tagInterracial LoveRevenge Ch. 04D

Revenge Ch. 04D


Here’s an ending request from another Lit. member, SilverPirate! Thanks D for your input.

Tom had so much rage in him he really wanted to kill Marvin. But instead of killing him, he fired the gun and shot between Marvin's legs. He didn't hit him but Marvin screamed and Barbara screamed and Tom smiled. Marvin fell to the floor covering his cock with his hands.

Tom looked at Barb and told her: "You have one second to decide who you're going to be with, me or him. One second who is it going to be?"

She didn't answer him. She stood there looking at him. Tom looked at her with disgust now and started to walk to the door. When he started to pass Marvin he said: "Stand up you black fucker."

Marvin slowly got up shaking now. Barbara started towards Tom saying: "NO!! Don't shoot him Tom."

Tom said, “Stay where you are Barbara.”

Marvin was scared as hell as Tom raised the gun and fired. He shot Marvin in the kneecap shattering it. Marvin's leg buckled and went out from under him. He screamed and yelled from the pain. Barbara screamed. Tom yelled at Marvin saying: "That's for the beating I got. If I shot you for fucking my woman you would be dead after the 4th or 5th shot. Certainly not from the first or second one. You would die very slowly."

Tom turned to Barbara with his heart breaking and as he held back his tears he said: "Are you coming?”

She shook her head no.

“Are you sure about this, Barb?"

She nodded her head this time yes.

“Ok, you made your choice. Throw me that rope”, Tom told her.

When she didn’t move, and just stood there looking at him, Tom yelled “NOW!”

Startled, she finally staggered over grabbed the rope and brought it to him. When Tom had Marvin’s hands tied behind his back securely, he tied his feet, then looked around the cabin for a toolbox. Finding it, he smiled at the contents, and carried it out to the middle of the room. Then he took a kitchen chair sitting it down about five feet from Marvin’s body, and told Barb to sit in it. She looked puzzled, and scared, but did as he told her.

Tom tied her to that chair, and then he tied a rope to the heavy bed and another to the heavy stove, he started talking to Barbara. “ You know I’m a very fair man, right Slut?”

With wide eyes, she nodded as he looked at her. “Ok, because of the pain you’ve caused me, and our family, you will always suffer the pain of knowing that everything that happens to Marvin is your fault. You have become a lying cheating slut. And you can thank Marvin for that. So I guess Marvin, you are to blame for what I’m about to do man.”

Marvin asked, “ What’s ya gonna do man?”

Tom said, “ Here’s what’s going to happen to you as a result of your choices Barb. This piece of shit”, he pointed at Marvin, “doesn’t love you, any more than he loves that chair you’re sitting in. He’s not capable of love. He loves fucking you, that’s all! And you’re so fucking dumb you can’t see it.”

Barb was crying and she said, “Oh please Tom can’t we talk about this?”

Tom took his hand and lifted her face and said, “When Marvin gets tired of you, and he will, it’s just a matter of time, you’re going to end up fucking first his friends. Then you’ll be making porno movies for them and whoring out on the streets sucking a bunch of cock every night after that. And when you’re too worn out for that, you’ll either be sold to a whorehouse in Mexico, where you’ll be fucking 40 or 50 field hands a day until you die, a few years later. Or you’ll die of a drug overdose or AIDS, or, if you have the strength, kill yourself.”

She said, “No, no Tom I will be with you. Take me back please! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please Tom let’s go home and be a family again please!”

He said, ‘ You’re so sad Barbara and such a waste. You’ll never stay away from him. I saw how you loved to fuck on his cock. You would leave me again and cheat on me again, you know it and I know it, and even old Marvin knows it. And besides you had your chance minutes ago and you picked Marvin. Now, in the interests of being fair, since Marvin here deliberately took away the only person I’ve ever loved, I’m going to take away the only thing he’s ever loved, his cock.”

Trembling with a fear greater than she had ever known, Barbara cried, “No! God no! Tom, don’t do it! I’ll do anything, anything you want, I’ll make it up to you, baby, please! Don’t cut off his cock! Besides, he’ll bleed to death, then you’ll go to jail! Please don’t!”

“It’s way too late for you, slut. And for all the other dozens and dozens of other stupid women who made that same choice before you. But I can stop it from ever happening again with this piece of shit.” Tom pointed at Marvin and slapped him on the back of his head hard.

“And this is going to happen to him because of what he did to me not you”, Tom told her.

Tom set to work, and soon had Marvin’s legs stretched wide apart and tied securely, ignoring his screams of pain from the broken knee until he was finished. Then using Barbara’s panties, he stuffed them in his mouth to muffle the further screams he knew were going to be coming. Then he reached into the toolbox and pulling the propane torch out of the tool kit. He lit it and approached Marvin’s spread crotch. “Tom, no, please baby, I’m begging you!” Barbara whimpered.

“Am I going to have to gag you too, slut?” Tom looked at her in disgust. “Now I want you to just remember whose fault this all is. Now shut up!”

Then, grabbing Marvin’s cock he stretched it out, and brought the 4000-degree torch flame down to the base of it. At the first touch of the flame, Marvin went ballistic, thrashing his body so fiercely that he knocked the chair backwards and fell over on his back. As he lay back on the floor, Tom had to turn around and sit on Marvin’s body to hold him still.

Then he proceeded to burn through the base of the big cock. Since the flame was cauterizing the wound as it passed through the flesh, there was surprisingly little bleeding, but the strangled screams coming from Marvin made the hair stand up on the back of Barb’s neck. She watched that marvelous cock that had given her more pleasure than she knew was even possible, slowly being parted from Marvin’s body, and knew, finally, the enormity of what she had done.

She knew now that she thrown away any chance of ever being happy again and something in her died. All she could do was watch in horror as Tom finished burning through the cock. Then turning to her, he threw the smoking, stinking limp piece of flesh right into her lap. Tom said, “There, that’s what you wanted. That’s what you sacrificed your marriage, and your children, and your life for. Kind of a pitiful trade, wasn’t it?”

Barb’s mind seemed to snap from all the emotions exploding in her, and she froze, quivering, looking down at the disgusting thing lying inches from her pussy.

Tom then proceeded to burn off the scrotum hanging below the charred stump, explaining that he was eliminating Marvin’s supply of testosterone that made him so mean and aggressive, and threw the balls at Barb also. He said, “Now, since I don’t want him coming after me or our children, I’m going to strangle him enough to cause permanent brain damage, but not kill him. Then I’m going to start a fire in the stove, and tip it over on him so it’ll look like he fell over the stove, knocked himself out and broke his leg, and the hot coals burned off his cock and balls. He won’t be able to say different, because his brain will be mostly a vegetable.”

Tom arranged the ‘accident’ with the stove, then put his knee across Marvin’s throat, looking at his watch, timing carefully after Marvin went limp. When four minutes had passed, he revived him and when he was breathing again, went through the strangling procedure once more for insurance. Finally he looked up at Barb and told her, “I’m not going to slash your face or anything to make it so no man would enjoy looking at you again. I was thinking, because of what we once had. Besides, I won’t have to. Within a year, you’ll be so fucked up on drugs and disease and malnutrition I wouldn’t recognize you anyway. Goodbye, slut, and don’t try to contact the children or me again, that would only hurt us all and kill you! She knew he was serious. He turned at the doorway and said, “You see what happens to people who hurt me so don’t try and see the kids I’m warning you.”

With that, Tom turned and left.

Epilogue: When Marvin’s “brothers” arrived up at the cabin on Sunday, things played out pretty much as Tom had predicted. They found a comatose Barbara almost crazy with grief, and figured it was because of the tragic accident that had happened to Marvin. It didn’t have much effect on her fate, however; they all enjoyed her body filling each hole all weekend long. Then they passed her around the black community for the next several months as if she was a slave. She was. She eventually was forced into hooking and doing porno movies just to eat. After they got her hooked on heroin, she went lower and started to suck cock at night for $25.00 a pop.

Marvin starved to death about eight months later when there was no one around to feed him because Barb was in the hospital recovering from a vicious beating that a sadistic John gave her.

Tom cried for a long time when he saw a picture of her in the paper and read that a red-haired hooker named Barbara died of a drug overdose. It took some time but eventually Tom was able to get on with his life.

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by Bfreetorun05/30/17

Screw Barb, she deserved it all.

And Marvin deserved his punishment, also.

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