tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRevenge on Ally the Tease

Revenge on Ally the Tease


Ally knew she shouldn't tease Tim so much, but she was feeling naughty and a little horny today so she just couldn't help herself. She hadn't seen her boyfriend in a month and missed being fucked. With her boyfriend away Ally had been hanging out at Tim's a lot this summer. It was partially for the weed, but she also loved to tease him.

As she took another toke Ally could feel Tim's eyes on her bare legs. She sat back, allowing her short skirt to rise even further up her thigh and she could see the familiar tent form in Tim's pants. Ally had known Tim for two years and she knew he had always had a crush on her. Unfortunately for him, Ally's boyfriend Jeff was Tim's best friend so Tim could only look. Aly was just 18, about to start her last year of high school. Tim and her boyfriend were both 20 and went to college. Tim had stayed in town for the summer, but Jeff had left for summer semester in Barcelona.

Ally knew Tim thought she was hot, most guys did. She had long brown hair with big brown eyes, pale white skin and a pouty, sometimes sullen look. She was slim and she thought her smooth legs and firm ass were her best assets. Ally knew Tim loved her legs, and believed he had probably been fantasizing about her for the two years she had known him.

It was in fact Tim who first asked her out. Ally said no a first, saying she wasn't looking for a boyfriend, but eventually agreed to go on a casual date with him to a party. The night ended with her making out with Jeff. Since then she had been Jeff's girl and Tim could only look and wish it was his hands on Ally.

Ally pulled her hair back revealing her shoulders and neck. Tim had told her one night long ago that he thought she looked so sexy when she did this. Ally put her hand on Tim's leg as she passed the joint back to him, knowing that having her hand so close to his hard cock would only make him crazier. She was feeling pretty stoned now and wondered how thrilled Tim would be if she let him kiss her...or even just gave him a look at her panties up her skirt.

Ally realized she was making herself even hornier and decided she needed to reduce the tension.

"Tim, I'm thirsty, can you get me a drink?". Ally gave Tim a wide eyed, haughty look that always seemed to work on men and he went off to the kitchen to get her a Coke. "Maybe some munchies too?" she called after him.

She looked at her phone and saw she had received a text an hour ago. Ally felt a slight pang of guilt thinking it might be Jeff, but it was actually from a number she did not have in her contacts.

Ally, your resume was passed on to me. We are a legal firm that needs a temp secretary and saw this is what you are looking for. If you can be in our downtown office by 2pm we could do an interview?

Ally was excited. Left alone for the summer by Jeff, she had wanted to get some experience in a legal office, but it had turned out to be much tougher to do that than she expected. She looked at her phone and saw it was already past one. With nothing to wake up for, Ally had been partying a lot and waking up late. This morning she didn't get up until after 11, then had texted Tim asking if he had any weed She hadn't even showered before coming over, she realized. She had put on a very short skirt as a 'thank you' for Tim giving her weed and a t-shirt with no bra. She realized she would not have time to change if she was to make the interview. She texted back, confirming she would be there and asking for the address. She stood up, realizing she was more buzzed than she had thought.

Tim looked especially disappointed when she told him she had to run. As an apology All kissed his cheek and allowed her boobs to push against him. When she went to grab her purse and leave Tim stopped her.

"You can't take that." he implored.

Ally looked at her purse, covered in cannabis stickers and smiled at Tim.

"Oh, you're a sweetie." she said taking out her wallet and handing him her purse, She naughtily kissed him quickly on the lips, a last tease emboldened by the weed. "Keep this for me here, I'll come back after the interview!"

Ally ran out the door, then took a taxi to the office. Her mind was racing as they drove off. She had wanted to be a lawyer from the time she started high school. She loved to watch the tv shows about lawyers, loved the outfits they wear...how confident they are. Now she had a chance to get her foot in the door. She imagined herself wearing a power suit then imagined flying to the interview in that outfit. She felt the taxi stop and looking up, realized they were already there. It was 1:54, and she wondered where the time had gone.

Ally ran through the marbled floor lobby. She knew the security guard was watching her tits bounce but she did not have time to care. When she got to the 26th floor she gave James Wiseman's name as the text had instructed. She felt out of breath telling the receptionist and when she saw the look she got in return she wondered how dilated her eyes might be. She worried she might smell like pot smoke.

The receptionist told her to sit on the couch and wait in a dismissive tone. Ally did not see her call for James and started to worry the girl was ignoring her request. Two men walked passed her in power suits and both of them looked her up and down. She felt undressed in the fancy lawyer's office, and of course she was. She pulled at her skirt, trying to show less leg.

When James arrived she felt a little better. He was tall, looked confident, and was as good looking as the lawyers on tv. He shook her small hand in his big hand and gave her a serious look. He nodded to her and she followed him into his office down the hall, admiring how well cut his gray suit was and noting the perfect sheen on his golden brown shoes. She shut the door behind her when he instructed her to do so and sat on his big couch.

James went through papers on his desk while Ally sat quietly and fidgeted nervously. When James finally walked over and pulled a chair up to the couch, Ally realized he would be looking right up her skirt. She crossed her legs, very aware that she would be exposing leg right up to her thigh. She had done so very deliberately with Tim earlier but now felt quite exposed and vulnerable.

James looked down at her, then to the paper in his hand, then finally spoke.

"Miss Rubin," he said using Ally's last name, I don't like to waste anyone's time. Looking at you now I see you are quite young and perhaps not ready for a professional environment like this."

Ally's heart sunk as she left she had failed the interview before it started. James reached for his wallet. When he opened it Ally saw he had a lot of cash. He pulled out three twenties and handed it to Ally.

"Here's some cash for your time. We can skip the interview and you can go home if you like."

Ally's heart sunk. Ally was very used to getting her way, to having things come easily to her, but now it looked like she would not even be given a chance? Her mind raced. She rationally knew that this was only one opportunity, she was only 18 and many more would come, but somehow it seemed very important that she land this. Ally stammered anxiously, telling James she really wanted to be given a chance. Finally she pleaded,

"Please tell me what to do?"

For the first time Ally saw James smile. Well, perhaps more of a smirk. But Ally saw a crack in his hard attitude and she was determined to widen it.


James looked Ally up and down and she squirmed a little from his gaze. Finally he spoke,

"Ally, be careful what you ask for. This is not a place for games."

Ally assured him she was very serious. She apologized for her outfit, for the short skirt. In her head she knew she was talking too much but she couldn't stop. James finally cut her off,

"Stand up Ally."

Ally felt herself shaking a little as she clambered up from the couch. She was standing just in front of James's chair, one of her knees brushing against his. Her mind went to Fifty Shades of Gray, her favorite book. She remembered telling her boyfriend about it hoping they could play it out, then she remembered how he had made her look silly by bringing it up in front of his friends.

James looked up at her and for the first time she thought she saw a trace of a smile on his handsome face. He put a hand on her bare leg and she shook, startled by the contact. He stroked her leg just slightly and she felt herself becoming aroused.

"Go lock the door." he commanded. Ally did as she was told, trying not to show herself shaking. She felt a little dizzy and realized she had not eaten all day.

"Now come back here." he pointed in front of his lap. Ally stood in front of James, biting her lip.

"If you are to work here I am going to have to do a lot of work with you. Are you sure you are worth it?"

Ally started to babble an answer but James cut her off again.

"Turn around for me."

Ally turned, and could feel her face go red and she realized her ass was now pretty much eye level for him, and quite close to his face. James said nothing but his hand again went to her leg. Ally was startled again, but this time grateful for his touch, as if it was affirmation she needed. She felt herself shaking and tried to calm herself. James said nothing for some seconds but one finger slowly drifted towards the inside of her leg. Ally knew she was wet and wondered if he might smell it given how close he was. She couldn't get Fifty Shades out of her head and blurted,

"What do I have to do?"

James waited a beat before responding and Ally realized she was holding in her breath. She felt hot and light headed.

"Well," he said finally as she heard him rise from his chair, "I suppose we have to start with that inappropriate outfit."

He was right behind her now and she could feel his breath on her neck. He pulled her a little closer and she felt his cock push against her ass. She fought the urge to push herself against him.

His hands grabbed her hips and he whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to earn your job?"

Ally nodded, still facing away from James. She couldn't get out of her mind that James was Christian Grey. He sat back down in the chair and told her to turn and face him.

"Take off the top." he said quietly as she looked down at him.

Ally lifted her top, exposing her firm, smallish tits and large pink nipples, both rock hard.

"I am going to enjoy having you give me a show Miss Rubin." he paused and added "Because I can."

Ally shivered with excitement. This was her favorite line from Fifty Shades of Grey. She looked down at James who was admiring her breasts and, unsure of what say, thanked him.

"Unzip your skirt and pull it down. for me."

Ally's hands trembled as she followed James' instructions. It occurred to her that she had only stripped for three men...boys before. She kicked off her shoes, stepped out of her skirt and stood before him in nothing but her panties.

"Very good," he complemented, then said nothing while admiring her body.

"Turn for me Miss Rubin." Ally turned so her ass, now barely covered, once again was almost in this stranger's face.

"You have a great ass. I see why you like to show it off." He paused and added, "Wriggle it for me."

Ally shook her ass in a bit of a twerk, then thought better of it and slowly writhed, swaying her bum back and forth. Her ass brushed against his nose and she heard him groan softly.

"Lower your panties. Very slowly."

Ally smiled to herself. She knew she had James now. Men were so easy she thought as she pulled her panties down, exposing just a little ass crack. Her boyfriend Jeff also liked to watch her strip, so she had practice and now felt just a little in control. She continued to wriggle as she peeled them down further. Ally was proud of her ass and she knew James would be loving the show she was giving. She deliberately brushed his face with her ass cheek and looked over her shoulder to see that he was fixated on watching her show more and more of her creamy white ass. Ally yanked her panties down for a second then pulled them back up, a tease she liked to use on her boyfriend.

"Spank yourself Ms. Rubin" James said, interrupting her flow.

Ally was a little uncertain of what he wanted but slapped her ass lightly.

"Harder. Like you mean it." he commanded.

Ally swatted her ass harder, and waited for a response.


Ally slapped her bottom again, but fumbled a little and caught the side.

"Let me show you how it's done," James said patronizingly. "Bend over"

Ally nervously bent forward, then felt James hand on her back directing her to bend even more. She was extremely exposed and knew now she was not in control at all. James hand slowly stroked her right ass cheek then suddenly,


His hand came down hard, harder than she had even been spanked. It was as if he wanted to swing through her cheek. The noise and pain shocked Ally but she had little time to react before two more hard spanks on the same cheek.


Ally gasped in pain, wriggling her ass now in trying to avoid the hits. James now stroked her ass cheek which she could feel was hot from the blows. Just when she started to feel a little at ease and lifted her back just a bit, he spanked the other cheek hard, twice. Ally realized she really was living out her favorite book. She raised her ass a little higher despite the pain, and James responded with two more swats.

"There you go." he said softly, now stroking her ass again. "Look at how wet you are. I want you to play with yourself while I watch. Stay bent over."

Ally felt a little dizzy with excitement and hunger, she felt as if she were outside of herself, watching. She was eager to please and awkwardly reached back and put a finger in her pussy. She could feel and hear just how wet she was and was both turned on and humiliated by having to give this kind of show. She felt like this continued for several minutes. She was of course getting more and more turned on and without thinking head inserted a second finger. She heard James chuckle and complement her for being 'such a good slut'.

Finally James told Ally to turn around and get on her knees. The final test, he said, was to show him what a good cocksucker she could be. He made it clear that she had said she wanted this job badly and he wanted to feel this yearning in every suck.

Ally eagerly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. She tried hard to take it all in her mouth right away and choked a little. It had been a month since she had sucked her boyfriend's cock and it felt good to please a man like this again. Ally felt the burning in her pussy and stroked herself with a finger while she gave James the best blow job she knew how to give. Soon she could tell he was going to come soon. Looking up at him she asked,

"Do you want me to swallow?"

James shook his head.

"No, I want it all over your face Ally. Will you do that for me?"

Ally nodded quickly and went back to sucking. It took a while to get him back to near explosion and when she did she sucked a little faster, then pulled his cock out and stroked fast. James started to spray all over her, shooting more than Jeff ever had. When he was finally done James slapped her face with his softening cock, tossed Ally her t shirt and told her to clean herself up.

Ally looked around the room and not seeing any other options, wiped James's cum off her face with her shirt. James had zipped himself off and was looking at his calendar, apparently focussed on his next meeting. Ally did indeed feel like a slut as she put on her panties and skirt, but she also felt exhilarated. As she out on her sticky shirt she quietly asked if she did indeed get the job.

"You gave me your all Ally. I'll get back to you later today but it's very promising."

Ally smiled as she slipped on her shoes but James did not look up. She thanked him for the interview and suggested she show herself out. James looked up and nodded.

Ally felt like she was doing a walk of shame in front of an entire busy office as she walked alone back to the lobby. She thought she heard the receptionist snicker as she walked by, and once again felt the security guard's eyes burning a hole through her clothes as she walked through the lobby to the street.

Ally took a taxi to Tim's to get her purse. She felt excited about the job, but naturally a bit uncertain about how it would all work out. Would she be used like this every day? Would it be just liked the book? She remembered all she had done and felt excited all over again.

When Ally got to Tim's she was determined to be quick. She felt like she must smell like sweat and cum. She had fixed her makeup a little in the cab, but could feel the stickiness on her face. She certainly could not have Tim suspect something and tell her boyfriend.

When Tim answered the door she told him she got the job and had to run home.

"Thanks Tim, you're such a sweetie. I better go home and rest up."

Ally kissed Tim on the cheek brusquely, took her purse and started to turn, but Tim grabbed her arm.

"Oh, wait Ally...or should I say 'Miss Rubin'?"

Ally's heart stopped and she felt the blood rush from her face.

"My uncle James called and said you actually won't be getting the job."

Ally felt light headed but she couldn't breathe in. Tim took her handbag and tossed it on the floor.

"Don't worry...from what I saw it looks like you could be a film starlet."

Ally played back in her mind a video camera she had seen on James' shelf. It hadn't occurred to her it might be on.

"But I guess that will have to wait because you will be doing a lots of 'jobs' here at my place until your boyfriend gets back to town."

Tim gave Ally a smirking, superior look she had never seen on him.

"So get out of that slutty outfit then come up to my bedroom. I'm about to have you give me a nice long show."

Tim laughed at Ally's look up shock, lifted her skirt and smacked her on the ass.

"Because I can."

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