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Review: A Most Dangerous Desire


Thrills. A Most Dangerous Desire.

Starring Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds), Devinn Lane (as Denise), Gary Tangellini (as Paul), Jennifer Smith (as Lori), Carlo Alongi (as Marcus), Christopher Vee (as Roary), Lori Bach (as Kara), Paul Logan (as Brian) and Autumn Reeser (as Allison).

Things turn steamy after an adventurous reporter goes undercover with the FBI and witnesses her old friend having a relationship with a mobster.

Allison, a long-haired brunette with real D cups, leads Brian into an old warehouse and he complains that people can see them. She doesn't care. She strips off her shirt and bra and they kiss. His suit jacket goes next and he slides down her body, pausing to lick a nipple before lifting her skirt and pulling her pants down. He buries his face in her pussy and spends a long time there, ravishing her. She returns the favor, pulling his pants down and sucking on his cock. Then he takes her from behind, slowly, deeply pumping her and they both cum as someone approaches.

Allison has been daydreaming while waiting for Brian to arrive. He comes around the corner and is astonished to see her half-dressed and rubbing her nipples. He is concerned that someone might see but she isn't. "Someone else seeing, wouldn't that make you hot?" She asks, pulling up her skirt and showing a pair of black panties but he says no, yanking her skirt back down. He tells her that they're going home and she tells him to go, she needs a walk.

At Thrills Magazine, a question is put to the staffers by Felecia, who is the editor: How does a woman get her man to fulfill her secret kinky fantasy life without completely freaking him out? One guy says to tell him but the other ladies don't agree. Felicia receives a call and dismisses everyone except Denise. She is introduced to Paul Roark, a tall, dark-haired man working for the FBI, and Felecia explains that the he's surveilling one of her friends.

He shows her a picture of an old friend of hers, Laurie, and explains that she's linked to the Gamboni family through Marcus and he needs to know everything about her. Denise says that she will as long as she can follow the investigation for the magazine and he reluctantly agrees, telling her that she has to do what he says. When he asks her is she's up for this, she says yes and kisses him. She is awakened from this daydream by Paul repeating the question and she sheepishly answers yes.

In between segments, Thrills runs some of the results of a sex survey they've taken. According to their readers, the top five ultimate sex fantasies are: (5) Sex With A Stranger; (4) Seducing An "Innocent"; (3) Knocking Boots With A Celebrity; (2) Watching The Neighbors Get It On; and (1) Doing The Nasty In Public.

In an old office space, Paul and Denise arrive and Roary and Kara are waiting, along with some filming equipment. When Paul insists that Denise be searched, she balks but Kara takes her into another room to do the duty. While searching Denise's purse, she tells Denise to undress, informing her that it's standard procedure. Denise strips down and when Kara turns, she likes what she sees and starts kissing Denise. Denise sits in a chair as Kara kisses between her breasts, moving down between her legs to suck her pussy. She has Denise stand and rubs her hands all over Denise's body, sucking on her nipples.

Of course, Denise is daydreaming again. The woman introduces herself and finishes the search by handing her her purse. She also informs Denise that Paul is the best in the field and has a nice ass. Surveillance on Laurie begins and they listen in on her conversation with Marcus Gamboni. They learn that he's arriving from Miami tonight and that she doesn't want to wait until tonight for him to come home. Aroused, she makes love to herself, rubbing and squeezing her tits and frigging her pussy until she cums.

Another survey pops up here. The question is Would you have sex in public? 28% of men said "yes" and 87% of women said "definitely".

Gamboni's flight arrives from Miami and a limo picks him up and delivers him to Laurie's home. Kara and Roary are watching and radio in that he's arrived. They watch as Laurie opens the door and lets him in. When Denise comments on Marcus' handsomeness, Paul is upset. Meanwhile, Marcus and Laurie head to the bedroom. He asks her to put on a knitted body suit and ties her hands up. After rubbing her body a bit, he rips a hole in the outfit and sucks on one of her nipples. He releases her and pulls her on top of him, completely ripping the suit off and fucking her until they both cum.

Paul and Denise are hot from watching the scene and Denise goes in the back, rubbing ice along her throat. She starts to daydream. Paul is sitting at the table, watching as she undresses and she rubs the ice cube along her neck and around her hard nipples. She gazes seductively at him as she pushes the cube into her panties, then puts it into her mouth, suggestively sucking it. She awakens from the dream and heads back to Paul. Marcus and Laurie are talking about a suitcase and Paul wonders what's in it.

Another readers poll: The question is Would you let your lover tie you up? 28% of men said "sure" and 63% of women said "absolutely".

Denise is tired of waiting around and suggests to Paul that they should enter the house and find out what's in the suitcase. Paul says no but Denise remembers that when she lived there, they always kept a sliding glass door open in case someone forgot her keys. Denise decides to use it and do some snooping, leaving Paul very upset. She goes in and finds that the suitcase is filled with money. She is gesturing to Paul about it when Marcus returns to the house.

Marcus catches her and she makes up the excuse that she came by to get something and that Laurie didn't want them to meet because she was worried that Denise might take him away from her. He calls her bluff and tells her to undress and dance for him. Denise states that she doesn't dance for free. He opens the suitcase and waves some money at her. Paul watches Denise perform a lap dance on Marcus. He slips a hundred between her breasts and unbuckles his belt, telling her that there's something else she can do with her pretty mouth.

Just then, he hears Laurie coming in and Denise makes a mad dash as Laurie asks Marcus what's going on. Denise returns with the money and Paul discovers that it's counterfeit. It's now time to move in. Everyone is arrested at the house and Paul goes upstairs to find Denise. She is dressed in a see-through body suit and she asks him if he liked seeing her dance for Marcus. He says yes and that he was jealous.

They get on the bed and start kissing. Denise is concerned about people outside hearing, but he doesn't care. He moves behind her, ripping the body suit and caresses her breasts. He sucks her pussy and she sucks his prick before he takes her doggie style and fucks her hard until they cum. Afterward, Denise asks if he thinks anyone heard them and Kara and Roary whoop loudly and clap.

OPINION: One out of four. It was cable sex (no penetration), the story was lame and the daydream sequences were confusing. Skip this one.

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