tagErotic CouplingsRevenge is Sweet Ch. 03

Revenge is Sweet Ch. 03


*Author's Note*

First of all, thanks for the feedback following each chapter. Your honest opinions, both of the quality of my storytelling and the content of the story, mean a lot to me. I apologize for the delay in submissions; In addition to simply getting busy, I've also taken on editing a piece for another user. Thus, even as my time spent in this part of erotica has shrunk, the time spent here has also been split. I promise, however, to at least try and make time for my erotic inscriptions more frequently.

I'm enjoying the way this story is leading. The initial driving factor for the whole deal is now pushed to the last chapter (or maybe two...haven't decided), and I have three other chapters at least somewhat formulated before I get that far. Hope you enjoy this one!


It took me the better part of the week to completely come to grips with everything. Amazingly enough, I had breezed through my finals, acing them even while virtually sleepwalking through; I guess I'd been stressing over it for nothing, because I damned well knew the material. After finishing the last one, I went back to my apartment, laid down, and stared at the ceiling, wondering what on earth I should do about my predicament.

I first decided that I would do nothing. I didn't want to even see that cheating slut again, much less spend time with her. But then something far more devious started developing in my mind, and I thought maybe there was a way I could get back at more than just her if I played my cards right.

So I burned individual copies of each applicable encounter onto DVDs and set about making my plans. Using the access granted by my network maintenance position, I looked up the information for each of the authority figures she had seduced, and paying special mind to Dr. Carter, for I knew his wife to be quite the stunner for a middle aged woman. It was interesting to me that he would step out on her like he did, but I guess over enough time, sex with even the most attractive of women can get boring, depending upon the circumstances. And it is possible that he was just drawn in by the kink of that particular situation; either way, his folly would hopefully become my fortune.

I checked the other two professors out as well, and was able to find pictures of their wives through Google searches after determining their names. One of them must have been quite the babe in her day, but time had passed her by and left her looking like the kindly grandma she was. The other, however, was a good bit younger than her husband, and would be fun to play with.

Thus, I set about my mission on Thursday, the day after my last final. I knew that all three professors would be at school all day, as it was the last day of finals (I just had all of mine scheduled before then) and school rules were for them to remain present until an hour after their last one. My first stop was at Dr. Price's house at the edge of town. His wife, Cornelia, the grandma, answered, and invited me in for tea. I accepted the invitation inside, but once there I explained the situation. Her face grew bitter as I told her the circumstances. "I told that jackass years ago that if he ever cheated on me again, I would chop his dick off! I suspected he'd been screwing his students, but he always denied it, and there was never any evidence left to nail him with." Then, softening a bit, she said to me, "Thank you for bringing this to me, it will make the proceedings go much more smoothly."

She proceeded to suggest that I give her granddaughter, Julie, a call, pushing the photo of a pretty high school senior (soon to be college freshman) in front of my face. I politely declined, wondering why she would be so eager to set her own flesh and blood up with a stranger, but there was too much more on my mind than to bother with a girl I didn't know.

My second stop was the house of Dr. Langerhans, Jane's history professor. His wife, Dharma, a 5'10 blonde bombshell, answered the door in clothes that left very little to the imagination: the tight fitting t-shirt that rode up past her belly button bulged with DD sized breasts, and cotton daisy dukes that barely extended below her butt cheeks revealed the entirety of about as perfect an hourglass figure a woman can have. Her hair was up, and the feather duster attached at her hip suggested she had probably been cleaning, but she seemed happy to have gotten the distraction so once again I was invited inside.

I began by introducing myself, and asking if she was the wife of Gregory Langerhans, to which she replied in the affirmative. "Is he in some kind of trouble?" she asked, a mildly worried look on her face.

"That remains to be seen. First, if you don't mind my saying so, you seem quite a bit younger than Dr. Langerhans. Is there a story to that?" I inquired, knowing full well that there was.

Blushing, she admitted, "I was his TA when he first started at State, truth be told. We managed to keep our relationship under wraps for the required amount of time, but after I got my master's degree we married. I taught for a few years, but when I had our first child, he insisted that I stay home to take care of things. Now that Bradley is in school, it can get pretty lonely," a hint of sadness creeping into her voice with that last sentence.

"I see. Well, you have a lovely home, and you seem to have settled into your role of being a housewife quite amicably, so this might be difficult to hear, but I don't think your husband has gotten over his infatuation with coeds." With that, I pulled the DVD out of the leg side pocket of my cargo pants and continued before she could protest, "I think you might find the contents on here as disturbing as I did, considering that the other person involved is my ex-girlfriend." The look of disbelief that followed my first statement faded into a mix of confusion and rising anger as I finished and put the DVD into her player.

This was a video that Jane had shot with her phone, so the quality wasn't as good as some of the others, but it was plenty clear enough that her husband was the other participant. Quietly, but no longer unbelieving, she asked, "How did you get this?"

"The ex, whom I was dating at this time, has made a habit of recording her adventures. I just so happened to stumble upon them on her computer a few days ago." I purposely left out any mention of how I managed to get on her computer, as it was irrelevant and could implicate me should I reveal the method of extraction. "This did happen about a year ago, but I wasn't aware of it until finding the video," I added.

"Around finals, right?" she responded, her face hardening as it began to set in.

"Yes, ma'am. He is not the only professor she seduced, and I could make out the audio in another enough that I know that was an act of bringing her grade up, so I can only presume this was done for a similar reason."

Nodding, she said, "That would make sense. It was about that time we began having trouble in bed. I thought it was my fault...I wonder how often he has been fucking her, and for that matter his new TA."

"This is the only incident she had recorded of them, and considering her exploits with others, I doubt she has had time to be with him too much more, but it is quite possible that this was simply his breaking point and he has since followed much farther down the rabbit hole."

At that, Dharma seemed to come to a conclusion. "Well, if that's how he wants to play it..." she said while reaching over to me and pulling my face into hers for a deep French kiss.

Feigning surprise, I pulled back, and started with, "I wasn't--" before being cut off with another kiss as she straddled me on the couch.

"If they can screw around with each other, I see no reason why we shouldn't have some fun...as long as you don't mind me being an older woman, that is!" Casting off any plan to play the resisting innocent schoolboy, I showed her exactly how much I didn't care about her age by grabbing her hips and pulling them forcibly down to grind against my already throbbing cock. She responded by rubbing up and down the outline of my shaft while simultaneously pulling off her shirt. Her bra followed, and out tumbled her boobs right onto my face. Relishing the opportunity, I momentarily took one hand off her hip to position a nipple in my mouth, then reached back down and continued the dry hump as I sucked on her pink areola.

She was obviously enjoying the attention, but I knew we both wanted more. Working my thumbs under the waistband and pushing her shorts down, panties with them, until I could palm her ass with both hands, she let out a slight whimper as I swept her up and around to lying on her back on the sofa, pulling her shorts and underwear down farther during the motion. I could see her pussy lips glistening in anticipation as I swept her bottoms completely off, then pulled my own shirt over my head before leaning in. The smell of her sweet juices filled my nose, and I stuck my tongue out and just barely flicked the outer layer, causing her to jump a little before pushing farther toward me.

I then angled my tongue into an upside down V shape and licked the entire length of her slit from bottom to top. Reaching in with my hand, I used one finger to start playing with her opening while beginning to lash at her clit with my mouth. Over and over, I rolled the clit back and forth, teasing her with my finger and pushing it in ever so slowly, circling around the edges as I moved it in and out. Suddenly, her thighs clamped around my ears, both of her hands flew to the back of my head, and I felt her entire body convulsing...but I didn't quit until about two minutes later, when she finally screamed that she'd had enough.

As I looked up at her face, I noticed her hair tousled about, the telltale sign of where her hands were before they moved to my head. Her eyes shown of pure, wanton lust, and her mouth formed a slight sneer. Taking the look as a hint, I pushed myself up into a sitting position on the couch, then reached over with my left hand to grab her hair and pull her over. Her face took on a surprised look, but the glint of excitement shining from her eyes betrayed the act as I pulled her onto her knees in front of me.

My dick had softened from concentrating so greatly on pleasing her, but that changed in a hurry when she took my semi-hard cock all the way to the hilt, the head touching in her throat. It swelled quickly, and she was forced to withdraw, coughing. An awestruck look flashed across her face. "Damn, boy! That thing is impressive just halfway hard!!" With that, seemingly invigorated even farther, she enthusiastically dove back down and engulfed me once more, this time only making it about two thirds of the way before it hit her throat.

Curiously, however, at that she began going more slowly, pulling back and swirling her tongue around the head while fondling my nutsack lovingly. She then slowly bobbed her head up and down on my shaft, going only about halfway down on each stroke but covering the bottom half with her free hand, tenderly twisting as she moved her fingers in rhythm with her mouth.

After only thirty seconds or so of that, I grew bolder and once more took her hair into my hand, forcefully fucking her face. Serenity washed over her expression again; clearly this woman enjoyed being dominated. Not one to disappoint, I moved her head up and down, my fingers buried down to the roots to eliminate any slack, giving me complete control over the movements of her head. Her mouth opened wide, no longer sucking, just willingly accepting the face fucking I gave her.

The thought of her submission to me, combined with the feeling of her tongue sliding up and down my shaft and my cock head finding its way to the back of her throat at the bottom of each down stroke, made the pressure start building inside my balls nearly to the point of no return. So when I pulled her head completely up, her eyes looked at me in confusion. Enjoying the feeling of manipulating her head any direction I wished, I kept my grasp of her hair and pulled her lips to mine, locking in a passionate kiss as she crawled up to straddle me. Breaking the kiss without separating our faces too greatly, I said, "I'm going to fuck you now," in a soft, but definitive, voice, still leaving no doubt about who was in control.

Again, she whimpered, giving me the feeling that she truly needed this...probably even more so than I did. Reluctantly freeing her head, both of my hands traveled down to her hips to move her into position. I momentarily took my left hand and grasped my pulsating member in my fingertips to position it against her cunt, sliding the tip the length of her slit a few times, finding that she had gotten even wetter while working me with her mouth, then pushed her down slightly with my right hand to ensure everything remained in place.

With only the very top of my mushroom in her entrance, I put both hands on her hips and pulled her down on top of me at the same instant as I thrust my own hips upward, slamming my entire length into her all at once. Her eyes and mouth opened wide, and in the next heartbeat her midsection began shaking uncontrollably as I kept her sitting fully impaled on my dick. Those involuntary vibrations around my shaft felt incredible. Rather than moving her up and down, as I had planned, I instead moved my hands up and together to wrap my arms around her lower back and force her to lay down on top of me, enjoying the feeling of her flat stomach and bulging tits against my body. My right hand moved to the back of her head, but rather than grabbing her hair again, I instead brought her lips to mine in a much more tender kiss than the one only seconds prior.

We remained in that state for the next couple of minutes, making out softly as her pussy slowly stopped convulsing. Then, without a word, she pushed herself up just enough to move, but not enough that her breasts weren't still rubbing against my chest, and slowly began to grind her hips in a circular motion, flexing her vaginal muscles as she did. This moved me around inside of her without allowing any of my length to be released while giving me the sensation of being milked...which, in essence, I was.

Gradually, her grinding morphed from circular motions to moving up and down, still contracting her pussy lips around my shaft while doing so. I grasped her breasts in each hand, bringing them to my mouth to play with as she rode me. Alternating between left and right every few seconds, I tongued, sucked, and bit one nipple while pinching and squeezing the other in my hand. The concentration on her little nubs allowed me to lengthen the experience, because it was all I could do not to fire off right that very second.

Eventually, though, I could take no more. "Are you on the pill?" I asked.

"No," she replied, "but don't you dare fucking pull out. I need your cum in me...Master." That was all I needed to hear. My hands found her hips as I retook control of her actions, accelerating the speed ever so slowly from the smooth, comfortable pace she had set to a raw, mind numbing pounding of her ass. She began whimpering again, freely this time, which sent me completely over the top. I buried myself completely, pushing my hips up and holding hers down, as my cock began to spasm. No sooner had the first stream shot out before she started shaking uncontrollably again, and her convulsions became more intense each time my dick twitched and shot more of my seed into her.

I held myself inside of her for what must have been at least another ten minutes, enjoying the afterglow, before speaking. "So, you kinda like being controlled, huh?"

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, but it's never been quite like that. You just did it so naturally, without me even having to ask...and here I was thinking that you were too innocent for that kind of thing!"

I smiled back. "I guess I can be a bit of a surprise sometimes," I replied, recanting in my own mind how much I had surprised myself over the last few days. "I've never really been quite so much the assertive type, but, well, it just seemed right..."

"Yeah, well, it was EXACTLY right. But now I must finish cleaning. We're having a party tonight, and I'm expected to play the role of dutiful housewife."

"And you're going to continue with that role?" I asked, incredulous, as I began putting my clothes back on.

"Oh yes. This video you have given me will ensure of that," she said, winking. As she was letting me out of the house, she said, "Be here next Monday at 11 AM for round two."

Turning around on her front step to face her, I got a sly grin on my face and said, perhaps a bit too cockily, "So you want a round two, huh?"

"But of course! We've got to make sure you knock me up properly, don't we?"

With that, she closed the door, my mouth hanging open as my mind's processors went into overdrive.

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