tagErotic CouplingsRevenge is Sweet Ch. 02

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 02


*Author's note* When I named the story initially, I was thinking of something that will come along farther down the storyline. However, after having gotten into it more, I've decided that this is a far more fitting title, both because it is less confusing (the comments of the first chapter seemed to indicate that Nick was the one who made the mistake, when that is not at all the case) and because I've expanded the revenge scenario far beyond the way I envisioned it from the beginning. This second chapter is, to a great degree, still setting up for the actual story, but has a great deal more sex in it. I hope everyone enjoys!


I woke up late on Sunday Morning in my dorm room feeling no more rested than when I laid my head down nearly eight hours earlier. My life felt like it was in total shambles. The woman I loved, that I had decided I wanted to marry, never really existed; or at least if she did, she was not nearly so innocent as I had believed. While I knew she'd slept with a few guys since we broke up, I figured that was just because she was sowing her oats. Had she really been fucking guys behind my back all along? I tried to study for the two finals I hadn't covered the night before, but it just wasn't working. I played video games, listened to music...but I couldn't get it out of my head.

Finally, when I started wondering about how many guys she might have been with while we were together, an idea sprang into my mind. I knew she liked to record her sex sessions, that it wasn't just about me and my "big dick", and figured she probably hadn't deleted the one she made of us after all, so maybe she had recorded more than just me and Bobby. My status as an honor student in Computer Science has afforded me a job maintaining the school network from the beginning of the second semester of my freshman year, thus I knew the administrator password. So I got out my laptop and found the encrypted file containing all student passwords. It was hidden as well as encrypted, supposedly to keep student login information confidential, but I had accidentally stumbled upon the file several weeks ago and decided to see just how good the encryption key was. Turned out to be a relatively simple hack, not that I had ever intended to use it, but all of a sudden it gave me the ideal means to the end I desired. I only needed to wait until Jane logged onto the network and I could get in and find any and everything she had stored.

I set up a notification to tell me when she came online, and 45 minutes later a "Ding!" alerted me to her presence. I was tempted to make a copy of her entire hard drive, but being unsure as to how long she would stay online I decided against it and instead started manually searching through her files. It wasn't too difficult to find her hidden stash; she obviously thought she had it buried in an obscure enough place that if anyone ever did use her computer, which was exceedingly rare, they wouldn't find it, but because I knew what I was looking for, I went straight to the folder with the largest capacity and there it was. "Holy fuck!" I said out loud, to no one in particular. There were 57 video files in that single folder! Briefly scanning to ensure that there weren't any other folders with such data and determining that there weren't, I set about copying the folder to my own external hard drive. It took nearly an hour to complete, and thankfully she stayed on the network long enough to get the whole thing copied. Once finished, I disconnected from her computer and started browsing through the videos. The oldest one was named "Nick," and sure enough, it was, in fact, the recording of our first time. Watching even a little bit of it infuriated me at first, but upon seeing the nostalgic look on my face, I was reminded me of how good that first time had been. That it was the oldest file made me wonder if maybe I had actually been the first that she recorded.

I exited out of that video and perused through the others. The date on the next file was about eight weeks after our recorded encounter. "So she was faithful for two months out of ten," I thought to myself, fuming. I didn't recognize the name, Pierre, but opening it I saw the hulking French guy she had told me was gay giving it to her doggy style. He wasn't that big down below, but she didn't seem to mind; maybe it was the intrigue of cheating that got her off. He lasted less than five minutes, all in that one position, then collapsed on the bed and was snoring before she could so much as get her clothes on.

The next video was only a week later, with some guy named Carter. As soon as I opened the file, I could tell it was a different format; it looked like she used her phone for this one. I could see the edge of her purse at the top of the shot, part of what appeared to be a table on the bottom, and...HOLY SHIT!! THAT'S DR. CARTER!!! Dr. Carter was our sophomore physics professor. Jane appeared to be asking questions about the final exam study sheet, but was very obviously displaying her goods for him to get an eyeful . After getting her answer, she turned to walk away, but dropped her book in the process and bent over very seductively to collect it. After getting a hand on it, she looked back at Dr. Carter.

"Do you like what you see?" I made out from the faint sound provided by her phone's speaker. Carter nodded slowly, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. "Then come and get it."

He didn't waste any time with formalities, just unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was noticeably bigger than Pierre's, probably a good seven inches long and surprisingly thick, almost as thick as my own. Walking a couple of steps around his desk and over to her then pulling the miniskirt up just a little, he plunged into her full on, making her shriek clearly even though the garble of static. This was the first time I realized she wasn't wearing any panties; no wonder he was so mesmerized! He didn't last long, either: after less than sixty seconds of fucking her, he said something unintelligible and pulled out as she got on her knees in front of him and started stroking his shaft while suckling the head until he let out a groan and slouched against his desk, Jane still massaging his member.

No wonder she got a B in that class. After struggling through, even with my help (which was the reason we had gotten together in the first place), she was borderline to finish with even a C, and I had felt pretty comfortable about getting an A...which I didn't. This video made me wonder if maybe it wasn't because I did poorly on the final, as he said. Hmm...

Surprisingly, the video continued on as Jane stood up and pulled his mouth down to hers whilst she continued playing with his partially stiff member. The thought occurred to me that she tried that with me once and became annoyed when I didn't like the taste of my own cum. She got no such resistance from the good professor, who had a hand gripping each bare ass cheek. She was now blocking the view of his dick, but the motion of her arm indicated that she was still rubbing him for a brief bit longer. She then lifted herself up as Dr. Carter pulled her ass higher. Wrapping her legs around his hips, they started fucking all over again, her bouncing on his cock. They were doing their best to remain quiet, and while I couldn't make out the things she was saying into his ear, I heard him say that she'd earned a passing grade already, and was doing pretty well towards pushing herself even higher.

Stopping while still fully impaled upon him, she leaned back slightly and asked playfully, "So what is it I need to do to get over that hump?"

"Well, for one thing, you don't need to stop 'humping' away," the professor replied as he restarted their rhythm more forcefully. At that, Jane gripped his neck tightly and began to shudder. She turned and whispered something unintelligible into his ear, causing his mouth to broaden into a grin, lifted herself off of him, then bent over his desk and stuck her ass out. Dr. Carter's dick was still glistening with her juices, and presumably using that as lubricant, he put the head right on her rosebud as she held her ass cheeks apart for him. Now, I'm not one to care so much about anal sex, but I do like it from time to time just as a change up...and she acted so horrified about the notion when I brought it up that I never mentioned it again. But here she was offering her ass up on a platter, all for a better grade in class.

She was definitely pushing the boundaries with her moans, which told me she really wasn't enjoying it all that much and wanted him to think she was. But Carter, for his part, seemed to love it, and with his girth and the fact that he only had her juices for lubrication and he'd entered without too much trouble, it couldn't possibly have been her first time taking it up the rear. It did, however, seem to tip the scales a fair amount, for after all of about sixty seconds, the professor grunted as he pushed in and held position, his upper body shaking visibly. Jane looked directly at the camera for the first time and licked her lips seductively, and then as he retracted his now fully spent penis, she turned back and French kissed him one more time. "So how was that?" she asked, knowingly.

The professor, still with the serene look of a man who just came for the second time in half an hour, "Well, it was definitely an A+ effort, but I'm afraid I would have a hard time explaining myself if I gave you an A for the class. What I will do is to consider this your final exam, and that A+ will bring you up to a solid B for the semester."

"That works for me!" she exclaimed. And with that, she whispered something in his ear, squeezed his balls slightly, gave him a kiss on the cheek, pulled her skirt down, and walked back over to collect her bag.

Browsing through the next few files, my heart hardened even more toward her. It became fairly obvious how she had maintained her grades, seeing as two of her other professors from that semester were also captured on video. She fucked my roommate as well, twice, once on my bed and once back in her room. Neither time lasted very long, and following the latter encounter, she mocked him for having no redeeming sexual qualities (his dick appeared very average in size). It was no wonder that he'd decided to move back home for the summer and find a new roommate the following fall.

The next video I came to was entitled, "Go Bears," and dated in July between our sophomore and junior years. Curious, I opened the video to find it showing the inside of the locker room at the school gym, empty except for Jane. Steam was pouring in from the open doorway that I knew went into the showers. She must have decided to bring her camera for this one, for it was much higher quality than any except for the two shot in her room.

I watched as Jane quickly stripped fully nude, then waited. At this point, I was actually turned on. I had ceased to see her as anything but a slut, and thus these videos were nothing more than amateur porn in my eyes. After only a couple minutes waiting, a tall black kid walked out from the showers with a towel wrapped around his waist. "Holy fuck!" I thought to myself. "That's Duron White!!" White was the most highly touted recruit of the previous year's basketball signing class, a 6'8 power forward who had made all conference as a freshman just a few short months ago.

He jumped a little as he saw Jane, then realized what he was seeing: a stark naked beauty invitingly waiting for him. A broad smile spread across his face as she told him, "I just thought you boys needed a proper welcome, seeing as you're Bears now and all." With that, he leaned his head back toward the showers and shouted that they all needed to come see this, and the other four members of that "Fab Five" recruiting class came waltzing out just as Duron made it over to her, dropping his towel on the way to reveal an instantly hard nine inch dick, and in one fell swoop reached down, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up onto that pole. She must have been completely soaking wet, because she bottomed out without any problem. The others looked on first in astonishment, then with leers on their faces as they cheered him on.

He slid her up and down the beanstalk effortlessly. She'd wrapped her arms around his neck, but her legs were spread wide open as he palmed each ass cheek even more effortlessly than he did a basketball. "OH...MY...FUCKING...GOD...I'VE...NEVER...CUM...THIS...MANY...TIMES...OVER...AND...OVER...AND...OVER..." Jane cried, a new word with each upstroke. It didn't take long before White had pushed her into the wall, slamming balls deep into her and holding there until jizz started to seep out around his cock.

Once he put her down, she wasted no time in making her way over to the other four, who had each pulled out their own dicks, three black and one white, and started stroking. Surprisingly enough, the white guy, a seven foot center from Russia, had the largest organ of the group, another nine incher that appeared a good two inches greater in girth than Duron's none-so-thin fucktoy, but all were above average. Both guards had similar size to my own fully engorged shlong (which by now I was stroking furiously), and the other forward revealed a thin but long dick. She caught sight of the Russian first, and her eyes got as big as saucers just as she bent over in front of him and took as much of his cock as she could, making it only a couple of inches past the head with the first try. While gagging herself on him and finally taking an impressive seven inches down as she bobbed back and forth, her hands were pulled over to each guard and she was mounted from behind by the fourth.

From there, they rotated clockwise every couple of minutes, each getting a turn at her now gaping pussy. Just before the seven foot juggernaut got his second turn to plow her, a voice boomed through the room from off camera: "Just what in the hell is going on here!!" With that, Percy Smith, the legendary coach who would win his sixth conference title in the coming season, stepped past the lockers into view. A former player himself, Smith was no slouch at 6'6.

"I'm sorry coach, I just couldn't help myself," I heard my supposedly innocent ex-girlfriend utter.

"You were supposed to come to my office before offering yourself to them, young lady. But I suppose it's okay...here is just as good a place as any to use your mouth!" He then unzipped his fly, and without unbuttoning or lowering his pants, he pulled out an incredibly fat six inch dick and stuck it in her welcoming face as she grabbed on and started sucking for dear life. The players had disappeared back into the showers, and, presumably, out the back door, grabbing their clothes as they ran from the coach's famous wrath and never seeing the display I was seeing.

Unable to wrap her hand all the way around, her right hand was flying up and down his shaft as her left fondled his ball sack, her mouth moving just barely past his mushroom cock head, up to the tip, and then down again, his hand guiding each motion. A good ten minutes later, he said to her, "Oh yeah, bitch, you know just how to do it right, don't you?" At that point, he forced her head down almost to the base, and she started to choke while he held her there. When he released her a few seconds later, cum started to dribble out of her mouth as she coughed just slightly, smiling up at him the whole time. "Of course I do; you taught me well!"

Having shot my own load minutes earlier, I closed out of the video and sat back. Part of me was disgusted that she could do something like that to me. The other part was seething with thoughts of revenge. I decided to think on it, and was about to close the folder when I noticed a clip not far from the bottom titled, "Christmas orgy." It obviously was not from Christmas day, as the date on it was December 19, only a week before she said she wanted to see other people. I had been back at home for a few days already, and supposedly she had traveled to her home town a day after I left for mine. It was around this point that I had started feeling something was off, which was why I was so agreeable to the split in the first place...had I known how off things were, I would never have spent the following semester pining over her, but retrospect is 20/20 and all.

Wondering what she might have done back home, I double clicked the file, intent on simply scanning through it to satisfy my curiosity. And there, plastered clearly from the beginning as Jane walked away from having turned the camera on...was my sister, Naomi. She didn't make it to our home until Christmas Eve on the pretense of spending time with her boyfriend's family, but I watched in utter amazement as my then girlfriend strode over and started tonguing my sister's pussy. Naomi had always been a looker, but until this moment I never realized exactly how much: her body appeared absolutely flawless, with perky, C-cup breasts and a stunning hourglass figure that put Jane's beautiful form to shame.

So there I was, being turned on by the sight of my own sister, who was in turn being stimulated by my ex-girlfriend, when two men materialized from each side of the shot. One I knew to be Naomi's boyfriend, the other was an older guy I didn't recognize. He was, however, introduced in short order as Naomi ordered her boyfriend to bring his dick over to her face, and told the other man to fuck his daughter's pussy.

My head was swimming at this point. Not only was Jane engaging in lesbian sex with MY sister, she was committing incest with her own father...and judging from the similarities in the two males' features, she was related to Naomi's boyfriend, as well. With this realization, everything started to fall into place. Naomi had started seeing her boyfriend almost immediately after starting college a year before I did. I had never met him, but she had plenty of pictures of the two of them, so I knew who he was. It was at that point that she and I started to drift from the close bond we'd shared for most of our lives. I should note that we were not actually related, but rather had both been adopted after our parents discovered that Mom was barren. It's not like we had ever fooled around with each other or anything--until seeing her fully nude form, such a thing had never even crossed my mind--we had just always been very close. After she moved off to college, everything started to change. I figured it was natural, being that she was finding her way on her own. This very video would tell me exactly how far her new way led.

"So," Naomi started, spinning so that her boyfriend could start fucking her ready pussy, "how is my brother in bed?" The question was asked with a smirk; she obviously didn't have a problem with it.

"Almost as good as Dad and Jack, actually," Jane replied. It was only then that I remembered Naomi's boyfriend's name. "Or...well...he's...really...about...as good...just...in different...ways," she said haltingly, as her father began pounding her harder. After a couple of minutes of that, the men each pulled out and moved to trade places. As they did, I could see that both were slightly longer but not quite as thick as me, and wondered briefly how Jane was able to find so many big dicks to fuck. That thought was interrupted as she continued, "He's gentler and more caring, but lacks the reckless abandon of my father and brother."

Giggling, Naomi replied, "That sounds about right." She gasped as her boyfriend's, and my ex-girlfriend's, father plowed into her. "I...know he's...in...love...with...you," said my sister, "but...I...think...he's...catching...onto...you."

They continued on, chattering away whilst being fucked seemingly mindlessly by the two men. I was having a hard time believing my eyes and ears. My sister and ex-girlfriend gabbing on about me while being nailed by a couple of guys who from all appearances were nothing but machines made for plowing pussy. Jane told Naomi about some of her exploits, Naomi talked about making Jack take it up the ass from the dean of their school. At that, Jane's father smiled and drove himself deep into his son's girlfriend, causing her to shudder in ecstasy. He then withdrew, still fully hard, and moved over to his daughter's mouth.

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