tagFetishRevenge is Golden Ch. 04

Revenge is Golden Ch. 04



{If you are offended by bodily fluids ("gold" and other) extreme fetish and discipline, probably you should skip this story.}

* * * *

Rae, my sister, knocked and came into the hospital room. I was tied to the portable stretcher and lying there with slimy fuck all over my face and yet happy as a clam. In just about two hours I'd become responsive to Lara's pee, and Sis's, and I'd come like an orangutan this last time; there had been gobs of it that Lara had fingered into her cunt, to mix with her juices and have me suck out.

Sister gave me a sweet smile, and said, "I hope you two have been having fun.... Lara, how is he coming?" And she winked. "Oh, he's a real piss hound, now" said Lara. "Watch." She dipped her fingers into a beaker of her finest and held them under my nose. Instant wood. Sister smiled; "Well, Bro, you're not the same man that walked in here, are you?"

To Lara, she said, "I brought the items from your fridge; I have the box and the large bottle." I could see she had a large bottle wrapped in a white plastic, grocery bag. "And the latest item?" said Lara. "Yes, it's here."

To my utter surprise, Sis pulled a small, clear, plastic bag from her purse; I could see a used condom in it. She opened the bag and pulled out the condom, half filled, neatly tied. "It's from Garth."

"Thanks," Lara said, "I had to put it in the fridge yesterday afternoon." She turned to me, "Your jaw is hanging open, Bro. What's the problem?"

"You have Garth's cum, there?" I asked. "Yes, indeed. It was easy. Yesterday afternoon, I simply called him up and asked him if he'd like to donate his seed to science. He was flattered. I said, 'I'll bring a condom, and you fill it, and I'll take it to the lab.' You know, the male ego."

Sis said, "If he's rewired, there should be no problem getting him to suck the cum out of this condom." "I agree," Lara said. "I don't," I protested. "This is disgusting."

"Bro, said Lara, "let me help you." She dropped her jeans, pulled down her panties, and picked up an empty beaker nearby. "Watch." She held it to her soggy pussy and peed loudly into it, half filling the container with amber liquid. "Sound good? ...Well, it smells even better." She dipped her fingers in it, smelled them and wiped them under my nose. It was so fresh; her unmistakable aroma. My cock froze hard; it had a mind of its own.

She took the condom from Sis, and said to me, "Open up." I hesitated. She offered to beaker to me, for a sip, and I had one. Still I couldn't bring myself to eat my friend's cum. Sister said, "I have an idea for this disobedient brother of mine. Since he likes your piss so well, let's let him drink down Garth's cum mixed in your piss. ...What do you think of that, Bro?"

"Well, it's better," I said. "Probably I won't even taste it." Lara squeezed the goo out of the condom, and into the beaker. I could see the strands of cum floating in the golden fluid. She held it to my lips, and there was the faint disagreeable odor of Garth's cum, but masked well by the tangy scent of her piss. I felt my opposition melting and my cock was jumping. "OK, I'll drink cum with your pee, Lara."

"But Lara, don't you think we should add a little something, to spike this brew?" said Sis. "My thought, exactly; you have the box there. Let's use its contents."

Sis opened the box; it looked sort of like a fisherman's box, and sure enough, inside were many compartments. In each compartment, neatly tied, was a condom, filled.

"Your frat brothers," said Sis, watching me closely. "How the...?"

Lara spoke up. "Rather simple. I just posted a note yesterday morning on the frat bulletin board saying "Wanted: semen samples from the real men of Sigma Chi. Call... if interested. A collection time, at the frat house, will be arranged." I got 20 calls in a hurry, and so I went there that afternoon--I'd told them all the same time.

"I announced, 'Guys, studs, I don't have much time, but if you'd fill these condoms quickly, you'd really 'make' my science project. I'm studying the properties of semen, in and out of its natural surroundings. Please sign here.' And I also asked three of them to participate in a further study. Well, in 10 mins I had 20 condoms filled, tied and stashed. The guys were ever so generous."

Sis chimed in, "Here's what we're going to do, Bro. We're going to empty all 20 of them into Lara's piss-- _then_ you will drink." Before I could say anything, the two of them began untying the condoms and emptying the goo into the newer beaker. In no time there was a mass of whitish fluid in with Lara's more liquid urine. Lara stirred it with her finger, looking at me. When she brought it under my nose, the scent of day-old cum was very strong, though her pee aroma was still there. I felt a little sick, but strangely thrilled at the depravity of it.

"Lara, please, help me with this. I think you know what I mean." "Oh, you mean a chaser ... Well, I'm out for now, but maybe you can provide."

"Sure," said Sis, picked up a beaker and headed for the bathroom. She emerged a minute later with about 10 oz. of her finest. So Sis and Lara began the procedure. Sis gave me mouthful of the guys' semen mixture, and, just after, Lara gave me a sip of Sis's pee. There was disgust, momentarily, then the smell and taste of sister's piss worked their strange magic on me; my cock hardened and my nausea vanished. And so we proceeded till I'd drunk all of the pungent mixture. And most of Sis's pee from the beaker.

"Sister, the punishment has gone far enough," I said, heatedly. "Almost. ...Do you want to know why it's continued?"

Here is what had happened. You see, she hadn't just been impaled on a dildo by Garth, and made to eat my friends' cum. I'd heard that from her, earlier. "This is what your friends did," she said, "the real reason you have some more punishment coming. ... I swallowed the cum, OK, it didn't kill me. I said, 'OK, Garth, the game's over.' 'Bitch' he said, and made no effort to remove the dildo from my pussy. Instead, he produced another about 2 ins in diameter. 'No, you don't,' I said. ...

"'You don't have much choice,' He began to work it into my asshole. Your friends held me on my back with my legs drawn up.

"'I know there's something you want,' I said.

"'Yes,' he said, 'there is.'

"'OK, just don't rip my ass with that thing.'

"'Well, our friends here are going to piss ...into your mouth ... and you are going to drink it down, like a thirsty slut.'

"'No,' I protested. But then I felt the monster being shoved further in. Searing pain in my asshole.

"I held out for another half inch, but then the maximum diameter of the large head began working into my anus, and I knew I'd probably tear. 'All right,' I said. I knew I wouldn't be damaged, just debased. Your dear friends then pulled out their cocks. I held my mouth open, lay back, and drank their piss. "'She's a thirsty one,' said Garth. Then he removed the last of the monster's head from my ass." -------

"Ah Sis," I said, "That's rotten and evil." I finally understood.

"So there is more to your punishment. First, Lara wants to have a little session with the guys, and during it, your training can continue. Then, there will be one last piss punishment for you--the Golden Torrent."

I didn't know what she meant. But I didn't have much time to think, because Lara said, "I think it's time. 10 pm." I looked at her. "Bro," she said with a smile, "since we have these rooms booked, I thought I'd live out a few fantasies of my own. Your Sis got a chance at three; she thought she could do it, and it went wrong. But remember I agreed with her that it would be easy?" "Yes." "Well, with all that's going on here, I figure now's my chance to prove a point. ... And maybe have a little fun, besides!" She winked at me. "Of course I'll tell them it's for science!"

"Sounds good to me," I said, to Lara, "In this room? Can I watch?"

"It'll be in the next room, but you can watch."

Sis added, "Sure, we'll darken this room,and you can see into the next without being seen. But this won't be just entertainment. As I said, your training will continue; you'll be sipping Lara's piss the whole time. OK?"

I kind of wanted to see Lara get properly laid, and the pee would be a turn on, besides. "Fine." Sis unwrapped the bottle she had brought, "Lara's finest. She's been collecting it and keeping it in her fridge." It looked like about two liters. She put the bottle on the table I'd been on, at first, the one of regular height. Then she pulled a small rubber tube from her pocket, maybe a couple feet long. She put one end of the tube into the jar, and held the other to my mouth. "Suck on this," she said. "After the first suck, it will just siphon into your mouth, since you're at a lower height." I sucked and the piss began trickling into my mouth. Very slowly. I had time to hold it before swallowing, and notice the different tastes in different parts of my mouth. I just needed to swallow every ten seconds or so.

Then I heard a knock, next door. Lara crossed to the bathroom, and opened a door on the far side--I hadn't noticed it before-- that let her into the next room, which was lighted. Sis switched out the light in our room.

I could hear Lara go to the door. "Hi, Blake," she said, mentioning my friend's name; Blake and Josh had been with Garth.

"Glad you could make it. ...What do you want exactly?"

"Here is the deal. We need samples of semen, not just in condoms, like you gave yesterday, so generously, but from vaginas where it's deposited. If you would simply, without wasting time, enter me and come, that would give me the sample I need. You needn't hang around, I'll extract and study it later. Can you do this, stud?" she said playfully."


Sis said to me "Shssh." she elevated the head of the portable a little and moved me to where the angle was right and I could see the large well padded table in the other room. Lara was removing her jeans and panties. I couldn't see Blake yet, but I hear him unbuckling. She lay on the table, and said, "Come on, Blake." He appeared, fully erect and climbed above her. She helped him insert his cock into her pussy, and he began thrusting. She hurried him by counter thrusting strongly, taking him all the way. The trickle of piss had begun to harden my cock, but it turned to rock to see her labia part to his cock. My friend was like a stag rutting. He quickly came, and Lara gently pushed him off. "Thanks," she said, "you've advanced the cause of science," and she winked. He disappeared from view, and I could hear him putting on his pants; then I heard the door open, and the sound of his footsteps receding. The trickle into my mouth had made the whole scene a double turn on.

I saw the clock in the room next. It said 10:12. I looked at Sis, as if to say, "OK, enough." "Shssh," she said. We waited. At exactly 10:15 there was another knock and, as I guessed, it was my other friend, Josh, not Garth. Lara explained things to him in the same way, and then prepared herself. I could see she was leaking a little, cum starting to run out onto her labia, but in his eagerness, Josh didn't seem to notice. He took his pants off and was already erect; he unceremoniously jammed himself into her, eased by the sliminess already there. His cock was somewhat larger in diameter than Blake's--in the frat we always called Josh, 'tree trunk'--and I could see Lara's pussy strectching around it; indeed, she was shoving harder to get his full length. He thrust, and while he came very hard and she jammed her pelvis against him, receiving his load. He seemed to fold just after that, and got off. He thanked her, dressed and left. It was 10:28. "That cunt is getting a royal workout," I thought, as the trickle continued.

I heard a knock. "Hi, Garth" I heard. He moved into sight, and I could see his massive linebacker's body. His rising cock was not that big, but I could see again, why we called him "Cojones." His nuts were the size of small peaches

"Garth, your reputation precedes you." He smiled. "I will explain why you're here again. Besides your sample in the condom, I need a sample that's been in a pussy, to compare. You see the pussy is a different environment. I hope you don't mind serving the cause of science."

"No, ma'am. You're pretty." He was being so polite. I guess he was unsure of the situation.

"I really want to get a lot from you, so I'm going to give you an extra." She knelt and took his meat into her mouth, using her hands also. She sucked, bobbing her head up and down. She stopped. "No don't come this way, OK; it must be inside my pussy." He nodded, and she resumed. He was getting a bit distracted, but was thrusting deeper into her throat. She saw his excitement, backed off and got onto the table. Even the dripping cum of his two predecessors didn't catch his eye for he wasn't seeing much of anything. He slid his cock into her; "Geez, you're worked up, Babe," he said. "Let's not rush, just yet," she said. "I want you even more worked up."

She began slowly thrusting, tantalizing, drawing things out. She reached for his nuts and gently manipulated them. His body seemed to get more and more tense. "OK," she finally said, "give it all you've got." He needed no more encouragement. He made long deep thrusts; then I could see his balls drawing up as he prepared to come.

"Shoot it in me, now" she yelled, grabbing his buttocks. He thrashed, shoved as deep as he could, and released; I could see cum being forced out of her pussy in the contractions.

He, like the others, quickly dismounted. "Thanks" he said. "I'll go." "Thank _you_," she said. "My cup runneth over." He looked at her pussy, and saw cum dripping down the inside of her thighs. He smiled, and said, "I give quite a load." I guess he thought he'd caused the overflow all by himself. He left, and Lara, holding her hand over her pussy, came back into our darkened room. "How's my little pee puppy?" she said, looking at the bottle, which was almost half drained. "I do like your taste," I said, "and the show, too." Sis removed the tube from my mouth and clamped it.

"I suppose it was tease me, somehow." I continued. "Well," said Lara, "sure." I couldn't help asking, "So did you fulfil your fantasy?"

"'Fill' would be more accurate," she said, winking at Sis. "Tell him."

"Lara has a nice cream pie for you."

I should have seen it coming, but I hadn't. Stalling, I asked, 'Cream pie?" Lara replied, "Well I can't spread too much for you, Bro, but if you look at my 'pie,' you'll see some your friends' cream leaking out. There's no time to waste."

I was stunned; Sis was suddenly holding my head and I couldn't move. They worked as a team. Lara came and straddled the stretcher, at the level of my head. She removed her hand from her pussy. Her pubic hair was matted in fuck. Below, strands of cum were on the inner lips. Wads of white were starting to ooze from her hole; I felt a drop on my cheek and was overcome with that male jism smell. "It's dessert, Bro, eat your pie."

She lowered her pussy onto my lips. I tightened them. "O Brother, where art thou? She said, winking at Sis. "Get busy." Pressing more tightly, grasping my nose and clamping it. I tried to take a breath through my mouth, but managed only to suck in the first wad of my friends' cum. I closed my eyes; I felt her finger, soaked in piss and come, under my nose; more aroused, I opened my mouth. I extended my tongue into the stickiness and began to suck out the mass of slime; then I realized that not only the pee was turning me on, but the mixture of urine and semen; the bitter and sweet taste, the acrid jism smell. I was surprised I was liking it.

"Good job," said Sis, who had been watching. 'You are a lucky man. Not many have tasted such a good cream pie as my Lara can provide." I had to agree.

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