tagSci-Fi & FantasyRevenge Of The Mariners

Revenge Of The Mariners


Those that traversed the seas in more ancient times were not merely braving the dangers of the unknown. The march of civilization had pushed back the boundaries of the mythical world, and those ships of trade, war and discovery were the sharp edge of that progress. But the two opposing worlds would sometimes collide, often with tragic results.

The forgotten island of Anthemoessa had witnessed so many wrecks that its rocky surface was tainted white from the bleached bones. The boulders around the island promised certain doom for any ship that ventured too close. That such an isolated and dangerous piece of land had seen so much death only made sense when one realized that the place was not uninhabited –at least, not by anything human.

On this late evening, the sterile shore of this misbegotten isle played host to two survivors. Fed with the wooden remains of their ship, the campfire offered at least a little warmth for the tired and bloody men who had witnessed such horror that day.

The first of these sailors was Arsenios, whose impressive build suggested an athlete worthy of the pankration. His clearly defined muscles still bore the sheen of sweat from his earlier exertions. In the maelstrom of foaming water, broken wood and equally broken bodies, he had achieved more than just survival. With a ferocity bordering on madness, he had located one of their marine enemies and wrestled it to the island.

The second man, Tryphon, was much slimmer than his companion, but had managed to emerge onto the shore through wit and good fortune. Having witnessed the struggle of his companion with the monster, he helped bind the creature and drag it further up onto land.

There was no doubt that when the Sirens were first spotted, they had all the appearance of comely women, of fair limbs and flowing hair. Even before their singing and playing had begun, the men of the ship were eager to steer closer, despite the danger. Their voices, raised together, promised every carnal delight, and the intimation of prophecy. Each man heard them in their own way, the pale lithe women exposing their naked flesh, and speaking to their innermost secrets.

Now, in the aftermath, their true nature was revealed. This one, whose mouth had been gagged with a length of rope, could no longer wield her spells. Her face, though still pretty, was sharp featured and bereft of the gentleness that was once promised. Hair that was first golden was proved black, and ran in unruly ringlets over her face and shoulders. Her arms and chest were still naked and pale, but bore a deceptive strength.

Most telling of all was what lay below the waist. Here, any pretense to human nature was betrayed by the sinuous, scaled length of a fish's tail.

Arsenios stood over the creature, who glared back with dark eyes. The way Tryphon had bound its wrists behind its back was complete, and she was far less mobile on land than she'd been in the sea. She was also exhausted from the struggle, and was long in catching her breath.

Certain that she was beyond the ability to cause them harm, he removed the gag to permit her the use of her voice.

"What name do you go by," the large sailor asked, holding her by the jaw to keep her face towards his.

It didn't answer, her silence speaking defiance. Arsenios had little patience for that game, and gripped the back of her hair tight, rattling her head.

"Leukosia," it replied finally, gritting her teeth.

Arsenios slackened his grip only slightly, offering it little comfort. That the thing had a name might have made a difference to some, but he couldn't for a moment allow it the mercy of a human identity.

"What do you suggest we do with her," Tryphon asked, watching the two closely. He had been amazed that such a fantastical being could actually exist in this world. A man of calm and rational thought, he would have scorned the often-told tales of monsters within the seas –not an opinion he could possibly hold anymore.

"Take her from behind," Arsenios instructed. "Hold her up, and keep a knife close to her throat."

Kneeling in the sandy soil, Tryphon lifted the Siren's torso from the ground and let her weight rest on his chest. Holding her around the waist, he kept his trusty old knife in his other hand. The feeling of her clammy but smooth skin was unsettling and strange.

"Isn't this a lovely sight," Arsenios leered, taking in her bare torso. Arms forced behind her, her breasts were displayed full and proud. Arsenios lay his large hands over the soft mounds of flesh, pressing them salaciously between his strong fingers.

"I haven't forgotten they way you had us in thrall," Arsenios rasped, pressing his face even closer. "The promises of fulfilled desires, the raptures of joined flesh. And what of the words, the hints of our future destiny, the details that only the most intimate in our lives would know?"

"The souls of men are not difficult to read," she replied. "And their desires are even easier to provoke. No wonder they should be mere chattel for our feed. You are beneath us in all ways."

This did not sit well with her tormentor, whose examination of her breasts became cruel. He squeezed her hard enough to make her yelp with pain, and left shocking red marks on her skin.

"We'll see who is beneath whom very shortly," he assured her, rising to stand. As she was forced to watch, he quickly stripped out of his wet and torn clothes. Even in the light of the fire, his erection was clearly visible, rising with the excitement of the moment.

To sully and violate this temptress creature would at least be some reward for what it had caused to his ship and crew. Arsenios felt no remorse as to his intentions as he ran his thick fingers over her strangely cool skin, arousing himself with the thoughts of what he was about to do. She would quail beneath the onslaught of his manhood, begging for release, until he planted his seed within her.

As his meandering caress became more involved, he was confronted with a pressing and obvious problem.

"Where is it," he demanded. "Where is the pouch of your womanhood?"

"What do you think I am," Leukosia replied tersely. "If you're looking for some way to procreate, than make what you will of this."

So saying, she made a tight grimace, and a sudden splurge of blackish material slid down the backside of her tail.

The act was clearly meant to send to message to the two sailors. She was not a mortal maiden whose virtue could be so easily sullied. She was of something other, something older, and entirely of the sea. Aresnios was not deterred in either his anger or ardor, however.

While Tryphon held her head fast in his arms, Arsenios took the slimy substance and fed the awful siren her own caviar. Her eyes flickered helplessly, body twisting and convulsing under this novel form of torture. Only with the greatest effort did Arsenios get Leukosia to swallow down her own clutch of tiny, salty eggs.

In the aftermath of this violation, the creature's air of defiance was notably dimmed. A dribble of black smearing its lower lip, she lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"No, not that easily," Arsenios said sternly. "Your shame has only begun for the evil your kindred have wrought."

"What more can you want," she replied. "To dismember me? To kill me? As you can tell, I'm no use to you as an object of desire. That was all illusion."

"You're wrong in that," he assured her. "There are more ways to fornicate than you are apparently aware. I've given you a taste of your reproductive excretions, so now I'm going to give you a dose of my own."

The siren's face froze in silent horror as the naked prick of the large man was brought down to her face, it's state of erection regained in anticipation of the sweet bliss that was to come.

"Don't imagine this as a chance for petty revenge," Arsenios warned her. "I know your kin must feed off the bodies of sailors you bring to their doom. Tryphon still has his blade handy, and if I detect more than a slight scraping of your teeth, I'd just as soon defile you as a corpse."

Leukosia could see he was serious, and her will to fight had already drained away. She opened her lips and permitted the thick rod of flesh to penetrate her mouth.

It was true, she had feasted on the meat of men, and the warm texture of his skin made her salivate. The temptation to bite was extreme, but she believed there was a way out of this yet. So, even as the muscular human who had wrestled her out of the water now defiled her further, she allowed herself the pleasure of tasting his succulent flesh. She ran her tongue all around the surface of his prick, sucking it between her moist lips, imagining the rush of blood that filled his thick organ.

The act thus became one of mutual use. All of Leukosia's actions caused him the most intense sensations. There is little heat in the body of a mermaid, being much more of the piscine world than then ours. Still, as clammy and strange to the touch as she was, he responded to her with unmistakable and increasing ardor. He closed his eyes, muscles taught as he loomed over her, thrusting his manhood even further into her dangerous mouth. Tryphon, who had witnessed all manner of perversities in his career as a sailor, could never have imagined bearing witness to such a sight; the arcane oral rape of a half-human creature he had helped to subdue.

Leukosia could tell that the moment of Arsenios' climax was at hand, but could do little to avoid the inevitable. Closing her eyes, she let the thick warm jets of his semen ejaculate down into her throat. He groaned, clenching his fists in the dirt, hips bearing down. He didn't relent until every last spurt of his emission was drained, sucked down into the pit of her insides to join her caviar.

Rolling off, Arsenios lay on his back, staring up at the stars as he regained his breath. His anger and carnal desires momentarily spent, the beach was left in a moment of silence. Leukosia, mouth still rank with the remains of the sailor's orgasm, turned her eyes to his companion. Although he still held the knife, there was little in Tryphon's demeanor that suggested he intended to use it. Even so, there was little immediate chance for escape as long as she was bound like this.

"What about you," she offered. "I suppose you would like to use me as well."

"I'm more concerned with what we'll do for food," Tryphon replied. "Not to mention how to return home."

"Perhaps we should just fillet our little friend here," Arsenios suggested, glancing over. "That would be a start."

"But I can be anyone or anything you desire," the siren continued, ignoring her rapist. "Just a sweet melody in your ear, and..."

"You still think we would fall for that trick?" Arsenios frowned, staring hard.

"What harm can I cause, trapped as I am," Leukosia reasoned. "I only wish to ensure my own survival, to make myself useful to you in the only way I know how."

Tryphon, who had less desire for revenge than his shipmate, and who'd been without the company of the fairer sex for some time, was less inclined to dismiss the mermaid's offer outright.

"You would submit yourself to me," he asked uncertainly, looking into her inhuman eyes.

"I am already under your submission," she replied, shifting her bound arms to illustrate her point. "What I offer is simply a concession, an offering to satisfy our mutual needs."

She spoke in a way that suggested a double purpose, a cool rational that sounded odd coming from a creature that had so recently been humiliated and abused.

"I have no reason to trust your intentions," Tryphon told her plainly. "But I don't need to. I'm willing to let Arsenios hold the knife for a while."

Divesting himself of his clothes, Tryphon exposed his lean frame. While not as muscular as his companion, it is not possible to spend time on a Greek sailing vessel and not gain an impressive stature.

"Bend your ear close that I might whisper in your ear," Leukosia instructed him, eyes roaming over his naked body with (literal) hunger.

Arsenios watched as the siren craned her head to meet the kneeling Tryphon. Her clever lips formed around a slowly rising lullaby, a seductive chant that crept beneath the consciousness and engaged something much deeper.

Reaching out, Tryphon brushed his hand across her cheek. Her face had suddenly taken on a softer aspect, the flush softness of innocence and girlish youth. Her hair had become fair and straight, and he combed her tresses between his fingers. Elegant beauty had mysteriously returned to the uncouth marine beast.

Tryphon looked down at Leukosia's pale, naked body. Her perfectly formed breasts were forced forward into wanton prominence. They were an impossible temptation to resist. He eagerly clasped them in his hands, caressing the soft pliant flesh. The siren relaxed into his embrace, letting the handsome sailor have his way with her body. His skill at stimulating her breasts was an agreeable surprise.

Pressing closer, his growing erection brushed against the skin of her near thigh. The fact that she now sported legs didn't even occur to him as being strange. It was natural that such an enthralling beauty would have long and shapely limbs. He let his hand trail further so that he could feel those enchanting legs, slipping one of his thighs in between hers to force them apart.

"That's right," Leukosia encouraged him, "No need to be shy. I am yours for the taking."

Her words came as a song, a melody acting in concert to his desires. His lips closed over the flesh of her neck, breathing in her sickly scent. Her legs twined around his torso in a sinuous motion. Tryphon could barely contain his ardor under this wordless, urgent seduction.

Head filled with Leukosia's steady chant, Tryphon's senses firmly disconnected with reality. He felt his erect member slip effortlessly within her soaking cunt -an orifice she herself had demonstrated an absence of. Tasting the salt of her flesh, squeezing her taut breasts, Tryphon's only thoughts were of the intense experience of the moment. He fucked her with completely selfish abandon, deep and fast, over and over. Leukosia panted and heaved beneath this onslaught, apparently sharing his rising passion. One leg curled across his rocking hips, she held him as closely as she was able.

Letting out a harsh, strangulated grunt, Tryphon announced the moment of his climax. Eyes shut tight, he rode his orgasm in a frozen rictus, seed pumping out in time with each wave of pleasure.

"Leukosia, enough!"

Arsenios' cry cut through the siren's song like a knife. In the newly restored silence, Tryphon emerged from his euphoric fugue to startling reality. Lying over the siren's body, he looked down to where her piscine tail clasped amorously over his waist. His prick pressed close against her slick scales, damp with his own semen and Leukosia's freshly expelled caviar.

Tryphon recoiled from the lissome creature, causing her to laugh.

"What's the matter," she teased. "Afraid of what our joyous coupling might spawn?"

"You little..."

Arsenios lunged towards her, but Tryphon quickly waved him off.

"She's bluffing," he explained, regaining his wits. "Outside of the sea, the only use for those eggs is food for carrion birds."

Leukosia was disappointed that he wasn't more unnerved. In her situation, she had so few weapons at her disposal, other than their basic carnal desires.

In fact, she'd rather enjoyed the attentions of that human, she had to admit. She'd been so lost in his passions that she'd practically forgotten her purpose. His hands were a marvel, and the feel of his lips and tongue on her skin was surprisingly agreeable. If only he'd lasted a little longer, she might have gained the chance for a taste of his flesh as well -flesh and bone.

"We're still left with our original problem, aren't we," Tryphon observed, coming down hard from his orgasmic euphoria. "Unless we can copulate our way off this island, were going to have to generate some other ideas."

The situation was fairly grim. With Leukosia, they had caught a tiger by the tail. Having extracted a fair measure of revenge, it was an open question what more to do with her. What's worse, there were more Sirens waiting beneath the waves, and a vast stretch of sea between here and home.

In the growing desperation of passing days, the need for food and water led to an inevitable decision. The flesh and blood of Leukosia would have to suffice.

"In the end, this is only just, for all the sailors that became a meal for you and your kind."

Mouth gagged with rope, the Siren was incapable of disputing her fate. Having already sated their carnal lusts by repeated rapes of her mouth and breasts, there was no further reason to keep the creature alive. Leukosia, despite her wiles and subtle powers, had not been able to overcome the strength of Arsenios, or the calm intellect of Tryphon -and she'd tasted far too much of their rank ejaculations.

Mere moments before the knife would have sliced into her throat, Arsenios was interrupted by the sudden wailing of many female voices. The two sailors turned to the island shore, where the heads of numerous Sirens had emerged from above the sea foam.

One of their number crawled partway onto the beach. She had a tangle of gold hair, framing a lean but coldly pretty face.

"I humbly beg for the life of our sister."

"Do you indeed," Arsenios sneered, stepping forward, knife in hand.

"Wait," Tryphon said, holding him back. He addressed the blonde siren. "Why haven't you shown yourselves until now."

"In truth, we were afraid," she explained. "No mortal has ever escaped our lure or captured one of us before. At first, we believed you must be one of the Gods, and had chosen Leukosia to mate with.

"As it is now, even as mortals, we humbly request the return of our sister. In return, we will seek out a means to return you to your proper home."

In effect, this was the beginning of the end for the Sirens, at least in the real, corporeal world. When the mysterious voices guided the merchant ship to Anthemoessa, they only found the two sailors, and a story that beggared belief.

What exactly became of the Siren race is certainly not clear. What's interesting is that of the rare encounters between humans and mermaids since that time, so many tell of legitimate desires and shared love. Somewhere along the line, a thirst for disaster and flesh was supplanted by much more profound and gentle longings.

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