tagIncest/TabooRevenge of the Nerd: Stuck-up Aunt

Revenge of the Nerd: Stuck-up Aunt


Summary: Revengeful Mom decides 2 make rich sister the family fuck-to

This is part five (of six) of the Revenge of the Nerds Mind Control story. Here is a summary of the first four parts:


Brandon was fired from his job due to the failure of a mind control drug that had major side effects. Humiliated, he moved back home where he perfected the drug and planned to use it to get revenge on the CEO bitch who fired him. But unsure of the side effects, he decided to first test it on his bitch sister who became his personal fuck toy.


Brandon punishes his sister for her disobedience and, wanting to test if the drug has the same effects on each person, decides to add a second slut to his collection in his sister's best friend Becky. Besides testing the effects of the drug, he also decides to sodomize not one, but both submissive cheerleaders.


Brandon ponders creating a new formula that isn't permanent to get his Mom, whom he respects too much to use the drug on. After some more ass fucking of his sister, he decides to test the drug on a neighbour MILF and mother of an ex-bully.


Brandon helps a friend get his own personal fuck toy before walking in to find his mother bound and being used by the ex-bully's Mom. After saving his mom and punishing the bitch, he and his mother end up having wild sex... until his sister walks in and joins the action for a sweet family threesome.

Thanks to: Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.

A reminder of how the drug itself works when sprayed at a person:

Changes the moral fibre of a person...in reality, it shifts the decision making of the individual to the low standards they have while drunk...but with even more psychological manipulation:

-the person can't lie (like in that Jim Carrey movie 'Liar Liar')

-the person's body feels the need to obey even though their conscious mind argues against such obedience

-the person's sexual libido increases substantially

-the individual feels constricted by the clothes they are wearing and wants to be naked

-he had also played with the formula to create what he believed would be potentially permanent impacts on the person infected (the original drug only lasted an hour). This was the one thing he was still very unsure of: it could last a few hours, days, weeks or maybe forever.

And now the next chapter to Brandon's revenge plot, which takes yet another twist on his journey to ultimate revenge.

Revenge of the Nerd: Stuck-Up Aunt

After depositing a load in his Mom's incredibly tight ass, Brandon had dinner with his two live-in sluts.

Elizabeth, the Mom, her ass a little sore after a rough ass fucking, with what little cum that her daughter, Carrie, hadn't sucked out as an appetizer leaking onto the chair, sat in silence and pondered her surreal day. After much thought, she said, "So you have made my daughter an involuntary bimbo to everyone?"

"Yeah," Brandon admitted, feeling a bit guilty about it.

"And it can't be reversed?" The mother said, looking at her daughter. She enjoyed the sudden role reversal and the putting in place of her bitchy, almost uncontrollable daughter, but didn't want her to be a complete sex bimbo for life.

"I am trying to create a cure," Brandon admitted.

"Really?" Carrie asked.

"Yeah," Brandon nodded. "I don't think I can erase the damage I have done to you in regards to utter obedience, but I think I can limit it to only sex and maybe reverse some of the eternity commands I have programmed inside you."

"That would be a start," Carrie said, frustrated that she still wouldn't completely control her own body, but praying this would be a way to regain part of her life back.

Carrie was surprised when her mother said, "This is all your fault, Carrie."

"Pardon?" Carrie asked, surprised.

"If you hadn't turned into such a complete selfish bitch I imagine Brandon would have tested this drug on someone else," Elizabeth said.

"Your son turned me into a bimbo whore and I'm the bad one here?" Carrie said, instantly angry.

"You were already a slut," the mother pointed out, before adding, "and based on your marks, you were relatively a bimbo too."

"Mother!" Carrie said, tears beginning to form in her eyes out of both hurt and anger.

"Mom, I think she has learned her lesson," Brandon interjected, surprised by his mom's behaviour.

"Have you, Carrie?" Elizabeth asked, looking into her daughter's eyes.

"Yes, ma'am," Carrie nodded, trying to act like a good daughter.

"And regardless of what cure your brother creates, you understand that you are the subservient to both your Mother Mistress and your Brother Master?"

Brandon was impressed by his mom's sudden personality shift. It was like she had awakened from years of motherly slumber and become the sexual being she naturally was.

Carrie was shocked by her mother's words but nodded, "Yes Mistress."

"Good, now come and get some dessert," Elizabeth said, loving the idea of having her own personal live-in pussy pleaser.

"Yes, Mistress," Carrie said, stunned by her mom's dominant behaviour, but at the same time hungry for her next dose of cum.

Once Carrie was licking her pussy, Elizabeth said, "And you. We need some ground rules."

"Okay," Brandon nodded, curious what she was going to say.

"I'm still your mother, and in public that relationship must stay the same," she said, not wanting her image to be erased due to her sudden incestuous relationships.

"Of course," Brandon smiled, already seeing where his mom was going.

"But when in this house, or alone, you are the man of the house," Elizabeth said, completely turned on by the idea of not only having her own live-in pussy muncher, but her own live-in Master with a big cock.

"Agreed," Brandon said, before adding, "of course, I have some ground rules as well."

"Which are?"

"You will always be in nylons."

"I already am."

"And I will start sleeping in your room with you."


"I think that is all for now," Brandon said.

"How about we invite my sister over sometime soon?" Elizabeth suggested. She hated her younger sister with a passion, and if she could use the drug on one person it would be her.

"Are you suggesting I turn your sister into a cunt munching slave for you?" Brandon asked with a wicked smile.

"Is that bad?" Elizabeth asked demurely, as she put her hand on the back of her daughter's head.

"Very, very bad," Brandon nodded, his cock rising again.

"Is that a yes?"

"Hell, yeah," Brandon nodded, as he got up, moved behind his sister and slammed his cock in her asshole.

"Yes!" Carrie screamed into her mom's cunt, the nasty talk of turning her auntie into a slut instantly turning her on.

Brandon pounded his sister's ass knowing it would take him an eternity to come after the last couple of hours.

Elizabeth said, "I'll invite Lisa over this weekend."

Carrie asked, between getting her ass reamed and licking her mother's pussy, "Can I be above Aunt Lisa?"

"If you keep being a good daughter," Elizabeth said.

"Like I have a choice," Carrie joked, burying her face back in her mom's cunt.

"Touché," the mother laughed.

"Hopefully I'll have a new version of the drug by then," Brandon said.

"So if you modify it what are you hoping for?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well, the drug controlling a person's sexual submission will always be there. For example, once a guy thinks about sucking a cock, he will always think of sucking a cock. Same thing, once the chemical gets in a person's head, they will forever be a sexual submissive being. That said, I may be able to isolate the drug so they only obey one person or group of people."

"So right now Carrie will obey any task given?" Elizabeth asked.


"So if I told her to walk outside naked she would?"

"Yep. The only condition is that they won't risk their lives."

"So if I told her to drop dead or stab herself, she wouldn't have to obey?"

"Correct, the survival part of the brain is always there working, unlike the moral part, which is easily manipulated."

"Explains politicians," Elizabeth joked.

"That it does," Brandon nodded back.

"That is quite the drug," Elizabeth said seriously.

"Yes, it has the ability to change the world," Brandon said.

"Or end it," Elizabeth countered.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if government had this would they use it morally?"

"I hope so," Brandon said, as the true revelation of the impact the drug could have became crystal clear. "Shit!"

"Yeah," Elizabeth nodded. "I think you need to fix the drug, especially so your sister doesn't end up in the hands of a nefarious asshole or bitch and then you need to burn all your research and get rid of any extra drug."

"I suppose you are right," Brandon nodded, realizing the drug was way too dangerous to have out and about in the world.

"Of course, that is after we use it on my sister and you get your revenge," Elizabeth smiled.

"I love this naughty side of you, Mom."

"You just like having your own live-in Mommy-slut," Elizabeth moaned, her daughter's tongue really working her over.

"A three-hole Mommy cum bucket," Brandon corrected, as he continued slamming into his sister's tight ass.

"Yes, baby," she screamed, as her orgasm cascaded through her thinking of having her sister between her legs.

A couple minutes later, her orgasm subsiding, the mom said, "I think I need to go sex toy shopping tomorrow."

Carrie moaned, "Can I come too?"

"Yes, you may come with the most intense orgasm you have ever had the moment you feel me shoot my load in your asshole, slut," Brandon quipped, playing on words.

"Oh God, yes, ream my asshole, big brother," Carrie moaned, as she began bouncing back to meet his hard deep thrusts.

"You want my cum, sister slut?"

"Yes, Master, fill your slut's asshole with your big cock and cum."

Elizabeth watched her two children fuck. A day ago this would have mortified her. Now it turned her on. Fuck, life is funny.

A few more minutes of hard fucking and Brandon grunted, "Here it comes."

"Yesssssss," Carrie instantly screamed, her orgasm trembling through her just as she felt a load of his cum explode in her shit hole.

As soon as Brandon pulled out, Carrie collapsed to the floor in complete euphoria.

Brandon moved to his mother and shoved his cock in her mouth as he ordered, "Clean my cock, Mommy-slut."

Elizabeth had never sucked a cock that had been in another person's ass before, but she obeyed like the good Mommy-slut she was... both turned on and disgusted by the act.

When Brandon pulled out a minute later, Elizabeth asked, "Did you make the orgasms more intense as a mental order?"

"I did," Brandon nodded.

"Shit, if you could isolate just more intense orgasms I would love to be sprayed," Elizabeth said.

"I may be able to concoct an orgasm aphrodisiac," Brandon pondered.

"Do it," Elizabeth said, as she watched her daughter still coming and twitching on the floor a couple of minutes after the orgasm hit her.

Brandon got dressed and headed into the lab to attempt to create a semi-cure of the drug. If it worked the way he thought it would, it would then be easy to isolate the impact of the drug to only sex... Thus making the drug useless to the government and yet still useful for him.

Brandon worked all night, and by the morning he felt he was close to a cure but was too tired to continue.

Brandon left his lab to get a few hours of shut eye when he heard his mom moan, "That's it, baby, eat Mommy's cunt."

Brandon walked into the kitchen to see his sister under the kitchen table licking her mom.

"Have you not gone to bed?" Elizabeth asked, surprisingly feeling no guilt over the reality that she had committed incest with both her son and daughter, or that her daughter had no choice but to eat her.

"Been trying to work on a cure," Brandon answered, his cock hardening at watching the lesbian act.

"Any luck?"

"I'm close."

"Me too," the mom purred with naughty innuendo as she grabbed her daughter's head and pulled it deeper into her wet box.

Brandon said as he walked to her and pulled out his dick, "I think I'd better be a part of this family sharing of fluids."

Elizabeth asked, raising an eyebrow as she moaned, her orgasm very close, "You think you get to just shove your cock in your mom's face now?"

Brandon brimming with confidence after yesterday, slid his cock into his mom's open moaning mouth as he answered, "And your mouth."

Elizabeth couldn't deny how much her suddenly dominant son turned her on, even though she knew it shouldn't. She began bobbing on his hard cock.

Underneath the table, eagerly lapping her mom's sweet pussy, Carrie heard her brother's words and felt hope for the first time in a few days. She had learned her lesson, she wouldn't be such a bitch anymore.

Elizabeth allowed her son's cock to slip out of her mouth as she screamed, her orgasm hitting her, "Yes, fuck, lap up Mommy's cum."

Carrie eagerly did, getting her morning dose of cum.

Brandon ordered, "Keep sucking, Mom," as he slid his throbbing cock back in her mouth.

Elizabeth obeyed, even though she knew she should have scolded him. There was no way she was going to quit fucking her son or having her daughter munch her pussy, but she figured she should still be the one in charge. Yet, her son's dominant behaviour had her fevered and at a loss of words... and with a mouthful of cock.

Carrie finished licking every drop of come, before she crawled out from under the table to see her mother hungrily bobbing on her brother's cock. She couldn't deny it: she felt both jealous she wanted that cock, preferably in her wet cunt and turned on watching her over protective mom become a cock sucking slut (especially since she was doing it of her own accord).

Brandon greeted, "Good morning, sis."

"Hey," Carrie said, unable to take her eyes off her brother's cock.

Brandon was close, his mother a great cock sucker, when an idea popped into his head. He waited until the very last possible moment to pull out of his mom's mouth and instantly splattered his surprised mom's face with his cum.

Elizabeth gasped as the hot thick load splattered her face, something she had not had done in years, "Brandon!"

Rope after rope hit the suddenly surprised Mom's face, even though she didn't move away... instead taking the facial like a good slut.

Once he was done spewing his load on his pretty mom's face, he ordered Carrie, "Get your morning dose off Mom's face."

Carrie didn't say a word as she quickly obeyed, licking and sucking the white gobs of cum off the face of her still stunned mom.

When Carrie moved to get the cum off her Mom's lips, her mom kissed her, sliding her tongue into her mouth.

Brandon watched in awe as any guy would as two hot woman kissed.

When Elizabeth broke the kiss, she shifted naturally into mother mode as she scolded her son. "Don't you ever shoot your cum all over my face without warning."

Carrie added, "Yes, what a waste of cum," before she realized what she had said.

Brandon shrugged, as he tried to remain in firm control, making it clear he was the man of the house, "Mom, I want you to be a part of this journey, but let's make this clear. The hierarchy is me on top, then you and then Carrie."

Elizabeth was shocked and speechless. Part of her was completely turned on by his strong persona, the other half wanted to slap him across the face.

Brandon could see his mom's confusion, and knew he couldn't back down, as he added, "Is that clear, Mom?"

Elizabeth, her body overruling her mind, answered, "Yes."

"Good," Brandon nodded confidently, reveling in the power he had. "I'm going to bed. The two loads should get you to lunch and you can get an afternoon load from Mitch."

"What happened to Mike?" Elizabeth asked.

"Brandon made me dump him for a nerd," Carrie answered, still annoyed by it, although Mitch's cock was bigger than her jock ex-boyfriend.

"Good, Mike was an asshole," Elizabeth said, as she got up and went to finish getting ready.

Hearing someone in the garage, Brandon went and looked and saw Sharon in there, in her robe, on her knees waiting. He laughed, "We almost forgot about you."

"Please let's get this over with," Sharon said, frustratingly craving her pussy juice.

Brandon walked back to the kitchen and said, "Carrie, if you want a morning orgasm you may have one at the expense of our neighbour."

"Really?" Carrie said surprised.

"Yes, I had to get revenge on Parker and figured I may as well test the drug on his mother."

"Delicious," Carrie said, heading to the garage.

Brandon went to his room and crashed in seconds, his body and mind both exhausted.


When Brandon woke up at two, he grabbed a couple pop tarts and headed right back to the lab.

By four-thirty, he thought he may have a temporary solution. A chemical mixture would make it that certain long term conditions could be erased. It wouldn't eliminate the mind control sexual obedience, that was permanent, and any sexual order would still have to be obeyed... but he could rescind, he hoped, long term orders and any addictions to cum, for example.

Excited, he went to the kitchen and was surprised to see Mom wasn't home yet.

He called out, "Carrie, you home?"

No answer. He went to check her room and heard moans coming from her room and Carrie demanding, "Harder, fuck me harder."

Brandon opened the door and saw Carrie riding the nerd Mitch.

"Get out of here," Carrie demanded, as she rode the nerd's cock furiously. He had already come in her twice... once at school in her mouth and in the first two minutes of fucking... as she took his virginity.

Brandon apologized, "Sorry," and quickly closed the door.

As he returned to the kitchen, suddenly starving, his cell rang.

"Hey Mom."

"Picking up food for dinner. What would you like!"

"Your pussy," a suddenly horny Brandon answered.

"You are insatiable," Elizabeth said. "I was thinking of Kentucky Fried Chicken."

"That is finger lickin' good," Brandon quipped.

"As am I," the mother responded, playing along to the twisted incest sexual innuendo.

"Agreed, and KFC is perfect," Brandon said.

"Good, fuck you soon," Elizabeth said, hanging up and then shaking her head. She felt like she was nineteen and in college again... where she was fucked daily.

A few minutes later, Mitch scurried out of the house, avoiding Brandon completely.

Carrie walked down in a robe and asked, "So do all nerds have big dicks?"

Brandon shrugged, "All the ones I know."

"Well, I just took his virginity and two loads in my cunt," the sister revealed.

"Good, because Mom has made it pretty clear she wants my next load," Brandon said, then couldn't believe the reality of what he just said.

"I can't believe she has turned into such a slut without the drug," Carrie said, still in awe of how her rather prudish mom had shifted into a complete whore.

"Years of denial, I imagine."

"Think she was a slut when she was my age?"


"That is cool."

"So is Mitch your boyfriend?"

"Yeah," Carrie nodded, before adding, "and if he keeps fucking me like that I will keep him forever."

"Is he better in bed than the great Mike?"

"Way better, truth be told," Carried admitted. "Plus, Mitch went down on me."

"All nerds munch cunt," Brandon said.

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