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Revenge in Advance - Mona


The following is a continuation of the saga based on edrider73's 2014 story, "Revenge in Advance," in which a wife purchases an insurance policy that ultimately details the revenge her husband would face if he was caught cheating on her. In a nutshell, Oscar, the husband in the story, learns that if he were caught cheating, he would essentially be kidnapped, humiliated, beaten and sexually assaulted. The story continued with my first post, "Revenge in Advance, A Sequel," in which Oscar escapes his wife's plot and gets his own revenge, followed up by "Revenge in Advance, Derby's Dose," a tale of what happened when one wife's revenge went too far. The story continued in "Revenge in Advance: Pat," in which Oscar arrests and confronts the woman who started his odyssey.

Many thanks to edrider73 for giving me permission to write this sequel and any others that may come from that story. Also, many thanks to those who offered comments and constructive criticism on my previous stories. And please remember, this is a work of fiction, not a docu-drama...


Chapter 1:

Oscar Warren closed his eyes as the airplane left the runway clawing its way into the sky. He thought back over the events of the last year. It was exactly a year ago today that Pat Witherspoon died while in custody at Fort Apache.

At the time, Pat was one of the most senior field operatives for the Mutual Marital Assurance Society, or MMAS, a secretive company that manipulated gullible wives into spending $1,600 for "insurance" ostensibly designed to keep their marriages intact and their spouses faithful.

The "company," if it could actually be called that, was set up by one Mona Larsen, a man-hating attorney whose experience with a cheating spouse sent her over the edge. Not content with getting her own revenge, she set out to spread the pain, punishing other men in the most horrific ways imaginable.

Unfortunately, her desire for revenge eventually turned into a quest for political control. No longer content with just punishing adulterous spouses, she now sought to remake society to fit her worldview. For Mona, men were second-class beings to women, and existed only to serve the female of the species.

Mona needed powerful allies to make that happen, and she set her sights high. Working with her shadowy co-conspirators, Mona decided it was time to target the most powerful man in the world - the President of the United States, a man well-known throughout his political career for his womanizing.

Things were on track until Pat was arrested by a joint task force made up of federal agents and private interests based out of what was known as "Fort Apache," an abandoned Army base renovated specifically for the task force's use. Oscar, the federal officer who made the arrest, was the husband of a woman who fell for MMAS' machinations and Pat's chemically-enhanced hypnosis.

After attending a "spa weekend" with three of her female friends, Oscar's wife, Renee, spiked his food in an effort to take control of him and ultimately emasculate him. Her gullibility, complicated by her own ignorance, however, nearly killed him. Now, she was serving a 30-year-sentence for attempted murder.

After that episode, Oscar was recruited into the task force and had spent the last year and a half helping to bring down MMAS.

Although Pat was dead, her computer and personal files provided a gold mine of information which indicated that Renee, along with a number of other women, were nothing more than guinea pigs for MMAS' plan to emasculate American males and reshape society to fit Mona's twisted ideology.

According to Pat's journal, a number of wives were subjected to questionable procedures that included the use of non-FDA approved compounds used in conjunction with deep hypnosis. The goal was to make the women compliant with whatever MMAS operatives like Pat suggested. This explained Renee's behavior after her "spa weekend," and her attorney used this new information in her appeal.

But Oscar was torn. Even though he still had feelings for his now ex-wife, he wasn't sure that he could ever trust her again. What would happen if something innocuous triggered her programming?

Apparently, the courts felt the same way, and had ordered Renee to undergo intensive counseling with specialists attached to the task force for at least a year to ensure there would be no relapses. That was six months ago and other than some complaints from Renee about headaches, things seemed to progress nicely.

Pat's files also included extensive client lists from around the country. As far as they could determine, there were at least 10,000 active paying clients. Additionally, the files included video snippets of the punishment to be meted out in the event a claim was filed.

Comprehensive notes of what appeared to be meetings with Mona and her allies were also found. No names were mentioned, but there were a number of initials used and it appeared that Pat employed a peculiar form of shorthand that required a good bit of translation. FL, LS, DA, ML and NC were the five sets of initials most often used in the notes. ML was generally believed to be a reference to Mona, and researchers were busy scouring the Internet for anything that would tie Mona to anyone else.

After Pat's death, Bill Jackson, Oscar's friend, boss and mentor, said he should take time off to be with his children. He did, and spent a month with the kids traveling the country, starting at Disneyland. The next three months after that vacation saw Oscar undergoing advanced training in everything from marksmanship to martial arts with agencies whose existence was kept secret from the American public.

MMAS had also "gone dark" after Pat's death, taking on no new clients. Claims from existing clients, however, were still being processed. That meant husbands, some of whom really weren't cheaters, were still in danger of being kidnapped and sexually abused by contractors working for MMAS. So Oscar spent much of the last eight months doing what the task force called "interventions."

In fact, Oscar had just finished one intervention and received a short message to meet Bill at the Watergate Hotel in the nation's capitol - right now. That's why Oscar was currently in the air headed for Washington, D.C.

"Maybe I ought to write some stories about those interventions," he thought to himself as the plane began its approach to Dulles International Airport. "I could maybe call them the 'Warren Files,'" he mused. "But who would believe them?" he asked himself.

Chapter 2:

Oscar grabbed his luggage and was heading for the exit when he saw a man dressed in a chauffeur's uniform holding a sign that read, "Oscar Warren." He made his way to the man and identified himself.

"I'm Oscar Warren," he said. "Who sent you?"

"Bill Jackson sent me," he said. "I'm to take you to the Watergate."

Oscar followed the man to a limousine and got inside. The driver handed him an envelope.

"That's a key to the room. The room number is written inside the envelope," he said.

They made their way to the landmark hotel and Oscar carried his baggage to the room. He entered and looked around to see if he could spot Bill. Sure enough, his friend was by the window, talking on his cell phone. He waved Oscar in as he spoke.

"Yes sir, we'll be there in about an hour. Right. Goodbye," he said to the other party. "Good to see you made it, Oscar," he said, shaking hands.

"What's going on?" Oscar asked.

"We're on our way to brief the president and the First Lady," Bill said. "I hope you thought to bring a suit."

"Of course," Oscar said, opening his clothing bag.

"Good," Bill said. "Get changed because we leave here in twenty minutes. I'll brief you on the way."

Oscar quickly cleaned up and threw on the only suit he owned. He never thought he'd actually be meeting the president and had mixed emotions. On one hand, he really didn't like some of the man's policies and he certainly didn't approve of his womanizing. On the other hand, he did appreciate some of what the president was trying to accomplish and felt he often got mistreated by the media.

Regardless, Oscar thought, he IS the president. And how often does an average fellow get to sit down with the most powerful man on earth?

Oscar put the final touches on his tie, grabbed his briefcase and followed Bill to the waiting limousine.

Bill brought Oscar up to date on the latest findings as they made their way to the White House.

"As you know, our tech guys have been scouring the Internet trying to find any connection between Mona and the others listed in Pat's notes," he began.

"They've run into several snags, however. It seems that any photo that might show her face has either been photo-shopped, scrubbed from the Internet, or flagged by social media. We've had several techs get banned by different sites just for clicking on them.

"We're not sure, but we think NC is a reference to Nina Carlilse, a very high-level bureaucrat in the Treasury Department - specifically, the area of Treasury that controls the Secret Service. There's also another NC, one Nancy Caputo, a prominent - and very wealthy - lobbyist who works for a women's rights group.

"Like I said, it could be a reference to either one or could possibly refer to both. We're just not sure and there's not enough context in the notes. So we're keeping an eye on both just to be certain.

"We think DA could be Debbie Abernathy, the senator from New York who led the charge to get that congressman kicked out of office. You know, the one caught sexting his interns. He disappeared and we're not completely certain where he ended up but we believe he worked for Mona after being removed from office.

"The rest are coming up blank. We can't tie anyone with those initials to Mona whatsoever. And there's more.

"We've gotten some chatter that indicates MMAS may be going live again. And it looks like the president is definitely a target. I know you're not crazy about the man, Oscar, but if he is compromised or hurt by MMAS the way others have been, it could spark armed unrest.

"Now, as for our briefing, I'll do the majority of the talking. Let's not mention any names to either the president or the First Lady. I know she wants to hear about what MMAS has done to other victims, so I'll let you handle that since you've seen it first-hand.

"I also want you to put some of that fancy training of yours to good use. Be extra observant. I want to know if you see anything that could give us some clues.

"Any questions?" he asked.

"None so far," Oscar said.

"Good. Just follow my lead," Bill said as the limousine turned into the White House.

Chapter 3:

Bill and Oscar were escorted to the Oval Office after going through the customary Secret Service screening. Oscar kept a sharp eye on everyone around them, looking for anything that might indicate trouble. He didn't see anything so far other than a group of professionals doing their job.

The door to the Oval Office now closed behind them, Bill and Oscar shook hands with President Lincoln Skaggs, the most powerful man in the world. Oscar thought he seemed a bit shorter than he did on television. His dark hair with the gray at the temples looked just as painted on as ever. His handshake was quite powerful, giving the air of a man who worked out - a lot.

He ushered them to a couch in the middle of the office and took a seat across from them. A door opened in the side of the office and a somewhat petite blonde woman entered. Oscar recognized her immediately as the First Lady. The president stood up to greet her with a kiss on one cheek.

"Gentlemen, may I introduce the First Lady?" he asked. "Liz, this is Bill Jackson and Officer Oscar Warren, and they're here to brief us on MMAS," he said. She shook hands with the two men, smiling.

"Pleasure to meet you," she said in her signature British accent. Oscar took inventory of the woman he now met, a woman who, according to all the stories he had seen, became romantically involved with Lincoln after his first wife died. He was serving as a U.S. Senator at the time and she was a K Street lobbyist working for a defense contractor. Other stories claimed he was cheating on his first wife with her but that was never proven. She was clearly much younger than the president with a body that could prompt a whole series of wet dreams and an infectious smile set in a pixie-like face. Sex and power seemed to ooze from every pore of her body, something Oscar took note of.

The briefing began, with Bill laying out the basic groundwork - who and what MMAS was, what they had done and what the task force was doing to counter the organization. Bill laid out concerns he and many others had that the group was targeting the First Family, specifically, the president himself. Bill turned the briefing over to Oscar for an explanation of what MMAS contractors do to their victims.

"Yes, Officer Warren, please tell us what MMAS allegedly does to their so-called victims," the First Lady said.

"Well, Mrs. Skaggs, there's nothing alleged about it. Not only is it a fact, it's really pretty graphic so I'll try to explain in generic terms," Oscar began.

"Please, Officer. Or may I call you Oscar? No need to sugar-coat anything with me. I worked as a lobbyist so I've pretty much seen or heard it all. I want details," she said.

"Very well," Oscar said, observing the First Lady closely. "In all of the cases I've handled, the husband is ambushed, knocked out, stripped, tied up and shaved. From what I gather, the shaving is done to further the humiliation and yes, the victim is shaved from head to toe.

"There is almost always a severe beating with various implements, usually crops designed for use by those who engage in BDSM. The husbands' genitals are a favorite target for beating, but nothing is off limits. I've seen victims who have literally been beaten and thrashed over their entire bodies. In some cases the beating is so severe the man is unrecognizable.

"There is also a great deal of sodomy involved in these punishments. Sometimes, male contractors are brought in but foreign objects are frequently used as well."

"Foreign objects?" Liz asked.

"Yes. Anal plugs, bottles, baseball bats, you name it," Oscar said. "I've seen cases where male contractors have been used to force the victims into oral sex and in some cases, the victim has been forced to endure both oral and anal sex at the same time. To completion, I might add."

"You mean, the husband is forced to suck cock and swallow while getting fucked in the ass?" Liz asked a shocked Oscar.

"Yes ma'am," he said. She smiled.

"Is that all? That sounds like a normal day in Washington, D.C.," she said. The three men laughed nervously.

"Sometimes, the 'punishment' goes off the rails," Oscar said. "There's cases where the husband is chemically castrated, and I've dealt with situations where the victim is administered gender transitioning drugs. Some of the victims have even died."

"Died?" Liz asked. "I've never heard of anyone dying from a good ass-fuck." She cast a knowing smile at her husband.

"There was a case a year or so ago where a man died after his wife defecated in his mouth," Oscar said. Liz winced at that.

"I think I remember hearing something about that," she said.

"I handled that case, ma'am. It wasn't pretty, to say the least. The last two hours of his life were pure hell," Oscar said.

"They were all cheaters, so what difference does it make? Don't they deserve to be punished?" she asked.

"Some were cheaters, yes, but none of them deserved to be beaten, raped and brutalized. You do realize that sexual assault, kidnapping and conspiracy to do the same is a violation of the law, right?" he asked.

"Of course I do, don't be silly. I'm speaking in the abstract, Oscar. So how does this involve my husband?" she asked. Bill answered this question.

"It seems that MMAS has gone beyond simple revenge, and is now pushing a radical political agenda. Additionally, they've been using techniques that are highly questionable, using their female clients as guinea pigs for their chemically-enhanced hypnosis. It seems that MMAS wants to drastically alter the age-old marriage dynamic, and they're not above using illegal means to accomplish that," he said. "And information we've been able to obtain indicates a conspiracy to trap and possibly co-opt the president."

"What do you mean, Bill?" the president asked. "Please, don't be politically correct here. I need to know what we're up against."

"Very well, Mr. President," Bill said. "MMAS wants to completely change the concept of marriage and the entire male-female dynamic. Instead of a relationship where the husband and wife are supposedly equal partners in a lifelong relationship, MMAS seeks a female-dominant relationship where men are nothing more than the chattel property of their spouses. And they want that dynamic to become the norm throughout society.

"I know there are some who choose that type of relationship, and they're certainly free to do so, just as there are those who seek a same-sex relationship. But MMAS wants to change all of society to reflect a radical form of this extremely militant ideal," he added. "They see you as a threat to that. The last administration was open to their ideology and they enjoyed a bit of power along with a fair amount of taxpayer largess and they know you're not so open to what they represent."

Oscar broke in at this point.

"Mr. President, let me explain what happened to me. Maybe that will help make it clear," he said.

"Please do, Officer Warren," the president said.

"After MMAS was finished with my wife, she became part of a plot to emasculate me using an unapproved compound designed to reduce my testosterone while making me pliable to my wife's wishes. Pat, the MMAS operative who worked with my wife, got her to seek a relationship in which I would become a willing and weak cuckold - a man unable to perform sexually while happily acquiescing to her sexual activities," Oscar said.

After Oscar finished his story, both the president and the First Lady appeared shocked.

"And you think this is what they have in store for me?" the president asked.

"We have every reason to believe that you're a direct target and yes, we are concerned this could happen to you," Bill said. "I don't need to explain the possible ramifications if that were to happen."

Lincoln Skaggs thought for a few moments before speaking.

"Mr. Jackson," he said, addressing Bill, "I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'd like for Officer Warren to stay here for a while as our guest and get to the bottom of this." The president turned to Oscar. "I'd appreciate it if you stayed here, in the White House, while you conduct your investigation, Officer Warren. I'll make sure you have whatever access and assistance you need."

He stood up, signaling the end of the meeting, and shook Bill and Oscar's hands. Liz followed suit.

"Gentlemen," he said, "I can't thank you enough. Officer Warren, my wife will see to your accommodations. I understand you have a suite at the Watergate. Get your gear and we'll get you set up here. Bill, we'll be in touch. Again, thank you both."

Chapter 4:

Bill and Oscar discussed the meeting on the way back to the Watergate.

"What's your impression, Oscar?" Bill asked.

"I think the president is in imminent danger," Oscar said. Bill's eyes grew wide.

"What makes you say that?" he asked.

"Did you see the First Lady's reaction to my description of the punishment?" Bill shook his head no. "She was clearly excited. Sexually. I think she would have had an orgasm right there on the spot if I went any further."

"You think that's why she made the crack about a normal day in D.C.?" Bill asked. Oscar nodded.

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