Reversal Ch. 03


He awoke to hands pushing his head downward. Strong hands. Familiar hands. They were his wife's. He was surprised at how strong she had become while on the drugs. Her fat had melted away and even though she had maintained her "girlish figure" as she liked to call it, her muscles had developed a wiry strength that could not be denied. Almost four weeks had passed.

His mind went back over those four weeks. Being made to wear frilly underthings as his wife watched him dress. Having her literally molest him through his clothes, her hands exploring in his panties and bra, fondling his body in the way he would fondle her in the past. She even snapped his bra strap a few times as a form of juvenile prank. Finally, being on his knees with his back to a wall while his wife slowly pushed her cock into his mouth. There was no escape nor did he want one. Such were the events that defined his daily life over the last month.

Her erect member was larger now; it now measured at least an inch longer than his. At least the growth had slowed down over the weeks when compared to that first week at the clinic. He could only imagine the monster she would have had otherwise.

His mouth opened in obedience as her hand guided him to the tip. She pushed and started pumping his head up and down the shaft. He took over and soon had her breathing raggedly. She started getting more aggressive and pushed harder into his mouth, nearly choking him.

"Enough!" she whispered loudly. "I want something else."

She lifted his head off her cock and pushed him onto his knees. Dazed as he was by the almost brutal fucking his mouth had just received, he did not fight back. She held his chin with one hand while slowly stroking her now wet cock with the other.

"I like you in this outfit. I want you to wear it more often," she said huskily. She let go of her cock and reached over him to the back of his babydoll nightie. She moved the garment aside to reveal panties that were sewn together at the crotch by a delicate ribbon. Her hand moved to his panties and pulled at the ribbon. It loosened and the crotch, once tightly held, opened like a flower, revealing his rear end. His fully erect cock, straining at the fabric, loosened the ribbon a little more and popped out as well, pointing straight ahead. He felt coolness behind him as the air of the bedroom caressed his rear.

"Tonight, I will take you. You will accept it. Look at my cock. Soon it will be inside you and you will like it. You will be filled and you will know, finally, what it is to be a woman being taken by a man. I want you to know this thing." The month was almost over and it made sense, somehow, that she saved this final intrusion for the last night before she was to stop the treatments.

She left the bed and reached for a bottle she had placed out of sight on her nightstand and squeezed a little liquid out of it. She then walked out of sight until she was behind him. Climbing back on the bed, she placed her moistened hand in the opening of his panties and stroked his ass. Then a finger went in. Then two. She removed her fingers and squeezed more liquid onto them. Back in they went. She kept that up until she was satisfied that he was ready to receive her.

He was excited and scared all at the same time but for some reason did not seem to mind. In a way, it seemed natural that he would be on the receiving end of her massive cock now, so much so that he could barely understand why he objected to it in the first place.

"I can see that you are accepting your role as my cum slut now, my love. I left one or two surprises for you until now," she continued cryptically. She always talked dirty like this now whenever she was sexually excited.

"Imagine, if you will, what would happen if the unique mix of hormones coursing through my sex did more than just give me a mighty symbol of manhood. Perhaps my cum could cause changes in those that receive it, specifically males. You would become more … pliant, submissive. Perhaps you would even develop some feminine physical characteristics. If so, soon your nighties would fit the way they should. You would have breasts, breasts that I could fondle. Imagine that I could make your nipples hard with my touch."

Four weeks ago, he had told her that such changes would not be tolerated. Now, the thought of having breasts which would be only be there for her pleasure filled him with a strange excitement. To be her plaything instead of her being his! What a fantasy that would be! He shivered with a curious and contradictory mixture of dread and anticipation. Behind him, she applied lubrication to her cock, making it glisten.

Her cock was now at his opening. She placed her hands on his hips for support and began to shove, slowly but steadily. His muscle started to give and his ass began to open. Her cock head slipped inside and caused a short but sharp moment of pain. His "cherry" had been popped, he thought ironically.

She stopped for a moment and considered what she saw before her. Her mighty cock invading her husband's sexily dressed body. Her brain positively fizzed with the excitement that the image brought to her, so much so that she was practically shaking with lust. She pushed a little harder and another inch disappeared. She pulled back a bit and then forward again. Slowly, more disappeared inside him. Soon she had her entire cock, all nine inches of it, buried inside him. The feeling was wonderful, equalled only by that first night she held his head steady and emptied her cock into him for the first time.

"Oh yes, I can feel you squeezing me." She pulled out completely and then without warning sunk her cock back into him in a single thrust. She drove into him like a piston, in and out, in and out, never stopping.

All this massaging of his prostate started generating a warm buzz inside him but there was more to it than that. Combined with the mental image of his wife basically raping him and the image of him wearing his sexy and very feminine clothing, he realized he was building towards an orgasm. He could not believe it: climax with no attention paid to his member!

"I intend to fill you with my cum. What's more you will come with me, showing your complete submission to my needs." With that she stroked faster and deeper. One hand reached around her husband and stopped just in front of his cock.

"Oh yes, oh yes, I'm coming!" Her first blast went deep and it seemed he felt every inch of his insides were touched by it. Her second followed suit, which caused him to explode as well. He cried out as jets of semen shot out of him. Most pooled into her waiting hand, while the excess splashed onto the inside of his nightie. She brought her now cum filled hand to his lips and forced as much as she could into his mouth. "There, swallow your own cum and know that I made you do all this.

"What's more," her voice now a little softer, "you enjoyed all of this because secretly, you know that I have just fulfilled one of your deepest fantasies. Know that this adventure was as much for you as it was for me. Soon all this will be but a memory and our lives will return to what they were. So I ask you to cherish these last few weeks as a time never to be had again.

"You are my one and only love and I have only ever wanted to give you your heart's desire," she continued, her voice now tender and loving. With that his now slim, sexy and happy wife smiled and said the words that would forever be linked to this night like no other:

"Happy birthday, sweetheart".

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