tagFetishRevenge is Golden Ch. 03

Revenge is Golden Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Sis's story; Lara's turn

(This story stands on its own, but will make more sense if Chs. 1 and 2 are read first.)

* * * * *

Being a nurse--well, I'm almost one--has its advantages. I'd been able to secure that examination room in the training wing of the hospital where I'm placed. I'd gotten brother to come there. He is still lying on a low ambulance 'stretcher,' restrained, with a catheter coming out of his cock. This set-up was for the procedure I already described, to disciple Brother. For the shit that had happened between me and three of his friends. I'd been fucked over, and he was going to pay. And keep paying. Lara, my best friend and lover would see to that; she had already assisted me, and he had duly been rendered helpless; I hoped he had felt some of the degradation I had. If that's possible. But that story's been partly told. I'll continue.

It had given me great satisfaction to piss in Brother's mouth--if that seems vindictive, I've not yet told anyone what really happened to me. Simultaneously, I had come like a barreling train when Lara applied those gifted, loving fingers to my cunt, and licked my pearl till I was almost incoherent. So I was ready to step out and leave them for a while; there were things to do.

Lara, with her clothes back on, sort of took charge and said, "My turn, Rae,"--meaning with Bro--and I felt fine leaving him to her. She whispered to me briefly, as I left, and I nodded. Yes, I had full confidence she'd continue to teach him a lesson, that she'd keep our agreement. She wouldn't fuck Brother and would save herself for me. I learned later what happened, from Lara and also from Brother. He became--shall we say--at the end, a changed man. With a fetish he hadn't expected. Besides pee drinking, that is.


Brother, as he lay there (so he told me) managed to hear the word "fuck" in the whispering and thought he was going, to 'get lucky' (his words). What a surprise was in store; what he'd learn about that word from Lara, the expert in both men and women!

Lara was all aglow from lovemaking, and she turned to brother and said, "How are you doing?". Brother's cock was still up from hearing the finger fucking, slurping of pussy, and the cries of ecstasy, and he had a few 'ideas'. Hope springs eternal. Lara was ready to get things back on track.

"Shall we proceed with the re-wiring?" she said.

"What are you trying to do to me?" Brother said.

"We're developing a fetish or two... or three.... Re-wiring your body. First, when you smell and taste pee, you will get hard, and you'll want the taste of it in your mouth when you come.

"Here's how we will proceed. First we have to take that cock down." She gets two bottles from the shelves and goes to the apparatus. "This won't hurt," she says. "It won't take that long. You won't need to take in all of it. Oh, and they are room temperature."

Brother was pretty resigned, but curious. Two bottles wouldn't be that bad. She emptied the bottles into the container, and opened the intake valve. He felt the water filling up his bladder and noticed a sensation of contraction in his cock. By jesus (he'd told me), the 'ole woody went down real quick. "All right," he said to Lara, "you got your wish, I'm limp."

"Be right back," said Lara. She went into the bathroom and peed into a jar. She brought it back. Brother was fearing the worst and he knew he couldn't stand to go to three bottles. "Give her what she wants now," he thought.

"Here's how it goes," says Lara, dipping her fingers into the jar. "I'm going to hold these under your nose; I think your experiences have already begun to change you." She held her pee soaked fingers under his nose. It had a fresh smell to him, Lara's own, and sure enough his cock started to harden. Was he surprised! Then she closed the upper valve and opened the drain clamp a little. He began to feel relief and hardened more.

She gave his cock a few strokes to bring him to full attention. He felt himself hard as a rock. She jerked him a little more, and he began to moan. He felt at her mercy, yet also, strangely, safe, wrapped in his growing pleasure. "I'm going to be easy on you, this time," she said. "If you want me to continue you'll have to take just a few sips," Offering the jar to his lips, "shall I continue?"

Bro hesitated. He smelled the pee and thought of it streaming from her pussy there in the bathroom just minutes before. His cock felt sensational and here was Lara, whose pussy he'd gotten a good look at, offering to whack him off.

He remembered what he'd seen, peering into the room. He'd always thought Lara was very self contained, and a 'bookish' sort. He'd pictured her pussy (yes, he did that with all of those girl friends) as small, underdeveloped because he thought of Lara as skinny. He'd seen something quite different. Pressed against Sis's mouth had been a glorious, full, woman's cunt. Very lightly downed, to match her hair, but with fleshy outer lips pushed aside by Sis's eager tongue. The inner lips he had just been able to make out as Sis took them into her mouth and let them slide out again.

"Shall I continue?" Lara repeated and slowed way down. She looked at him. "OK," he said, "one sip"--and as soon as he took it, she speeded up again. He noticed it wasn't bad, kind of lemony in a small amount, and anyway he was concentrating on his cock.

"Good," she said, opened the drain wide and speeded up more. He got even harder as his bladder emptied, and his cock was feeling as if it was going to burst; he wanted to come so bad. "Let's see what you got in those balls; I want to see you come this time," she said, smiling. That male power excited her. He took the as a compliment; it was.

He could feel himself getting near. Lara brought the jar to his lips again, and looked at him, questioningly, as if "Do you want me to slow down," He took another sip. His feelings were confused; some were just lust, wanting to come, the other was how the pee seemed to 'work' on him and not to taste bad any more.

"OK," she said, "You're going to come soon, aren't you?"

"Yes," he said. It was building, building.

"That's great, and here's what you are to do. I'll keep speeding up as you keep sipping. Deal?" She placed a large plate on his stomach: "Let your cum go onto this."

He couldn't help himself. His balls were aching and he wanted to spurt so badly. He started sipping and she, as promised, speeded up and brought him closer. To his own surprise, he was starting to enjoy himself; he almost liked the odd, almost bitter taste in his mouth, the slight stench-smell that seemed feed his lust.

He didn't even mind when she jokingly called him "Good dog," referring to the Pavlov experiments. He remembered how his high school friend had called him a 'poon hound' and was pleased. He realized he could control the speed, by the speed of his sipping; he knew that's the best way to come, being able to speed up when you want to. So that's what he did. He sipped vigorously, and she stroked even more quickly. Her hand was lightly on his cock; an almost expert touch. "She is OK, this girl," he thought. He slowed and felt her slow and his desire rise. He took more of the liquid into his mouth; he did mind the taste at all; this time he would come.

He sensed, at the brink of climax, how to get her stroking furiously. He actually gulped, and the warm liquid filled and burned his throat as cum filled his cock. Another gulp and under her furious jacking, he started to shoot, a first 'rope' of cum landing on the plate she had placed on his stomach. He felt his body convulsing against the restraints as pleasure shot through him, and to all of it, was that fresh smell. "It's so fine," he thought, before all his thoughts disappeared as if in a bolt of lightning as he shot a massive load, three more spurts.

She saw it all, the ropes of white cum on the plate, and felt that fire lighting up her pussy again. She was moved by his lust. She wondered what his cum would taste like--"No, that's some other time."


She let him relax a bit after that. She told him he was 'coming along.' He felt easier with her; he believed he knew what to expect. And her "price" wasn't so bad; she now seemed much sexier after all that had happened, and this make the thought of her urine, more exciting.

She did work into the conversation whether he had had an AIDS test, and he said he had. "You don't fuck just anyone, do you?" "Hell, no" he said. "There have only

been two; hey, it's my first year after all." The "two" was almost true. ------

She began telling him what he couldn't have seen. "Your Sis, Rae had two fingers in my cunt and one up my ass," she said. "Could you hear?" He felt a little twinge as she said that; his cock was re-awakening. She didn't let on what she was up to. She continued nonchalantly on other topics, before slipping in another remark about how good it would be to slurp cunt when she got together with Rae, later. Again the twinge. He had no clue what she was up to. Maybe to get him off, again?

Suddenly she says, "Do you know what _fuck_ refers to?"

He's surprised. "Of course," he says, "it's sex."

"And?" she says.

"And the guy puts his cock into the girl's pussy and they start humping like crazy."


"And the guy shoots his load, the girl comes, they slow down and stop. He pulls his cock out. End of fuck, end of story."

"Well, yes," she says, "but let's continue. "What's in her pussy?"

"A bunch of goo, his cum and her juices and cum. And she goes to the bathroom and wipes herself up. End of story."

"That goo, is what's called 'fuck,'" she says.

"Oh," he says. "OK." he'd just learned something. The name for it, that is. In his class, the frat boys called it "poonslime," and he flashed back to his first experience. He and seven others were being initiated, and the frat had brought in a hooker. Delectable she was; a little taller than average; brunette, her breasts, very full. Creamy skin. Shaved pussy.

"Each of you gets his turn," the seniors had said. He was fourth and slipped into the dripping cunt; she reeked of cum, and because the seniors had been eating her out before hand, the fucking had twice made her come with these new kids. Finally the seventh had finished; he stood there, thighs wet with his 'brothers' come, looking rather proud.

"OK, frat babies," the leading senior had said, "there's just one last rite, and then you're in. Tasha, are you ready?" he said to the prostitute, who was ambling around. Bro thought, to get her bearings. She nodded to the senior. "Tasha has walked around and is starting to drip. You guys are studs, yes, but are you _real men_?" They'd nodded. "Well, then, she will come up to each of you, ... tell them, Tasha," he said. She was standing there, cum oozing from her naked pussy. With a look of "now you'll get yours" in her eye, she said.

"Men, if that's what you are. See your come and mine, and this is what you will do. I am going to come up to each of you. I'll reach down into my cunt and scoop up some cum--I believe you call it poonslime -- and offer it to you. There's plenty to go around, since all seven of you fucked me. You'll lick it and eat it off my hand." She reached down into slick pussy and its dripping mess and came up with the first fingerfuls, and headed toward Bro.

He couldn't move; his mouth got dry, and his heart was pounding. All eyes were on him, and his stomach seemed to leap into his mouth. He smelled the stench of seven brother's cum and hers and thought he might heave, but he did as he was told. Slowly, slowly, his stomach seeming up in his throat, he began licking the malodorous goo. She shoved her fingers into his mouth and he sucked them, as he had to. He tried to concentrate on her cum and it was there, and not on his 'brothers'; that was the only way he'd got it down. Some of the others, in their turn, had puked, and how they were 'hazed' even further, will be left to imagination.

Lara, sees him lost in these thoughts. "You know about 'fuck'?" she says, "it's tasty."

He pulls a face. The memory is still vivid, though he'd tried to keep it out of his mind.

She adds, "Some people like eating it." Very tentatively, to see his reaction.

Bro was surprised. Shook his head. Doesn't see what's coming, so to speak.

Lara proceeded. "Do you know what my pussy is like now after Rae fingered me and after I've just seen you come?

... It's filled with juices, old and new. Here, smell it and get an idea." She unzips her jeans and opens them and moves next to his head. He sees the soaked patch in her panties; the aroma is quite strong. And arousing. He thinks of the fine pussy, soggy underneath.

"It's a swamp," says Bro, but he feels another twinge as he says this.

"Well, we're going to add your cum, and you're going to lick the fuck right out of me."

Brother was just stunned.

"No way," he said. He wondered if the bladder torture would resume, and he felt it contract.

"We'll leave your bladder alone," she says, "we'll even remove the catheter. I want your cock in top shape. Then you'll lick the fuck from me."

She starts to remove the catheter. He flinches, then it's out and he feels relief.

"We have no need of the catheter now," she says. "The first re-wiring is in place ... you're starting to have a pee fetish, Bro. Watch." She reaches to the jar that still has a little in it. Dips in her fingers and holds them to his nose. Bro feels his cock jump as he imagines how she brought him off. She starts stroking him and he gets into it. "Here, have a sip," she says and he doesn't even hesitate; he's thinking how sensational he'd come to her, before. She is stroking faster.

Now she stops, drops her jeans and panties, steps out of them and scoops the gobby ropes of cum off the plate, and using two fingers, starts jamming it into her cunt. She spreads her legs apart a little for better access, and he sees her slimy finger push aside those wonderful outer lips. Of course, it squishes out, too, and she shoves her soaked fingers way inside. She takes them out and scrapes more from the plate. She is happy, by the way, that she kept her agreement; now she can have Bro inside her. She can get off because getting eaten wasn't something she'd promised to avoid.

She starts stroking Bro again. She dips her fingers in pee and puts them under his nose; to that smell, he hardens even more. She takes those same fingers and shoves them again into her swampy tunnel and takes them out. They're covered in sticky mess. "For starters, you are going to lick these, Brother."

He's a pretty excited, he isn't even thinking as he feels the fingers touch his lips. He's forgotten his initiation and he'll never think of 'poonslime' in the same way. He smells the fresh piss.

He opens his mouth and she slides the fingers inside, "Lick all that fuck off," she says and speeds up her stroking. He is finding the taste strange, but the smell, blended with that of the piss gets into his mind, and he realizes he's reacting to the fuck.

She sees him squirming, getting closer to his climax. He is lost in cock pleasure, the scent of pee, the taste of his cum mixed in her juices. It was like nothing he'd had before. She was watching him and he was thinking how she could see a 'real man.'

"You know what you have to do now," she says, and she moves and stands over the head of the stretcher, but opposite to how it had been before. She is facing his feet, and her hands can keep doing their work. "Close your eyes," she says.

Bro closes his eyes and feels her warmth as she lowers herself. She's right touching his face but she stops for a moment and doesn't fully lower herself.

"Smell that cunt," she says. He smells the piss she's left there and his body starts to tremble. "Smell my piss and get rock hard for me," she says. He's jerking around. Piss and lust are all through his rattled mind.

"It's time," she says. "Eat me. Eat the fuck right out of me!"

He feels the wet pussy pressing his mouth, and he tentatively licks the slippery lips. That's not so bad. Its slipperiness reminds him of oysters, not the old hazing incident. "Go inside. Lick the fuck!"

He presses into her and jams his tongue. It's a bath, he thinks, not just a swamp. But it's warm; he's enveloped in her jism filled pussy. He feels the juices slipping onto his face. "Eat!" she says. He's tasting the fuck and he starting to swirl his tongue around her hole, sucking and slurping. He doesn't know what's come over him. He starts to feel a wave of disgust, but his cock was ready to explode. He had begun to love the taste, as would have said so, if his mouth wasn't attached to her, eating the fuck right out of her, like a hungry infant licking a bowl.

She's squirming her hips around, thoroughly enjoying him, finally and getting more and more aroused. Just dripping.

He feels her respond and then jerk and contract on his tongue and fuck is pressed out, as he shoots again, in a violent spasm, as never before.

She writhes against his face, and then, as her spasm subsides, feels a peaceful wave come over her. Without being asked, he continued after her climax and his -- very gently finished licking the swollen pussy.

She dismounts, looks at him, his face slimy and but smiling. He can barely open his eyes for all the goo. The fuck was everywhere, and he couldn't be happier.

"Now you know what 'fuck' is," she said.

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