tagErotic HorrorReversed Conditions

Reversed Conditions


The present story is a follow-up of my previous one "Playing with Fire".

Just as the before story is to some extent based on my own experience, many details are made up by friends and others, however as usual, my fantasy has added a lot. It will be a mere coincidence only if anybody thinks it is she or he being the one mentioned.

Owing to the excellent work done by my editor ScarlettKisses the story has got a more complete and genuine form.


My husband, Thomas, and I are looking forward to start new. Though having a fabulous life we long to get away from the rush of the city.

Well, it will of course be sad to leave our friends. Especially we find it hard not to see Ruth and Arne, our neighbors next door. Ruth and I have got to know each other more intimately for every time we are together, and the times are more and more frequent. True to say, we have our best moments when Arne and Thomas are absent! Our bodies just seem to belong together.

Thomas and I have found our dream place far away from the city. Just a few miles outside a small town southwards we were lucky to obtain some acres of land just in front of a small lake. It implied that we got our own undisturbed bathing beach. The only trace of civilization was a small simple cottage just by the edge of the water. It housed a kitchen and a small bedroom.

Now we have started to get a larger house to be built. It will be ready to move into this summer. But still the cottage is there. From time to time we stay over night just to see how our new home is growing.

In short it is an L-shaped house in one plane. The main building is parallel with the edge of the lake just some hundred yards away at the edge of the woods. The smaller wing part of the house is aimed for guests.

Oh, I really look forward to the summer day when we will move to our new house.

Still it's January. An awful snowy day! The streets are covered with grey slush and my state of mind isn't any better. Contributing to my sadness is that Thomas is away at a conference for a couple of days leaving me alone at home.

One of the days I decided to go downtown for buying some new clothes. I went to my lady shop where my favorite sales clerk took care of me. Just as usual I left the shop having bought more than I had planned to. There were a great number of parcels and bags to carry home.

I struggled along the street in the direction of the subway.

In the row of people walking against me I saw Oscar! He was the one that I least of all wanted to meet. However I had no chance to keep away from him. He had already locked out gazes.

We stopped and talked about gone times. Now he was on his way to leave the country for a new life abroad. He would be happy for having some words with me before he left.

He knew that Thomas was participating in the conference. It had been some articles in the paper that Oscar found out.

I treated him in a distant manner but agreed to spend a short time at the teashop around corner. Wise of what had happened before I placed myself opposite him at the table. As usual he was very polite and friendly, and even went as far to say that he missed me as his salutary. His flattery of my intelligence was only dropped when he asked why I disappeared so suddenly. My answers become vague after that.

The time ran away, until at last I found it necessary to interrupt our interesting talk about books.

I had to go home.

He looked at my parcels and bags with my new clothes. "I have my car just down the street. If you want, I can give you a lift back home. Going by subway with all that seems to me as an impossible task."

He was right! I had some trouble and in fact I was thankful to his offer.

"Wait here and I will be back in a moment" he said and disappeared out the teashop door. He returned a minute later with the car.

Having stowed all the things in the car trunk he went to the passenger door. He kept the door open for me and I took place at the side of the driver's seat. I discreetly pressed myself towards the door. I thought it embarrassing to be so close to Oscar. But he sat down and nothing improper happened.

True to my instructions he stopped the car at the driveway. Then he lends a hand in carrying my luggage to the front of the main entrance.

"Well," he said, "it was nice to catch up, perhaps we will see each other again sometime in the future."

I looked at him. Against my better judgment I offered him dinner.

What in hell was I thinking of? It was as if he hypnotized me.

He answered somewhat hesitant, "if you dare to invite me I will try to conduct myself well."

I laughed at his comment, "My dog will protect me! Oh, that reminds me, I have to take her out for a walk. Do you want to join us?"

"It would be nice," he said. And we took a short walk with the dog. Oscar slipped his hand in mine as we strolled. We must have looked as a love couple.

I noticed that one of our neighbors, Arne, looked astonished when he saw us.

Having satisfied the dog we went inside. Oscar followed me to the kitchen.

"What do you offer?" he asked with a smile. Then he opened the refrigerator and glanced at the various food. "If you don't mind I will cook the food tonight," he needed no prompting before making himself familiar with the kitchen.

I was astonished to how well he handled the different things. Thomas had never tried cooking, though he often assisted me with easier matters in the kitchen.

The dinner served by Oscar was a fantastic three dishes meal, which surprised me greatly.

"Do you have anything good to rinse down the food with?" he asked.

Usually we didn't use alcoholic, but I knew there were some bottles of vintage wine in the cellar. I went down and brought up one of the bottles. When Oscar saw the label he pointed out that it was all too good for the simple meal he had prepared. But I insisted to make use of it.

During the meal our conversation got away and was ever more exhilarated. We laughed and joked till we sounded like hyenas on crack, and yet the bottle was still half full.

"Time fly's when you're having fun" he said later, his laughter dimmed. He looked at his watch. It was almost midnight. The bottle lay empty and discarded on the counter.

"Oh, dear me! You have to stay for the night. You can't drive a car after all the alcoholic you've had. You may use the bedroom. I will sleep in the couch in the living room." I said bluntly, almost knocking a plate off the table with my elbow. I caught it and laughed. I was starting to feel the alcohol.

He smiled and said he had nothing for the night as he was out for a short walk when he met me downtown.

I really didn't know how to solve the problem. In lack of anything better I proposed him to make use of my new lady shaver. Perhaps Oscar was content with a travel set of night accessories. I knew that Thomas sometimes used such a one in the last resort.

"That's ok! But what do you think Thomas would say?"

He touched a tender spot. "I don't know," I lied. "Sure he would understand the situation not to drive a car after having a happy night!" I tried to blind the fact that Thomas would like the present situation at all.

Standing in the bedroom Oscar embraced me. Our lips met in a long kiss. Our tongues swirled round each other in a battle like manner. He turned me around in front of the standing mirror. With my back facing Oscar we both looked at our mirror images.

Daringly he cupped my small tits through the blouse fabric. His mirrored face sent out a friendly lust when he felt my braless breasts. I stood motionless with my arms hanging by my sides. For a short moment I saw Thomas' worried face in the mirror, looking back at us.

Oscar's hands began to unbutton my blouse. Slowly the tits came to light. In the mirror they looked like two yearning eyeballs, the areolas being the eye irises surrounding the pupils represented by the, for the moment, short nipples.

"Oh, what I like, your youthful innocent breasts!" whispered Oscar. He kissed my neck and behind my ears as his soft hands fondled my tits.

A shiver of delight went through my body. A silent grasp emphasized my feelings.

I followed his hands in the mirror when they searched my body. Passing my chest it was as if they counted my ribs. They run down against my flat belly but their further discovering was prevented by the waist line of my pants.

His friendly eyes were fixed to mine. He unzipped my pants, his eyes locked with mine in the mirror. With the pants piled at my feet, the hipsters emphasized my pubic bone. The cotton crotch had shrank in between the pussy lips.

"Sarah, follow me, not only tonight but for the rest of my life! You know how much I love you, our souls belong to each other. It cannot be just chance that we met downtown today, it's not chance that we get along so well. I will also prove that our bodies are made for each other." Oscar grasped my hands and got me to lay on the bed.

His proposal frightened me. I was incapable to understand the purport of such a future. The wine consumed had affected my brain too much to make any decisions. I was in a dangerous position. I knew quite well that my bonds to Thomas were very strong, however Oscar's friendly eyes made me manageable and compliant

My eyes followed him when he stripped. His body sent out a virility, which made me to long to be under his power. "Please, make me happy tonight" I asked breathlessly.

He stood at my feet and bent over me till his hands rest on the bed. Grasping my hipsters he brought them slowly down over my thighs. My small tuft of flaxen hair rested above the swollen, clean shaved lips of my pussy.

Soon the hipsters were removed completely and Oscar placed a thumb to either side of the pink lips and spread them. Small strings of my wetness clung to the lips as he parted them. His right hand finger ran up the soft flesh between the lips, meeting the clit. Then it retreated back down the trail to slowly sink into the vagina.

I moaned softly when his finger delicately explored my intimate area. He forced his mouth close to my pussy lips and began to flick his tongue into the folds of the pussy. I responded by pushing back. His face was buried in my pussy wetness. I reached behind myself and spread my buttocks allowing him better access. He buried his nose in the intervening space and his tongue found its way to the clit.

I spread my legs quite open. Standing between my thighs Oscar began to rub the head of his cock between the folds. When sufficiently lubed he started to press into me. I gasped feeling his thickness forced inside. His cock was slowly moved back and forth. I raised my head and saw the cock engulfed by my pussy.

"Ohhhh, that's good! Fuck me harder," I shouted. I began to meet his thrusts. My hips lifted off the bed as Oscar's cock buried inside my well lubricated vagina. The entire length of his cock inside me drove me close to orgasm. I felt how my pussy convulsed, squeezing his cock even tighter.

As wave after wave of orgasm hit me my toes curled and my body arced. My muscles relax as the orgasms start to slid away, and Oscar pulls out, stroking my cunt with the tip.

We shifted positions quickly. Lying on his back I straddled his crotch facing away from him. He sat up to grab my tits and started to pump his cock into my wide open pussy as I sat back, moaning in ecstasy. I rode my pussy up and down his cock, feeling it throb, sliding against my g-spot. It stiffened and I knew he was about to come.

He breathed hard and shouted: "I'm going to cum inside you-!" He emptied his semen three times at least inside my pussy and finished with a deep sigh, hands still squeezing my tits.

We were both fagged out and felt asleep side by side, naked and wet. When I woke up the rays of sunshine hit my eyes. I found myself embracing the man facing me. First I thought it was Thomas but rather soon my awareness woke up. I looked at Oscar and it was with mixed feelings I recollected our doings last night.

Oscar still slept and didn't notice when I went to the bathroom for a shower. I returned to the bedroom in my dressing gown. I had to wake him up. He looked astonished to see me. It took a while before he realized where he was.

"Hi there my angel," he said. "What a fabulous night! I hope it was just the beginning of our new life. You will follow me, won't you?"

"Sorry, though the night with you was divine, I have decided to remain here," I responded. "Of course it would be simple to run away with you. I understand it will be a troublesome time for me when Thomas got knowledge of our affair. However, my love to him is above my friendship with you. Thomas knew my feelings for you. Hopefully after all he will continue to be my husband."

"You are strong, daring to meet him after a night with me. But if you are changing your mind, please, call me! It's never too late." Oscar made his way to the bathroom.

I dressed and went for the kitchen. Oh god what a mess! All my bags with new clothes bought yesterday were cluttered up the living room. The table in the kitchen witnessed yesterday night, I felt too embarrassed to tidy it up. I made some coffee instead.

Oscar found his way to the kitchen. He took out a cup from the cupboard and poured himself a drink. He acted like this was his home. "I'd better go now," he said finally. "It's with heavy heart I leave you, partly because I wanted your company, but also for the reason of how Thomas would treat you."

I explained that Thomas might be very sad. "However, the time will prove how and if our marriage could be saved."

I followed Oscar to his car. He opened the door and was just to enter the car when he turned to me. He hugged me and kissed my lips as a lover would. Without a word he then jumped into the car and drove away.

I stood ice-bounded. I was aware that Arne and Ruth, our neighbours, had viewed the scene. What did they think? I returned inside and had to clear away the signs of the night. But first I had to walk the dog. There would be time to get the house in order before Thomas was back home later in the day.

To collect my thoughts I took a long stroll through the nearby park. As it was I returned home at the backside of our house. When I rounded the house corner to my consternation I found Thomas' car parked in front of the garage. I stopped at the corner when I saw Thomas leaving the main entrance. He didn't look in my direction but went with fast steps over to our neighbors' house.

Arne came to meet him. At first I couldn't hear what they talked about, but of course I had some idea. Finally I heard Thomas shouting something like "It doesn't concern you! Take care of your own business!" Then he returned to our house.

I entered the kitchen and found Thomas standing at the table. "What have you been up to? Why destroy our good relationship?" he shouted with an angry, and at the same time, sad voice. "It looks like a real robber's den! Alcohol bottle on the table, our twin bed's a mess! I understand quite well who your guest was when I was away!"

I tried to respond but he didn't listen. He went on screaming: "Arne explained enough to me! I will never be in that bed any more! I'm so disappointed in you".

I'd never seen him angry like that before. He turned his back to me and left the house. I saw him jump into his car and streak off.

I sank into a chair. My whole body shook. I didn't know what to do. I sat there unable to have a clear thought. The time went on without any sign from Thomas.

I was very concerned about what had happened to Thomas. The following night was endless. The sleepless hours crept by. When asleep I had nightmares which followed me during the next day. It was unbearable.

I repeatedly called Thomas' cell phone but got no answer besides that the holder wasn't able to take the call for the moment. I left a message and asked him to call back. But he never did.

I heard a knock at the door. I feared the worst, but it wasn't the police. It was Ruth! She explained that as neither I nor Thomas had been seen she found it her duty as a neighbor to talk to me. Though Arne had forbidden her to visit me she told me that she was afraid that I would harm myself in one way or another.

She sat down and listened to my complaint above the mess I had got myself into. Now she knew the whole story about Oscar and me. She didn't blamed me, but I understood that she were sorry for my future.

I admitted to Ruth how rotten I felt. The night before I had had the worst nightmare ever. I told Ruth how I went through it time after time.


Thomas stood beside me where I lay in the bed. His friendly look at me suddenly changed. He tore off my hipsters with a rough action. "You will get what you ask for! I can be very awful to sluts!" he shouted.

In the dream I saw him making use of my stockings to tie my hands at the bedstead behind my head. Then he picked up his waist-belt. I screamed: "Don't beat me!" But he did. All over my body. He smiled and the blows hit my belly, tits and pussy. The hurt was beyond description. Then the waist-belt hit my clit I screamed of unimaginable twinge of pain.

Still I heard me shouting: "Please stop it! I can't stand it anymore!"

I heard his amused answer: "Really? I have more to offer to a slut like you!"

I saw a clasp knife in his hand. He laughed with an evil expression. "You will never more have a nice intercourse with your dear Oscar!" He lowered the knife against my breast and forced it into the nipple. Obviously it made him hard when I shouted.

"Be quiet you silly slut! You have to lick my cock until I cum!" I had no choice but to do it. I can still feel the taste of his semen, though it was only a gruesome dream.

"Oh, how nice of you to satisfy my wishes," he said with a devilish look. "Now I will complete my promise to you never use this cock anymore." He bent down over my pussy and separated my pussy lips. Forced my clit fully out and cut it off.


When I had rendered the nightmare to Ruth all my body shook and tears flooded down my cheeks. She embraced me and we sat silent for a long while.

Having recovered we began to discuss what I could or would do. I rejected her proposal to make a report to the police. If I do, it would be good stuff for the newspapers since Thomas was more or less a guru when it came to familiar relations. My behavior would just destroy his future reputation if made public.

Besides, I don't know what I'd be reporting, that I was an unfaithful wife?

Then Ruth said: "Thomas very likely had took his refuge in the cottage at your new house." It seemed to be quite reasonable. I decided to drive down to the place to investigate the matter. I asked Ruth to take care of my dog for the following days.

Next day I was on my way and reached our new house at lunchtime. When I turned into the courtyard I saw Thomas' car parked beside the cottage.

I was light at heart when I left my car and made my steps towards the cottage door. I opened the door and went inside. I called for Thomas but got no answer. He wasn't there. The kitchen was empty, so was the bedroom. The beds seemed to be unused. I found Thomas' cell phone discarded on the kitchen table.

I got a shock! Where was he? He never left his cell phone. What had happened? I off-hooked the cell phone to hear if there was any message. The only ones were those I had sent.

I looked out through the window. I saw our new house and a worker who came out from the door. He looked at me when I run over the courtyard. Breathless I asked him if he had seen Thomas.

"Yeah, yesterday. But he seemed to be angry when I tried to talk to him. He didn't talk much, just ignored me before running off to the cottage"

"Didn't you see him anymore?" I asked.

"Well, later on, just before we finished the job for the day, I saw him again. A well-dressed lady arrived and they drove away with her car."

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