tagGroup SexRevenge Next Door Pt. 02

Revenge Next Door Pt. 02


Darcy submerged her hands in the warm soapy water of dinner dishes and wondered why life's little chores didn't magically disappear even when your life was falling down around your ears. It had been a week since she'd discovered her husband fucking the neighbor.

She sighed as she rinsed another dish, wishing it was that easy to wipe the relationship slate clean. Since that fateful day they had talked for hours, cried and fought with each other. They'd even made love a couple more times, as if the threat of divorce had reinfused their passionless marriage with some kind of desperate sexual energy.

The sex was the most surprising part. It was the best they'd had in years. Maybe since there wasn't anything to lose they had both let go of their inhibitions. Darcy knew it was probably disastrous to have sex with an unfaithful husband, but after years of being in a sexual desert it was like a tall glass of ice water. It was just so nice to be touched again.

Plus, when they were fucking they didn't have to discuss their marriage for a few minutes.

She squeezed out more soap and a few bubbles floated incandescently through the air. She watched their journey along an invisible air current and wished she could do the same in life. She'd always held tight to her life plan, terrified of failure, and look what had happened. Brandy had happened.

Sean swore he didn't love her, that it was just sex. Could Darcy accept that? If she told any of her family or friends about the affair, they would tell her to pack it up and divorce the bastard. That was the problem. She didn't want a divorce.

She could still envision growing old with Sean. He was her best friend, not to mention her business partner. She loved this house, and their way of life. Starting over with someone new was unthinkable. She stared out the window and wondered how life got so damn complicated.

"Those dishes getting you down?" Sean asked from the doorway. He hated seeing her so sad, but at the same time he was glad his secret was out and they were communicating again. There was a tiny kernel of hope that they could snatch this marriage from the jaws of defeat. Maybe tonight would be the first step. "We've been invited next door for drinks," he said tentatively.

"Seriously?" Darcy turned to him, shocked at the suggestion.

"Yes, seriously." Sean took her shoulders, kneading some of the tension away. "I know it seems crazy, but Brandy wants to talk to you.

"I have nothing to say to her."

"Well, maybe you could hear her out. I think she wants to apologize." He winced when her eyes flared with anger.

"So fucking what?" She shrugged his hands off her.

"Darce, she's the only person that knows what is really going on here. Maybe this would be good for us." She deflated a little with that. He had a point. Not like she wanted to talk to her mother about their situation. She considered it for a long moment.

"Alright, I'll go." She huffed. "But I don't think the night's going to end with us braiding each other's hair and drinking margaritas."

They walked over through the same bushes Darcy had hidden in the week before. She couldn't believe she was going through them again to talk to the woman banging her husband. Just float like the bubbles, she told herself.

It was a balmy summer evening, so Brandy had suggested meeting on the back porch. She greeted them in a filmy floral dress that flowed over her golden sandals. Darcy couldn't help but notice how smooth her shoulders were under the thin straps of the sundress. She was the classic California girl next to Darcy's pale skin and dark hair.

The three of them stood awkwardly for a moment before Brandy turned to Darcy with a hesitant smile. "I didn't know if you would come," she said.

"Me either," Darcy replied drily. She settled into a patio chair as the other two sat on either side of her.

"Can I get you a drink?" Brandy asked in her husky voice. Even her voice was sexy, Darcy thought with a twinge of envy.

"How about margaritas?" Sean said, winking at Darcy. She rolled her eyes, but had to admit it was nice having a private joke in that moment.

When Brandy returned with a pitcher of frothy margaritas they all drank eagerly, wanting to ease the tension between them. Brandy was the first to address the elephant in the room.

"Darcy, I'm so sorry. I know you have no reason to forgive me, but if you could I hope we can be friends again someday." She looked so genuinely distressed, Darcy thought she was either a consummate actor or she actually did feel some remorse.

"Well, thanks for the apology, but I don't see how we could ever be friends. I mean, jesus, you've been fucking my husband for two months behind my back."

"Yes, I have," Brandy admitted, a little ashamed. "But I hope you know that's all it was. Sean really does love you."

"Then why was he fucking you?" The margarita had effectively loosened Darcy's tongue. Sean sat back and let them talk, hoping not to get caught in the crossfire.

"Haven't you ever had sex without being in love?" Brandy asked. "Your husband doesn't love me. I'm just the new cow." She toasted her drink in Sean's direction as the couple looked at her quizzically.

"The what?" Darcy asked.

"The new cow. I grew up on a farm," she explained patiently. "Farmers know that their bulls don't want the cows they've already screwed, so they have to bring in new cows. That's me."

Darcy shook her head. Maybe she had drank one too many. "Are you saying you're a cow?"

Brandy laughed and refilled their drinks. "No, what I'm saying is that I can give him something that you can't, for the moment."

Darcy raised an eyebrow. "And what is that, exactly?"


Darcy's mouth clicked shut. She hadn't thought of that. "But why does he need novelty?"

"We all crave the new and the different, right? I mean, no one can eat the same food every day, or listen to the same song day after day, or wear the same clothes. But with sex we expect couples to live happily ever after and never want to fuck anyone new? Ain't gonna work." Brandy was well on her way to getting sloshed. "Let's get in the hot tub!" She made her way to the jacuzzi, only bumping into a few things along the way.

"Uh, we didn't bring suits," Darcy drained the last of her drink.

"So? You've already seen me naked," the sundress was up and over her head in flash, revealing her sun kissed skin. She sank into the hot water with a wicked grin. "What, are you chicken?'

Darcy couldn't help but laugh. This night was definitely unexpected. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the emotional turmoil of the previous week, but at that moment her battered spirit just needed some fun. She decided to give herself a break.

She rose slowly, and Sean thought for sure she was going to storm off back to their house. But she didn't. He watched, shocked, as she shed her clothes piece by piece and climbed into the tub.

Brandy squealed with delight and hugged Darcy in the churning water. Their nipples brushed together, giving them both a shot of arousal. Darcy startled and tried to pull away, but Brandy held on to her for another second and whispered in her ear, "Your body is hot." Darcy flushed at the attention. She wasn't used to flirting with a woman, but tonight it was like a balm on her bruised self esteem.

By now Sean was naked and massively erect, watching the women embrace. He lowered himself into the water carefully, not wanting to break the spell between them.

"Let me guess," Brandy motioned at the two of them. "You guys have been married for what, ten years?"

"Fifteen." Darcy corrected.

"Ok, fifteen. And the sex was nonexistent for the last few years, right?" The couple nodded. "But you've had sex this week, or you wouldn't be here." They nodded again.

"How do you know all this stuff?" Darcy asked, thinking Brandy was psychic or something.

"Because I've been in your shoes. Do you know why you've been fucking this week?" She paused for dramatic effect. "Testosterone." She sat back with a smug smile.

"Testosterone?" Darcy echoed, her head felt pleasantly full of air so it was difficult to think straight.

"Yes, testosterone. Men wouldn't be the same without it. It's their drive to succeed, to compete, to fuck everything that moves. They even give a little to us when they come. It's a beautiful thing."

"And what does that have to do with us?"

"Because fucking someone new is like a testosterone injection to men. So that's how you can make peace with what happened between Sean and me. That's how I made peace when I caught my husband with his nurse." Brandy was starting to overheat, so she raised herself up and sat on a higher step, her breasts glistening in the dim light of the patio.

Darcy tried not to stare at them. "Your husband cheated on you?"

"I don't like that word, cheating, like marriage is a game or something. But yes, he had extramarital sex. So we talked about it for a long time. Neither of us wanted to get divorced, so we decided to try an open marriage instead." She reached out to Darcy and pulled her up beside her on the step. "You need to cool off, you're getting all flushed."

Darcy did feel a little better as the night air brushed her skin. Sean stared hungrily at the two luscious sets of breasts on display. He didn't know what was happening, but he wasn't about to mess with it.

"So you're both allowed to have sex with other people?" Darcy continued. She'd never met anyone in an open marriage before. It was strangely fascinating.

"Yeah, and sometimes we play as a couple. It sounds crazy, but it is hot to watch him fuck someone else right in front of me. The man's got moves."

They all sat in silence for a few beats, the only sound the bubbling of the jets. Sean couldn't stay in, so he sat on the edge of the tub, his erection bobbing in plain sight. Neither woman could keep their eyes off it. The sexual tension buzzed like a hive of bees around them. They stared at each other in silence for what seemed like forever.

Finally, Brandy nudged Darcy with her shoulder. "You should go suck his cock."

Darcy thought about how Sean had struggled with even having an erection the last few years. It seemed a shame to let this one go to waste. She was a little buzzed, so things didn't seem so serious in that moment. She finally smiled. Why the hell not? What did she have to lose?

She sloshed over between Sean's legs and grasped his cock, stroking it a few times before she started licking from the sack to the tip like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Her eyes met his as she took him into her mouth and he gazed down at her with naked arousal.

"Oh, babe, you are so good," he said softly, burying his fingers in her hair.

Brandy sat back and happily watched the show for a moment, running two fingers on either side of her clit and feeling it swell. Her juices started to flow as her sexual engine revved up. She loved the anticipation of sex as much as the act itself.

As Darcy began to quicken her motions, Brandy eased over to the couple. She ran her hands over Darcy's back and felt her tense.

"Just let me touch you," she said breathlessly into Darcy's ear. "I've wanted to for so long." When she felt Darcy relax a little she continued, stroking her back, brushing over the top of her ass and then back up to her neck and shoulders. Darcy groaned around Sean's cock.

"Kiss her shoulders," Sean suggested. "She loves that." He couldn't believe what he was seeing, it was like a dream come true.

Brandy licked and nibbled her way up Darcy's shoulders as she slid one hand around to the other woman's breast, gently playing with her nipple. Darcy shivered in response as she felt the other hand squeezing her ass and then slipping into the crevice between her cheeks.

Sean was losing the slippery grip on his control and began pushing his hips into Darcy's face. He leaned back, steadying himself with his hands to the sides, the cool concrete contrasting with is wife's hot mouth which was busy driving him wild.

Darcy's head was bobbing up and down on his cock as fast as she could manage. She tried to keep her coordination while Brandy was working some kind of magic on her clit.

She was moaning and rocking her hips into Brandy's hand when Sean lost it and exploded into her mouth.

"Ahhhh shit, I'm coming, I'm coming," his buttocks clenched as he filled her mouth with spurts of cum, his abs contracting in spasms.

Darcy milked his cock with her tongue, stroking the under side and suckling insistently. It was only when she felt him diminishing that she let him slide out between her lips.

"Let me get some of that," Brandy said, turning Darcy and locking lips with her. Their tongues wound and snaked around each other as the taste of Sean's cum mixed between them.

Sean's jaw dropped, watching them kissing passionately. He never in a million years thought he'd see his wife making out with another woman. It was amazing.

"Mmmmm, delicious," Brandy said as she drew away. She continued to stroke Darcy's body. The other woman was looking kind of woozy. "Why don't we dry off and go inside?"

She helped Darcy out of the tub and wrapped her gently in a towel. They went inside, knowing Sean would follow.

Darcy allowed Brandy to lead her into the master bedroom, the very same room she had watched them have sex in a week ago. How her world had shifted. Sean closed the door behind the three of them.

"Sean, you sit down and let me kiss your wife some more," Brandy murmured, taking Darcy's head into her hands. She resumed her skillful seduction, using her clever hands and tongue to arouse and awaken her.

Darcy had always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, and it was even better than she'd imagined. It was just...softer and more sensual. She began exploring Brandy's body with her hands, running them tentatively over her curves and valleys.

Their kissing deepened as passion built. Stroking hands became clutching hands. Sighs turned into moans. Brandy dipped her head to take Darcy's nipple into her mouth while her fingers plundered the other woman's throbbing wet pussy. She stroked her clit on either side without directly touching it, which drove Darcy crazy.

"Oh my god, that feels so good...please don't stop," Darcy begged. She was grateful when Brandy pushed her back to lie on the bed, she didn't know how much longer she could stand.

Sean felt his cock swelling again at the sight of Brandy snuggled in between his wife's legs, her golden ass high in the air as she ate Darcy out.

Darcy was beginning to thrash about as Brandy flicked her clit repeatedly with her tongue while she suckled with her soft lips. Then she felt Brandy's fingers slide into her and that pushed her over the edge.

"Yeah...you're gonna make me come...yes...yes...YES!!!" The orgasm slammed into her like a wave crashing into the rocks. Her body went stiff as electric licks of pleasure coursed through her. Brandy kept her tongue on Darcy's clit the whole time, letting her shudder and shake.

The bed creaked as Sean climbed in, laying next to his wife and kissing her. "You are so sexy, babe," he said softly. She felt his erection brush her thigh and smiled. She pushed him on his back and straddled him, running his cock through her wet folds, torturing them both before pushing it inside her. They both groaned as she took him deep.

"That is hot, you two," Brandy said as she casually masturbated. "Ride that cock, Darcy." She ran her hands along Darcy's thighs, feeling her strong muscles flex. Darcy looked down at her and realized her husband should be servicing them both.

"Why don't you sit on his face?" She suggested with a smile.

Brandy wasted no time and was soon lowering her pussy onto Sean's mouth, facing Darcy. Sean eagerly licked Brandy's sweet cunt and instantly had her writhing on top of him. He made his tongue as long and hard as he could and Brandy rode it like it was a little version of his cock. It was like he was fucking two women at once. He didn't think it could get much better.

"Do you like watching him eat my pussy?" Brandy asked, pulling Darcy close to her.

"Yes, I love it...I can't wait to taste you myself."

The women bent towards each other and started kissing again, tongues tangling. They fondled each other's breasts as they both ground their pussies against Sean. Soon the room was filled with the sounds of them moaning and panting with pleasure.

Darcy felt another orgasm building deep in her center and pistoned her hips faster and faster. She leaned forward and took Brandy's nipple in her mouth. Brandy arched her back to give Darcy better access. A few heartbeats later, Darcy cried out as she came again, squeezing Sean's cock hard with her cunt. Brandy was soon to follow, clutching her breasts as her thighs locked around Sean's head.

They disentangled themselves and Brandy helped Darcy lie back on the pillows. "I have to get some more of your pussy before we're done." She spread Darcy's legs wide and kneeled between them.

Darcy didn't know how much more her clit could take, but Brandy seemed to know and was licking her so softly she could barely feel it. The woman was seriously skilled. She watched as Sean rose to his knees and held his cock against Brandy's cunt.

There was a moment where the married couple looked at each other, Sean asking with his eyes. Darcy nodded her assent.

Sean sank his cock deep into Brandy's wet heat. The three of them all moved in a sinuous rhythm. It was like an erotic chain reaction. Every time Sean thrust into Brandy, she would moan into Darcy's sex and push her tongue further inside her.

Darcy watched as her husband fucked the woman eating her pussy. It was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen. "Fuck her harder, baby, make her scream, " she cried out as her head fell back and another orgasm ripped through her.

Sean did as he was told and fucked Brandy with all he had. His chest gleamed with sweat and and his breathing grew heavy.

Brandy looked over her shoulder, "Yes....fuck me....omigod...I'm gonna come!" She turned back to Darcy when passion overcame her. Her eyes closed tightly and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream. Her body jerked and shook in waves.

Watching her husband bring another woman to orgasm gave Darcy a strange mix of sensations, a kind of pride mixed with a touch of jealousy. She looked up to Sean and he winked at her. For some reason that little gesture eased her mind. She didn't have much time to reflect, as Sean returned to pumping his hips with intense concentration.

"I'm going to come," he breathed, his fingers white knuckled from gripping Brandy's ass. After a few more deep strokes he pulled out and both women scrambled to position themselves underneath his jutting cock. He stroked it over their eager faces.

"Oh yes...do it...come all over us," Brandy begged as she held Darcy tight against her. The two alternated licking at Sean's sack and tonguing each other.

The sight of two women pleasuring him was too incredible for Sean. He let loose, shooting hot jets of cum all over their faces. Both women moaned as he covered them with it.

Darcy took Brandy's head in her hands and slowly brushed her lips and tongue over her face, washing away all the thick white fluid. Sean lowered himself so his face was level with theirs, and the three of them kissed with the blissful sense of passion fulfilled.

They lay back together, Darcy in the middle, sharing a moment where no words were needed. Both Sean and Brandy skimmed their hands over Darcy's body with long, lazy strokes as if they were thanking her in some way.

Darcy sighed as her lovers ran open mouth kisses along her sensitized skin. She finally felt like she was floating along like the bubbles. Somehow she had found her way to an oasis in the middle of the desert, and she couldn't imagine ever going back.

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by leetamez07/11/18


I really was disappointed the way in you went with this! I hate cuckhold stories and
she really got played in this! And he still got off with cheating on her! And it looks
like that will continue!

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Great story ! !

Please write another part soon

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Incredibly hot!!

That was really hot!!

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by JBEdwards03/07/18


Great story, perfectly crafted, and enjoyable to read. My only critique is that Darcy flipped from outraged anger to unbridled lust rather quickly and maybe a bit too easily. But who cares, really? It'smore...

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