tagErotic HorrorRevenge with a Grudge Ch. 01

Revenge with a Grudge Ch. 01


~An interview with a female vampire~

~Taping begin~

What I am about to confess may shock you (men out there). You see for quite sometimes now I have been enduring, waiting, watching, and yearning for this opportunity to seek my own revenge on the assholes in my life. No I will not rape them as some powerful women see it a way to belittle men; but I will go one step further that is creating death (more like an accidental one but of course between you and I it was purely intentional). Then of course one kill will not satisfy my thirst; it will do the world a favor to "get rid of them"...

My first kill was the most memorable but of course you are still not convince to step in my shoes just yet because you don't know me at all. It would be unfair to my own justice without an introduction of myself thoroughly.

My name is Deborah and I prefer being call Dee. I am a natural strawberry blond however, recently it gets more lustrously red as I get older. I enjoy this change; it gives me confidence. I am capable to walk as fast as walking on water. Hypnotize (grows with age). I was turned in my most vulnerable time when my maker abandoned me and I had to learn the hard way to adapt control over my new found gift. I was 23. I daresay missing the warmth of the sun resting on my not-so freckle skin and the sunlight twinkling around the corner of my green eyes while sun bathing. What I missed most are my family who were kind to me despite my mood swings over the unsuccessful life I was leading. I had a love-hate relationship with my parents and my elder brother; they were forgiving but loud and opinionated. They had trouble accepting the fact that I have been missing (for 5 years 8 months and 3 days).

~ drop of bloody tear seeps out~

This is too depressing, lets move onto my first kill then I'll get back to my pre-vamp memory when I am in the mood...

Where was I?

Ah, my thirst to kill men.

And I don't kill women.

My first kill was 2 years ago; fully ambitious I had an idea.

Before approaching the assholes in my life, I must practice on the most deserving bunch of the male dominating cult there is around the globe. Can you guess?

A multi-billion organization which took advantage of girls who are as young as 8 years of age against their will to prostitution and contract diseases and so much more....

I told myself "justice will be serve" once they had taken me into their nest. On a hot summer night I dressed in a low v-neck slip and walk into a bar. The next thing I know was in the back alley between some no star motel and a bar after compliment with 3 Whiskey and 2 White Russians. So I was buzzed (yes vampire do but tolerable however since I wasn't a drinker in my human life, I was more vulnerable) and was dragged into a jack-up van. I was tied up with some type of wire and I pretended to give it a kick and struggle while more duck tape were placed over my lips, wrists, and sight.

The van suddenly stop and I was carried out onto a mattress still tied up. It felt like a cold empty spacious warehouse with echos of two male voice (foreign European language). With duck tape over my eyes still I can feel (and smell) them approaching; I can sense their lustrous stares over my almost naked tiny body. I pretended to shiver and breath violently like a caged animal; suddenly a door open and I can hear another girl being carried in and dropped off to my mattress; she was crying and begging the men to release her but the men coldly ignored our plead then ripped our cloths off and took turns while still blind folded. They ravage us over and over again as if they will never satisfy. Their devilish laugh have even given me a chill. Afterward we were forced to stay in dark room full of abducted raped victims.

Deep down in all of our minds: "leaders of Women Trafficking must be kill and torture!" I will continue to pretend being forced into prostitution and get raped with the rest of the unfortunate young girls. Eventually work my way up to the organizer and destroy everything.

Like I had predicted I had capture the trafficker attention and was told worth a lot more since I have fair skin and rare color pupils. I would be dealing with clients many times a day. I was not allow to carry on a long conversation with my clients to prevent sympathy (as if they had any).

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