tagInterracial LoveRevenge Or Hot Passion?

Revenge Or Hot Passion?


Gazing down upon this beautiful man, with her golden-amber eyes, Jixxana, she took a quick intake of breath. Taking in his ebony beauty, her eyes sparkled with the vitality of a predatory female. Remembering when she had first seen him...she smiled in thought...

Jixxana had attended the fancy dinner party that Kareem Jamal did. A gathering of the artists, discussing the latest acquisitions of some of the great and legendary in history. She had watched this magnificent male from across the perfumed cloistered ball room. A bevy of simpering females surrounding him, all trying to vy for his attentions. Jixxana had stood still...watching him, his arrogant face knowing he could have any female he so desired. At that moment, his eyes had captured hers, Jixxana had smiled slightly, but it was her eyes that held the emotions she felt...amusement.

The 6'5 black man had had the grace to blush under her knowing look. Yet she smiled indulgently, raised her champagne glass slightly in a silent toast. Jixxana ran her soft tongue around the rim of her champagne glass, delicately capturing the drops of the drink. The arrogant man had watched her the whole time, not paying attention to the females trying so desperately to capture his praise.

Having overheard his name from a passing waiter, Jixxana now had a name to place with that beautiful face. Hm...Kareem Jamal...how strong and proud that name was. Placing her empty champaign glass upon a mahogany table, Jixxana moved across the room to speak to the CEO of her company that was calling her over with a look.

Looking back briefly, Jixxana noticed that Kareem had walked to where she was previously standing, near one of her favorite paintings; Lady Agnew by John Singer Sargent. Jixxana's eyes widened as Mr. Jamal picked up the champagne glass she had put down a moment ago, then ran his long tongue around the rim, where she sipped from, evident by the markings of her soft pink lipstick left behind. As this man ran his tongue around the rim of her glass, his eyes held hers, with a look that said "if I wanted you, I would take you".

After recovering from her momentary shock of this bold man, Jixxana raised her chin defiantly and moved on to speak to Mr. Croft. Omg, this man is so arrogant! I would love to knock him down a notch or two. The nerve, licking my glass, and looking at me like that, arrogant oaf!

Jixxana had not seen him for the remainder of the evening, having been busy negotiating for a purchase of one of the paintings. Though, after a brief inquiry, Jixxana had found out where he lived. She had smiled slightly and began to plan her lesson for this arrogant man. Well she could not fault him for his arrogance, we all had our moments of arrogance, but this man was blatantly arrogant. She wanted to show him that he could not just have anyone he wanted, yet she was going to do the taking with him.

After having arrived home and changed out of her gown, Jixxana had slipped on a pair of hip hugging black pull on pants, a black sweater with a zipper up the front. The suit accentuate her curvaceous body, yet left something to the imagination. She had put her long dark auburn hair into a pony tail, so it would not get in the way, when she snuck in Kareem's house. Taking out her slim black leather case, she took out the tools she needed to pick the lock to his front door. Walking in quietly, Jixxana's expert amber eyes scanned his magnificent home; totally masculine. A mix of antiquities and modern furniture and paintings. A fireplace dominated the living room, with a white bear skin rug on the stone floor. My my, very nice. Her attention was diverted when she heard the shower begin. Walking with sleek feline grace, Jixxana climbed the spiral staircase to the upstairs, careful not to make any noise. As she heard the shower stop, Jixxana quickly scanned around and found a light under a door, assuming it was his room, she entered it quietly. Hiding in the big walk-in closet, Jixxana waited for Kareem to enter his room and fall asleep, before she make her move.

Hearing the big man enter his room, Jixxana kept her eyes fixed on him through the slits in the wooden sliding doors of his closet. Dropping his towel suddenly, Jixxana had to cover her mouth to hide the gasp that came from the sight in front of her. A Perfect, round muscular rear end, was in full view. My goodness, he's beautiful! Her vibrant eyes then slid down to his long muscular legs, so unlike many men who had scrawny legs. This man's thighs were the same size as small tree trunks; sleek, svelte, strong and oh so long. Please turn around...no please DON’T turn around, I have business to finish with you. I don’t want to see that beautiful shaft that I can tell you have.....well maybe a quick look..*groans* I hope he doesn’t, I'm acting like a babbling fool here...Oh God, he's turning around.....

As Kareem Jamal turned around, Jixxana's amber eyes widened in surprise. Gripping the edges of the closet door with her long nails, her soft lips parted in wonder, as she gazed upon his long, jutting shaft. It sprang to life on its own accord, among a thick black well- kept furry surrounding. A warmth began to seep into her white lace bikini panties, as she gazed upon his big beautiful body. Tearing her eyes away from his shaft, Jixxana's soft gaze slid up to his powerful shoulders, to his strong arms, a solid neck. His muscular chest spanned wide, with the tattoo of a growling tiger upon his upper left side. Finally, Kareem went over to the bed, and shut the light.

Ok this guy sleeps naked, how convenient. I wonder if most guys sleep with nothing on?

Waiting for about 45 minutes, Jixxana wanted to be sure that Kareem was asleep, before moving out of the closet, and approach the bed. Looking down into his sleeping face, she heard the soft whisper of his breathing. Closing her eyes, she inhaled the soft scent of his Drakkar Noir cologne..mmmmmm so masculine. Snapping herself out of her silly thoughts, to concentrate on the reason she was here in the first place.

Reaching into her sweater, she took out a silk stocking, made very strong, yet will not leave a mark upon the skin, as handcuffs would. Seeing that Kareem already had one arm above his head near the headboard, Jixxana took the silk stocking, wrapped it around his wrist, gently, tying it into three double knots. Moving over to the other side of the bed, Jixxana then took his other arm , tied this wrist as well, to the sideboard, securing it with the double knot. Her golden-amber eyes shone with pending triumph as she moved to the foot of the bed, bending down to wrap another silk stocking from his ankles to the leg of the bed, securely but not too tight as to mar his beautiful skin.

Walking back over to the head of the bed, Jixxana gazed again upon his handsome face; his supple full lips, promising of pleasure. Suddenly, Kareem began to stir a bit, and soon will begin to straining at his bonds. So then Jixxana decided to hurry and cover his eyes for now, with the blindfold. Standing back slightly, Jixxana noticed Kareem tense suddenly, realizing what was happening.

"What the hell is going on here?..What..." He was momentarily shocked to feel that he was tied and blindfolded. Struggling against his bonds, his muscles rippled with his struggle.

To calm him, Jixxana ran her smooth hand down his rugged cheek, and spoke to him "Shhhh, calm down, I am not here to rob or harm you, Mr Jamal. I am here merely to satisfy my curiosity."

"I am not frightened woman, I just don’t appreciate being tied. That's something I would do, not get done to me" Kareem's deep voice boomed out.

Chuckling softly, Jixxana was beginning to enjoy this, her momentary guilt vanished. "Well congratulations, Kareem. This is your first time, now be a good boy and stop barking at me." Leaning down over Kareem, Jixxana ran her long soft tongue around the contours of his soft full lips.

Inhaling the air, Kareem suddenly began to chuckle. "Well well, Miss Jixxana Clayborn. I thought I recognized that perfume. Nice of you to drop in."

She could almost see his onyx eyes sparkling with arrogance as he guessed who she was. Inhaling sharply, she was momentarily surprised that he guessed so quickly who she was. Yet pushing that aside, no matter, I have him where I want him anyway....or do I....

"What's wrong Jixxana, did I scare you again like today? You left so quickly, without even a goodbye." Kareem chuckled gruffly.

With a smile, and her coolness intact, Jixxana slowly lowered his comforter down to his waist. Placing her smooth hands on his chest, she slowly spanned his warm chest, loving the texture of the hairs on him. Leaning down, she ran her long tongue over his collar bone...down to his chest...circled around his now hardening brown nipples, but not touching the nipples yet. Breathing softly upon his nipples with her warm breath, Jixxana took her time to inhale his scent...touch the texture of his chocolate skin. So delicious, smooth yet rugged. Laying her face on his massive chest, her rose petal-soft lips delicately brushed against his hard little nipple. Suddenly her long tongue snaked out to curl around the tiny buds. As her tongue lapped his left nipple, her smooth cool hands ran down his chest and abs, her nails delicately grazing him..but not harming.

"Oh God" Kareem gulped out at this sudden invasion of his body.

"MMmmmmmm..how exquisite" Jixxana moaned out softly....taking her time caressing him.

Standing upright, Jixxana unzipped her black sweater, straddled Kareem's slim hips, her short but well toned legs on either side of him. Leaning down, she slowly ran her hardened little raspberry colored nipples down his solid chest. Ever so slightly, her nipples grazed over his chest, touching and tormenting his skin. Her nipples then ran over his own male nipples, causing an electrical current to run through her body. Now, lowering her body down his body more, the comforter having risen like a proud salute because of Kareem's hardening shaft, Jixxana ran her nails gently over his smooth hips, her lips right over the proud mushroom shaped head of his shaft. She gently blew warm air over the tip, watched as it bucked slightly, craving the touch of a hot mouth.

"Listen woman, untie me. You have no idea who you are teasing here. When I get free, I'm going to teach you a lesson woman. I'm gonna..." Kareem began

"Hush, you talk too much. You are going to lay there and enjoy this" Jixxana coaxed gently.

"I didn’t say I wasn’t enjoying this, but damn, untie me!" he growled.

Sighing softly, she leaned across his body, to take the blindfold off. As she gazed into his angry eyes, she smiled at him, and kissed his nose. At the same time, as she leaned on him, Kareem couldn’t help groaning at the touch of her full white breasts pressed against his chest. Her little nipples searing against him as they hardened, sending a jolt to his shaft. Oh when I get my hands on this little female, she'll rue the day she tried to dominate me. Maybe I was a bit arrogant with her, but hey it's not my fault the females flock round me, like bitches in heat. But this female doesn’t, and I guess she's trying to teach me a lesson, but I don’t care, I am the one that does the lessons here. She'll find that out soon enough.

Leaning back down his body, Jixxana licked her way down his chest, to his abs. Nipping his abs slowly with her teeth, she gave his body a jolt of electricity. Not hard enough to hurt him but enough to make his nerves jump.

Jixxana's tongue reached his hips, then down to his shaft. Her small hands now gripped his hips as she ran just the tip of her tongue around his throbbing shaft, tasting him for the first time. Pre cum coated the center of his shaft. Tentatively, Jixxana, swirled her tongue around the edges, lapping up his pre cum, tasting him on her tongue, raising her eyebrows in surprise at the sweet-tart taste of him.

Remembering the dagger under his pillow, Kareem waited. As Jixxana focused on Kareem's shaft, her hands gripping his shaft, Kareem hand slowly slid down the bar of the headboard, until his fingers reached under his pillow. His fingers came into contact with the army knife he kept under there as habit. Sliding it against his wrist with expert ease; having a love for daggers, Kareem cut through the silk stockings holding his wrist....turning his head...he slowly cut through the other stocking holding his wrist. Kareem lay still, allowing this feisty woman to enjoy his shaft a bit longer.

Jixxana wanted to taste Kareem's lips. Rising slowly from his body, she slid up to his chest, her hands on the headboard. She leaned over him, looked into his eyes, her own eyes bespoke her growing desire for him. That was when he decided he would show her passion, not revenge....totally. In a quick move, Kareem, gripped Jixxana's small hands as they lay on the headboard, quickly tied her hands there. Moving up from her, Kareem sat up to untie his feet from the bounds, then laid back down under this sexy bold woman. He had to give her credit for her shrewdness in sneaking into his home, fooling him and tying him up. Not many women would dare try that on him, but he had to take the upper hand, hating to lose face over this.

Looking at her, Kareem lost his arrogance and amusement; he wanted this woman here and now.

Looking back down into Kareem's face, she knew he had taken the upper hand, but she wasn’t here to take revenge anymore, but felt compelled into passion.

Looking up at Jixxana's full breasts barely contained by the black sweater, Kareem gripped the edges with his big strong hands, pulled it down her arms firmly, but not to harm her. Jixxana's breasts spring free as the material of her sweater is parted and lowered down her body. Closing her eyes, she suddenly felt the tip of Kareem's tongue glide over her tiny raspberry nipples, causing her to moan in desire.

Kareem gripped her big breasts with his large hands, pulling on them to bring her closer to his hungry mouth, causing her body to arch like a bow. Kareem looked at his large dark hands, as they cupped this little woman's big full white breasts. So delicate, luscious and firm. Letting go of Jixxana's breasts, Kareem ran his hands down over her rib cage, that was showing slightly as her body arched. Sucking both her nipples into his mouth, as his hands ran down her body, to cup her round ass. As his long tongue tugs and suckles on her raspberry nipples, Kareem's expert hands slid her snug black pants down her body. Reluctantly leaving her nipples, he sat up to move around this feisty woman's body, he slid her pants off her body, leaving her in her sexy little white lace panties. Running his hands over her round ass, Kareem notes with pleasure that they are not thongs, preferring underwear that are sexy yet leave something to the imagination., not underwear that crawl up your crack like a permanent wedgie. This woman here had great taste in feminine apparel, the sexy white lace accentuating her firm round white ass; framing it like a heart. Leaning down, Kareem licked along the edges of her panties, then bit playfully on her cheeks.

Jumping slightly as he gently bit her, Jixxana struggled to free herself from these bonds. Growling in frustration, her amber eyes snapped with fire in her irritation. Lifting her leg, Jixxana tried to kick Kareem off her, after biting her, but he quickly grabbed her feet. He momentarily lost his grip on her foot, causing her to kick him on his abs. Grunting slightly, but not harming him, Kareem slapped her ass hard.

"Owwwwwwww you big buffoon! Let me go. How dare you bite and slap my ass!" Jixxana hissed with a mixture of arousal and frustration.

"Because I can sweetheart. You started this, now I'm gonna finish it , boo". Kareem's smile was anything but arrogant. He now wanted this little hell-cat more than ever. He wanted to kiss her temper away, but he suspected she would bite him if he tried. Chuckles softly to himself.

Sliding back under Jixxana, Kareem's strong hands gripped her round hips, and forced her to straddle him. Ignoring her snapping angry eyes, Kareem slipped his hands under her ass and brought her body onto his face; her soft white thighs sliding on each side of his face.

"Wh...what are you doing? Let me go you, big oaf. I'll tie your dick into a pretzel!" Jixxana's smooth face flushed with her arousal and embarrassment.

"That would be a pretty big pretzel little girl, not sure if you could handle that"

" You're so arrogant".

"I know". Kareem said candidly.

Closing his eyes, Kareem inhaled her scent....soft..delicate....sweet..yet with a bite to it. Pulling her by her hips, he brought her sweet little pussy closer to his mouth. Suddenly, his long tongue snaked out to lightly run over Jixxana's soaked lace panties. Growling softly at the potent taste, Kareem opened his full mouth wide, engulfing her small pussy into his mouth, through her panties. Needing more, Kareem took the delicate edges of her panties, and ripped them off, sending the tattered material sailing through the air.

Too mesmerized to move, she watched her panties fly across the room with force after hearing this big man growl. Suddenly his long soft tongue flicked at her throbbing clit, lapping up and down, coaxing it to hardness. Parting her soft juicy petals, Kareem tasted this woman's sweet nectar, never tasting anything like it. Like her scent, her taste was sweet but with a bite to it. In a flash, his long tongue impaled her little pussy as far as he could go, curling his tongue at the tip to scoop out her sweet juices. Slipping a hand around her ass, he squeezed her cheeks as his tongue impaled her, rocking up and down.

By this time, Jixxana's head was thrown back, arching her body, as Kareem's long tongue delved into her hot pussy, coating his tongue with her sweet nectar. At that moment, she felt something new; his finger slowly and gently entering her ass, as he rocked her pussy with his tongue. Jixxana began a rhythm of her own; bouncing up and down as both of her entrances were filled completely. Grabbing her big white breasts in her hands, Jixxana squeezed them then pulled on her aching nipples. Feeling an orgasm begin to form deep within her body, she began to moan uncontrollably...her body beginning to tremble helplessly, as she was taken mercilessly with his finger and tongue.

Feeling her soft white thighs tensing up, Jixxana cried out as a huge orgasm ripped through her body, causing her legs to tighten around Kareem, but it did not seem to bother him. Filling his mouth and tongue with sweet warm nectar, Kareem was in the throws of his own growing passions as he swallowed all her juices, greedy for more. Slipping his middle finger inside her tiny pussy, he took Jixxana's engorged clit in his mouth and sucked hard on it, as his other finger delved deeper into her sweet ass. Rocking up and down, this feisty woman spasmed all around him as orgasm after orgasm consumed her. Feeling her tight walls grip his fingers like a vice grip.

As Jixxana slumped on Kareem's body after four orgasms, she felt him slide out from under her to behind her. Gripping her round hips in his hands, she felt the head of his big shaft at her pussy entrance. Maneuvering his hips a bit, Kareem forced the big head of his shaft through her soaking love nest, forcing it to part for him. After a few moments of letting her adjust to his size, Kareem gently thrust inside her, groaning as her tight walls engulfed his big rod. Pushing deeper, he slid in all the way, the pressure on his shaft immense; thinking it has been a while since any man has entered this little white female's body. Sliding almost all the way out except for the head, Kareem thrust inside her harder, gripping her beautiful rounded hips, watching as her soft firm ass jiggled slightly as he thrust in and out of her. Still tied to the bed facing the wall, Jixxana's backside was in total view to Kareem, as he moved up closer to her, to grip her big full breasts in his hands. Squeezing and massaging her, his fingers then wrapped around her hard aching nipples, causing her to whimper with pleasure-pain.

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