tagFetishReversals Ch. 13

Reversals Ch. 13



Morning came sooner than Eric cared for as he rolled around awkwardly in the makeshift bed on the floor of the bedroom. Above, sprawled across the queen sized bed, slept Julia, comfortable and peaceful without him. It was still early, the sun was slowly brightening against the closed window shades leaving the room cloaked in dim light and shadows as another day began.

Eric woke disoriented at first, foggy, crawling out of some bizarre nightmare, trying to hold on to the disturbing images long enough to make sense of them - sexy, leather clad women with long, vicious claws on their hands instead of nails, even stranger, if he was remembering correctly, they bore black wings which covered their backs too. He felt a cold chill thinking about them, fleeting gasps of seduction with whips, claws, and beating wings like mythological creatures tearing at him through the darkness. Furies? Is that what they were? Phantoms from the mythology class he took the semester before meeting Julia? He shuddered.

Yesterday, the evening with Julia and Samantha had been too much for him. His world had collapsed, his very sense of self punished, shattered. That was the nightmare. The Furies. Punishment spirits, goddesses from mythology. Julia, Samantha, even his own sister had forced him to confront what he had become - a weak-kneed, submissive male.

He took a deep breath and shuttered, trying to dispel the chill from the nightmare that still clung to his mind, then stretched out on top of the comforter, the 'mattress' of his makeshift bed, trying to calm down and relax. It proved difficult. The day before, dinner with Samantha, the evening after with Julia, had been the worst day of his life. It was hard to get it out of his mind.

"You sleep there from now on," Julia had said last night as they were retiring, pointing to the floor next to the bed. She grabbed the comforter and a blanket and threw them at the floor, his pillow followed. "You're not worthy to sleep next to me anymore," Julia had said. "No couch for you either. That's your place to sleep from now on," she had insisted, jerking a finger towards the floor again. "I don't want to hear any complaints."

It had taken hours before sleep had finally embraced him at the foot of what was now Julia's bed, memories from the day churning away, clawing at him while Julia slept comfortably above. Given how he felt, it was fairly certain the nightmare had tormented him most the night.

Eric stayed there, on the floor, for several more minutes, feeling sorry for himself, lamenting what he had become. Eventually, with great effort, he pushed up to a sitting position and rubbed at his face to wake for another day.

Pulling his hands away, a deep grimace formed from seeing the nail polish still adorning his nails from last night. He held them close to his face, looking at them. His cock twitched. It felt so damn girly to wake up with painted nails. Julia hadn't allow him to remove it, claiming the application was poorly done and that he needed to wear it as a reminder to do better. He shook his head in frustration and pushed off the floor, hoping to forget about his girly fingers for awhile.

He wandered towards the hallway but before leaving the room, he turned back to look at Julia. She was comfortably and contentedly resting in the middle of their one-time marital bed. He used to love sharing it with her, back when things were still normal between them. The faintest of smiles graced his lips. It was pleasant to remember.

He rested his back against the doorframe to watch her sleep for a bit longer. She was so beautiful. She teased him even when asleep, deep cleavage spilling out of her black nightie as she lay on her side, a tempting display of raw femininity. He would have given anything to touch her just then. Beautiful, sensual, dominant Julia. His knees felt weak just looking at her in the dim light. His cock stiffened. He was addicted to her, enmeshed with her. She could do almost anything to him, treat him as badly as she wanted and he would likely come back for more. The realization made his cock stiffen even harder. He slid his hand downwards, under the waistband, grabbing himself, squeezing. The pleasing ache made him gasp, making him squeeze again, harder, longer. He should have left the room when he had the chance.

Julia stirred slightly, waking to the sounds of soft moans escaping Eric's lips. She gently parted her eyes, opening them into small slits, just enough to see him standing at the doorway to the bedroom ogling her, leaning against the doorframe while stroking himself! Anger and outrage quickly peaked, boiling over. She suddenly sat bolt upright, startling him. Eric froze, eyes wide-open in shock and surprise, his hand still shoved into his pajama bottoms.

"Care to explain yourself?" Julia asked acidly, staring at him with a cruel, twisted sneer.

He started to stammer. "I... I... just-"

"You just what, Eric?!"

He mumbled something incoherently, averting his eyes then slowly withdrew his hand from the pajamas, hoping that somehow Julia would miss the erection tenting them outward.

"Didn't I tell you not to play with yourself unless I gave you permission?" Julia asked.

"I... I... thought that was for the shower, a shower rule?" he said unconvincingly, like something a child might say.

Julia smiled wickedly as she got out of bed and walked over, his cock rock hard as he watched the sway of her body approaching in the brief nighty that hugged every sweet, delicious curve.

"You're lying to me now," she whispered, sending a chill up Eric's spine. "I made it very clear. You don't touch yourself unless I give you permission and I sure as hell didn't give you permission while I was asleep!"

Eric shook his head, conceding the point.

She leaned in, locking eyes with him. "Looks like you've earned another punishment," Julia whispered, the word exciting her every bit as much as it did the first time she had said it to him. She grabbed the waist of his pajamas suddenly and yanked them down over the erection trying to hide there, her expression changing to one of revulsion as she stared at it. "How about we get you some genital piercings to help you control that thing?"

Eric swallowed hard, gritting his teeth, afraid to respond.

"I'll have to think about it," she mused, releasing the pajamas, the waistband snapping back, below his jutting cock, leaving it exposed.

"Please no," he managed to plead. "I'm so, so sorry. It won't happen again," he assured her.

"No, it won't," she said definitively, her eyes hard like ice.

Eric shuttered, quickly pulling the pajamas over his member to hide it again.

Julia shrugged. "We'll see," she said flippantly. "Don't worry too much. You'll know soon enough. Now, go get my shower ready," she said with a wave of her hand.

Eric ran off to the bathroom to prepare the shower, properly mixing the water to a pleasing temperature and putting everything out she would need. She seemed to be taking longer than usual, still rummaging through her closet, picking out clothes for the day, humming lightly to herself in a pleasing way.

A bit bored, waiting to play the part of her shower maid, he decided to wander away from the bathroom. He stepped out onto the balcony to take in some early morning air, careful to hide his nails behind him to keep them out of public view. He certainly didn't want people to see what Julia was doing to him. It was a cool and invigorating morning, pleasant, despite having to hide his pretty hands. He tried to smile and forget about the troubling events the day had already brought and those of last night until he caught sight of something that shook him inside. His smile immediately faded.

Across the courtyard, belly down among a dozen or more beer bottles, was his neighbor John. The man was a repulsive sight, half dressed, his portly belly squirming about on the concrete patio, apparently so drunk that he had fallen off his lounger, leaving it abandoned, laying on it's side behind him. It looked like he might have been there all night, slumbering on in some drunken stupor. Disgusted, Eric backed away from the balcony and went back into the apartment, sickened and disturbed by the sight.

He leaned over the dinning room table feeling slightly ill and couldn't help but wonder, without Julia, was that his fate too? Without purpose, feeling hopeless, drinking to numb the pain? Wasn't that the path he was on before Julia took control? He didn't think he was really that far behind his neighbor and after everything he learned last night, how women seemed to be taking over, wasn't it reasonable to think maybe a lot of men were in similar situations? Maybe more men were struggling than anyone knew or cared to admit.

"I'm ready for my shower," Julia declared walking towards the bathroom.

Eric took a deep breath, stood, and steadied himself. That wasn't going to happen to him, he resolved. For now, it seemed clear he needed to stay with Julia. It was the best way to make sure he didn't end up like John. If that meant accepting being 'female led' then so be it, at least until he could find a better way.


He hurried over to the bathroom to find her standing there with an impatient expression, perturbed that he had kept her waiting.

"Sorry," he said.

She raised her arms in a cute little stretch, every curve beckoning to him as he lifted her nightgown away leaving her in nothing but a tiny pair of black bikini panties. They barely covered her mons. She quickly pushed them down, deftly stepping out of them as they hit the floor, then stepped into the shower, immediately turning under the water, luxuriating in it, as it poured over her body. After folding her nightie and panties, Eric stripped and followed.

There wasn't much room in the shower with both of them there, only a couple feet or so separated them. Julia swayed under the water, eyes closed, with her back to the shower head, soaking her long hair, with wet, glistening breasts bobbing and swaying so seductively before Eric he ached to touch them. He backed away instead. It was an impossible desire to satisfy, even a brush of her loveliness unbidden could be punished and he already feared what she might have in store for him.

"Shampoo," Julia directed, flipping around in the small space, the water now splashing on her chest and breasts as she leaned back slightly.

Eric quickly grabbed the bottle of herbal scented shampoo, squeezed out an ample amount, and began to work it into her hair. There was something mesmerizing about providing simple service to her, almost trance inducing, every inch of her so deeply feminine the smallest touch felt deeply sensual. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he gently massaged her scalp, running his fingers through her glorious mane as he spread the shampoo, his excitement growing from the closeness, from being allowed to touch her or just maybe from being ordered to serve such a beautiful, dominant woman.

"We need to do something about your nasty cock," Julia suddenly proclaimed.


"I said, we need to do something about your nasty cock!" Julia spun around suddenly and grabbed Eric by the balls and began squeezing, moving forward, pinning him into the back wall of the shower. "I'm sick of you pointing that thing at me all the time without permission."

"I... I... I'm sorry. I... I can't help it... I'm only-"

"Only a man? Is that it?! Is that your pathetic excuse?!" she shouted over the drone of the shower.

Eric only nodded, afraid any words would further enrage her.

"Do you think womyn want hard cocks pointed at them all the time?" Julia asked, tightening her grip on his balls, squeezing hard enough to make him wince. "A womon can feel threatened by that! Unsolicited sexual attention! It's practically a form of sexual assault!"

Eric was shocked at the accusation. He wasn't sure what to think. It seemed normal, human. But, had that changed? Was it now considered vulgar to ever have an erection around a woman?

"You were going to get your jollies this morning while I slept weren't you?!" she asked, pressing her nails into him, inching her face menacingly closer.

He froze, afraid to do anything that might inflame her further.

"Then you lied to me about it, didn't you?" Her eyes were locked on him, demanding an answer as the water splashed about them in the small space.

Numbly, subtly, he nodded, admitting to the offense. Julia appeared genuinely outraged, tightening her grip further, the pain increasing as long nails began biting into his sack, his nuts screaming for release! But, instead of busting his balls, she simply let go. A perverse expression of satisfaction spread over her to replace the fury. The sudden shift was chilling. Something told him that she had decided on his punishment and from the look of her it was something to worry about.

"Finish my hair," she said, breaking the moment.

He hurriedly did as commanded, hoping to mollify her, wanting to change whatever it was she had decided. As he got to the end of her hair, she flipped back around and rinsed, eyes tightly shut against the water, while Eric took the opportunity to stare again at the breasts dancing so tantalizingly close.

"You just can't help yourself, can you?"

Immediately he averted his gaze to look her in the face instead.

Julia reached forward and pressed one of her nails into his lips. "Cat got your tongue," she hissed, scratching it downward, leaving a small scrape. "Afraid of what I'm going to do to you?"

Her eyes possessed him, fear and excitement mixing to make his heart race.

She arched her breasts forward and shook them, teasing him.

Eric grew rigid.

She shook her head and chuckled. "If you only knew," she said ominously. "Wait till you see the things I'm going to do to you." She chuckled softly again, wondering how he would feel once his own boobs started bouncing about in the shower. But, that would take some time, punishments came first and what she had decided on would really test his limits.

Eric was concerned, even a little frightened, but having Julia nude and wet before him, moving about under the water, displaying herself so openly and provocatively, was too much to ignore.

Julia glanced at his cock contemptuously, then, surprisingly, began to run her nail along the its underside, teasing it, watching Eric's face as the pleasure built, his legs trembling as she approached the head. He was on the edge, a moment of ecstasy mere moments away and she stopped, leaving him poised so close to release it began to ache.

"If you cum right now I'm going to have them pierce you with something so big you'll never have a normal cum ever again," she declared.

Eric winced, letting his back hit the wall and slid down a few inches in utter frustration, terrified to even touch himself lest he explode all over her. Julia smiled watching him struggle to contain himself, certain that he'd get a good case of blue balls, deserved because of his reprehensible ogling.

"Told you I was sick of you pointing that thing at me all the time," she said.

Eric simply nodded as his balls began to ache.

"Conditioner," Julia commanded, presenting her hair to him again.

Trying to recover, he grabbed the conditioner and began applying it to her hair, smoothing it in, then carefully combing it through, trying to make certain every strand was cared for, pressing it into a ponytail shape when done.

"Keep your cock under control," Julia warned as she handed him a bath sponge.

He began soaping her up with the sponge, trying to maintain his composure as the sponge passed over smooth, soft skin. Every inch of her was stimulating, intoxicating, from the delicate sweep of her neck and shoulders down to the sweetness of her tender ankles and feet. She presented herself brazenly too, moving freely under the water, hiding nothing, while he gently scrubbed away with the sponge.

He struggled to focus despite the effect her body had on him but his cock was harder than ever. It was so frustrating and embarrassing. He felt so weak. She was teasing him intentionally, he decided, the smirk on her face made it clear. She knew what she was doing to him, just more of her games for control. His cock was little more than a puppet with her as the puppet master, she pulled the strings, painfully teasing him, then threatened punishments for what her body did to him. It was nothing short of cruelty.

"Soap up my breasts now, Eric," she sneered sweetly, glancing at his hard cock with contempt, yet enjoying the pain it was causing him.

She stretched seductively, arms above her head, then brought them back down to her sides and leaned forward, dangling her boobs outward in the constricted space between them.

"Soap," she reminded him.

Tentatively, he reached out with the sponge and gently stoked it down against her breasts, watching them move and sway under the slight pressure, the nipples seeming to get harder by the moment. He found himself utterly enthralled by her feminine treasures and couldn't help but wonder if she enjoyed having them, the sensations they gave her, the power they gave her over men.

"Like 'em?" she asked.

He nodded as he swiped the sponge down them again, watching them dance in response, soft yet firm, perky yet dangly, they were near perfection. He continued like that, working the sponge against her chest and breasts, pressing on them, watching them move, watching the suds run down the soft slopes to fall away to tub below. He continued, trance like, until Julia stopped him.

"Enough," Julia spat, grabbing his hand by the wrist, "They're clean."

He dropped his arm as she released him, still staring at her breasts, obsessed with her, desiring so much more, his cock so rigid it hurt.

"Move on," she said with a devilish look as she spread her thighs open. He felt a slight tingle run up his back looking at the smoothness of her thighs and the gap between them, every womanly curve inciting lust and desire as the water droned on, spraying around them. Catching his breath, he reached for the soap. Julia slapped at his hand then pushed him down by the shoulders to a kneeling position. "I want your face in there first, before she gets scrubbed... while she still stinks."

Eric's sex soaked brain was delighted, his nostrils flared as he drank in her distinctive scent, one locked into his brain forever thanks to all of Julia's cruel games.

"Tongue. Start cleaning, Eric. Make yourself useful."

He crawled forward while water ran down her back, around the curve of her ass, and down her legs to the floor of the shower. His nostrils flared again as he reached her, drinking in her odor, excited at what was coming, by what she was making him do.

After last night, he felt more conflicted and confused than ever. He wanted Julia desperately, in any way she demanded it, but was disgusted at what he had become. Gently, with some hesitation, he pressed his nose against her womanhood, the conflict growing inside as he submitted to her on his knees once again, the part of him that wanted to resist, after everything he had been through, was dying. At that moment, worshiping Julia's sweet pussy was everything. His pulse quickened as he pushed his nose into her as deeply as possible.

"That's it. Keep going. Get busy," she said.

Eric shuttered, trying to release his guilt and shame. "Let go," he whispered to himself, the sound of the shower drowning out his words. "I... submit to you," he whispered into her pussy then quickly, with abandon, plunged his tongue into her. It was thrilling to lose himself, to yield. Julia had used sex to change him, to alter his mind but he didn't care anymore. He was an addict - she was his drug. He let Julia turn him into a pathetic, submissive, tattooed, pervert but he didn't care! He deserved what was happening to him, belonged on his knees, cleaning out her reeking pussy! He picked up the pace, allowing lust and submission to fuse into need and avarice, completely losing himself to her glorious sex.

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