tagInterracial LoveRevenge Ch. 04A

Revenge Ch. 04A


Please read the first chapters of this story.

As she stepped into the shower, Barbara knew she really didn't have a desire to fuck Tom tonight. All she wanted to do was sleep, she was tired. But she could tell how he touched her, when she headed to the shower, that he had a deep desire to make love to her.

She knew her husband like a book! Her husband had a nice cock but Marv, her new lover, had a fucking great cock. She was wondered if Tom would realize how open and stretched her pussy was tonight! She was started to get a little scared and then decided to tell him she didn't feel very well tonight and maybe he would just let her go to sleep.

But, if she did have to fuck him, it would be like an animal and he would forget about how loose she was. She realized she had said: "if I have to fuck him", and she felt a little guilty. She really did love Tom.

She just hopped she had enough energy left in her body to do it. If he did say anything she would just say she didn't know and guessed it was from last night when they went crazy on each other.

She started to feel like she did earlier tonight when Marv was sucking her guts out of her pussy with his mouth. She remembered how hard she had climaxed and how much she had cum on his face like some high school slut in the school parking lot! Then when he fucked her with that big dick she lost it all and went to highs she had never known before.

She shuttered and started to wonder if she still had some of Marv's cum in her womb? She knew Tom would want to eat her pussy first and then fuck her. She would try and get her pussy on Tom's cock before he had a chance to eat her, just in case Marv's cum wasn't deep enough.

But then she began thinking about how good Tom's tongue was and she moaned. It didn't matter, Marv's cum was deep enough inside her pussy that once Tom shot his load it would all mix together.

She wouldn't start anything, she would wait for Tom. If he were tired as she was, she would just lay with him and fall asleep. She wrapped her hair in a towel and her body in another one, brushed her teeth and hurried into the bedroom where her wonderful sweet husband was waiting for her. He had a glass of her favorite wine but she declined. She decided to change her tactics and moved over him immediately.

She climbed on to the bed and circled his cock with her lips and began to suck him. He held her head releasing the towel and letting her long wet hair fall down over her shoulders and his hips. She moaned as she felt his cock harden in her mouth right away and again when she felt Tom release her other towel covering her body.

Tom tried to turn her around and place her pussy over his head and down to his mouth so they could 69. She resisted at first, and then gave in knowing how good Tom's tongue would feel. Tom began sucking and stroking her pussy as it sat over his face, and Barbara had Tom's cock in mouth making it hard just seconds with her talents. She could see and knew it wasn't as big as Marv's was when she held his in her hand only a short time ago in the school parking lot. Marv had him by at least 3 inches. Yes, Marv was about 3 inches bigger, three wonderful big inches bigger! And Marv was a little thicker than Tom too.

She moaned when she felt her husband's fingers begin stroking and working on and in her soggy pussy. She was still wet as hell inside and Tom moaned when he felt how wet she was, already. She was hoping she wouldn't leak any of Marv's cum out as Tom played and sucked on her cunt. Tom said: "God Barb you really do want to make love don't you? You're pussy is running like a river. Come up here and let me take care of you, let me get you off baby! You are as wet as I can ever remember! Are you OK?"

She popped his cock out of her mouth, he was hard enough for her now. She smiled as she straddles his thighs with her knees and told him: "God Tom! I don't know what's wrong with me tonight, but I'm so hot. YES!! I want, no need, to fuck you bad baby."

She began to pump her pussy up and down on his big cock furiously. Tom had his hands behind his head and watched his beautiful and sexy wife fucking herself like a crazed woman up and down on his cock. He had never felt so hard as he did right now. But she wasn't as tight as she was last night. Oh hell maybe she fingered herself in the shower. He just smiled up at her and told her he loved her so much.

She moaned and moaned as she pumped away on his hard shaft. She had lower her pussy down onto his hard cock all the way now and her body shook and shook as she began to orgasm after only 30 or 40 seconds.

After a few seconds she started to recover and began pumping on Tom again. He now held her hips and helped her work towards another climax. He wondered why she was so hot tonight. His cock went in and up her pussy easy since she was so wet and opened. When she met his body with her body again she knew she had all of him up inside her! She closed her eyes and smiled as she began to rock back and forth now, rather than pumping up and down on his rock hard shaft! She felt Tom was much harder than Marv. She had to stop comparing the two men. They both were her lovers now and both would fuck fuck her great.

Tom reached up and cupped her breasts as she bent forward allowing him full access to her body. He rolled her nipples around between his fingers just like he knew she like it. He knew what his Barbara liked when it came to making love. She sighed loudly and told him after a few more seconds: "Oh GOD TOM! This isn't good enough baby. I need you to fuck me harder. Fuck me like you have never fucked me before darling. Give it to me Tom. Give it to me hard. Oh god! I want your cock in me fucking me as hard as you can baby. Oh please baby. Fuck me harder! Fuck me hard tonight! Make me cum Tommy! Make me cum hard baby. God!!! I'm so horny baby. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me."

Tom smiled up at her and said: "OK!! If it's hard you want hard you'll get. I can give it to you hard Barb. You tell me if I start to hurt you."

With that he grabbed her and rolled her on to her back without releasing his cock deep inside her. He lifted her legs up and out as he kept pumping his cock in her now very wet, aching to be fucked pussy. He began to fuck her harder and harder.

Then when she said: "Harder baby." He thrust his hips and slammed his long hard cock into her pussy over and over and over again. She just moaned the word: "Yes! OH Yes!", over and over again.

Each time Tom rammed his cock into her she cried out in a state of desire he had not seen in her before. But he knew he love her especially when she got hot like this. She was like a little personal whore, his whore. Yes, he loved it when she got dirty. Tom lifted and slammed down into her again. She moaned: "Oh yes." Again. "Oh yes! Again! Fuck yes!" Again. Oh yes baby! Like that!"

Again and again and again and again and again and again Tom fucked her hard. Tom fucked her harder than he had ever done before. He was loving this so damn much. He wasn't making love to her, he was really fucking her and fucking her hard as he had ever fucked her or any woman in his life. And she was loving it. The harder he slammed into her the more she told him harder.

She told him in a husky sexy horse voice, that was deep, deeper than he or she had ever heard coming from her mouth. She told him: "Don't stop baby. Don't stop. Harder baby. I can feel another one coming. Oh yes! It's almost there!! Just keep on fuck me hard baby! OH GOD YES!! I"M CUMMING!"

Tom had no intentions of stopping he was enjoying the feeling of hammering his wife too. He was moaning and pumping her cunt like some stranger, like some guy who wanted too just fuck her cunt for the sexual pleasure, not love. But Tom loved Barbara, love her more than life. She was his world. But, he had to admit the sex tonight was unbelievable. He was really giving it to her and she was loving every damn thrust, every pump every fucking movement.

She was crying out now between every one of his strokes in a voice that was breathless. As he kept slamming into her body it sounded like this: "OH" - SLAM - "GOD" - SLAM - "TOMMY" - SLAM - "YOUR" - SLAM" - FUCKING - SLAM -" COCK" - SLAM - FEELS" - SLAM -" SO"- SLAM - GOOD!" -SLAM!!!!!"

He was great and was getting her off over and over again. Even if it was only about a half hour since she was fucking Marv's big cock the very same way. She had that big black cock deep inside her pussy and she was screaming as it filled her like nothing else. It made her orgasm over and over again. But Tom was doing the same thing to her.

She was so hot to fuck now that she was giving her husband such a fucking ride tonight that he would always remember. It was the ride of his life. She smiled when she remembered him telling her one time: "Damn Barb, you fucked me so hard, I could get blue balls."

She laughed out loud at that idea that tonight may damn well be the night it happens. He heard her laugh and smiled down at her asking: "What?"

She groaned out between thrusts: "Blue balls I'm giving you blue balls."

They both laughed for as few seconds and then it was back to: "Oh" - slam _"Oh" - SLAM - "Tommy" - SLAM - "I'M" _ SLAM - "SO" - SLAM - "HOT" - SLAM - SO" - SLAM - "FUCKING" - SLAM - "HOT" - "SLAM - "OH" - SLAM - "OH" - SLAM - "GOOD" - SLAM "SO" - SLAM _- "SO" - SLAM - "GOOD" - SLAM -'TOMMY!!"

And then Tommy was loosing it. He was about to cum and began quickening his thrusts. SLAM!!! SLAM - - SLAM - - SLAM - - - SLAM!! SLAM!! SLAM!! SLAM!! SLAM!! SLAM SLAMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! He fired into her so hard she felt it hit the outside of her womb. He almost made it she was thinking. Oh God he was so hard.

She yelled so loud she wasn't sure the neighbors didn't hear her as she screamed; "OH YES! DO IT TOMMY! FUCK ME BABY!"

They never stopped and they were brushing each out as their hips slammed into each other. She didn't care, she was grunting like an animal as he continued to fuck her. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! His cock was giving Barbara's cunt a hell of a work out. Tom may not have been as big a Marv but he loved Barbara deeply and he gave her every ounce of his love and strength.

One last time Tom slammed into his wife's pussy and she started screaming again. As he pumped his cum a fucking river into his beautiful wife's pussy she felt it and that pushed her own orgasm over her. She felt each shot of his cum being pumped into her body and some of it was reaching her womb.


In between his thrusts, Barbara tried to tell him: "I'M CUMMING TOO BABY!!" - SLAM!!! Again he slam down into her pussy full of his cum. It flew out of her cunt all over them from his thrusts.



She stopped talking and her eyes popped opened! She was thinking: "He didn't hear that did he? What the fuck did I just call Tom? OH!! Oh sweet lord! Please don't let it be what I think I called him. What did I yelled at him? Please God! OH PLEASE!!!"

She looked up at her husband with real fear in her eyes. Her hand went to her mouth. Tom didn't look very happy. He had stopped fucking her and she heard him say: "Do you know what you just called me?"

He moved off of her pulling his big hard cum covered cock out of her pussy and sat up. He looked at her and asked again: "I said, do you know what you did? What you just called me?"

No answer came from her throat. Tom said: "I'll tell you Barb. You just called your husband by another man's name while we were making love as hard as we have ever made love to each other before. You have never asked me to fuck you like that in your life. And then you called me another man's name. You called me Marvin! Marvin, Barb! You called me MARVIN!! Who the fuck is Marvin??"

She didn't answer him she didn't know what to say. Then Tom realized who Marvin was and he said: "You called me by the name of the guy who raped you. What the fuck is going on Barb? I want to know what the fuck is going on with you, and me?"

She could only think of one thing to tell him. She said: "It was the heat of the moment baby. The way you were fucking me Tom. That's all. It made me think of that day for some reason. That's the way he fucked me by slamming his cock into me. I'm sorry! I'm sorry baby! God I'm so sorry!"

She pulled on his arm and said: "Come on baby don't let us loose this moment. Let's talk about it later baby.. Fuck me now. I really need you!! I need you to make me cum!"

He didn't move. She begged and begged and then she got mad. She told him: "Damn it Tom fuck me! You got off and now I need to cum. Your wife needs to cum!!"

Tom didn't say anything, he got up and walked into the other room. She sat up, watched him walk into the living room and not look back at her. She felt her stomach fall. Her head was starting to spin again. Oh god what was she going to do. What the fuck was Tom going to do?"

Barbara called her husband Tom by the name Marvin as she was having a hard climax from being fucked so hard by Tom. He hadn't even bothered about getting dressed. He left the bedroom and sat in the chair in his living room with a very angry and worried look on his face and half a hard on. His cock was hanging between his legs still all wet and shinny with his wife's juice!

His wife had never acted like such a slut in their bed before tonight. And, while he loved what they were doing, hammering each other's bodies hard and hearing her cry out with her lust, he sure as hell never heard her call him by another man's name while he was fucking her, or any other time for that matter.

He started to think about her coming home late tonight. She was shaking when he took her into his arms and held her. And now he began to wonder more about why that was? He remembered the smell on her neck and lips when he hugged and kissed her. There was a difference. He just didn't realize it at that time. Now he did! She had the odor of someone else's perfume, or after-shave on her body.

He had through at the time it was most likely Mary's the girl she had dinner with, or was supposed to be having anyway. Her breath smelled funny too, he wasn't really sure what that odor was but it had a sort of musk odor and taste when he kissed her. And she had gone into the shower almost immediately after she gave him that lam excuse why she was so late.

He wondered if he called Mary if she would back her story up? He got up and walked into the bathroom. He went into the clothes hamper and pulled out all the clothes looking for those Barbara had on when she came home tonight. He was looking for her blouse. When he located it he put it to his face. Inhaling deeply, he was sure he could just make out some sweet sent, but he knew it wasn't his and it wasn't hers. It was definitely on her blouse collar and shoulders. Hell, it was all over it. He had also smelled it on her neck and cheek. He saw 2 buttons hanging loose around the middle of her blouse and started to wonder about that too.

Thinks were not looking good. He located her panties next and picked them up in his hand. They felt heavy and wet, very wet in the part that went between her legs covering her cunt and ass. He brought them to his nose and immediately knew it was his wife's pussy sent and nothing else was noticeable.

He knew her well enough to know she was plenty worked up to make her panties that wet. He said to himself: "She must have cum in those panties a couple of times. What the fuck is going on? What the hell did she do tonight?" Then he saw the panty leg ripped! He was getting red and mad as hell. What the FUCK had she been doing? She sure as hell wasn't just sitting and talking with that Mary woman.

He tried to calm himself but couldn't, he yelled: "Barbara get your ass in here, NOW! GOD DAMN IT! I want to see, you!"

She was halfway up the hall anyway coming to see what he was doing and what she could do to resolve their fight. When she heard him yell like that she stopped dead in her tracks. Oh God! He was in the bathroom. Oh God what was he doing, what did he find? What was she going to tell him? She was scared as she had ever been, maybe more than she was earlier tonight when she woke up and realized she wasn't with her husband and someone was eating her pussy. Someone else was licking her pussy and finger fucking her like mad sending her into heaven as she lay in the car. Oh god it was on the school's parking lot too. Did someone see them? Would they tell Tom? A chill ran up her back as she tried to walk towards her husband.

She might have been as scared as she was that day in the cabin being raped by 4 black men. What was she going to do, going to say to him?

Then she saw Tom at the other end of the hallway walking out of the bathroom with her blouse and ripped panties in his hand. He held them up to her and her face got red and her hand went to her mouth. She stood there nude as he walked towards the kitchen and dialed the phone.

Mary answered it and heard Tom say: "Hi Mary this is Tom. I'm sorry to call you so late, is Barb still there?"

Mary hesitated and then said: "No Tom. I haven't seen Barbara in a few days. Is she going to stop by tonight? If she does, I'll tell her you called."

He said; "Thanks but I think I hear her car pulling up in the drive way now."

He hung up the phone and just looked at his red-faced wife standing there in the doorway. He took her hand and pulled her into the living room! He said: "Sit down!! Sit you ass down and tell me what the fuck you did tonight. I want to know what happened and I want to know everything. And for your sake and the sake of our marriage Barbara, you better not fucking lie to me."

She had her hands in her lap and her head was hanging down. Tears started in her eyes, but he told her: "Tears are not going to help you tonight. I'm really pissed and I feel like beating the hell out of you before I throw your ass out of the house. Did you have sex with someone tonight? Did you fuck someone tonight? Answer me for the love of God. Did you fuck someone tonight?"

She shook her head no. She said: "No Tom I didn't had sex with anybody tonight or any other night. You only you."

He said: "Then explain to me whose perfume or after shave this is on your blouse? And, how your panties got ripped at the leg opening? And why buttons are hanging off your blouse!"

She didn't say anything at first. Then he said: "Talk to me Barbara, I'm your husband, and I have a right to know what the hell is going on. Are you fucking around on me?"

She moaned and sobbed for a few minutes until she could get herself together to talk with some reason. She didn't look at him she kept her head down. She said in her best convincing voice: "I swear to god Tom, I have had no other man fuck me but you. I swear to god. I don't know for sure what happened the entire night Tom. And that's the truth, you have to believe me when I tell you that."

He didn't say anything he sat there looking at his beautiful naked wife and for a second he almost went to her, but then he felt her wet panties in his hands again and his attitude changed back to hostile. He said: "I don't understand. Start at the beginning Barbara and don't leave anything out. And put this robe on."

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