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Revenge Sex Story


We just sat there at the hotel bar drinking like there's no tomorrow. Just a few hours ago I had a great life; a good job, a nice home, a great car, and a beautiful wife. And in one fell swoop my life was shattered beyond repair. A few hours ago I was approached by this woman that I'm drinking my sorrows away with now, Ronnie. At first I thought she was a potential client looking for insurance when she walked into my office, but then she handed me manila envelope containing very graphic pictures of my wife with another man. The first few were just her kissing the guy then it got graphic. The next few were of her giving a blowjob to that man in an alley and the last of them were of the both of them having sex in a bathroom.

That man, as it turns out, was Ronnie's husband. She had him followed by a private detective because he apparently cheated on her before and she suspected that he was doing it again and a woman's intuition is usually right about these things. At first I didn't want to believe it, I thought it was all a big joke and I told her so.

"It's not a joke," she said. "I wish it was, but it isn't."

"I... I... I can't believe this," I said. "Are you sure?"

"They are at a hotel with each other right now; I think they are still there. If you want we could go down there and confront them together."

I told my secretary to cancel the rest of my appointments today and head out to the hotel with Ronnie. She seemed to take all of this pretty well, but I can tell that she was crying earlier and she was trying to force herself not to cry again. We got to the hotel and asked the person at the service desk if they were still there. The room was registered under my wife's name. For $10 I got the room number from the clerk and turned away from him. About 20 feet ahead of me through a crowd of people the elevator doors opened and I saw my wife and Ronnie's husband in there holding each other and kissing the way she and I used to kiss. They got out of the elevator and went through the front door. The shock was too much for me I just stood there in silence, unable to move.

"What are you waiting for?" Ronnie asked. "Let's go after them."

I just turned away and went straight to the hotel bar. I guess Ronnie felt bad for me because she followed instead of confronting her husband, or maybe she was too scared to confront him as well and maybe that's why she got me to come with her to this hotel.

So here we are drinking and complaining about how much we worked hard to keep our spouses happy and how faithful and loyal we were to them. Ronnie was especially faithful after catching her husband cheating on her twice before and still stayed with him.

"Ungrateful bitch," I said to myself about Betty.

"Selfish bastard," she replied about her husband.

"After everything I've done for her. I gave her the best 10 years of my life and she just pissed all over it."

"I gave him 8 child bearing years of my life," she said. "But he didn't want any children, so I sacrificed the idea of ever having children just for him.

"I wanted kids too, but Betty wanted to focus on her career first. So I held my tongue and thought I could wait it out."

"Maybe it's a good thing neither one of us ever had children," she said then sipping more of her vodka. "This would've been very traumatic for them."

"I guess your right," I said. "I don't know how she could ever do this to me.

"I don't know how I have stayed with him after all of this," she said.

We ordered more drinks and sat there complaining some more about our spouses. Then when we started getting a drunk we stopped drinking and ordered coffee and sat there until we were sure we could go home with a clear head.

"Maybe I should cheat on Betty just to get even," I said.

"Then you wouldn't be any worse than she is."

"Maybe, but it would make me feel better to make her feel just as hurt as I am."

"You might be right," she said. "We should both cheat on them."

"You mean with each other?" I asked.

"No, I mean..." she stopped and had an odd look on her face. She looked back at the hotel lobby and then back at me. She sat there with huge grin on her face which looked evil but at the same time very sexy.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We should do it," she said.

"Do what?"

"Cheat on our spouses with each other."

I sat there in silence at first and then laughed thinking she was just joking. She told me she wasn't joking and relayed what her plan was. Our spouses come to this very same hotel every Tuesday at the same time, always in the same room. What Ronnie proposed was that we sneak into that hotel room earlier on, have sex and wait for our spouses to come in and catch us in bed together. At first I thought she was crazy, but then I started thinking. This could really show Betty how much she hurt me and make her hurt ten times more in return. And besides if she gets to have sex with another man, why shouldn't I do the same... I mean with another woman.

So we laid out the plan over the next week through emails and calling each other at work. Ronnie called the hotel on Monday pretending to be Betty to confirm the reservation for the hotel room to make sure they were still planning on meeting each other there. I found a hotel orderly that was easily bribable and offered him $200 to let me into that room an hour before Betty and Ronnie's husband was scheduled to arrive. We planned out everything that we needed for this revenge; we even decided what sexual position to be in when they walk into the room, we figured the reverse cowgirl would give them that extra shock. We wouldn't even stop having sex when they walked in, we would keep on going and tell them to come back when we were done.

Everything went according to plan. They were definitely going to meet at the hotel on 4pm on Tuesday, and Ronnie and I met each other there at exactly 3pm. The orderly took us up to the room and let us in and I gave him his money with a little bonus since I was in such a good mood.

"This is a nice place," Ronnie said as she threw off her coat.

She was we this very sexy, sleeveless black dress that went down to her knees. From the front she showed this amazing amount of cleavage, she was sporting what got to be a full C-cup size chest. I nearly lost my mind when I saw her in that dress.

I threw off my coat and unbuttoned the top three buttons on my shirt.

"Not so fast there hotshot," she said smiling at me with those deep blue eyes. She looked almost evil with those eyes and long black hair. "Let's have a drink first."

There was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice on the dresser with two glasses next to it. I opened the bottle and poured for the both of us. I drank slowly but Ronnie drank it in three gulps. She threw her glass cup against the wall and laughed. I thought why not and did the same. That's when I pulled her toward me and kissed her very passionately. We just stood there in the middle of the room holding each other tightly while our tongues were swarming around in each others mouths.

We started taking each others clothes off until we were in our underwear. She pushed me on to the bed with great force, it was scary how strong she was to do that but it was still very arousing. She grabbed the champagne bottle and started drinking from it. She looked incredibly hot standing there drinking from that bottle in her high heels, black bra and panties. She came over to me and gave me the bottle, I drank from it some more and then placed it on the night stand.

Ronnie pulled down my boxer shorts to reveal the biggest and hardest erection that I have ever had. She told me to sit at the edge of the bed and I obeyed. She got down on her knees and grabbed my cock with both hands. She stroked it gently at first the placed her tongue to the tip of the foreskin and gently circled her tongue around it all the while looking straight up at me. She then started licking around the shaft, lathering it up with her saliva. She started kissing the tip of the cock before she opened her lips wide and took the whole cock into her mouth. She started pumping it into her mouth very slowly, and then she tightened her lips around the shaft and began sucking my cock with a faster rapid motion and grabbing my balls with her other hand as she did it. She deep throated a few times and I could feel the back of her throat on the tip of my cock. I just sat there with my hand grabbing her hair and groaning in pleasure.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and stood up. She took off her bra to reveal her tits to me. My jaw dropped in awe; I never saw tits so beautiful. They were perfectly rounded with large hard nipples that were begging to be sucked on.

"They're real," she told me.

I grabbed her and pulled her to the bed. I immediately went for her tits and stuck my face between them. I squeezed each one with my hands as I licked and sucked on them both. I began sucking on the nipples like I was a baby; Ronnie even held my head as I was doing like I was a baby.

I finished playing with her tits and wanted to get on to fucking her. I pulled off her panties and spread her legs apart and without warning her just immediately thrusted my cock straight into her. She gasped at first and had a startled look on her face. I started shoving myself into her body with fast, hard pumps. I usually took it slowly in the beginning with Betty, but I had a feeling that Ronnie liked being taken hard like that and I was right. She held on to me tightly as I picked up the pace to fuck her harder and faster.

"OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!!," she kept yelling over and over again.

She turned me over on my back and took over for a while. She sat there grinding herself on my cock and grabbing her tits at the same time while pinching her own nipples. She started pumping herself on my, I did my part to keep the rhythm going. It was exciting watching her being on top like she was bouncing on my cock.

Time must've flown by pretty quickly because we heard two people outside the door and the door knob being turned. Ronnie quickly reversed herself in that same position to get into the position that we planned. She had her hands on my knees to keep her balance and I had my hands on her ass to keep fucking her pussy in that position.

Betty and Ronnie's husband entered the room laughing and smiling, but when they saw us they stopped in silence.

"Hi there," Ronnie and I said in unison and waved to them.

"Do you mind coming back later?" Ronnie asked. "We're still not finished here."

Betty ran out of the room crying and Ronnie's husband followed her. Ronnie and I started laughing and she turned back slightly to high-five me. I got her off my cock and pulled her back on the bed. I got on top of her again and fucked her even harder. Her arms were grasped around me with her nails digging into my back. I had one hand pulling her hair and the other grabbing her leg.

"Cum inside me," Ronnie said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes, I want it badly."

She did say she was still on the pill. I summoned every last ounce of strength I had to fuck her harder and faster. She was now screaming in my ear, the head board was damaging the wall. I wanted to keep doing this forever; I wanted to keep holding on to Ronnie's body, listening to her screams and feeling her hot pussy on my cock. But I had no choice, with one last thrust I came right inside of her. I never came so much in my life, I was afraid I was going to overflow her pussy with my cum.

I got off her and lay down next to her. She turned herself over and placed her head on my chest and we just laid there catching our breaths and smiling.

We divorced both of our spouses the next month. As fate would have it Betty and Ronnie's ex-husband stopped seeing each other. Meanwhile, Ronnie and I got married a year later and we are now expecting our second child.

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