tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge is so Sweet Ch. 03

Revenge is so Sweet Ch. 03


I awoke to the sound of birds chirping, sun shining, and a nice morning wood. I thought to myself, today possibly couldn't be better then yesterday could it? A few seconds of pondering and I quickly concluded that it sure could! I woke Diane up and we had a quick fuck. She got in the shower to clean up because as I said, we were going to go shopping today. As she was showering, I got dressed. I went downstairs to find that all the kids had left for school. I was starving so I whipped up some eggs, sausage, and toast. I topped it off with a big glass of orange juice. I then went upstairs and into Shelly's room. I snooped around for a bit as Diane was just getting out of the shower. I found everything I expected to find in her room. She has two vibrators, a good sized bag of weed, and some empty girly drink bottles in her closet. I took from her closet, a short khaki skirt. I also pulled out some sort of white shirt. It was small and tight, probably exposing the belly, the shoulders cut out, and sleeves reaching just past the elbows. I also took out some light brown pointed boots. They fit just past the knees. I laid the clothes on Diane's bed as she stepped out of the bathroom.

"Is that what I'll be wearing today?" she asked.

"It sure is. I'll be downstairs waiting, I've got breakfast for you on the table." I said.

I went downstairs and watched some TV. Ten minutes later Diane came down in the clothes. She was looking very sexy. She went into the kitchen and ate. When she was finished I joined her in the hallway.

"Thanks for the breakfast Louis." She complimented me.

"Your welcome my dear." I said.

I then lifted her skirt up to make sure she wasn't wearing any of her daughter's underwear.

"I'm a good girl Louis." She said smiling.

"That you are Diane. Okay lets go shop for you!" I said.

"Okay, just let me grab my purse!" she said excited.

We got into the family's very expensive SUV. I pulled out of the driveway and exited the neighborhood.

"So where are we going first Louis?" she asked.

"Oh I think we'll get you some clothes first and in the mean time, why don't you take my cock out." I said.

"Okay!" she said.

She unzipped my khaki's and pulled my cock out. She sucked me good until we reached the local mall. I pulled into a parking space and came into Diane's mouth.

"Mmmm...yummy. Louis I didn't think sucking cock would be this much fun, I am really starting to get a love for it now." She said.

"I'm glad to hear." I said.

I zipped myself back up and we headed into the mall holding hands. We stayed for a couple hours. We bought her some sexy, hip mom clothes. We also bought a lot of short skirts. I wanted to show off those wonderful legs and thighs of hers. After that, we bought plenty of high heels, sandals, and one pair of stilettos. Our last stop in the mall ended in the lingerie department. We picked out tons and tons of different colored thongs, then some nice looking bras. We went to the counter pay. The cashier was lovely mature woman dressed in fancy department store clothes.

"Find everything to your liking?" the cashier said as she smiled, eyeing me.

"Um yes, thank you." I said.

"Will this be cash or credit card?" she asked.

"Credit card." Diane responded.

"You know...this is an awfully lot of underwear, very expensive. I could cut you two a break if maybe we could go try some of this stuff on?" the cashier said with a dirty smile.

"That's a lovely idea......Margret." I said as I read her name tag.

All three of us walked into a dressing room. Margret immediately turned to Diane and proceeded to kiss her. Diane wasn't ready for it and even tried to stop, but Margret forced her tongue in and they made out. Margret then sat down on the bench and spread her legs. She pulled Diane down to her knees. Margret lifted her short skirt up and pushed her panties aside.

"Do you like pussy honey?" Margret asked Diane.

"Yes, well no...well I've never been with another woman." Diane replied.

"Well you have to start sometime sweetie." Margret said as she forced Daine's face into her cunt.

After awhile Diane got the hang of it, just like she always does. I then got down on my knees and lifted Diane's skirt up, well didn't really need to as short as it was. I pulled my cock out and entered her bald pussy. I fucked her doggy until Margret and Diane both came.

"Oh shit!" I said.

I pulled out and stood up. Both ladies got on their knees and faced me. I aimed my cock to both their faces and came all over them. The two made out until they had lapped up all my cum.

"Well what a treat this has been." Margret said.

"Yes it has, how much do we owe you?" I said.

"Oh nothing, take it all free." Margret said as she rubbed my cock one last time.

We left the mall and got into the car.

"Louis...I think I like pussy now too. What is wrong with me?" she said confused.

"Oh nothing Diane, your just becoming a nice little slut." I said as I leaned over and kissed her.

"Now where to?" she asked.

"Oh a nice little place I know, not to far." I said.

We pulled up to the local porn store. When we entered, Diane's mouth dropped. She was surrounded by so many sexual devices and videos she didn't know what to do with herself. I let her walk around and browse as I talked with the store clerk. I knew the clerk and boy she is a nice fuck, but that's a different story. After talking with I went and picked out a few fuck films. I then got some hardcore lesbian flicks, the ones with dominating bitches. I was going to put these in Diane's room and that be all she's allowed to watch when in her room. I then picked up a couple butt plugs and some anal beads. I then told Diane it was time to leave. Upon arriving back to her house, Shelly was the only one home. She was in the kitchen eating at the counter while reading a magazine. She looked at us and noticed all of the bags we had and how her mother was wearing her clothes.

"What the fuck is going on now?" Shelly asked.

Diane figured now was the time to let Shelly know everything. She explained it all. Shelly was somewhat shocked but not enitirely, she had suspected something fishy going on. I told her not to think about going to the police and all of that because of her dad. She agreed she wouldn't.

"Now Shelly you are a willing participant. I am now placing you on the no underwear rule. This rule no longer applies to your mother, due to her newly purchased underwear. All of your thongs will be thrown away." I said.

"Okay." She said, not to disappointed.

"This will start right now Shelly. Please stand up." I said.

She didn't at first, but then she did. I walked over to her and undid her black dress pants. I rolled them to the floor and stepped out of them. I then rolled her black thong down and she did the same. I opened the bottom cabinet and threw the thong into the trash.

"Louis, I think I would like for you to fuck this snotty little bitch." Diane said.

Shelly looked up at her mom in total shock to hear that language come from her.

"Great idea Diane. Turn around Shelly my dear." I said.

Shelly turned and put her hands on the counter, patiently awaiting to be fucked like it was no big deal. I spread her legs and gave her tanned ass a nice spank. I fucked her doggy. She came once. I couldn't get her to cum any more because I was going to erupt. She was quite experienced. I pulled out and came all over her ass. Diane then wiped it all up with her hands and forced her daughter to eat it all. It was such a hot scene and things were only going to get hotter. Shelly didn't even bother putting her pants back on. She just sat back at the counter and continued eat. She was only wearing her white dress shirt that didn't even cover her ass.

"Come Diane...lets go put away your new things."

"Okay!" she said.


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