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Review: Bad Boys


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Eighteen (18) Bad Boys.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica), Chloe (as Stephanie), Ken Burke (as Mike), Evan Stone (as Alex) and Alexa Rae (as Amber).

A young woman who has always found herself in relationships with "bad boys" finally begins to see the appeal of a more mature man thanks to the help of a friendly lawyer.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Bad Boys, she asks the audience who has a weakness for bad boys? She says, "We know they're bad for us but we just can't resist."

The first caller is Stephanie and Veronica asks her to tell her story. Stephanie begins by stating that her story is not very original, except for the way it ended and goes on to say that she's basically a Catholic school girl with a biker boyfriend. The scene moves outdoors and Stephanie, as a young girl, jumps on the back of a bike and zooms off with a guy. Eight years later, she says she still loves bad boys and the adult Stephanie comes down the steps of her house and is greeted by her biker boyfriend, Alex.

Stephanie is a young woman with large size A breasts and gorgeous red-brown hair and Alex is a muscular guy with a couple of tattoos and long blondish-brown hair. He swings her around and she asks if they're going to go eat. Alex has other ideas and he takes her back into the house for a little fun. He strips off his jacket and shirt and she pulls her halter top down so that he can feast on her breasts. He does but doesn't spend much time there, opting to drop to his knees, pull her pants down and burrow his face into her cunt.

Alex likes it a little rough and he pins her hands to the door, licking her half-naked body until he sweeps her up and deposits her on the couch. After ridding her of her jeans and panties, he drops to his knees again and dives into her pussy, preparing her for what's to come. He stands, unbuttons his leather pants, turns her around and takes her from behind, sitting down on the couch and letting her pound her pussy onto his cock. Seconds later, they cum together.

Stephanie takes a shower while Alex naps and she wakes him up to go eat. They have a conversation and the gist of it is that he doesn't have any money, something she seems to have witnessed before and when she offers the use of her credit card, he says that where they're going won't take credit cards, only cash, a place called The Boulder. Stephanie is upset because she wanted to go to Gino's, a higher class establishment but she relents.

Stephanie then explains that bad boys are nice but they're useless. Alex is working on his motorcycle and she is in her car, trying to get it to start, but it won't. She asks him for help and he says in a few minutes, which is what he said twenty minutes earlier. Stephanie pops the hood on her car and Mike, a neighbor, happens to walk by. Mike is of medium build with short brown hair and an easy smile. Stephanie asks him for help and when he gestures towards Alex, she tells him that she doesn't want to wait for him. Mike agrees and fixes the car. Alex watches the whole exchange and is jealous, telling her that Mike is nothing but a suit. As she drives off to the grocery store, he reminds her not to forget the beer.

That night, Mike is doing some work at home when he hears banging noises from next door. He knocks on Stephanie's door and finds her trying in vain to move a couch. Alex is at The Boulder, the local biker bar and she's alone. They have a bit of conversation and it's obvious that there's an attraction but she says that she's attracted to bikers. Mike offers to help her, explaining that he worked as a mover during the summer. She agrees and as she watches him, he removes his shirt, showing a nicely sculpted chest. They begin to kiss and he takes her dress off, standing behind her and stroking her naked body.

Mike kisses his way down her body, pausing to give her pussy some attention, then stand and backs her up to the chair, kneeling down and eating her out again. They change places and she sits on his lap, taking his cock inside her and riding him until they both cum.

She awakens from her daydream to find that Mike is fully dressed and is asking her if the couch is where she wants it. During their conversation, she finds out that Mike works a lot because he's ambitious and when he asks what she wants, she talks about dreams that got away, clearly uncomfortable.

The next day, Alex asks Amber if she's ready for him and she asks to be spanked. Amber is a blonde with fake tits so tight that you can see the veins. As they start fucking, Stephanie arrives home from work, struggling with the groceries and other things that she is carrying. She opens the door and startles Alex and Amber. He rushes to dress and meets her in the living room, saying that he was surprised that she is home early. A few seconds later, Amber comes out, giving Stephanie the excuse that Alex gave her a ride and that she was just using the bathroom. She quickly leaves.

Stephanie sizes up the situation and confronts Alex who just tells her that she's making things up. Stephanie leaves the apartment and goes into the hallway, crying. Mike finds her and gives her shoulder to cry on. Just then, Alex emerges from the apartment, sees them embracing and grabs Mike. Mike punches him and knocks him out.

The next day, Stephanie meets Mike on the way out to do a beer run for Alex. He asks her if doing a beer run for her drunk boyfriend bothers her and she says that it does, but she goes any way. A few days later, she's painting in the apartment alone and wonders what Mike is doing. Mike sits down to the TV with a beer and some chips, ready to watch a game. Stephanie figures that since he came to help when she was making noise moving the furniture, he'll come again and she starts banging on the floor with the chair and moaning.

Unfortunately, the sounds she's making gives Mike the impression that she and Alex are having sex. He bangs on the wall and asks them to stop. She starts thumping again, this time, hurting her elbow in the process. He hears her cries of pain and goes by to see what's wrong. As she lets him in, she grins because her plan to get him into the apartment has worked. Mike says that he likes to paint and when he asks about Alex's whereabouts, Stephanie tells him that when she decided to start painting, he went to Sacramento to visit his sister.

Nervously, she says, "Mike, do you like me?" He says yes, that he likes her a lot. She then asks him why he doesn't do something about it. Mike kisses her, pulling her shirt off and carries her into the bedroom. Stephanie pulls his shirt off, then allows him to pulls her jean shorts and panties off. Mike kisses and licks his way down her body, pausing at her pussy, then she returns the favor, pulling his shorts down and giving him head. He moves behind her and plunges into her, pounding her until they both cum.

Veronica says, "I guess bad boys aren't what they used to be." Stephanie replies that she wouldn't know because she's got a good boy now.

OPINION: One out of four. More vanilla sex but I liked the urgent element that sex between Alex and Stephanie had. The chick with the flotation devices (otherwise known as breasts) had to go, though. They were way too big.

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