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Review: Boy Toy


The Best Sex Ever, Episode Twenty-Two (22) Boy Toy.

Starring Angela Davies (as Veronica) and Monique Alexander (as Sandrine).

A young woman finds a cure for her sexual repression thanks to the help of her very open roommate and her more-than-willing boyfriend.

* * * * *

Angela Davies stars as a radio talk show host, Veronica, and her role serves as the recurring base theme throughout the series. Her character introduces each segment by posing a question to her audience. In Boy Toy, she asks the audience to relate stories about losing inhibitions and how to find yourself by losing them.

The first caller is Sandrine and she says that her best sex ever all started when she came home from work early, all stressed out. She says that she's an editor at a publishing house and has strange hours and that her roommate never knows when to expect her. She pulls up in the driveway and enters the house, turning some music on. She further explains that she knows that Chelsea was her best friend and that she had a date and stumbles on Chelsea getting eaten out by a dark-haired man by the pool.

She quietly watches, relating that she thought Chelsea was going to go out on her date and was surprised to find her having sex with Ben Samson, the resident stud at their college. She says that they worked together on an article about surfing and that their relationship had always been professional but that she always wondered what it would be like to be with him. She wanted to move, she explains, but she just couldn't.

Ben removes his shorts and kneels behind Chelsea, pushing his rod into her. Soon, they change positions, with Chelsea straddling him as he sucks on her nipples and pumps into her. All too soon, Chelsea and Ben are cumming and when she's caught her breath, Chelsea turns and looks right at Sandrine. Caught and embarrassed, she scampers away and Sandrine says that Chelsea and Ben left after that and she buried herself in some work she had to get done.

Later that night, Chelsea asks Sandrine for their old yearbook and when she goes to retrieve it, Ben walks in and the two talk for a moment before Chelsea returns with the yearbook and asks Sandrine to join them for a nightcap. Sandrine begs off and later, Chelsea encounters her naked roommate in the bathroom. Sandrine tries to cover herself but Chelsea reminds her that she's already seen her body. Sandrine apologizes, saying that she's wired from work and Chelsea nods, asking if that was why she was spying on her and Ben. Again, Sandrine apologizes but Chelsea says that it's okay and that she needs to get laid.

When Chelsea suggests that Sandrine find someone at her work, she says that none of the men there are suitable. Chelsea then suggests Ben, telling Sandrine that he had a huge crush on her when they worked together. She also tells Sandrine that she could tell when men were interested in her if she wasn't so sexually inhibited. Sandrine protests but when Chelsea asks how many times she masturbates, the answer is none. She always thought it was a guy thing. Chelsea brings a basket of items to Sandrine's room but Sandrine doesn't think that any of the items are for her and thanks her friend.

At the office, Sandrine daydreams, recalling the sight of Chelsea and Ben fucking. When her boss, Mr. Jenkins comes in, stating that he should move her deadlines up, she replies that she's going to take a friend's advice and take the rest of the day off. She arrives home, switches on some music, pours a glass of wine, then slips into a hot bath, rubbing her body while remembering Chelsea and Ben again. Seeing their hot fuck has had an effect on her and she masturbates until she cums, then hoses off, using the pulsating jets of the water to get herself off again.

Just as she lies back down in the water to relax, Ben walks into the bathroom and surprises her. Both are embarrassed and he runs out. When she comes down in a robe, he apologizes and when she asks why he's still there, Ben tells her that he was waiting for her. They start to make out and he removes her robe, kissing down her body until he reaches her pussy. After giving it some attention, he moves back up, giving her a deep kiss before standing to remove his pants and boxers.

Ben caresses her from behind and they lie down on the couch, with him taking her from behind. They change positions, with her sitting on his lap, her back to him. She rides them both to an orgasm and they kiss and embrace. Chelsea comes home and notices the glow that Sandrine has, but thinks that it came from using the hose attachment. She tells Sandrine that she's going out with some friends and not to use too much water because she'll want to shower later.

When Chelsea comes back home, she's surprised to find that Sandrine is still awake. She admits that she made love with Ben. Chelsea thanks her for letting her know and heads off to bed. At the office, Sandrine decides to head home early again and Chelsea greets her. Sandrine says that she feels horrible about the whole situation but Chelsea says that she decided that she wants Sandrine to show her exactly how she and Ben made love. Ben comes around the corner to join them and Chelsea kisses Sandrine.

The three of them end up making love. Chelsea and Sandrine undress each other and play with each other's nipples until Chelsea eats Sandrine's pussy to an orgasm, then Sandrine returns the favor while Ben watches. Ben removes his pants and slides into Chelsea from the back while Chelsea eats Sandrine's pussy, then Sandrine rides Ben while kissing Chelsea. They all cum together.

OPINION: Two out of four. Story line was okay and liked the three way angle. Wasn't too bad but I've seen better.

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