Revenge is Best Served Hot Ch. 01



Cameron shivered as the cool air played against her skin. Looking around she noticed she was sitting on the side of her bed in her underwear. She was facing Kimberly's bed and her clothes were on a heap at her feet. 'I don't even remember undressing or turning the computer off. I must be really tired if I start to black out like this.'

She noticed her nightgown laid out on the bed beside her. Looking down she contemplated changing her underwear first. Especially her panties. She felt indecent just wearing these, even if she was alone. They were green, satin and more revealing than her regular undergarments.

They'd been a 'joke-gift' from Kimberly. An attempt to get Cameron to, as she put it, 'live a little'. She would have thrown them away except that would be rude. Cameron hadn't dreamed of actually putting them on until tonight. She had wanted to do something wild, something naughty. A small part of her had fantasized about Eric's reaction when he found out. Not that she had had any intention of letting him.

Her eyes drifted back to Kimberly's empty bed. 'She wouldn't have any problem showing him. I imagine she's showing someone a lot more right now.' And having seen Kimberly in various outfits that left little to the imagination, Cameron could get a pretty detailed picture of how that looked. 'She's kissing him.' Her heart seemed to be pounding in her throat as her breathing deepened. A hand began to rub her tummy in ever widening circles.

'Her blond hair is probably in a pony to keep it out of her flushed face.' Cameron no longer saw the room, just Kimberly entangled in the sheets. Her thighs were rubbing against each other. A small voice tried to remind her that good girls didn't have thoughts like these about their friends. Their very feminine friends.

But that last thought just unleashed a wave of arousal that drowned it out completely. Startled by the wave of emotion her hand shot downward covering her panty-clad vagina. Her palm accidentally pressed on some hard nub eliciting a surprised hiss from Cameron.

The stimulation was almost too much for inexperienced body. Shimmying her hips against her palm she closed her eyes as her fantasy fell apart in disjointed images of a Kimberly's face and glistening back. She didn't even try to imagine with whom Kimberly was, just the sight of her writhing athletic form was enough. "Oh, Oh, Oh," she coulnd't say anything else as stars began to burst behind her eyes.

Her body went rigid then slack as she slumped on her side, spent and almost asleep. With her last strength she pulled the blanket over her then snuggled into her nightgown.


Kim hummed happily as she opened the door. Last night had been fun and she was already thinking of a repeat performance soon. Not tonight though, she still had to finish a paper and she had Karate class in the evening. 'But definitely soon,' she mused.

Walking in she expected her roommate to be up and about, probably even gone already. Sure, she didn't have class that morning as far as she could recall but Cameron never slept in. Not today though because Kim could see the lump on the bed.

Cameron wasn't a bad roommate despite how uptight she was. And Kim couldn't really approve of her choice in boyfriends either. Eric just had something about him that rang alarm bells with Kim. But that wasn't Cameron's fault, the poor girl was just beginning to stretch her wings.

Shaking her head she was about to quietly go out and get something to eat to let Cameron sleep when she noticed the girl was doing more than sleeping. She was moving a little, in a rhythm her instincts recognized right away. Her conscious mind, though, knew that couldn't be it.

Feeling curious, she crept closer, until she practically hovered over her. Her nose caught a familiar scent and the Asian girl's murmured words clinched it. "Oh, Eric... Yes, Sonya... Pussies are for sex..."

The grin that Kim now sported almost split her face in half. 'Holy shit! Miss Prim is diddling herself while dreaming of a threesome. And I don't think she is wearing anything. No wait, I can see a bra-strap. Still, this is progress.'

Cameron's motions became a little more pronounced, and she started to emit these cute little grunts signaling she was about to cum. Her eyes opened a little, she was waking up.

She schooled her features immediately. 'Don't want to frighten her back into her shell now. I'll wait until she's just a little too far to make it back at the first tease and then I'll strike. Hahahaha!'

The girl's deer-in-headlight look almost broke her resolve, but Kim persevered. "Goodmorning, I was about to wake you up. I'm going to take a shower now and I thought you wouldn't mind knowing it's almost ten. Better get out to if you don't want to get caught in the late-morning stampede."

With those words she turned around and padded to the closet. The rustling of the blanket and the creaking of the bed as Cameron sat up filled the room. "Th-Thank you, Kimberly. I-I appreciate that, but I think I'll sleep in. I don't have class until three and it was a late night."

"Oh? Well, it can't have been half as much fun as I had. Want to hear the details?"

Cameron eeped. "NO!"

"Your loss," Kim shouted back as she walked out. She almost made it but just as it closed behind she couldn't help herself. Her laughter could be heard straight down the hall.


Cameron still couldn't move. Bad enough Kim ha-Kimberly had found her practically naked and masturbating. Luckily the blanket had hidden it saving Cameron from death by sheer mortification. Still, she had been in a panic. Completely at a loss on what to do now.

But Kim had simply turned around and Cameron couldn't help but stare at her backside. Her hand had begun to gently stroke her pussy and... 'Vagina, that's what it is called. Keep it cold and clinical. Pussies are for immoral girls that get them licked and-No, dammit. Not going there.'

Her arousal had built up again and her panic had begun to subside. She was getting relaxed despite herself. That was a problem because it had only enhanced Cameron's awareness of just how naked and not-alone she was.

Only after Kim's-Kimberly's laughter came through the door did she manage to lift her hand away.

Clenching her hands tight, she slipped out of bed and quickly donned a bathrobe. It was long and covered pretty much everything after she belted it close. She was going to take a shower and lose herself in schoolwork for the rest of the day. That should help.

She felt much better after the shower. She'd managed to stay temptation and the more sensible undergarments helped too. After she'd put on a blouse and skirt she seemed to have cooled down to a faint agitation. That ramped up the moment she checked her email. 'Another mail from Sonya,' she thought happily.

Her eyes flew over the lines in it but she only half-read them. She was watching the progress bar showing how much of the attachment she'd downloaded so far. She could really use another calming session with Sonya's program, she always felt at peace afterwards.

After what seemed a very long time the screen turned into a familiar color blue, but no question or statement appeared. Instead the program seemed to plunge straight into the relaxation animation. 'I don't recall reading about that... No wait, it did say something about-Relax...-trying a new-You trust the Program completely...-approach. Oh well, I-Relax...-am sure the Program-Sonya can't be wrong...-is working, Sonya knows what's she's-Relax...-...relaxing...doing... The Program provides your answers...' Cameron's eyes grew a little more unfocussed. She was ready to receive her answers.

'Relax... You love Sonya...'It would explain why she trusted a woman she had never met so much. 'Relax... You don't trust Eric Stone...' Cameron blinked ever so slowly in incomprehension. Since when? 'Relax... You suspect he just wants to deflower you...' She did? He did? 'Relax... Recall your last date...' Her mind immediately focussed on how it had ended. 'Relax... You had to stop him...' Yes, she had. She remembered now, how he tried to keep the kiss going. His hands resting far too possessive on her shoulders. 'Relax... Eric Stone isn't a nice guy...' How could he be when he pretended to be something he wasn't? 'Relax... You don't trust Eric Stone...' She didn't trust her boyfriend.

'Relax... Learning new answers from the Program arouses you...' Well, she did feel excited. Just a tad. 'Relax... Arousal is a reward for quick learners...' She was a quick learner. 'Relax... Pleasure is the reward for quick learning...' It did feel good to master her answers, now that the Program had pointed it out.

'Relax... You like to play with yourself...' Her finger tapped the keyboard automatically. She did now. 'Relax... You want to reward yourself... for quickly learning your answers...' A reward-system did help with learning, she recalled. 'Relax... You play with yourself as you learn new answers...'Her hand began to unbutton her blouse just enough so it could slip in and cover her right breast. She wasn't very big so it fitted snugly. She shivered as she felt the added pressure; it felt good.

'Enjoy... You like girls...' She liked girls. Her hand squeezed just a little almost forcing her eyes to close. 'Relax... You accept your arousal...' "With open arms," Cameron whispered. Her hand began to pull her cup down so it could reach skin. 'Enjoy... You only fantasize about girls when you play with yourself...' "Ooooh," she cooed as her turgid nipple was rolled between her fingers. Was she supposed to do that now too? 'Relax... You learn quickly...' It didn't matter, she would learn what her answer was. "Ungh." Something like an orgasm trickled through her brain. For a moment she was anything but relaxed. She was tense and her mind wasn't on learning, it was just enjoying. Her eyes drifted away from the screen then returned as her body relaxed again.

'Relax... Your mind will know these answers...' Her mind knew the answers. 'Relax... You don't remember these answers...' She knew them, she did not remember them. Cameron blinked. 'Relax... Do you remember the answers?' Of course not, the Program just told her she didn't. She pressed no. 'Enjoy... you learned your answers...' "Yesss," she hissed as she bit her lip.


The afternoon was brisk even with the sun shining down from a sparsely clouded sky. Life was slowly returning to the greenery Sonya walked past. The weather seemed to be mirroring her mood, bright and... expectant. That was the word, she was expecting things.

She hadn't expected it, pun not intended, but something in Cameron's response messages was a real turn on. Or maybe it was the knowledge of her state of mind at the time of writing it that did it.

Whatever the case was, Sonya was learning a few new things about herself. And one of them was that she really liked the idea of being in control. The more when she could assuage any guilt with the fact that this was for Cameron's benefit as well. Eric would... 'Speak of the devil, there he is.'

He was walking hand-in-hand with a woman she recognized as Cameron and they were coming in her direction. She didn't think they had noticed her yet so she took the opportunity to study Eric's latest victim. She was pretty, quite pretty. A little smaller than Sonya and with a more lithe figure that was hidden almost completely by her drab outfit. 'Not that I can complain, I'm not dressed to impress either.'

She observed with some satisfaction that Cameron was keeping her distance even while they were holding hands. It was subtle, but there. 'It really is working, the effect lasts.'

Jackie chimed in, 'of course it does. He spotted us. He's coming this way. I better hide, we don't want him to know what's going on until it is too late. But if he tries anything, you know I got your back.' And with those words she fell silent again.

"Sonya, good to see you." Sonya didn't respond to Eric's greeting, she was keeping an eye on Cameron's reaction. The look of surprise was comical and the subsequent intense study she subjected Sonya to was even better.

"Hello Eric. Let me guess, this is your girlfriend?" She tried very hard to keep her tone friendly yet awkward. The last part wasn't so hard when she knew the guy was a warlock. A child-like fear of being turned into a frog or something equally cliché kept niggling at the back of Sonya's mind.

"Uhm, yes." His features flickered through befuddlement, suspicion and thoughtful before settling back into amicable. "I'm sorry, where are my manners. Cameron, this is my friend Sonya. Sonya, meet the love of my live."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Sonya told her as she extended a hand.

"Me too," Cameron told her with a faint blush.

Getting a little closer she held onto the hand while speaking in a mock-whisper, "but he never told you about me before." Out of the corner of her eye she could see him getting a little worried. 'Time to let him off the hook. For now.'

"That's because I've been very busy with my studies. Things don't just come to everybody so easily."

"Now Sonya, I put in the work just like everybody else," Eric chided. He looked down at their still joined hands "But we do have to go now. It's good to see you're... well."

'Better let go,' she thought. 'But it feels really nice.' Sonya moved away intentionally brushing her hand against Cameron's as she did so. She was sure they both heard the hitch in her breath. 'Okay girl, now let's not go overboard on this. Don't want to tip him off to the plan.'

"Awwww, I was hoping I could steal her from you for a moment."

'And there goes that plan.'

"But maybe the three of us can get together some other time. When we aren't busy. Take care of him Cameron, bye!" And with those words she left. Only now did she notice the adrenaline running through her body.

'Hmmm,' Jackie mused once they were a safe distance away. 'Looks like she got the gist of the program but we best concentrate on reinforcement in tonight's edition.'

'You're the expert.' Oh yes, the next time three of them were together she wouldn't be the odd man out.

To be continued...

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