tagLesbian SexReverse Seduction Take 02

Reverse Seduction Take 02


This is a follow on to Reverse Seduction. It would be best to read that first, but is isn't essential.


For most of the next few days and nights, I felt devastated. I was full of remorse, hugely guilt ridden and I felt ashamed of myself. I found it hard to even look at Kevin when we had dinner in the evenings and talking to Sara on the phone each evening from her gap year travel in South East Asia was traumatic to say the least.

I struggled to come to terms with just how devastated I felt, but at least I was able to reconcile that it was reasonable feeling like that. After all, how many respectable, 'happily' married women lose their lesbian virginity in their early forties? To make it worse how many lose it to a young woman of eighteen? And to make it even worse, how many lose it to their daughter's close friends?

Knowing the answers to each of those questions didn't make me feel better, but it did make me understand that it was reasonable to feel as I did.

But there were even more troubling feelings wafting around inside my head, especially during the day when I was alone at home. They raised their ugly head mostly when I was by the pool where Sammi had stripped off and flaunted her body at me, in the little corridor where she had pressed me against the wall, in the kitchen when she had 'made' me undo my dressing gown and, of course, in my bed where she had finger fucked me to such a strong orgasm. Yes, in addition to the negative feelings there were some, which could be looked on as being positive in a way. Some that made me feel hot, well disposed towards my young bi lover and extraordinarily horny. Yes there were some feelings and emotions that made me masturbate.

I was totally torn. Did what had happened and my extreme enjoyment from having sex with a female mean that I was a latent lesbian? Intellectually, I knew that was not the case. I was aware that both sexes could indulge in sex with their own gender and the other gender with no serious issues. Many people did that and they survived and I knew that I could too.

It was soon tested, for a couple of nights later Kevin wanted me. It went ok and his penis induced climax was as strong as my orgasms usually were with him. It was only after he was snoring beside me that, rather worryingly, I realised it had not been as powerful as the one Sammi had given me with her fingers.


"Ok if I pop round for a swim," Sammi's distinctive voice said down the phone.

My heart started pounding immediately I realised it was her.

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea," I managed to stammer.

"Really. Why not?" She persisted.

"Well after last time," I lamely retorted.

She laughed. "I would thought that what happened then Missus W makes it a very good idea indeed."

I couldn't stop myself smiling at her positive attitude, but I hoped that didn't show in my voice when I replied. "You know what I mean Sammi."

Her voice tone softened and went slightly deeper.

"Yes Amanda, I know exactly what you mean, that's why it's a good idea and that's why I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"No, no you can't"

"Oh yes I can and I will."

I didn't know how to handle this pushy side of my daughter's friend's personality. "You can't, Sammi, it has to stop."

"No it doesn't, you're all alone, no one will know will they?"

Of course I should have said someone was here, but I didn't, silly cow that I can be, or was that on purpose, I wondered after.

"I don't know."

"Well they won't unless one of us tells Kevin or, of course Sara."

"Oh shit Sammi, don't even say that," I stammered my worst fears of my husband or daughter finding out surfacing in my mind.

She slowly said. "Well I assume you won't tell Kevin will you?" Then she paused.

'Fuck' I thought 'Does that mean she might tell Sara? Surely not, but was I that sure?'

"So twenty minutes then, ok?"

I gulped and whimpered "Yes" feeling so weak at the way I had given in, but also excited at the prospect of what was going to happen.

"That'll be ok then Missus W?"

"Yes," again slipped out quietly from my lips.

"Ok see you then."

"Ok," I replied about to switch the phone off when Sammi said.

"Oh one other thing Amanda."


"It would be really nice if you were dressed exactly the same as last time. Bye."


I was physically shaking after the call finished. In part it was with disappointment at myself. Why hadn't I been firmer? It was also due to nerves and, I hated myself for having to admit, excitement. The thought of being with her again was arousing me. Shit.

Something else was also stimulating or worrying me. There was another element to the call that was either, disturbing or exciting me. Bugger it, I couldn't even make my mind up on which it was of those. It was Sammi's attitude, her approach, the way she addressed me. I had seen signs of it last time, but on the phone it was far more apparent. She was taking control of me. She was assuming she could direct events, steer me how she wanted and get me to do what she wanted me to do. The most worrying aspect of this was that I was beginning to believe she was correct. Yes I was allowing myself to be ordered around by a girl young enough to be my daughter, by one of my daughter's best friends. I was starting to subjugate my wishes and feelings to her. I realised that I was starting to want to please Sammi.

It had been a very long time since I had dressed to receive a lover. As I took a quick shower I recalled doing that for David when I had that torrid affair some years ago, but I had not dressed, or more to the point undressed, for a lover since then; if for no other reason than there hadn't been any!

Standing naked before the mirror, I looked at my full breasts, my already hardened nipples, the, unfortunately after having two children, slightly bulging stomach and, my somewhat chunky legs. Although I was acutely aware she had seen me naked, it was with a combination of shame and excitement that I found myself thinking 'I hope Sammi approves.'

I slipped into the shorty dressing gown. Made of red silk it came to mid thigh and was held at the waist with tie. There were no buttons and the lapels plunged down into that tie. I put on a pair of mid height heeled pumps and was ready.

Walking into the kitchen where Sammi had embraced me from behind I suddenly thought 'What the fuck am I doing?" I decided there and then that when she arrived I would tell her it was over. I resolved that I would go no further down this very slippery slope. I vowed not to have further sex with this young woman twenty five years my junior. I decided I would reject her and tell her to fuck off if necessary. I was about to go and get changed when the bell rang. She was here.


It was with a sense of, I wasn't quite sure what, disappointment possibly, that after reaching those decisions before she got here, I found myself, less than twenty minutes later, naked on my bed being finger fucked to another blistering orgasm by this amazing young woman. As I came down from that, I realised she hadn't even undressed or made any pretence to skinny dip in my pool.

"You are a truly amazing woman Missus W," she said as she stroked and caressed me during that, what can be difficult, post orgasm period.

I smiled thinking 'It's not me that's fucking amazing you young upstart,' but instead said. "Thank you Sammi."

And I suppose I meant that for four really awesome things had happened since she had arrived.

Firstly, when I opened the door to her, all my vows and resolutions simply vanished. I have no idea why, but the mere sight of her in a dark, sludgy green tee shirt, baggy combat pants rolled up to just beneath her knees and bare feet in flip flops leaning against the wall of the porch got to me and my resolve simply vanished. She smiled and ran her hand through her gelled, spiky hair and said.

"Oh Missus W, look at you, look what you have done for Sammi."

Secondly she walked straight towards me, not letting me close the door and immediately grabbed the ties of the robe and pulled it open and went on. "You wonderful, glorious fucking old slut, look at that body just waiting for Sammi to fuck," as she pushed her way into the house, kicking the front door shut behind her.

Third, without any pretence at affection or seduction she grabbed my hand and said. "Let's go and fuck."

I was bowled over by how forward she was and how seemingly with little apparent effort on her part, she took such a tight control of the situation. It didn't enter my head for one moment to do anything other than what she suggested; no not suggested it was far from that, what she ordered was more apt.

And the fourth awesome thing? How quickly, competently and amazingly satisfyingly she got me off and finger fucked me to yet another stupendous climax.


Laying beside her in the middle of the bed her arm round me, my head resting on her chest, I felt surprisingly at ease and relaxed.

After the first time with her, I had felt some unrest having had sex on the marital bed. Doing it there seemed to compound the magnitude of my adultery by both having sex with someone else and going with another woman. In the afterglow of that orgasm, such mundane things seemed not to matter.

We talked surprisingly easily. She was actually easy to chat to, although she very much led the conversation asking me about how I felt after last time and had I been looking forward to this.

"I hadn't thought we would do it again," I told her to which she responded by, pushing her face into my long, chestnut coloured locks, kissing my head and cupping one of my breasts and squeezing it nicely.

"You didn't really think I was going to let someone like you get away from me did you?"

"What do you mean someone like you?"

"I mean someone with a body like yours, with tits like these and with the naturalness to be such a good fuck."

"Sammi, don't talk like that," I admonished.

"Amanda, I will talk how I fuckingwell like, so get that ok?"

I was a little shocked at how her tone changed and at how hard she squeezed my breast. I was also surprised at how I whimpered back.

"Yes Sammi."

"And on top of that, you old tart," she went on far more gently, "You are just the right age."

"Oh come on, I'm old enough to be your mother."

"Exactly," she said sitting up and pushing me onto my back.

She straddled me and grabbed both of my wrists and held them on the pillow above my head. That stretched my tits so I knew as she looked down at them from her close up position they wouldn't be sagging. That relieved me and made me feel good.

We just looked at each other for a while her eyes alternating between holding my gaze and staring at my tits. The look in her eyes was one I had seen many times, albeit in men's eyes, when they look at a girl's boobs in, say, a bikini or low cut top; she liked them and that thrilled me.

She leaned forward.

"We are going to be so good together," she whispered, leaving me at a total loss as to whether she meant right now or in the future. I didn't care, though, I was just pleased to hear her say it.

The inside of her knees and lower thighs were squeezing against my hips, she was leaning forward and she took her hands away from mine.

"Keep your arms right where they are, you look great like that and your tits look awesome," she, almost, growled.

I did as she said. I watched her reach down and take hold of the hem of her tee shirt, pull it up and tug it over her head. Her tiny tits stared at me. I looked at the dark small areola and surprisingly extended nipples, which I assumed were hard. She took hold of my wrists again and started leaning further forward. More and more, slowly but inexorably her chest closed the gap between us until at last her breasts were almost touching my face. I was incredibly turned on. Nothing remotely like this had happened to me before, but then I had never been with any other woman than her before. I didn't know what to do, but somehow my womanly instincts were making suggestions. These were soon confirmed by Sammi's croaky command, that's all I can describe it as.

"Lick my tits Missus W, suck Sammi's nipples."

'Oh fuck,' I thought, my heart pounding against my rib cage so hard that I was sure the young woman straddling my stomach would hear it.

This is it, I realised, payback time, the moment of commitment. Until now, I thought, almost as if I was quite an experienced bi woman, it had all been passive. I had just lain there and let Sammi do as she wished. And what she had done was not that outrageous and certainly not that lesbian, after all three fingers up a girl's cunt happens all the time, I assume. Alright these were female fingers, but that doesn't make it that much different. It wasn't as if she had given me oral, I thought.

But now I was being asked, no told, to 'go active,' to become involved, to commit an overt lesbian or bi act. Yes Sammi had ordered me to lick her tits and suck her nipples. I quivered, but with what, I wondered as I realised, deep down, what she was telling me to do was precisely what I wanted to. Yes, now I had come this far I wanted to go further, learn more and experience more. I knew as one of her nipples grazed across my cheek that, indeed, I did want to suck her tits.

Of course I had sucked Kevin's nipples, most partners do that to each other I assume. And to be honest, as she carefully positioned her breast so that the, almost brown, bloated little tower of flesh was right by lips and as my tongue came out and licked it, I assumed the sensation would be similar. Less hair, softer flesh, bigger and smoother maybe, but the actual feeling as my tongue grazed across it, I imagined would be the same. How fucking wrong was that!

Sammi gripped her breast, squeezing the small amount of flesh and pressed her nipple harder against my lips. I opened them and it slid inside. I licked it. She whimpered. I licked it harder and then closed my teeth round it just as Kevin does to me. She grunted.

"Oh fuck yes, good, that's so fucking good Missus W."

I liked hearing that and moved one of my hands.

"What you doing?" She said sharply.

"I want to touch you, I want to hold your breast," I told her.

"You touch me when I tell you to, not when you want to, ok?"

At first, I didn't really get what she meant. I thought it was a joke, but when she grabbed my wrist and put it back above my head as she said sharply. "Get it, ok?" I quickly realised she wasn't joking, but didn't understand just what was going on.

"Bite me," she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Bite my nipple, hard."

"It'll hurt."

"Yes that's what I want, so do it."

I hesitated as she pushed her tit into my mouth.

"Just do it, just fuckingwell chew my nipple."

I did.


I bit more firmly.

"Mmmm, lovely now harder."

I chewed as hard as I dared on her nipple. It felt good. She pulled one of my hands down and pushed it onto her breast.

"Pinch my nipple with that one," she ordered.

I was still laying on my back, she was still straddling me, but nearer my waist now and she was still leaning forward her tits dangling, as much as her sized ones can, onto my face.

I touched a woman's nipple for the first time, although, of course, I had felt mine. They were softer and more squelchy than Sam's, but I had borne children and, albeit briefly, my teats had been suckled. Hers hadn't and my immediate thought was that they were as hard as pebbles. As my hand brushed her breast flesh that was also so different to mine, less yielding, firmer and more sparse, almost more like a muscle than a breast.

"Pinch it harder," she growled. I did.

"Pinch that one hard and bite the other," she went on squirming her tits against me.

"Pull it," she ordered as her body, which I could both feel and see, started to go rigid. I could hear that her breath was coming in deeper pants. I looked up, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open.

"Yes," she groaned through gritted teeth. "Yes, yes fucking yes."

I was absolutely amazed for I realised she was climaxing. It was not just amazement that I felt as suddenly she fell forward so that her breasts squashed into mine and her stomach laid on top of mind, it was also excitement. My arms went round her and I pulled her to me. She needed little encouragement and she ground her combat pants covered mound against mine as she moaned and groaned through the throes of her orgasm. I felt, I guess it was, pride mixed with pleasure that I had done that to her.


I went and had a shower. I needed it after both the orgasm she'd given me and the exertions of my first lesbian act.

After drying myself, I got back into the silky robe and pumps and went back to the bedroom, it was empty. I assumed Sammi would be downstairs, probably having a swim, I thought, feeling the buzz start in my body at the idea of seeing her naked. She wasn't in the pool, in fact she was nowhere to be seen, she'd obviously gone. I couldn't understand it. I felt disappointed.

I didn't hear anything from her. I went through the whole spectrum of emotions. From being disappointed she had 'dumped' me, through the inevitable guilt and concern, back to the excitement I'd felt as she fingered me and as I sucked her breasts and nipples and onto the 'I'll stop it now,' line of thinking.

I was having lunch, just a salad, got to look after the figure haven't I, what with my propensity to put on weight? The phone rang.

"You alone?" I recognised her voice immediately even though there was no hello.

It took me by surprise and whilst I probably should have said 'No' I stammered 'Yes.'

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes, be ready for me Missus W.?"

My heart immediately started pounding and my pulses raced. All thought of stopping it went out of the window.

"I've come straight from training, they had a power cut," Sammi said walking in as I opened the door. "Run me bath will you?"

She was dressed in a blue and yellow track suit and that made me recall that she was trying out for The Arsenal ladies team.

"Yes sure," I replied as she unzipped the top and slipped it off letting it drop onto the limestone tiled floor of the entrance hallway. She walked past me as if she owned the house. I followed her into the kitchen.

"Be a luv and pour me a drink will you?"

"What would you like, wine, beer?"

"No I'm in training something soft, Coke."

As I poured us both cokes adding lemon and ice to the large glasses she told she told me that things were going well with the football and she was hoping to be offered a place on the squad.

"Better than fucking uni Missus W."

I smiled. "Is it?"

"Well I hope so, how's S? Heard much from her?"

"Yes she's in Viet Nam, but leaving for Australia tomorrow I think."

"Having a good time?"

"Seems to be, hang on let me go and start running the bath, it takes a time."

"Yes, big fuckers like that do," she said referring to the sunken bath in our en-suite bedroom; it could easily take four people, though Kevin and I had never tested that.

I ran up the stairs feeling excited, but also I had another feeling, well emotion really. I couldn't quite make out what is was. It was a sort of feeling of being directed. I was losing control of what was going on between us, even in my own home. Sammi simply seemed to just take over and I felt powerless to stop her, but, as I ran the bath and scattered some salts into the water, I realised with a jolt, that I didn't want to stop, I quite liked it.

"Mmmmm, what a lovely sight Missus W," I heard her say from behind me where I was leaning over the bath. I realised the silk robe would have ridden up. She came up to me, put her arms round me, pulled me against her and slid her hands up the robe.

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