tagLoving WivesRevenge is Sweet

Revenge is Sweet


It was late. I had just gotten off work and I was looking forward to hitting the pillow, face-first if necessary.

I had just come in the door when I heard them. They were upstairs and obviously hadn't heard me come in, not that I couldn't understand that; when my wife is getting fucked, she makes a lot of noise. For this exact reason, I knew what was going on.

I felt my hands clench, my fingernails dig into my palms.

Who the fuck was she with, I wondered absently, almost as an afterthought.

I fucking didn't care. I wanted to whip someone's ass.

I came around the corner after taking the stairs three at a time and there they were, on my bed, facing away from me, Courtney taking it up the ass, doggy style. I knew immediately whose dick was inside of her, too. Carl. Motherfucker had been eyeing my wife at the last party we had. Little did I know.

I wondered how long this had been going on. I wondered why she didn't just tell me and then get the fuck out if she wanted to be with Carl so badly. I wondered why she never told me she liked anal sex.

I wanted desperately to kill Carl right at that moment. Courtney, too.

Instead, I just stood there and watched them, fucking on my bed, on my sheets, wrapped up in the hands of my wife. I watched Carl's cock slip in and out of her rectum. I listened to Courtney wail like a banshee, like she always did.

Before they could finish, I left. I slammed the front door on the way out, hoping to hell that they heard it, hoping that Courtney was scrambling off Carl's dick right now, trying to figure out how to get him out of the house.

Shit, that gave me an idea. He wasn't coming out the front door, not if Courtney thought that I was coming up the stairs at some point. If he was coming out of the house, he was coming out of a window around the other side of the house. I walked around to the side yard, then into the alley and waited.

A minute or two later, Carl did the exact thing that I thought he would. Courtney was helping him out of the window, telling him to be careful, telling him that she loved him. She kissed him and he lowered himself from the window, to the ground and put his coat on.

I waited until he was about fifty feet down the alley before I followed him. He was about to get in his car when I grabbed his arm and decked him.

"Hello, Carl," I said. My fist said something less articulate, connecting with his cheekbone for the second time in a minute. On the ground, next to his car, he knew that I had saw them. He tried, in vain, to convince me that it was just the once. I kicked him in the nuts, told him that this was exactly how I felt.

He'd dropped his keys and I stooped to pick them up. I really wanted to just stand there and kick the shit out of him but I had another bright idea.

I climbed behind the wheel of his car, started it up and drove off.

It was a twenty minute drive to Carl's house. The front door key was on the loop with the car keys and I stuck it in the lock, turned, opened the door and then shut it behind me, putting my back to the wood door.

I'd only been to Carl's house twice before. I knew where his bedroom was, though. I knew his wife slept on the left side of the bed, all of her stuff on that side of the room.

I stripped down and climbed in next to her. Roberta was a fine-ass Latina and I always wondered how Carl had managed to get her to commit to his stupid ass. I was harder than a rock and ready for a revenge fuck.

Roberta stirred next to me and mumbled something in Spanish. I didn't know what to say, how to respond, other than to put my hands where they seemed most appropriate. I reached around the front of her flimsy nightgown and touched her breasts. They were real, as she'd told Courtney many times and as Courtney had repeated to me later, scoffing at the statement. Courtney was jealous but didn't believe Roberta at the same time.

"Carl, baby," she said, her voice pure honey. "Pinch them, baby."

I couldn't believe that she thought that I was Carl but I wasn't going to argue. This was going to be better than any ordinary grudge fuck.

I obliged her, taking the nipple on each of her tits between thumb and forefinger and I pinched until she moaned.

"Stick it in me, Carl," she said. "Give me that hard cock of yours."

My cock grew even harder at her request. I hesitated a moment. Did I really want to do this? Wasn't this rape? I took my hands away from her and started to sit up, started to roll away and collect my clothes.

"Uh-uh," Roberta said, putting her hand on my cock and turning towards me. "You ain't going nowhere."

Suddenly, her hot mouth was around my hard prick and she was sucking with everything she had. I thought I was going to lose my fucking mind, she sucked my cock so expertly. Up and down, her tongue slipping along the underside and then swirling around the head and then back down and down her throat and then back up and out of her mouth. She tongued my member and then beat it against her tongue and then back into her mouth, down her throat again.

It was everything I could do not to shoot my load down her throat.

"Roberta," I moaned. "Roberta, I'm not Carl."

She came up for air. "I know, stupid. Carl's cock's not as thick as yours. This is a real cock. Fuck me with it now!"

I didn't give a shit anymore. I pushed her backward, pulled her nightie off and shoved my face into her breasts and then shoved my cock into her wet pussy, pushing in and pulling out.

Unlike Courtney, Roberta didn't scream every time I thrust into her but instead moaned my name, knowing full well who she was fucking now.

"Dios," Roberta chanted over and over again. I pumped into her, lost myself in her. It had gone from a revenge fuck to a honey fuck. I couldn't get enough of her. I held back as well as I could and pulled out and then moved down and ate her out. It drove her crazy. Roberta beat her fists and her heels against the bed and moaned loudly as I dined on her cunt. I added a finger and then two and three. She wanted me to fist her but I didn't feel comfortable with that, not wanting to injure her. I went to four fingers but I wouldn't put my thumb in, instead massaging her hard clit with it.

She came hard around my fingers. I watched her face wrinkle as she did so. It made her even more beautiful to me. I pushed my cock back into her and fucked her hard, pulling another orgasm out of her before I shot deeply inside of her, finally collapsing across her body.

I stayed inside of her until I grew soft. We held each other and Roberta told me she had known about Carl and Courtney since the start, that she and Carl hadn't had sex with each other for over a year, as long as the affair had been going on. She asked me if I really had had no idea. I told her about their activity earlier, how I'd watched them do it and then how I'd kicked her husband's ass.

"Good," was all she said before she climbed on top of me and slid down on my cock, ready for Round Two.

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by Anonymous03/04/18

One More Added Touch

Continue having regular sex with Roberta until she is pregnant with his child...or maybe even twins.

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by Anonymous06/26/17

to anon

OK, you already got the point of it. You must miss the romance. Then they skipped like lambs over a meadow gleaming in golden sunlight, collected daffodils and fed them to the friendly unicorn they rodemore...

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