yelled: “He told you to suck it bitch.”

And he shoved her face into his sweaty cock and balls. Mary started to cry and he slapped the top of her head hard. She opened her mouth and Bubba’s cock started to grow as she place her lips around the big black thick head. As she sucked Bubba held her face tight against his body letting his cock fill her mouth as it continued to grow. She started to gag when she heard Lee say: “Relax and let it slid down your throat baby.”

She heard them all say: "Yea let it down your throat baby."

She cried more and more as she sucked on this big man’s cock growing in her mouth. And, as she cried her nose got clogged up and with the cock in her throat she couldn't breath. She felt like she was going to pass out or worst yet die. But she only passed out from being choked by Bubba’s cock. Bubba’s cock became huge and started down her throat just before she blanked out. A few minutes later she woke up on the floor with Lee slapping her face with some water.

Bubba was still standing there with this big hard black cock and a big grin on his face. He made her kneel in front of him again and told her he would have to train her this weekend to take all of his cock down her throat. But, she should suck him off right now the best she could. It seemed like hours had gone by but it was actually only a short time when she felt him begin to moan louder and louder building towards his climax. He started to fuck her face as Lee said: “Easy Bubba we don’t want her to pass out again.”

Bubba held her head so he could move it and as she sucked just the big cock head. He made her use her hands to pumped the long black shaft up and down. She had to use both hands to do it. He moaned again long and loud and began to dump a load of cum into her mouth like she couldn’t believe. She always felt Lee had a lot of cum, but Bubba shot so much cum she choked on it twice before swallowing most of it, while the rest ran down her chin and on to her tits and body.

She felt she would be missing some teeth as hard as Bubba fucked her face as he shot his load. As Bubba finished, one of the other guys lifted Mary up and laid her over the table with her ass sticking out and her stomach pressed on the table. Mary was so small her feet were off the floor and she was lying on her stomach. The guy walked behind her and said: “Mumm Mumm that’s some fine looking white ass on this little white bitch."

One of the others said: “How do you know Munford this is your first white woman."

He laughed and told them: “Well I think I’ll have me some of this ass anyway. A white cunt or black cunt, a cunt is a cunt.”

Lee told him her ass was his for later and to not even think about fucking that virgin ass. So Munford positioned himself behind Mary and pushed his cock into her pussy. He had about 3 inches of his 5 or 6-inch cock, pushed up in her pussy when Mary began to cried. She wasn’t ready for a cock in her dry pussy.

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