tagRomanceRevenge of the Jocks? Pt. 02

Revenge of the Jocks? Pt. 02


To start, I would like to thank SleeperyJim for taking the time and having the patience of editing this for me. I am certain it will be a much smoother read for you. I enjoy writing, and hope that people are enjoying my story/stories.

I am sorry it has taken so long to get this out, there have been a few people requesting the following chapter. I will try to get the next chapter out in a more timely manner, although I have a couple of other stories that I have been trying to keep updated as well.

Feel free to comment, let me know what you think. I am always open to critique as I am learning, and of course compliments are welcome.

Bethany Learns of Cody's Wild Night

Bethany woke up early and sipped her first cup of coffee by herself on the roof of the Alpha Amazones sorority house, which had a flat roof with a handrail around it, creating a large deck. She found herself in a great mood as she thought back to playing pool with Sam the previous night. It had been so relaxing, and she had been able to just be herself. She felt like she had to spend most of her life watching what she said and doing what was expected of her - so much so that she sometimes wondered who she really was. Last night was one of the best times she had had in a long time - not that that her life was bad - but it had just been fun.

Bethany had eaten breakfast and was back on the roof once again, laying back in lounge chairs with the other girls, in their bikinis and working on their tans. They were discussing the upcoming competition. The squad was excited, having placed second in regionals the previous year and with most of that squad still there, they felt they had a good chance at winning the Regionals this year. If they won the Regionals, they would be going to Nationals.

Kim, one of Bethany's oldest and closest friends, walked up and joined them. She was not part of the sorority but was well liked by the sisters and it was not uncommon for her to spend time at the house. At a break in the conversation, Bethany turned to her "What's up?"

"Can I talk to you for a few minutes?"

Bethany excused herself from the group and she and Kim walked to a table on the edge of the deck. "I stayed with Mark last night at the Alpha Athlos house." Bethany watched Kim curiously as this was not new. She and Mark had been an item for a few months. "Um... well... Cody took some girl out last night."

Bethany was startled, "Took what girl out?"

"That nerd, Cindy."

Bethany calmed down, "Oh, yeah I knew about that, it was part of Cody's plan."

"I have heard some about 'the plan', but I'm pretty sure that it didn't involve fucking her," Kim said angrily, as she thought about Cody cheating on Bethany. Kim really liked Bethany and did not want to see her hurt, especially by an asshole like Cody.

"What? How do you know he fucked her?" Bethany asked as she tried to figure out how she felt about the information. She knew hearing that should make her angry, but she was not furious about the news.

"Well, it was hard not to know. Around nine last night I heard a car pull up and looked out Mark's windows. Cindy got out of Cody's car and she walked up the sidewalk to the house as Cody was busy in the car; it looked like he was trying to get his pants zipped up. She was up the steps on the porch by the time Cody caught up with her. I didn't see him well, but one of the brothers told Mark that he had cum on his face when he entered the house. From what I gather, one of the brothers opened the door after she knocked, and she said something to Cody and just walked in and headed to his room. You know Mark's room is right next to Cody's, right? Well Cody had a good time; I could hear that clearly through the walls. I don't know what that girl did to him, but she had him screaming and it sounded like it was very satisfying. Not long after he quit screaming and moaning, I heard his door close and a few minutes later his car started. I looked out just in time to see Cindy driving away in his car. She just drove off in his car - he never lets anyone drive his car."

Bethany stared at her friend as she wrapped her mind around what Kim had said. She and Kim had been friends for far too long for her to make things up, and from what had been said, there was not much question as to whether or not he had cheated on her. Bethany stood and gave Kim a hug "Thank you for letting me know."

Bethany calmly headed for the stairs and Kim followed her. "Bethany, are you alright? You're acting weird. Why are you so calm?"

She was silent as Kim followed her to her room where Bethany pulled on a pair of old cut-off shorts and a white button-up shirt over her bikini. She fastened a few of the buttons and pulled on her running shoes.

"Talk to me!" Kim demanded.

Bethany turned to her "And tell you what? I don't know what to think. I know I should be angry, and I suppose I am. I know he is 'the perfect catch', but who gives a fuck about that? I want to be treated like a person. Cody is self-centered and treats me like a Barbie doll. Do you know what I mean? I am pissed off at the way he has treated me. Did you know that we had agreed to tell people that we just broke up, you know, mutually? But no, before I know it everyone is talking about how he dumped me, and how I am either a slut that can't keep her legs closed or an ice queen that won't put out. What the fuck is that all about? Then to top it off, we haven't really broken up and he goes and fucks someone else?"

Bethany let out a big sigh and continued, "So yes, I am upset, but you know what? I am not as upset as I know I should be. In fact, a large part of me is relieved."

Kim just stared at Bethany. They had been close friends since junior high school and they had helped each other through breakups over the years. Bethany was always easy-going, but she was acting too calm about the situation. Maybe she cared for Cody more than Kim thought, like this was the calm before the storm. Why else would she be so calm about being cheated on?

Kim was certainly not a big fan of Cody, his ego was way too big. He treated most everyone like they were not nearly good enough for him. But he had treated Bethany fairly and he did all the right things and actually seemed to care for her - up until last night at any rate.

She knew what Bethany's family was like: her mother and father were ecstatic about their daughter dating Cody and had probably already started making wedding plans. Her family was more worried about her marrying the 'proper person' rather than Bethany actually being in love.

Kim was really worried about her. Not only was she dealing with a boyfriend cheating on her, but if she broke up with Cody she would have to deal with her parent's disapproval as well.

Bethany had finished tying her shoes and got up. "I think I'll go have a chat with Cody now. See you later Kim. And thank you so much."

Kim just stared as she walked away.

Cindy tells Sam About Her Wild Night

Cindy called Sam early, as she was on such a high she could hardly sleep. She lay on her bed staring at her phone and watched the clock. As soon as it read 8:00 she hit send, having already selected Sam from her contacts list. A few rings and she heard Sam's voice, "Hello, what's up Cindy? Are you OK?"

"Are you up Sam? I am great, I just wanted to talk."

"Yeah, I'm up." Cindy could tell by the way he was talking that she had just woken him, but he was too nice to say anything. Part of her felt a bit guilty, but she really wanted to talk to him.

"I just had to tell you about last night!! Can you talk?" She carried on without waiting for him to respond. "You know how I said that I thought Cody was submissive, and that I was going to push that? Well he totally is! I dommed the shit out of his stuck-up egotistical ass last night! It was so awesome. I was so fucking horny all night. I had him eating out of my hands! I could hardly believe it."

Sam sat there trying to wake up, "That's great Cindy, so your date went well?"

"It's not about the sex. He has nothing on you! In fact, I don't think the fool has any idea how to please a woman. It was the power Sam. I was in control of him from the start. What a rush! Holy shit, it was so fucking hot."

Sam was instantly awake, "Wait, sex? You had sex with Cody last night?"

"Yeah, why? You aren't jealous, are you? I didn't think you would be?" Cindy responded a bit startled - and worried - by his reaction.

"No, we're good. We aren't exclusive by any means and I am glad you had a good time. But Cody and Bethany never broke up. You kind of pushed him to cheat on her. Not saying it's your fault, as he is the one that cheated. But you still pushed him."

Cindy was a bit shocked "Oh shit, I didn't think of that. I'm sure she'll find out - I was pretty blatant about it. What should we do?"

"I don't know. Don't feel too bad. Remember, it was their plan to get some crap on us and try to blackmail us. But you know the old saying, two wrongs don't make a right. I think I will try to warn and cushion things for her. I'm going to go and try to catch up with her. And Cindy? I really am happy for you and glad you had a good time. Don't let this detract from it. They brought it upon themselves."

Sam felt guilty and hoped that Bethany would not be too hurt. He knew that in part it was his fault. He is the one that had started the rumors about Cody and Bethany dumping each other, to try to mess up their plan early on. Sam decided to text Bethany rather than call her this early.

'Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time last night and to thank you. Give me a call when you get this please, I would like to talk to you about something.'

Bethany Confronts Cody

Bethany was deep in thought as she walked to Cody's place; she was really surprised and hurt by what he had done. She was finding she was more hurt by the fact that he was open about it, he did not even quietly cheat on her. His whole house knew, and the rumors would spread quickly. She was not even sure if she would be that upset if he had just cheated on her, she was finding herself relieved about that as it was an excuse to end the relationship. But why did he have to be so public about it?

She knew he had a massive ego, but she had thought he was better than that. It had never crossed her mind that he would cheat on her. She was not all that surprised when she had heard the rumor that he dumped her, with his big ego, but to cheat on her? Bethany was so lost in her thoughts that the next thing she knew she was standing on the steps of the Alpha Althos frat house, calmly pushing the doorbell. Mark answered the door and stared at her for a moment

"Uh... hi Bethany, how are you?" he asked.

"Hey there Mark, I'm OK" Bethany replied politely as she pushed the door open and walked past Mark and up the steps.

Mark pulled out his phone and quickly texted Cody as he followed Bethany up the stairs.

'Bethany is here and headed your way'

Bethany stopped at Cody's door and immediately beat on the door with her fist.

"Go away" shouted Cody groggily from behind the closed door. Bethany kicked the door hard causing the door to rattle in its frame.

"What the fuck!" Cody exclaimed loudly, and a moment later the door was flung open and Cody stood naked in the doorway. Seeing her, he automatically reached to cover his cock. "Oh shit, Bethany! What are you doing here?"

"I just stopped by to chat" Bethany replied, noting the strong odor of sex coming from his room. She looked Cody's body over; his hair was really messed up, he had a bite mark on his neck and what looked like scratches down his chest.

Cody's eyes were wide as he stared at Bethany, wondering if she had any idea about last night. "Yeah, OK, give me a second to get dressed and we can go get some coffee or something."

"No, that's OK, this won't take long!" Bethany stated with a terminal glare, "It's over, we are officially broken up, you asshole! You lied to me and you cheated on me."

Cody was taken aback, he had never been dumped before. He knew that he cheated on Bethany and felt guilty about it. But rather than focus on that he decided to take the offense and turn the conversation. "What do you mean lied to you, I never lied to you."

"Never lied to me? Really? So what about how you agreed the other night that we would tell everyone that we had a mutual breakup - that we were just taking a break for a while. I think telling everyone that you dumped me because I am a slut, or wait, I'm an ice queen, which is it? Never mind, telling people you dumped me is a lie in my books."

Cody was getting angry as well as he remembered hearing how she had dumped him "I never told anyone I dumped you! You are the one who said you dumped me. Why did you do that?"

Bethany interrupted him, "Fuck you Cody, like I would believe you? And what about cheating? That is lying as well, you told me you would never cheat on me. Apparently, even the neighbors could hear you fucking Cindy last night, take a look at yourself. Or are you going to tell me you scratched yourself and gave yourself a hickie?"

Cody glanced down and was surprised to see red welts that sure looked like fingernail scratches, although he couldn't remember getting scratched. He looked back up as he tried to think of a response and saw Bethany was already back at the stairway. Cody hurried after her. "Bethany wait, I can explain, it was part of the plan, you know to get some shit on her."

Cody finally caught up with her on the front porch. "Hold on Bethany, let's talk about this."

She turned to him "I don't care about your fucking plan Cody! And as I said it's over. Now leave me alone!"

Bethany was suddenly very angry at Cody and stared at him for a moment as he stood there naked on the porch, his mouth open as he stared back at her. She did not realize what she was doing as she took a step towards him and kicked him in the balls, hard. As she turned and walked away she could hear him scream out in pain and heard a thud that she assumed was him falling over. She didn't turn to look back, she just walked away as tears started to stream down her face. Once she got to the sidewalk she started to run.

Sam and Bethany Talk

Bethany had been running with no clear destination in mind. She just wanted to get away and knew that exercise was a good way for her to clear her mind. As she started out, she considered going back to her room to get more appropriate clothes but really did not feel like dealing with people right now, even friends.

Bethany was lost in her mind as she ran when she heard her phone ding as a text came in and she glanced down to see it was Kim.

'Hey Bethany, I hear you dumped Cody, and kicked him in the nuts!! You really laid the asshole out, some of the guys were talking about taking him to the hospital or something. But whatever, are you OK? Do you need to talk? You know I am here for you. Let me know what I can do.'

Bethany responded.

'I am fine, just taking a walk to think and collect myself. I will get in touch later. Thank you.'

As she closed the text box with Kim she saw that she missed one from Sam earlier and opened it.

'Hey Bethany, I had a great time last night, thank you! Could you give me a call when you get this, there is something I would like to talk to you about.'

Bethany clicked on his name and hit dial and heard the phone ringing as she put it to her ear. Sam answered. "Hey Bethany, I heard you had a rough morning and just wanted to know if you needed anything; someone to talk to or just a place to hide out and rest?"

Bethany's mind reeled a bit, it was Saturday and not long after she had been at Cody's and already the rumors had spread so fast that Sam had heard! It made her feel even more like running away for a while, but she could not think of anywhere to go. Going to her parents was definitely out! She was thinking and trying to figure out what to do when she heard Sam speak again. "Bethany, are you there?"

"Oh, sorry, yeah hi Sam, yeah I'm here. I'm a bit surprised that you already heard about Cody and me, I'm just trying to grasp how the rumors have spread so fast."

Sam was silent for a moment before responding, hesitating to tell Bethany what he knew he had to tell her - his involvement in the rumors spread about her and Cody.

"Well let's just say that I have an inside source so I'm a bit ahead of the rumor curve. But from what I heard, the way you handled Cody is the type of thing that will get out quickly. Regardless, is there anything I can do for you, I feel badly about this!"

Bethany was puzzled 'What could he possibly feel bad about? He's been nothing but been nice to me.'

"You know Sam, if you're willing, could you come pick me up? I don't know what to do or where to go right now. I don't really feel like seeing people or talking. I really don't feel like doing anything."

"Of course I can, where are you?" Sam asked as he grabbed his car keys and headed out the door.

Bethany suddenly realized she had no idea where she was and gazed around trying to get her bearings. She had been running along a path that followed the river and realized she had gone quite far. She finally spotted a sign near the trail

"I'm close to the community college, I'll meet you by the clock tower, is that OK?"

"I'm on my way, Bethany," Sam responded as he fired up his old Volkswagen and headed out.

About 20 minutes later Bethany heard Sam's car pulling into the parking lot and got up to meet him. As she soon as she was seated in the car, he handed her a coffee. She took a sip and realized it was the coffee she preferred from her favorite coffee stand. "Thank you Sam, I love this coffee."

"I guessed it was, it's what you would bring with you when you came to study." Sam shut the engine off and turned to look at Bethany. "Bethany, I need to confess something before we go anywhere. You may not want a ride afterwards, but I need to be honest with you."

Bethany looked at him, a little confused as he continued, "I'm the one that started the rumors about you and Cody breaking up. I didn't start the rumors about you being a slut and ice queen, but you know how rumors take on a life of their own."

"What do you mean you started the rumors? Why would you do that?" Bethany asked, feeling herself getting angry.

"Well, as I had mentioned before I have a source and am aware of the plan to blackmail Cindy and I. In an attempt to put a damper on the plan, and admittedly to take a little revenge, I started the rumors before you and Cody could make your official breakup announcement."

Bethany's face turned white. "So you knew I was supposed to get you to like me and try to seduce you so that I could, well ..." Bethany drifted off, too embarrassed to continue.

"Yes, I knew" Sam responded.

"If you knew, why did you help me study? How did you know? Why were you so nice to me? Why are you still being nice to me?" There were so many questions. She was astonished, and completely embarrassed that Sam knew.

"I helped you because you asked for help and because you actually studied, you didn't just use it as an opportunity to try to seduce me. I also helped you because I liked spending time with you. As to how I knew, I can't really tell you. And I was nice to you because you were nice to me. I'm still being nice to you because I like you and I think you could use a friend right now." Sam thought for a moment, "I think that covers your questions. Now that you know I started the rumors, the question is: do you still want me to help out?"

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