tagNonConsent/ReluctanceReversal of Fortune Ch. 02

Reversal of Fortune Ch. 02

byAn Awful Cad©

This story is the continuation of Reversal of Fortune Ch. 01. I encourage you to read that before you begin this one.

Part 1

After our climactic orgasms, we both sat there silently, literally and figuratively drained. At least I was literally drained. She had a belly (and face) full of my hot semen. I handed her a sock to wipe the sticky mess from her face. I watched with amusement as she attempted to clean herself up. Resuming my dominant demeanor, I told her, "I guess you can be a good girl when you try. That was a good job there." I said, fully meaning the pun, although I don't think she got it. "That's all for today. We can deal with the window tomorrow when I have some more information."

I told Sherry to come by in the morning, when I would have spoken to the insurance folks and the window repairman. I wasn't sure exactly what Sherry would do, or even what I wanted to happen. This dominance thing was new to me. I guess I sort of thought that she wouldn't show up, or that she would send Harvey and that would be the end of it. But I was wrong.

At ten the next morning, there was a knock on the door. The kids were at school and I opened the door to find Sherry standing there. She was by herself and was dressed in a conservative, high-necked, long sleeved blouse, buttoned down the front, and an ankle-length black skirt. Her eyes were cast down at the floor and she was nervously wringing her hands in front of her.

I led her to the living room and offered her a drink, which she declined. I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down across from her seat on the couch, but so close our knees were almost touching. I felt relaxed and confident. My destiny had literally knocked on my door. I knew that despite her attempt to conceal her sexuality behind prudish clothing, she had come back to be my obedient servant, ready and willing to do anything I asked of her.

"Sherry, I'm afraid it's bad news." I stated ominously. I was pretty sure our new relationship wasn't really about the window, or her ability to get it fixed, but it seemed to trigger a certain response from her so I launched into the details of how much it would cost to get the window repaired and that with the deductible on the insurance, it would be quite expensive to replace. As I recited the cold, hard (somewhat exaggerated) facts, I reached out and began unbuttoning Sherry's blouse. By the time I finished, her blouse was open to her waist. Her eyes were closed; she was breathing heavily as I slipped the sheer fabric off her shoulders and unhooked her bra to expose her pert breasts.

Admiring her exposed flesh, I ran my fingernails lightly over the soft mounds of her chest, drawing an involuntary shiver from Sherry and stiffening her nipples to hard little points. I pulled her forward off the couch until she knelt on the floor in front of me. Unbuttoning my pants to release my throbbing shaft, I grabbed her head and slowly fed her my engorged stalk. I wrapped my hand around her head, feeling her dark, silky hair cascading over my fingers and roughly fucked her face until I came deep in her mouth.

This time she did a much better job of taking my load, and afterwards I looked at her, kneeling on the floor between my legs, panting slightly. Her mouth was open and her lips were glossed with a shiny mixture of spit and my cum. She sat immobile, with her eyes averted, as if she was waiting for something. I had a pretty good idea what she wanted. "Stand up." I ordered.

She was an incongruous sight as she stood for my inspection. Naked from the waist up, chest heaving slightly from her exertions, cheeks flushed and lips wet with my man milk, while down below her long black skirt covered every inch of her flesh and looked like it could have been worn by a Mormon schoolmarm.

"You may finish now." I told her, zipping my cock back into my pants. She gave a slight whimper and hesitated. "Go on," I said. "On the couch." With a look of relief she sat back on the couch and reached under the folds of her skirt.

Her hand went straight to her crotch and began a rapid rubbing motion. "Stop!" I barked abruptly. She froze with her hand buried in her twat and although she did not look at me, I could see the panic and shame in her eyes. I lifted her skirt and bunched it around her waist, so I could see her hand burrowing inside her pretty pink panties. Grabbing the soft cotton on either side, I pulled her panties down slowly, revealing her glistening bush and soft thighs, until the damp fabric was twisted around her ankles. I spread her knees wide, exposing her steaming pink slit and engorged clit. "You may continue." I told her.

Sherry's face was red with shame and she tried to avoid eye contact as she resumed stroking her pussy, a little slower now. I stared as her fingers dipped into her dripping cunt and circled her swollen clitoris. I don't know who enjoyed her performance more, her or me, although within a few minutes, she was the one who was biting her fist to stifle a moan as her orgasm overtook her in a series of wrenching tremors.

I let her recline on the couch as she recovered from the intensity of her orgasm. As she caught her breath, I enjoyed the thought of how thoroughly I had turned this once-chaste housewife and mother into a cock sucking whore and sex slave, willing to do my bidding. I reached out and petted her abused and still sensitive pussy, causing her to jump at the touch. "You may go now." I told her, "but be back at the same time tomorrow." With that, I walked out of the room, leaving her to reassemble her clothes and get out.

Sure enough, the next morning, at the 'stroke' of 10, Sherry knocked on the door. In fact, Sherry made herself available every morning for the next week and I took advantage of the opportunity to train her in the fine arts of cock sucking and suburban whoring. I taught her to kneel in front of me and to keep her eyes open and holding my gaze when she blew me. With much uncomfortable practice (uncomfortable for her, that is) I taught her to take my cock deep in her throat and tongue my balls while massaging my pole with her throat muscles until I blasted my load directly down her gullet and into her stomach. I taught her how to heighten my orgasm by sucking and fondling my balls and asshole when I came. By the end of the week she had mastered enough skills so that she could have earned a good living working the docks of San Pedro. Eventually, I fucked her too. But that seemed to have the wrong emotional subtext and didn't produce quite the same rush for me, although it was fun to send her home with her cunt all soupy and awash with my jism.

Part 2

Depravity is a drug. And I was hooked. Although I was enjoying my daily sessions with Sherry, I began to feel a need to take our relationship to another level. I had periodic twinges of remorse, mostly over the fact that all of this was taking place behind Lisa's back, but the incredible sense of power and control I got from my new plaything was too great. I began scheming, thinking up new acts of debauchery that would assert my control over Sherry and give me the fix I needed. One morning, as I watched Harvey load Max into the car to go off to school, a glimmer of a plan began to form in my head.

A little while later, Sherry showed up for her daily session with me. I let her in and, as was now my custom, immediately made her strip naked and took away her clothes. I led her to the kitchen and made her clean the dishes, while I interrogated her about her husband and his daily schedule. The kitchen had several large windows to our back yard, which, although it was pretty private, still left open the possibility that someone could look in and see Sherry naked in her neighbor's kitchen as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

I could see that the combination of the possibility that she might be seen and the fact that I was asking her intimate details about her family was producing a strong sexual tension in Sherry. She was nervous, frustrated and scared all at once. I moved up right behind her at the sink and pressed my fully-clothed groin into her naked ass, pinning her against the counter. I reached around and grabbed her already stiff nipples in both hands and began a vigorous twisting of those tender nubs – clockwise on the left and counter-clockwise on the right.

"So," I hissed, with my tongue practically in her ear, "does Harvey know what you do over here every day?"

Sherry's eyes widened. "No," she replied hesitantly, "not exactly."

"Well, what 'exactly' do you tell him?" I asked sarcastically.

"He told me that it was my problem and that I had to do whatever it took to fix it, so I just tell him that I do whatever you ask me to do and leave it at that."

"You mean you don't tell him that you strip naked for me?" She bit her lip and shook her head no. "You don't tell him that you suck my cock like a whore and drink my cum?" She shook her head again. "You don't tell him that you get so horny that you diddle your cunt while I watch the show?" I was twisting the knife now. "Like he doesn't know, anyways. Does he get all hot and want to fuck you afterwards, or does he just jerk off imagining all the things I'm doing to you?"

That got a rise out of her. "Well he's not fucking me, that's for sure," she said coldly.

I laughed at her response. "Today we're going to give him a little present."

After that, I took Sherry to the guest bedroom and put her through her paces. She demonstrated an enthusiasm bordering on hunger as she lubed up my shaft with her saliva and began stroking it rapidly with her left hand, making her diamond engagement ring glint in the dim light. She sucked my balls into her mouth and swirled them around like wine, then went down and tongued my puckered anus until it was moist and juicy, before rising up and plunging my slick shaft all the way into her throat.

I was in no mood for a display of her talents, however and I took over, fucking Sherry's face with abandon. I ruthlessly plundered her mouth and throat, pummeling her soft palate with my cockhead and slapping my balls off her chin with each stroke. I pumped my cock furiously into her mouth as I felt the cum rising in my shaft. As my spunk erupted from the tip of my shaft, I ripped my cock from her gasping mouth and began to spray down her face and hair with my hot, sticky seed. After firing a shot off her forehead, I pointed my cannon at her shiny black tresses and fired out blast after blast into her glossy mane. I squeezed out the last drop into her hair, leaving her tousseled locks festooned with sticky blobs of my cum.

Afterwards, I made her get dressed and go home without her usual masturbatory release. I instructed her not to wash or even touch the mess in her hair. I told her that if my cum wasn't still in her hair tomorrow, there would be hell to pay and that she didn't want to find out what that meant.

Part 3

The next day, I was ready to begin the next phase of my plan. I watched through the window as Harvey left with Max. I took a long hot shower and tried to relax but I was too excited. Like a kid before Christmas, I was bursting with anticipation. Finally, I locked up and went across the street and rapped sharply on Sherry and Harvey's door. Sherry was clearly surprised to see me and the shock and fear were plain on her face. "Invite me in, Sherry." I instructed her.

She stepped aside to let me inside but as soon as she shut the door, she blurted out, "What are you doing here?", keeping her voice in a low stage whisper, even though we were the only ones in the house.

"I thought we'd play at your house today." I replied mockingly.

Her hair looked awful. My cum had dried to a dull paste. It might not have been obvious exactly what it was, but the matted clumps sticking up from her hair were a sure sign that something was amiss.

"So how did Harvey like his present?" I asked, running my fingers through her gnarled coif.

"He didn't say anything." Sherry mumbled.

"Nice. Very nice" I replied with a laugh. "He's a classy guy. Let's go into the kitchen, I feel like a cup of coffee." Sherry put the kettle on to boil and began to straighten up the kitchen, nervously flitting from side to side. "You know, Sherry, that's not really appropriate attire for that sort of work." I said, with a nod at her plain cotton shirt and sweatpants.

"What do you want me to – oh." She stopped, realizing what I was asking. Bowing her head, she began to unbutton her shirt, peeling it off to expose her simple white underwire bra pushing up her modest chest. She slid her pants down too, revealing her plain cotton panties. It wasn't going to get her hired down at the Spearmint Rhino but watching this suburban mom reluctantly strip was tremendously exciting. As she shrugged off her bra, revealing her small breasts and diamond-hard nipples, I felt my cock twitch with joy.

When she was totally undressed, Sherry resumed her chores while I sat down on the couch and waited silently. I watched Sherry walking around the house, completely naked, cleaning up the dishes and general mess. The contrast between her stark nudity and her domestic actions was extremely stimulating. I particularly enjoyed watching her plump asscheeks shimmy as she sashayed by.

I let the tension grow in the silence between us. Although I enjoyed watching Sherry squirm in anticipation of my next move, I felt a need to exploit my control over her. As she put away what looked like the remains of the lunch she had prepared for the kids, I had an idea. I crossed the room silently and grabbed her arm as she was putting away a bag of carrots.

"So you like carrots." I stated flatly. "Me too. I love carrots." I turned the bag over and a medium-sized carrot slid out of the hole, causing Sherry to grab it before it fell to the floor. "Right now I'd like to see you love this carrot."

She looked at me like I was crazy, staring back and forth between me and the carrot while she tried to figure out what I meant. I raised my eyebrows as if to say, "What are you waiting for?". A look of shame and understanding came across her face and she slowly raised the unwashed root to her mouth and let it rest on her plush lips. Slowly she snaked out her tongue and ran it in circles over the carrot's tip before gradually sliding it into her mouth. Her embarrassment was palpable, but she did a good job attempting to appear sensual as she fellated the cold orange stalk.

When she had taken enough of the carrot into her mouth to cause her cheeks to bulge obscenely (although not down her throat, as I now knew she was capable of), I shook my head with a look of disapproval. "I said love the carrot, Sherry." She paused in mid-suck and stared at me, until that same look of shame and understanding again washed over her face.

Withdrawing the carrot from her mouth, she slowly dragged it down her torso and through the dark patch of hair between her legs. She slid the carrot across the opening to her pussy and looked at me expectantly, as if anticipating a reprieve that did not come. Bowing her legs to provide easier access, Sherry penetrated her vaginal lips and fed the carrot steadily into her canal, producing a visible shudder throughout her body. Sherry looked uncomfortable, not just because she was fucking a vegetable in front of me and her face was beet red with embarrassment, but also because her crouching position and bent legs seemed awkward.

Rising from the couch, I took her by the shoulder and led her back to the seat. Without allowing her to remove the carrot from her cunt, I eased her down on the fabric and propped her legs on either side so that she was splayed open in front of me and I had a close up view of the now slick carrot as it slid into her gaping hole. Settling back into the seat she began to warm to her work, churning her cunt with deep, steady thrusts of the glistening vegetable. She picked up her pace, pumping faster, occasionally removing the carrot from her hole to slide it along her enflamed pussy lips and over the engorged nub of her clit. On one of these strokes I took charge, interrupting her with a command.

"That's right. Run it all the way up there." She pondered this command from under heavy-lidded eyes and began sawing the greasy stalk across her clit like a concert violinist.

"Now down." She turned the carrot around and dragged it back down through her wet furrow. When she was finished she started to re-insert the carrot into her pussy, until I stopped her. "Keep going." I said calmly, "Further down." Withdrawing the carrot from her snatch, she obediently continued the southward journey of the erstwhile snack.

Her eyes were wide open now as she tentatively slid the flat of the carrot across her wrinkled ass pucker. Back and forth, like a nervous teenager playing a Bach sonata at her first recital. She would not make eye contact with me, but I could see the hot flush of shame on her cheeks. "Sherry," I said quietly, commanding her attention. "Go on." I gave her my best "Don Corleone" nod and the color drained from her face. She knew what had to be done.

Tilting the carrot outward, she began to search for her puckered opening with the tip. Probing blindly, she circled her anus with the slick stalk, spreading her pussy cream around the rim. Finally the tip dropped into the tiny aperture with what seemed to be an audible pop. She hesitated for a moment, then pushed forward with the carrot making a slight dent in the surface of her asshole, but nothing more. She shifted her grip on the carrot and tried again. This time about a half inch of carrot disappeared inside her ass as Sherry emitted a sharp moan.

"I can't do it," she said in a small voice. "It's just too tight."

I took in the sight of her white knuckles attempting to strangle the offending carrot and her taughtly clenched abdomen and asscheeks with which she desperately attempted to expel the intruder in her rectum. I could understand why she couldn't do it. I gave her a wry, disappointed smile and leaned in to clap my hands on her shoulders and kiss her roughly on the mouth.

"That was a good try," I hissed before I captured her tongue in my mouth. I kissed her brutally and swabbed her throat with my tongue. She whimpered with relief and I felt her go limp as she succumbed to my oral assault.

"But not good enough," I thought to myself as I drove forward with my hips and used my clothed groin to push the carrot into her sphincter. She tensed and drew a deep, sucking breath as I pressed forward and sank the first inch into her rectum. I paused for a moment to let her initial paroxysm pass and then, as if I were tapping a nail, I drove the carrot bit-by-bit deeper into her tightly clenched bowels.

When I had roughly 5 inches of the rigid root stuck in her ass, I released her mouth and sat back to enjoy my handiwork. She looked pale and drained, but perhaps not as uncomfortable as you might expect of someone with an undigested vegetable in her colon. "See," I said, encouragingly, "I knew you could do it. Now stand up."

Sherry staggered to her feet and I switched places with her, sitting myself on the chair while she stood in front of me. I reached out and grabbed the hilt of the carrot, which protruded from her ass, and pulled her roughly towards me. She gave a start and lurched forward, enabling me to plant my mouth directly over her clit and sopping pussy. I sucked hard, drawing her engorged lips and throbbing nubbin into my mouth. Sherry gasped and her knees buckled but I was able to stop her fall as my firm grip on the carrot effectively made her impale herself even more.

I flogged her clit with my tongue several times, drawing violent shudders from her. She was juicing copiously and I could literally taste her excitement. The feeling was electric. I felt totally alive and preternaturally aware of all my senses. My lust was overwhelming and I jumped up to tear off my clothes before regaining control and stopping myself with a jerk. This wasn't in the script. I had planned out much more, and giving in to my urges now would certainly put a wrench in the plans.

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