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Review: A Hot Summer Night


G-String Divas, A Hot Summer Night.

Starring Summer.

Stripper Summer was caught up in a murder case.

Summer is a dark blonde with C cup fake breasts and a slim build. She starts out by saying that she loves the human body and that it's a beautiful thing; it's the best work of art she's ever seen. She likes to walk around naked and likes to see her body. Her mother told her that she always used to stare at herself in the mirror and sometimes she still does. At a sun-tanning place, she undresses and prepares her skin by rubbing suntan lotion all over while staring in the mirror.

At the club, she shows off her prowess and explains that she likes to be out there and ham it up with the patrons. She says that there are times that she's been out there and has been feeling miserable but you can't let them know that because they are there to have fun. Summer accepts tips from patrons as she goes around behind the bar and even introduces herself. One patron wants to put his tip in the back of her g-string and she climbs onto the bar so that he can do it.

She says that she is a Catholic school girl and that she still says her rosary when she goes to church but she lives reality and sex. Seductiveness is reality and she's human, she says. She gives a lap dance to a client and talks about how much she loves sex and loves to be intimate but that she sometimes abstains for long periods of time, the longest being two years. She says that she likes it and when she gets some, she enjoys the sex even more.

She likes to be very seductive and sexy and classy but she also likes to be a little nasty, too. She likes for the men to look at how her body is put together and how she touches her breasts and thighs. She says that she's very spiritual and is waiting for this man who will someday come. She's 28 and cries a little because she is happily waiting for this man.

Four years ago, she had a horrible experience. She met a man who became very special to her and she was very special to him as well and he killed his wife. She says that she's been recuperating for the last four years and that no matter how ready she thinks she is to talk about it, she always feels like she's ready to cry because it's something for her, in Philadelphia, that will never go away.

The segment shows old newspaper clippings and video of the man and the murder was called 'the main line murder'. A news video clip is shown with the newscaster's voice, She is Summer, the exotic dancer. He is Craig Rabinowitz, who admitted killing his wife, Stefanie, in order to collect $2 millions dollars in life insurance. Court documents reveal that Rabinowitz showered tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts on Summer. Sources have disclosed that Summer told of her relationship with Rabinowitz in an interview with police days after Stefanie's murder.

Another newscaster's voice is heard: They said the exotic dancer was not a willing witness. Summer says that she was hounded and harassed every day, people were camping outside her house and that her whole life was turned upside down. And her life will never be the same. Prosecutor Bruce Castle called her 'hostile' and implied that the investigation of her relationship with Rabinowitz may be extended, the newscaster continues. Summer says that it's in her life every day and that she thinks about it every day and now feels that she wants to work with people whom she is never going to see again.

At home, she arrives home to her cat and says that she loves animals and used to have a horse farm. She took a huge walk-in closet and turned it into a snake house and even had a snake in her son's room. Video footage is shown of her during her Entertainer of the Year 1995 performance and she says that she didn't need to wear a g-string because the snake would wrap its body around her, with his tail ending in the crack of her butt. She talks about helping snakes go to the bathroom and she was holding one over the toilet and massaging his bulge down. She talks about feeding them live rats which she had to kill first.

As she goes through promo pictures of herself, she says that she thinks a complete woman, a productive woman is one who can be different. She has many sides to herself and that she's a housewife without a husband and she thinks that's why she's good at her job because she does that for the clients. But she has an evil side where she has an up-to-no-good look and a don't-bother-me-or-I'll-knock-you-on-your-ass look.

Next, she brings out a high! pair of heels and says that she likes to wear the classic 'fuck me hard' pumps for better leverage. She says that patent leather looks good on stage but scuffs easily. Back in the club, she explains that shoes define a woman's body. She says they sculpt it a little bit, extends the legs and pops the calf muscle out. She says the whole body looks so much better in high heels. She talks about wearing the proper g-string and that they shouldn't be too low or high and they make your ass look perfect.

Summer has a funny conversation with some of the other girls. She also talks about how she likes her music to be unique and hates it when another girl steals her music. As she argues with a girl over music, she says that she doesn't think she's a primadonna but says that she's been called an angel with horns. We see more of her stripping and she says that licking your lips and flicking your tongue is another way to hold someone's attention but that she often doesn't realize that she's doing it.

She says that she likes to drink champagne so she wants to go into the champagne room. She heads over to a client, bends over near his face and asks if she can 'butt' in and says that that's her icebreaker. She tries different clients until she finds someone to take her back. She says that she builds the guy's ego because they need it. In the champagne room, she gives a slow, private lap dance to him, while telling him exactly what she'd do to him.

Summer says that she's harder on men because they're not that important to her and she sees a different reality to them than most women would because she hears their problems and it makes it tough for her to want to be with someone. She says that she'd rather be alone, sometimes. After a year, she says that she can have sex and go back to being alone.

She says that the way she looks at men these days, none of them ever seem to amaze her. They make their own rules up on how things should be for them as long as they gain and get what they want. She says that's how she feels, but she still loves them. The segment ends with vignettes of her stripping and interacting with customers.

OPINION: Two out of four. This one wasn't as interesting as others although the murder was a definite twist. I would still recommend this to anyone who wants to become a stripper as this documentary probes more of the emotional side of the business and shows you how it affects the real lives of women who do it every day.

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