tagRomanceRevenge of the Jocks?

Revenge of the Jocks?


This is a fictional story based at a fictional college with fictional characters. I have created fictional fraternities and sororities so as not to insult anyone. For purposes of this story these fraternities/sororities are simplistic in that they differentiate the "jocks" and the "nerds".

I put this in romance as it started as a romance. Although the story took a little change and a bit of BDSM (mild) creeped in. Some different characters sort of took over the story towards the end.

I hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to leave me comments and/or let me know what you think of the story.

Cody and Bethany

Cody, president of the Alpha Athlos fraternity (the "jocks") on campus was fucking Bethany hard. After all she was the head cheerleader and a starter on the volleyball team as well as the president of the Alpha Amazones (the jocks sorority) and isn't that who he should be fucking? He was the center halfback on the soccer team, the captain, the play setter and the highest scorer. Life was good! Well except for the fucking nerds.

'Shit, I need to stop thinking about them' Cody thinks as his cock start to soften. His eyes move up to Bethany's tits bouncing and he reaches up to squeeze her firm C cup tits, his fingers rubbing her dark brown nipples until they are hard. 'Damn I am a stud' Cody thinks as he hears Bethany moan from his breast play.

'Time to wrap this up and show her how a man fucks his woman' Cody thinks as he grabs Bethany's legs at her knees and lifts them so her ankles are up by his shoulders and her pussy is spread wide. He then starts pounding harder into Bethany's tight pussy. He is well aware that he had a big dick, almost 9-inches long and nice and thick. His fucking gets more intense as he pounds into her pussy harder and harder, getting deeper with each thrust as he tries to pound his whole cock into her.

Cody feels Bethany's fingers reaching down to rub his balls, making him realize how much he has turned her on. After a dozen more strokes, he slams into her hard and screams out as he cums. "Oh fuck babe that was fantastic" Cody tells her as he rolls off and lays down on the bed.

Cody looks over at Bethany's beautiful face, her long blonde hair spread about her on the bed. A light sheen of sweat on her skin, accentuating her fit muscular body. "Damn you're hot babe" Cody says as he rolls on his side away from her and grabs one of her t-shirts to wipe his cock off before tossing it in the corner.

Getting up he starts to get dressed, flexing his muscles to show off for her as he does "We got the perfect plan babe, we will get those fucking nerds in line" he tells her as she watches him. He continues "You know what you need to do right?"

Pulling a sheet over herself she responds and making an effort to not roll her eyes "Yes Cody, I know what I need to do. I have been flirting with Sam all quarter remember? I have my part taken care of. When are you going to start working on Cindy?"

The plan was pretty simple, Cody was going to seduce Cindy, the president of the Kappa Kappa Didici (the nerd sorority) and Bethany was going to seduce Sam, the president of the Beta Phi Clericus (the nerd's fraternity). Cody knew it would be easy to seduce them, after all he had his people do some research which consisted essentially of:

1. Neither Sam or Cindy had a girlfriend/boyfriend since they started college, thus he was certain they had not had sex.

2. Cody was the hottest guy on campus (pretty close to true, he was handsome, intelligent, and came from big money) and Bethany was the hottest girl on campus (again pretty close to true as she was gorgeous, intelligent and nice to nearly everyone).

He was certain that he and Bethany would be able to seduce Sam and Cindy. Once seduced they would have hidden cameras film them in some embarrassing manner and use it to blackmail them. They would not have to actually have sex with them, just get them naked and begging or something. Maybe he would get that nerd Cindy to suck his cock and cum all over her face, after all she was kind of cute.

Bethany had been flirting with Samuel; she had asked him to help her study at the beginning of the quarter and they had been meeting twice a week all quarter (sometimes more if an exam was coming up). Surprisingly Sam's tutelage had actually helped, her grades had improved. Not that she was a bad student, she had maintained B's with some C's throughout high school and into college. But with his tutelage she had all B's with some A's.

She found that she actually enjoyed the time with him, he was intelligent, he would talk to her instead of talking at her and he would not sit and ogle her tits, even when she wore a low cut blouse (she checked). She was almost beginning to think he was gay until she finally caught him checking her out one time when she showed up after practice wearing a tight t-shirt and short shorts.

Grabbing his jacket, Cody asks "So tomorrow is when we will tell everyone that I dumped you?" as he glances at her.

"You dumped me huh?" Bethany replies. "As I recall we were just going to let people know that we split up and leave it at that."

"I know babe, I was just teasing you" Cody responds as he reaches down to kiss her on the lips. "I will miss you, we won't be able to fuck for a few weeks. But it will be worth it to get control of those fucking nerds."

Samuel and Cindy

Elsewhere on campus Sam was laying back on his bed watching Cindy suck his cock. Sam was trying to think about anything other than the fact that the head of his thick six inch cock was buried in her throat, or that she was humming now. 'Oh shit, that feels amazing' he thinks as she slides her tongue out to lick his balls and twists her head so he can feel the head of his cock being "massaged" by her throat.

Cindy pulls her head off Sam's cock and looks up at him, a line of spit dripping from her mouth to his cock. She smiles and winks at him then lowers her head to his cock again. She now sucks hard and starts bobbing her head on his cock. She slides one hand down and starts massaging his balls as a wet finger on her other hand slides further down and starts to massage his perineum.

Cindy looks up and Sam and was reminded how cute he was. He was kind of average looking a bit nerdy as he rarely wore his contacts and barely took care of the flop of brown hair on his head. He was 5'11 and 140 pounds so kind of skinny but was stronger than he looked. He has some of the most beautiful hazel eyes she has seen. To top it off, Sam was one of the kindest, faithful people Cindy had ever met. He would go out of his way to help anyone if he was able.

Sam jerks his head to stare down at her, 'Holy shit, that feels amazing' he thinks, his mind now fully on the sensations of her ministration. Watching her head bounce on his cock as she massages his balls and her fingers massage between his scrotum and ass. It only takes a few minutes and he knows he is going to lose control "Holy shit Cindy, I am going to cum" as he puts his hand on her head and grips her hair. She stops bobbing and just sucks on his cock hard, her tongue teasing the tip. She loves the taste of his cum and does not want to lose a drop of it.

Sam shoots his load into Cindy's mouth and she keeps her lips firmly around his cock until she is sure his cock is fully drained. Cindy slides her head off Sam's cock, not letting a drop of cum spill out and she looks up at him, opens her mouth showing him a mouth full of cum and then swallows. Cindy licks his cock clean and slides up his body to lay next to him.

He wraps an arm around her and pulls her tight. "That was amazing Cindy, I could not hold out any longer." Glancing at the clock, he continues "You beat me again. I tried to hold out, but that massaging thing, you have never done that before."

"Well you may have cum quicker than me Sam but I lost count of how many times you made me cum tonight. I had to make you stop, my pussy was way to sensitive and I could not take any more. My pussy is so sensitive that I will have to sneak back to my place in just my skirt, I am afraid if I put my panties on..."she trails off.

Sam and Cindy were not dating, but they were fucking, well making love, or having sex. They met as freshmen and became great friends. Sometime early in their sophomore year they had been drinking one evening and got to talking about sex. They decided that they wanted to learn more about sex and that they wanted to be good at sex. Both learned they had read a lot but agreed that reading was not the same as doing the actual act. So they had started experimenting and practicing on each other. Over time it had almost become a competition with them at times, to see who could make the other cum first. But a competition that both thoroughly enjoyed.

Sam turns to Cindy "You know that Cody and Bethany are going to 'break up' soon and start with their plan. Just be ready, don't let Cody suck you in."

Cindy laughs softly and responds "What about you and Bethany? She has been teasing you for months now. I am sure that it is "hard" to deal with."

Sam ignores her pun as he responds "It will be hard, I kind of like her. She is really good at acting because she actually treats me with respect and is very pleasant. If I did not know that they had this big plan, I would think she actually liked me" Sam responds.

Cindy reaches up and pinches Sam's nipple "I know, you keep telling me that, so you are the one that needs to be careful." Cindy rolls over and out of bed and starts to get dressed and continues "It's late Sam, and as much as I would like to cuddle up and fall asleep with you, I need to get up early and I know if I stay here that we will not get nearly enough sleep."

Sam admires Cindy's body as she dresses, he thinks she has an amazingly sexy body but most never would guess as she dresses to hide it. Cindy has ivory colored skin, dark brunette hair that she keeps wears in a pixie cut and sky blue eyes. Her body is soft with curves in just the right places; big firm DD tits with large pink nipples, a nicely rounded ass, and she kept her pussy shaved with just a perfect little triangle of hair over it.

Cindy finishes getting dressed, gives Sam a big hug then leaves slipping out the back door of the frat house and across the yard. She looks up, and sure enough Sam is at the window watching to make sure she gets home OK. Thinking to herself 'he is so sweet,' it's not like she has to do anything but cross through the gate between the two houses as their yards are connected. But he always watches her until she was at her back door.

Once Sam sees Cindy let herself into her place, he goes back to bed and stares up at the ceiling thinking. A few years before he joined, some guys in his fraternity had been able to sneak into the jocks frat and sorority houses and place bugs. They did not bug bedrooms, just main areas. So they had been able to keep pretty close tabs on what the jocks were up to. Each year they add a little bit of technology to the system to keep an eye on the jocks.

A Brief History of the Conflict

The jocks had pummeled the nerds for years prior to bugging their houses. It's not like the jocks were some big dumb people like often represented in movies. They were pretty smart, stronger, much more popular, and in general they had always just ruled the campus.

The jocks had spent decades picking on others on campus, at times even themselves (hazing to join frats or as freshmen on teams). The jocks had ruled the campus, until the mid-1980s when the nerds started retaliating more and more (a popular movie put out in the early 80s started a movement with nerds nationwide). Because the nerds had retaliated they had become targets and although they would win minor 'battles' the jocks had been winning the war for another decade or so. But technology was getting better and better, and with technology the nerds had slowly gotten the upper hand.

Historically the nerds would try to go through the proper channels (talking to the Dean) to get something done but that seldom did any good. So they changed tactics, they had started keeping things low key and quiet. Rather than publicly humiliating the jocks, or making a scene of any sort, things were handled much quieter. In more recent years, things just seemed to happen to those that picked on the nerds (or anyone not in a jock fraternity or sorority).

For example, the last "event" was over a year ago when some of the jocks had stripped one of the nerds, duct taped him and shoved him into a locker in the varsity locker room. It had taken hours before anyone realized he was even missing and then even more time to find him. The ringleader of the group that had taped the nerd had simply left campus. He had been called to the President's office one afternoon about a month after the incident and when he returned to the frat house he did not say anything to anyone, he just packed up and left that evening. The other jocks involved had all failed a classes and been dropped from the Lacrosse team for a quarter; they all had to retake the classes and get their grades back up before they could play again.

The jocks "knew" the nerds were responsible, but did not know how or what they did and in no way could prove anything. No one seemed to really know anything, but it had gotten to the point where most jocks were afraid to pick on nerds, underclassmen, or anyone else.

The jocks had it hard enough not being able to play pranks and play the part of the "campus alphas" but it had gotten worse. Word had gotten out to other universities and the jocks were getting harassed and teased by the jocks at other schools. Away games could be humiliating for them, even if they won. The other universities found ways to rub it in.

Back to the story: Bethany

Bethany watched Cody get dressed, admiring his body. He was well built and very handsome, he was also smart and came from a wealthy family. In general he was considered a perfect catch. Her hand was rubbing her sore pussy subtly under the sheet, a finger teasing her clit as she watched him get dressed and admired his body. He did have a great body! 6'3" tall and 2015 pounds of chiseled muscle. He had short blonde hair and bright blue eyes and dressed to show off his body.

Once he left, she pulled her sheet off and reached into a side drawer and got out her little vibrator. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feelings of her vibrator on her clit as she started rubbing circles causing little tingles to run up her spine.

She had found that there is no lover like herself and her collection of toys; she had a pretty large collection of vibrators and dildo's. Her mother warned her that men were poor lovers, and she has found that to be true. She had allowed a number of boyfriends to get intimate with her over the years, but never found one that could satisfy her as well as she could with her toys.

Sometimes she was able to cum with Cody, but only if he took his time, which was seldom. If he took his time with her and there was plenty of foreplay before the sex she often would have an orgasm. Part of the problem was that his cock was fucking huge so if he did not get her warmed up it hurt, which definitely did not help her attain anything close to an orgasm. But when he just started fucking her like he did this evening it really was uncomfortable so she would do what she could to get him to cum as soon as possible.

Bethany's other hand slides up her body to her left breast, starting to massage it she can feel her nipple start to harden. The vibrations through her pussy are starting to get her worked up and she lifts her knees and spreads her legs wider, sliding the vibrator between her pussy lips and against her clit.

As she feels the orgasm build within her, her mind starts to wander to Sam for some reason. He is not as attractive as Cody. Not that he is ugly or anything, but he is just a little plain. But the way her treats and respects her, she sometimes found herself wondering what kind of lover he would be. Actually she figured that he would be so grateful to have sex that she could do with him what she wanted. If she could get him to keep hard long enough she figured it would be likely she could do whatever she wanted.

Her fingers grip her stiff left nipple and start rubbing it and her hips start rocking as the other hand holds the vibrator firmly against her clit. She imagines Sam beneath her on the bed as she rides his cock. The pleasure builds quickly until she turns and buries her face into her pillow and screams out as the orgasm courses through her body.

As the orgasm starts to subside, she drops her vibrator and slides a finger into her pussy. It is a little sore from Cody fucking her, but she knows that the best way for her to cum again is to concentrate on fucking her pussy. She starts sliding her finger in and out, twisting it in her as she does so. Continuing to finger fuck herself, she soon adds a second finger and feels another orgasm starting to build.

She finds herself again thinking of Sam, wondering what his cock is like, imagining him eating her out to her first orgasm then fucking her nice and gentle for the second one. She realizes that he may actually be a virgin, and that he would have likely shot his load before she even got very worked up, but this was a fantasy right.

As one hand keeps fucking her pussy, she quits playing with her tits and reaches into her nightstand and finds a dildo. Bringing the dildo down and sliding it between her pussy lips, she closes her eyes imagining Sam's cock sliding into her hard and fast as she is doing to herself with her dildo. The sound of the dildo the dildo sliding in and out of her wet pussy turns her on even more and she starts fucking her pussy faster with it.

As the sensations continues to build she is quickly ready to cum, but she does not allow herself to cum immediately, rather she keeps fucking her pussy, concentrating on the feeling of the dildo sliding in and out. Finally she can take it no more and she rolls her head to the side and buries it into her pillow. Her body rides the orgasm, her hips lifting off the bed as she slams the dildo in and out of her pussy frantically.

Once the orgasm subsides, she lays on her bed and relaxes with one hand gently massaging her pussy. She considers pushing herself and having a third orgasm, but decides against it. She needs to get to class early and she really wants to shower first. Cody refuses to use a condom and she does not want to sleep with her pussy full with his cum.

Cody and Cindy

Cody was sitting in the back of a history class and was whispering with his buddy. He found the class pretty easy, just skim through the book a few nights before the test, make some notes of key points to memorize, and boom he got a 3.8 GPA. He had been checking out Cindy throughout the class, because of course she was sitting in the front of the class. Cody had never paid much attention to her before, but it looked like she may have a hot little body under those loose clothes. He was pretty sure she was packing some pretty big tits under that baggy shirt and decided he was going to find out for sure.

As the bell went off and the class started leaving he got up and right after she put her books into her pack he grabbed her bag. She glanced up at him questioningly. "Come on Cindy, I am going to walk you to your next class." She stared at him for a moment before getting up and following him out the door. He started walking down the hall when he realized she was not following and glanced back. She looked at him and started walking the other way.

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