tagSci-Fi & FantasyRevenge of the Pothead Ch. 04

Revenge of the Pothead Ch. 04


I had to pinch myself when Summer opened the front door for us and attacked me with her mouth as soon as the door slammed shut behind us. She didn't waste time at all, especially with the kissing part. After such a serious dry spell as I had, it would take a long time to get back in the habit of taking sex with women for granted. I was even a bit rusty with kissing girls. Prison sex, what little there was of it, is not exactly known for its romantic side.

Summer nearly raped me after a few minutes of making out. She was clearly as sex-starved as I was, due to whatever daily issues or problems prevented it. Life in a post-apocalyptic world had more than its share of those. It wasn't necessarily our intention to save ourselves for each other, not knowing if we had a future, but except for that one comrade, I hadn't been with anyone else since I left for the front.

I fucked Summer hard from behind on a new loveseat that she had recently bought to replace the old one. She took her turn by riding me in the cowgirl position as well. Her mouth surrounded my dick between these sessions and I almost came down her throat a couple of times. We wore ourselves out that evening and finally collapsed from exhaustion before we could think of anything else.

We awoke at some goddamned early hour, well before dawn, because my full bladder wouldn't let me stay asleep. Apparently, Summer was one of those women who woke immediately when the man in her bed did. She followed me into the john and waited for me to wash my hands, at which point she grabbed me and kissed my mouth again. Her eagerness to tangle her tongue with mine was a novelty for a man whose ex-wife rationed out this softer aspect of physical affection.

"Damn, Summer! Was it something I said?" I teased her, while actually quite thrilled with her passion.

"No, it was EVERYTHING that you said. I'm yours now. Get used to it," Summer declared, before resuming her kisses, but this time between my thighs.

I was in very serious trouble here, and I absolutely loved it. The girl was smitten, and I just could tell the fact. Then again, I thought that I might easily for her as well. I briefly escaped to the shower, only to have the luscious blonde follow me into the hot water. Her wet skin felt soft and smooth against mine. She had utterly seduced me, body, heart, mind, and soul. It was time to stop pretending to myself. We were lovers in every sense of the word. I, Ralph Henry Walker, was in love with my friend's sister Summer.

We fucked a little in the shower, but then washed up without cumming and resumed our sexual congress in her bed. I took Summer in the missionary position this time, my mouth kissing hers as we quite frankly made love now. This part wasn't the rough sex of the night before, not that I minded either one. They both had their place, but this was something that hadn't really occurred during my marriage. My ex was a cold fish, an ice princess compared to Summer, who had all of the warmth that her name implied.

Summer and I lost track of time, of how long it took to cum, and of how many times each of us came. It wasn't just about physical pleasure now. It was about a new couple, madly engaged in the first rush of love. We were drained and asleep by dawn, our legs entangled and our bodies almost seamless in their fusion.

Awakened by the neighbor's rooster, Summer arose and I opened my eyes to see her lovely ass tantalize me as she headed to the kitchen. She appeared to have some agenda, but I couldn't discover it without rising. I just didn't know if she wanted me to do so.

Curious, I stood and walked toward the bedroom door, only to hear Summer's voice chide me.

"Ralph, I can't bring you breakfast in bed if you're OUT of bed, dear. I have a handsome soldier to please and I'm gonna do my damnedest to satisfy both of your appetites. Let me serve you, honey," Summer urged me, clearly wanting me to accept her winning ways. I decided quickly not to refuse her and returned to bed.

The sexy blonde took a little time, of course, but it was worth the wait when she brought a huge tray with two plates full of delicious breakfast food for us to devour. Summer was definitely my kind of woman, since I hated the idea of a gal eating like a bird while I feasted to my heart's content. Maybe I was strange that way, but I wanted my ladies to still enjoy their food. I never minded a hearty appetite and a little meat on a woman's bones. The average woman didn't resemble a Calvin Klein model and "heroin chic" frankly scared me. Pot was my scene, not smack. We potheads liked our food.

Speaking of that, Summer kind of startled me when she produced a couple of joints, a lighter, and a dime bag. Then again, now that it was legal, it was a lot easier and safer to find. We smoked a little weed together and dived into our delectable breakfast of pancakes, sausage links, and fried eggs over easy. The coffee went down rather well, too. It was a truly awesome morning, one of the sort that I could get used to with her.

Once we had stuffed ourselves and cleared away the breakfast tray, Summer made it clear that she wasn't finished with me by pushing me back down onto the bed and straddling my face. She rubbed her delightful pussy onto my mouth and leaned over to suck my cock in a sweet 69. I damn near shot my load into her throat and held myself back solely by force of will. I wanted to save my cum for something even better. On some level, I was eager to knock her up, because I had the firm idea of pounding her only sweet pussy with my hard cock (though I would normally enjoy anal). Until that point, I concentrated on eating her out until she was ready for me to stop.

After several minutes of nearly flooding Summer's mouth with my seed, she got the hint and switched places, riding me cowgirl style. She leaned over yet again, this time to taste herself on my lips. I was pretty sure that her theme for this morning was, "putting Ralph first", as she demonstrated a resolution to help me relax and have a damned good time. The cowgirl position, while normally too passive for me, had an advantage when the man was a tired field nurse on 48 hour leave from the Militia. That was even truer when said field nurse was stoned and his belly was full of nice, heavy breakfast food.

The other benefit of doing it "cowgirl" became apparent when Summer came hard while riding me. She was able to make sure that I hit her G-spot and she naturally loved that. When I heard her moans and sighs as she climaxed, I finally came inside her, which had the effect of making her go down on me again. She seemed eager to ensure that I had a second wind, which made it clear that she was one horny gal at the moment.

"Out to drain my balls, are you? Help yourself. I've had many worse mornings than this, but none better that I can recall," I encouraged the sultry blonde, caressing her hair as she sucked and licked my cock.

"Right now, I feel like using you for sex," she teased as she impaled herself yet again on my dick.

At the moment, being used for sex was hardly a problem. It had a far different meaning from a sexy woman whom I loved than from some inmate down on the cell-block at the federal penitentiary. Summer had her way with me that morning, but the only part of me that was sore afterward was my dick from such constant use. At least my ass was unmolested. When I came a second time, Summer pouted as she realized that I would need some time to give her more hard cock. However, she proved selfless enough to lie next to me while I regained circulation to the rest of my body.

"Now, that's what I call fucking," I grinned, as Summer rubbed her body against mine.

"Me, too. I think that I'm falling for you, Ralph. I just find myself wanting desperately to please you, as I did with Dirk. Something tells me that you won't blow your chance as he did," Summer declared her true feelings at last.

"If I had a stiff drink, I'd toast right now to our fresh start. I've already fallen for you, Summer. You have what I missed in my marriage: warmth and fun," I assured her.

Summer's answer to that was a searing kiss on the mouth.

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