tagLoving WivesRevenge in April

Revenge in April


"April Fools!" My face turned red. She had gone too far this time. Through out our seven years together, her pranks on April first got worse than the last, but never did I dream that she would go so far as to say my parents were involved in an accident. It was at that moment I vowed that I would get back at her and turn her favorite holiday into her worst nightmare.

To be honest, our relationship had been in peril before that inappropriate prank. I had a feeling Heather had cheated on me but never could find the proof. The only evidence I had was the smell of sex in the air when I got home from work earlier than expected one day. It's one of those things that you just know.

Anyway, after months and months of meticulous planning, the big day was just twenty four hours away. When I got to work my buddy Ryan approached me, looking a bit guilty. "Are you sure you want to go through with this, man? There won't be any going back." I just smiled in response while nodding. He handed me his sister's panties. This one article of clothing would be instrumental in my revenge. "Are you really sure about this?" he asked. I nodded and it looked as though his heart sank a little bit.

The whole day at work I had this knot in my stomach from anticipating the utter train wreck I was about to cause. I almost did think better of what I was going to do. Almost, but then I remembered that smug grin and those two words I had come to dread. That sing song tone of voice that she used while tauntingly shaking her hips. Oh yeah, the bitch has had this coming for a long time.

When I got home Heather was just putting on the finishing touches of her make up. I acted like everything was normal. We chit chatted a little about my day and the crowd she expected at the club she was DJing for, while we ate dinner. I explained that I would be going to work early the next day and I would have breakfast waiting for her in a warm oven when she got home. When we hugged each other, before she left, I knew I was making the correct decision. There just wasn't anything there anymore. That warm feeling was gone. I might as well have been hugging a stranger.

I set the alarm for a couple hours before she would be due to return. Now see, the going to work early bit? That was a crock of shit, just like the breakfast I promised her. I did cook some eggs and I dirtied two plates, leaving them on the table as a slap in the face. She would be confused and annoyed at first. She would have to wonder. But in the bed... wonder would vanish when she found the skimpy black panties I just jacked off into with a week's worth of cum.

I did head off to work early, and sat in the parking lot for a few hours, listening to music until it was finally time for my shift. Through out the day I would randomly picture the look she must have had on her face and it brought me a sick sense of pleasure I'd never felt before. The one thing that sucked was picking up the slack for Ryan, as he had called in sick. By the time I got home I was good and worn out. I had no idea what I'd be arriving to. Would she be there? Would all of my clothes be in the front yard? Would she be waiting for me with a gun in hand? Or... just maybe...

I walked through the front door and there she was, waiting for me. Her hair was disheveled, her make up had been smeared, and it looked suspiciously like she may have had a semen stain on her dress. She walked up and slapped me. Hard. I was a little surprised. Not at being slapped, but that blue and red flash of light that I saw when she slapped me. I managed to force a grin in response and sang the words to her. "April Fooooools!"

The look on her face was amazing. There was anger. There was pain. There was confusion. And then horror crept across her face while she realized that she fell prey to her favorite holiday. But it was so much more than making her think I had cheated on her. Little did she realize just how cruel I had been with this prank. That fear that washed over her face was priceless. I feigned ignorance and instead played the part of a dick who pulled a bad prank and was jacked about it. She would have to deal with the guilt and turmoil while DJing an eight hour set at the night club.

When she got home the next morning, of course I was already gone. When Ryan came into work I flashed him a grin that made him look down in embarrassment. The day was a bit awkward, since it was obvious that things didn't sit well with him. At the end of the day we met in the parking lot and I handed him a crisp hundred dollar bill in exchange for an unmarked DVD. On the way home I stopped to buy Heather some flowers, a box of chocolates and a necklace. All so I could heap on the guilt.

She actually looked like she was going to start crying at one point. When I asked what was wrong, she evaded the question. It was cute. She did surprise me, saying she'd called in and another DJ would be covering her set. That was actually convenient for me. It meant I could put the last part of my plan into action even sooner. We ate dinner together and then I invited her to watch a movie with me. She was shaken still, and agreed. I put the DVD in and sat on the couch, patting the cushion next to me. It's funny, because in her distress over what she had done, she was sitting closer to me than she had in a couple years. Clinging more. It almost felt like we were married for a change. That was my cue to stick the knife in and twist it.

When I hit play, the picture that filled the screen was Heather on her knees, looking up to the camera with Ryan's dick in her mouth. I couldn't believe it! She actually got him deep enough in her throat that his balls rested on her chin while she hummed like a total slut. I looked over at her and she sat there in sheer horror. "How come you never do that for me?" I asked, while unzipping my pants. Maybe I'm a sadist and I never really knew it. Maybe it was my pent up anger being validated. Maybe it was knowing that I finally had her by the balls, so to speak. I had never been so hard in my entire life. She offered no resistance as I grabbed a fistful of her hair and guided her mouth to my throbbing cock while watching the screen.

"God, Heather..." Ryan groaned while roughly pulling her face from his dick. It was pretty impressive as it spilled from her lips, easily eight inches, maybe more. "I gotta get into that pussy, turn around." Ryan directed her, and with a defiant glare she turned around and offered her ass while holding onto the dining room table. As he walked up behind her, he made sure the camera got a good view of her ass, making a show of slowly bunching her dress at her waist. She wasn't even wearing panties... Wait... had she gone to the club like that? I barely had time to think of that as her throat tickled the head of my cock just in time for Ryan to take her from behind on the video.

Ryan didn't start slowly. As soon as he was balls deep he began pounding her. It was far from the way I fucked her. Within moments she was squeaking and making noises I had never heard before. With a fistful of her hair, I used her head like a toy, pulling her mouth up and down my shaft to match the pace that he was hammering her with. He chided her. "Your pussy isn't as tight as I expected, Heather. Come on, Bitch, Danny aint the only one cheating is he?"

It must have been the brutal fucking she was enduring that made her moan whorishly. "Noooo..." He slapped her ass and started hammering her even harder making the plates and forks on the table clatter a little. "Who else are you a slut for?" he asked. Her voice came out in a gust of raw pleasure as she confessed "Marcus! A bouncer at the club! God, keep FUCKING ME!"

There it was. Exactly what I was after. I pulled her nose down to my pubes, holding her head in place with my cock down her throat. After pausing the video I looked down to her with a sadistic grin. "Certain things are going to change around here. Or the copy in my safe deposit box is going to be shown to my lawyer before I kick your ass to the curb and ensure you get nothing from me." She squirmed as I held her in place, tears streaming down her cheeks. She tried her best at a feeble attempt to nod as I continued "First of all, if you're going to be a slut for other guys, you don't have a right to get pissy if I fuck another chick. And second, no more April Fools, do you understand?" She gasped for air as I pulled her face off my cock. Somehow she actually sounded sexy as she panted and responded with a submissive "Yesss."

Something in that moment changed. As I pulled her eager mouth back down to my cock, I realized that feeling that had been missing. The spark was back. She looked sexy. Her mouth was hot. And as my climax struck, she slurped and swallowed every last drop. I was a bit surprised when she looked at me with a lewd expression I'd never seen before. "Thank you for finally taking charge."

I can honestly say April First nearly ruined, but also saved my marriage.

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How come her cheating puts their marriage back on track.? it

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by Anonymous03/11/19


How does anyone dream up crap like this?.

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by Anonymous03/09/19

Sorry, ass cuck story. I should not have wasted my time reading it.

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by Anonymous03/08/19

Even Flies Would Gag on This Shit!

Simply put,a steaming pile,you Fool!

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by WolfmanDC03/08/19

Thank you all for your feedback

As of most recent, a comment asked if I knew what was going on in my own story. There have also been comments about how certain things weren’t made clear and I will go ahead and address some of thesemore...

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